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  1. I like Jacksonville and Philly I think Hurts is an upgrade over Wentz. They get Brooks back and I think Lane Johnson missed a lot of last year so they’re line could go from major liability to a strength. And Devonta Smith is awesome. Lawrence should be a huge upgrade and the run game could be dominant with Robinson, Etienne, and Shenault and possibly Tebow doing the gadget ****. And the play action could be lethal. I think Chark is going to explode.
  2. I really really wanted to walk away from this topic. But the LOB talk just reminded me that Earl Thomas was actually the VICTIM of a robbery by his SO and he was made out to be the bad guy and some deranged individuals actually wanted him to be punished. Insane double standard. And he was actually still a good player.
  3. I can’t find it either. I don’t think so but it’s very possible I imagined it or it was a different player.
  4. I don’t care if he gets punished at all. I don’t even know what he allegedly did. Calling it prejudice is just childish. It was tongue in cheek because I flat out don’t believe the gang rejection story. It sounds like some stupid Disney ****. And he’s been getting a pass for being jerk his whole career because he went Stanford.
  5. Really? That’s the one you want to ban me for? Every thread about a player having legal problems is littered with “I hope they throw the book at the idiot”. I’ve even seen several threads about guys dying in car accidents with comments “natural selection.” But this guy who’s been treating people like **** for as long as we’ve known who he is is the one everyone is sensitive about. M’kay
  6. ❄️❄️❄️❄️ You know there’s an ignore feature right?
  7. Damn. Gotta be a big disappointment to those gangsters who wouldn’t let him join their gang because he was too smart.
  8. Ooh. This whole thing is because FedEx whined and cried. So how bout the Express. With Purple, Orange, and White unis and the same FedEx font.
  9. Washington Bullets for the ultimate troll. Anything federal gov related would be lame.
  10. I have no idea why it’s tough. I imagine for most it’s probably not. But every story I’ve ever heard with the words ‘NFL Cheerleader’ has been a bad story. The only people who benefit from the NFL having cheerleaders are the cheerleaders. They get to advance their modeling careers and have access to super fit millionaires and get to say they’re an NFL cheerleader. Noone buys tickets to see them. Maybe some lonely dudes will buy calendars. Seems like an overall net negative.
  11. Why do teams even still have cheerleaders? Seems like nothing but problems and minimal additional value.
  12. He was awful last year. As for Ben getting killed. They hired Matt Canada. They’re never throwing the ball again. All that said. This OLine is legitimately terrifying.
  13. Correct. I find it ridiculous they came up with two more orientations and are now to over 25% of the alphabet. Not mad at all about it. You can actually find things ridiculous and not be mad about them.
  14. Not yet. But after I’m done laughing about it in the group text who knows how I’m going to feel.
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