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  1. Troy Vincent: NFL Still Planning for Full Stadiums

    As long as there’s no plan for not starting in September I’m good.
  2. Onside kick versus 4th and 15

    I never really thought about it. But the onside kick is really stupid. An extremely critical moment in a game and it’s going to come down to a kicker trying to pull off a HORSE shot. Idk if 15 yards is difficult enough but I’d say good riddance to the onside kick.
  3. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    1.5 to backup a QB he’s probably better than kinda seems beneath him but if that’s what he wants do. Hope he’s not having money problems. And why does the team website keep trying to get me excited about Pernell McPhee? Can’t think of a move I care less about.
  4. I don’t think Martin or Bettis should’ve gotten in either.
  5. The guy who’s a lock that I have a problem with is Frank Gore. Fringe top 5 back in his prime. Never felt like you were watching a Hall of Famer. Then he passed like 20 guys on the all time rushing list after he stopped being good and all of a sudden he’s a HOFer. At his best I don’t think he wasn’t as good as Jamal Lewis, Shaun Alexander, Priest Holmes, Fred Taylor and there’s a few others you could throw in there. Wasn’t in the same universe as Edgerrin James whose induction was controversial.
  6. Worst Teams to Make the Super Bowl

    How’s everyone figuring the 2011 Giants are worse than the 2011 Patriots who they swept? And 2011 was arguably Green Bay’s best team since they won the Super Bowl and NY straight up curb stomped them.
  7. Worst Teams to Make the Super Bowl

    02 Raiders weren’t much
  8. Who wins the AFC East?

    Why wouldn’t they? If Stidham turns out to be an elite QB, ok sure. But lets operate under the assumption he won’t. They have almost zero shot of winning the Super Bowl. They can be like all the other franchises who don’t have a QB. Always drafting and hoping and trying to develop. Or take one trash season and get one of the highest rated prospects ever and probably instantly become Super Bowl contenders again. And unlike almost every other coach, Belichick actually has the job security to withstand a season like that. It’s a no brainer.
  9. Can a small-market, low payroll NFL team win a Super Bowl?

    Small market. Not relevant. Low pay roll. I would doubt it but I have no idea what the spending of past champions was so I can’t say for sure. But it feels like they’re usually using most of their cap space.
  10. Who wins the AFC East?

    I’m not convinced Belichick even wants to win it. Their biggest free agent moves were Marquise Lee and Beau Allen. You can point to cap space but there are a ton of easy moves they could’ve made to clear space. He knows he’s not going to win a Super Bowl without a QB. I think they’re going to tank, get Lawrence, and next spring Belichick is going to build the Death Star. And in the mean time Buffalo runs away with it.
  11. Dallas is also less interesting because they ended of natural causes. Other than Jimmy and Jerry’s thing it wasn’t because of anyone’s ego. Jimmy left. They won a Super Bowl without him. Then they all got old. So they had some criminals on the team and if you set up a camera right now in your living room one of them will probably show up and start talking in front of it. They’re not 10 episodes of interesting.
  12. One thing that helped The Last Dance is that Jordan has been pretty quiet since retiring. I barely ever see him do interviews. So it’s really awesome to see him sit down and do this. Don’t really see Pippen and Phil that much either. Dennis has been in the public eye a lot but not so much basketball related. 25 years later and the 90s Cowboys still won’t stfu
  13. I’d rather just let the Last Dance be it’s own thing. It’s great. They’re not going to top it. And the 90s Cowboys have been done to death. And something about the Patriots needs to happen later after all the key people have retired and secrets have had time to come out.
  14. If I make a citizen’s arrest will that count?
  15. Also it would make the NFL worse because most innovation comes from the college game. The majority of the NFL are group thinkers set in their ways who want to spend their entire careers doing it exactly the way they learned it.