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  1. I thought Kingsbury finally ditched his stupid air raid dink and dunk offense and was going to go to something more like Baltimore. Oops
  2. Are we all just living in some random Falcons fans purgatory?
  3. If you’re just gonna wave the white flag why tf even have Watson on the field?
  4. Why do they keep wasting downs handing it to David Johnson? And never run with Watson? Experts. ya know
  5. Brown’s character aside, his work ethic is legendary. Guys who work like that generally hold off aging longer than the typical player.
  6. Antonio Brown is a lunatic. No disputing it. Is he so bat **** crazy that he can’t realize this is probably his last chance and pretend to put the teams success over his stats? Idk. Maybe. But he was always a nutcase and Pittsburgh was successful with him for years. And the only team he actually chose to play for iirc released him over a rape allegation. Not for causing issues in the locker room. I think everyone is overthinking this. It’s October. They’re probably going to get these guys healthy. And most teams don’t have one corner than can cover any of these guys. No one has 3. And then you probably have Fournette on fresh legs in January running against 6 man boxes.
  7. The Dream Team Eagles wasn’t a real thing. Asomugha and Babin were legitimately big signings and then pundits started making a big deal over signings like Vince Young, Ronnie Brown, Ryan Harris, Jarred Page. What Tampa has put together is going to be almost unstoppable.
  8. Why would I do that? I watch the games. That would basically be gaslighting myself. The YPC is pulled up by two runs in games where he only touched it once or twice. When he’s gotten a little bit of volume he’s failed. And tbh he’s looked like a soft runner.
  9. I’m more worried about RB. Ingram is already hurt and so far Dobbins doesn’t look good at all.
  10. Well ****. What doesn’t make sense to you? Lets figure this thing out.
  11. Lol. You bump a thread and don’t even talk about it. Hey smart people, please have this discussion I’m not capable of. I like the move but it’s only necessary because we left the position to McPhee and Bowser for the second year in a row.
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