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  1. GOAT Sports Movies, Baseball Edition

    Well Bad News Bears it is then
  2. GOAT Sports Movies, Baseball Edition

    Uh. Hello. Moneyball?! Trouble with the curve was awful
  3. Edge Rushers vs. Interior Rushers

    If one guy wins on the edge and no one else does QB has a lot of ways he can go to escape it. Right in his face, not so much
  4. Ndamukong Suh. I can’t think of many better combos on the interior that I’ve seen. And with Wade Phillips. That’s scary
  5. Guy was living off high school hype since his first snap at Penn State. Mediocre college QB that shouldn’t have been drafted
  6. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    The voters are “journalists”. Journalists are the most self important people in the world. They think everyone is obligated to get in front of them and answer their questions anytime they want and they get extremely butt hurt if you refuse
  7. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Love it. Tell those sanctimonious HOF voters to go screw themselves
  8. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    New England gets momentum at Foxboro, the crowd gets going and it feels like an avalanche all of a sudden. You can’t do anything right
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    In a few months they’re gonna change back to IHOP and celebrate it with some free pancake day that they already do sometimes and people will fall for it
  10. Harbaugh pushes team really hard in offseason. Half the team ends up on IR. Maybe related. Maybe not. But I don’t think it’s just bad luck we’re one of the most injury plagued teams every freakin year
  11. POTD Thursday 9/7: Road Trips!

    I can afford it. But I’m a cheap bastard and I HATE being somewhere without my car. Having my car gives me the ability to leave on Christmas when my dad pushes the wrong button but road trips to me are an overall awful experience
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Off the top of my head mine was sucking gas out the lawn mower with a turkey Baster into an empty water jug and then into my car with a funnel and realizing the whole time I’m doing this I’m holding a cigarette in my hand
  13. Lamar Jackson. Think he’s gonna be the second best QB in AFC after Watson
  14. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I figured it out. It’s a traveling job. Which is a bummer because it’s $3 more an hour for the same thing I do now
  15. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    On a job ad it says “there is an end of project bonus for those who qualify.” Does that mean it’s only a temp job?