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  1. I like harbaugh #1, joe Brady #2, Brian dabboll #3, robert Salah #4 I’d be happy with any of them.
  2. I’m not sold on these Andy Reid guys. Keep in mind Sean McDermott is a defensive guy so you know that dabboll is running the show On offense and not to mention we could steal him away from a divisional opponent.
  3. Does anyone like Brian daboll? I live in buffalo so i watch pretty much every bills game and his work with Allen has been remarkable.
  4. Thank god this guy was horrible. Even my friends who aren’t jets fans singled him out as being trash.
  5. My main point is this kid looks like a deer in headlights. Sure the team around him is horrible and if you even asked me as early as last year I believed in him but I don’t care how bad your team is this guy moved a football 4 yards in an entire half of football against buffalo who’s defense is average at best. The guy puts up less than 10 ppg consistently but then you have a washed up joe flacco putting up 27 against belicheck nonetheless. I’m sorry but sam’s gotta go and last week proved it.
  6. Yeah brees got clipped end of first half
  7. If brees doesn’t get hurt 0% chance this hits
  8. Watching the saints game today and this dude is just everywhere on the field making plays. Should’ve never gotten rid of him.
  9. I defended the guy for awhile too but at some point you have to just give it up. The guy just doesn’t have what it takes to be a franchise quarterback.
  10. What has bieniemy proven? Everyone knows Reid is running the show over there.
  11. You guys are tripping. They are literally the same age and one has an mvp under his belt.
  12. I think it’s Kyler Murray and it’s not really close at all. He’s the next best thing in the league.
  13. I guess we will agree to disagree. Draft picks are super hit or miss and when you have a good player who’s 22 you do not trade him. Think minkah Miami trade
  14. Not directed specifically at you. I’m saying we have a 22 year old star in the making and we’re gonna trade him for what? Another 22 year old player who may or may not be a bust.
  15. Curious as to where everyone would rank Derek Carr in terms of starting quarterbacks at this point in his career. He’s not putting up eye popping numbers but he’s quietly having a pretty good season with a 4-3 record including a win over Kansas City, 14:2 td to int a little over 220 yards a game.
  16. This is mahomes’ league no other way around it.
  17. Some of your opinions are just so off. Yeah every time we get a good young player let’s trade them and make this a never ending cycle.
  18. How. He’s probably the best running back since AP when healthy.
  19. Why trade a first round pick who’s actually good and literally in his 3rd season for an unproven talent that’s a potential bust? We have a good thing here he’s a good player trading him is NOT the move.
  20. I’m just saying he is one of the few bright spots of this team and is in his second season. Why would we want to trade one of our only young stars
  21. Doesn’t he lead all defensive tackles in run stops?
  22. The bills just don’t impress me tbh. I watch every one of their games and they really just aren’t that good. They’ll prolly win the division but that’s not saying much. Miami’s definitely on the come up tho.
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