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  1. I think joe Brady could be a good coach
  2. It also sucks I live in buffalo and seeing what the bills have been able to do w Allen.
  3. Cuz these jets teams always try to reload in free agency.
  4. I’ve watched this team religiously since 2003 when I was 7 years old and while we haven’t been very good in that timespan I’m not gonna lie this is the worst I’ve ever personally seen. From the first half of that buffalo game I could tell this team is just completely unprepared. I’m rooting for an 0-16 season so we can get #1 pick and tear this whole thing apart and actually start a true rebuild.
  5. I took the cards in my survivor pool. I’m hoping we go 0-16 and get #1 pick.
  6. Man living in buffalo I watch pretty much every jets and bills game. It kills me that buffalo was able to get a team around Allen and we couldn’t do ****. Allen gets a clean pocket and diggs is wide every 3rd down while same is running for his life. It’s sad cuz I think Sam could’ve been the better qb but it’s not gonna happen here the kids confidence is shattered and he’s clearly lost all hope in this team. Hopefully we go 0-16 and grab Lawrence and get whatever we can for Sam at this point.
  7. I think gase is a good x and o’s guy he’d be a great coordinator he can do a lot w little talent but he does not have the personality to be a head coach.
  8. I don’t even compare the Ramsey situation to this cuz whatever is going down in Jacksonville is another story.
  9. Honestly **** this prick. Screwed himself by taking a front loaded deal. Great player but he’s the first ever safety I’ve seen pull this **** w a rookie contract. Ridiculous
  10. Praying they let fans go to the game week 1. Boutta wear my Adams jersey and talk mad ****.
  11. Anyone betting on these fights? Cooking up a parlay I think i might go Cejudo, Francis, and u2.5 in the gaethje Ferguson fight.
  12. No one snagged randy moss’ son? He will prolly go to Cincy tho with burrow I’d imagine.
  13. They must think Enunwa is coming back.
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