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  1. Manning’s 55 TDs. Complete product of those pick plays that should’ve been OPIs. Fraudulent record.
  2. I hate to answer questions with ‘depends’. But it really does depend on Kingsbury. More designed runs and the offense centered around Murray’s running and I think he could be an MVP contender.
  3. There’s probably a **** load of players already inquiring about getting a single digit number. Doesn’t really make any difference but I’m a fan of the change.
  4. Great work ethic doesn’t equal great person. I see a lot of people make the mistake of assuming that. That’s just a thought in my head rn. If the guy deserved it then I say good for Aaron.
  5. I’m skeptical of him and in general think he’s a lazy slob who’s taken his high school hype further than anyone in history. But if he’s in shape and motivated in the playoffs they could cause some problems.
  6. He’s still probably one of the best WRs in the league. If he still has his speed I don’t see any reason he wouldn’t be.
  7. I voted Megatron because he’s probably the second best WR I’ve ever seen. But I’d rather have Edelmans Super Bowls. I mean the fact that Johnson retired so early would kinda indicate that he would rather have Edelmans rings too.
  8. I believe so too. But there was a popular narrative that he destroys teams. And the 2-20 thing disproves the other narrative that if he doesn’t get his touches he’ll complain and destroy the team.
  9. Yeah pretty much. While we were on our high horses another team signed him and won the Super Bowl.
  10. Antonio Brown training with Jackson and Hollywood again. EDC needs to quit being a wuss and sign him already.
  11. Why do people keep saying price point instead of just price? It seems like this started happening in like the last month.
  12. Running QBs who aren’t good passers are better than good passers who are immobile. Brady is the ultimate outlier.
  13. I’d rather see Jackson and these guys doing something like Kyle Shanahan was doing with RG3 or Lincoln Riley is doing now at Oklahoma. But I love the topic and think about what the early 2000s would have looked like with today’s playcalling. With Vick. I think he probably would have had more MVP caliber seasons like that 2010 season in Philly. But he still probably would have been injured a lot because he doesn’t avoid the big hits like Jackson. I think Steve McNair would terrorize the league in a modern offense.
  14. There’s some inconsistencies with the scoring. Like if Flacco, Ryan, and Stafford are 1s I think Tannehill has firmly put himself in that category. Leftwich is a solid 3. But I think I get. It’s mostly pretty consistent. So Wilson and Lawrence 1s for sure. Mac Jones 3. Fields probably a 1. He doesn’t avoid the big hits like Jackson and Murray. And there’s always the chance he gets attached to some idiot coach who wants to turn him into Peyton Manning. But those coaches are disappearing. Lance idk. He’s really similar to Josh Allen as a prospect. Accuracy issues but great physica
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