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  1. Still don’t understand why we don’t have a veteran qb to help this kid learn.
  2. Blake due to the sole fact that that wasn’t as talented of a qb class. There was no fields sitting there
  3. Lance over Lawrence? Come on. Could he be a better play in the nfl? Sure. Would any of the 32 gm’s in this league even consider taking him over Trevor? Absolutely not. Yeah he has a lot of physical tools and could become an elite qb but if you’re actually in the first slot in the draft no one has the balls to take a raw prospect like that over a polished product.
  4. I say 2/5 bust at the very least Now which of them bust remains to be seen. If I had to predict I’ll say Mac jones ends up being a career backup, and a good one at that, maybe has a season or 2 later in his career in relief that’s solid and overall is viewed as a bust. I could also see lance flat out being a bust if he goes to the wrong situation. Fields and Wilson are in the same boat for me I think they have all the makings of a good prospect but you really never know things could go south. The only thing that could even hold Trevor Lawrence back is his own will to win Or the team around him
  5. I live in buffalo so I was at the pointless week 17 game at new era in 2019 and that was the first time I had seen Sam in person and he couldn’t even get anything going against buffalo’s backups and just completely lacked energy.
  6. Sanchez I mean I think we all know when enough was enough, but honestly probably before that. When geno smith got cracked by his own teammate in the locker room. the ghost game against New England for darnold.
  7. Don’t see us taking a rb early but if we do I’d way rather have Harris than etienne
  8. Weird. I don’t think he’s any better than trubisky.
  9. The fact that people who probably barely watched the jets last year for some reason have this weird perception that darnold is a good quarterback.
  10. Question for everyone who still gives darnold the benefit of the doubt: how many jets games did you watch start to finish in 2020? I guarantee you did not watch all 16 and coming from someone who did I promise you the kid is does not have what it takes to play quarterback at a high level in this league. His deep ball accuracy is one of the worst I’ve ever seen at the professional level, he misses reads like crazy, holds on to the ball forever, and has horrible pocket presence. His awareness is horrible as well he’s literally a deer in headlights. The kid will literally run out of bounds for a
  11. Yup and let’s not forget Drew Brees made The playoffs and a pro bowl his 3rd year as a starter in San Diego he was really solid
  12. The only quarterback in recent memory that was a high draft pick who showed absolutely nothing their first 3 seasons and their team stuck with them and it worked to my knowledge is Alex Smith. That’s just how the league works. Hell trubisky has been to the playoffs and a pro bowl and they canned him after 4. Sam hasn’t even come close to achieving anything in 3 years and that’s the bottom line that’s how this league works.
  13. We can run hypothetical scenarios all day but you are acting like each of those scenarios you listed has equal odds which they don’t. I’d give Sam darnold about a 10% chance of succeeding as an nfl quarterback and I’d say Wilson is 50/50
  14. Yeah all these hypothetical situations more often than not keeping Sam is better but you’re forgetting to add 1 key bit of information. Sam darnold is not a good quarterback
  15. People are failing to realize that we gave up a ton of capital to get Sam and it screwed over the rest of the team this time around they aren’t giving up anything to get Wilson and are loading up on draft capital
  16. I don’t care where you’re drafted it you can’t play football you can’t play football. Joe burrow got drafted to Cincinnati with a built in excuse and he still was ballin cuz he’s actually a good qb.
  17. I stopped reading after you asked if I would trade a garbage qb for a league mvp
  18. Sadly I’d say there’s a very realistic chance they keep darnold.
  19. You do not get cute with the quarterback position. If you are in position to grab the guy you want to lead this franchise the last thing you do is trade back and settle for someone else.
  20. “If jd draft Wilson and he busts he’s done” is the worst logic I’ve ever heard for not drafting Wilson. I would rather go down swinging than be content with mediocrity.
  21. I agree but that dude above was penciling him in for 1000 yards
  22. Mims has to be the most overhyped player I’ve ever seen on this forum . The kid has talent don’t get me wrong but how are we going to pencil him in for 1000 yards after the season he just had? Get real
  23. Anyone who wants to stick with Sam is ok with mediocrity. personally I am not. Just because he’s not the entire problem does not mean he is a part of the solution. The goal is to build a team that can compete for a championship and nothing he has shown indicates that he can do such. The team has an actual chance to get real compensation for him before everyone around the league realizes this and should take it and run. It’s not like we’re picking 20th we have a chance to take anyone we want not named Lawrence.
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