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  1. How are/will you deal with this?

    Every player I always assume I’ll end up seeing them play for a different team at some point. That’s just how it usually goes. It’s not a big deal
  2. Why does Brady keep playing and keep tempting fate?

    Take your favorite thing to do. Now don’t do it again. EVER. I don’t see any reason anyone would retire when they’re still good unless they just didn’t like the game that much
  3. Baker Mayfield

    Oh well if PFF says so[insert old eye rolling emoji]
  4. Baker Mayfield

    They don’t have the offensive line. We’ve seen teams loaded at the skill positions and it means nothing without the line. I still think he’ll probably a Pro Bowler because he is an awesome player and they are loaded
  5. Browns trade for OBJ

    How did OBJ get the media wrapped around his finger like this? These ppl are fawning over him. Kimberly Jones is literally about to cry. I’ve never seen anything like this
  6. WR John Brown signs with Buffalo

    Where’s the other half of the story John Eisenberg!?!? i just imagine DeCosta in an office shaking thinking about all the compensatory picks The team is already built. Stop freakin building. Put the finishing touches on
  7. Mosley Going to the Jets

    Haha. And I just remembered our compensatory pick fetish. We’re getting no one except cut players who mostly suck because everyone has cap space now and no one is cutting good players anymore
  8. Mosley Going to the Jets

    10% this year. We have no idea what the cap is going to be in 4 years And when our defense is getting turned out because we lost all our smart players and we can’t get back into games because we can’t throw I don’t think anyone is going to be saying “At least we have that extra $4million a year we didn’t overpay Mosley”
  9. Mosley Going to the Jets

    The salary cap isn’t 110 anymore. You have to overpay some people. Our defense is going to crash and burn
  10. Suspended FA DT David Irving Quits NFL

    He’ll be back. And when he screws up again ppl will cry about 2nd chances even though he’ll be way past chance #2
  11. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Hilarious watching this Steelers mess. They say have your best offers by Friday like they’re holding cards and then get completely embarrassed and everyone sees they have no power at all here. Gonna lol so hard if they have to cut him or he just refuses to play
  12. Ravens release Eric Weddle

    We better have big plans for all this money. We already had enough to keep Mosley and make a splash or 2 in free agency. If this is just more Ravens player Ravens price BS I’m gonna be pissed
  13. Flacco dealt to Broncos for 4th Rounder

    4th!?!? Elway is gonna end up looking like a genius Sam Bradford fetched a 1st and we get a 4th? Awful start to DeCosta era
  14. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    1st round swap and a 2nd come on! I thought this was a lock when Kubiak was supposed to return there as OC and still thought they were the likely fav because of Elway’s relationship with Kubiak
  15. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    So measles might cure cancer and most of us are immune to it. That’s awesome. Thanks responsible people