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  1. Damn was hoping he would come in and we’d lock him up joe judge 2020 style
  2. That’s exactly what it does we will be having this same exact discussion next year if we bring in one of those guys
  3. that completely defeats the purpose of a rebuild this team is not winning next year and you would just completely be wasting a year. And that point just roll with darnold once again it’s not rocket science
  4. Actually no better yet let’s sign tyrod Taylor like you just mentioned because he’s the key to turning around a 2-14 franchise
  5. Nope let’s bring in jameis winston and live in mediocrity for the next 10 years you got it!
  6. Ok and I can give you many examples of dudes drafted 1 and 2 who did pan out so what’s your point
  7. If he’s the guy you don’t let him leave without signing
  8. I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to get this signing done and over with. Saleh would be a great signing
  9. Anyone saying we should sign some veteran like winston to start is out of their mind. We know what these guys are and that would be a complete waste of time. Either the new coaching staff likes darnold and rides with him or we literally have the #2 pick in the draft and we get to pick who we want. It’s not rocket science stop overthinking this.
  10. You do know goff didn’t start right off the back and dak did right
  11. Mack jones is a hard no for me. I could throw for 300 with those weapons
  12. Devonta making a case for #2 pick
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