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  1. Big Brother

    How do Cody and Mark possibly hate Paul more than the guy who banged pots and pans in their faces? Whole season I couldn't wait to see Josh get boo'd meeting Julie and he gets the blast of confetti. Early on when he took safety in that one contest and screwed his team over I was like 90% sure he'd be gone in the first few weeks. One of those crazy people you have every season who pisses off the whole house. Never been close to this surprised by a BB winner. He really wasn't a bad player though. Paul deserved to win. Don't feel bad for him. When they knew it was down to Cody the look on his face was priceless
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Just asked Siri, "what time is the world supposed to end on Saturday?" All they say is Saturday. You would think people who are convinced they've nailed down when the world is ending could at least tell us morning, afternoon, evening, or night
  3. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Does Planet X aka Nirubu crashing into Earth according to a numerologist make it a little more ludicrous?
  4. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Oh btw. Just a heads up. The worlds ending on Saturday. So idk. Dress accordingly or whatever
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Meh. I would say it's too long to spend all of it broke
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    What's considered North Central? Like Daytona?
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    For me it just limits the places I'm willing to drive to unless I absolutely need to. Back when it was $4 I barely left the house
  8. POTD 9/20 - Travelling

    Nope. Only place I haven't been to that I really want to is Vegas. Australia, Tokyo, or one of those resorts in the Caribbean might be cool. Other than that I don't really have much interest
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    What the hell? I need to move to Texas. We're at like 2.69
  10. What Happened to the Bengals?

    Hue Jackson and Mike Zimmer leaving. A lot of OLinemen lost. Burfict being the absolute dumbest most important player ever. I still think we're throwing dirt on them a little early. They played two really good defenses. I think when Ross and Mixon get going that offense is going to be really dangerous. Another thing that might be hurting them is the salary cap explosion and rollover. It's really hard to be competitive right now without paying some free agents
  11. Poll o' the DAY! Breakfast!

    A cereal bar, 2 really big cups of coffee, and a half a pack of cigarettes
  12. Why mid round "safe picks"?

    Because people don't realize that you need a couple/few guys scoring 20+, not a bunch of solid 10s

    Favorite team: Ravens Week 3: Panthers
  14. Finding "your guy" at QB a mistake?

    I really don't look at it in tiers. I look at it as QBs you can win a Super Bowl with and QBs you can't. If you think you have a QB you can win one with, build a team that can. I don't think you can do that if you're spending a draft pick every year on a QB. I don't think there's enough practice reps to groom that many QBs. I don't think you'd be good off having your QB coach and OCs time divided between that many QBs. The roster spots 3 extra QBs would take up are important. A lot of teams don't even like carrying a 3rd QB.
  15. IT - Stephen King Remake

    Lol...went to see it with the fam. When the kid with the glasses was sticking his hand in the casket I grabbed my moms shoulder. Scared the crap out of her. She was like you effin a-hole