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  1. You gotta die on this hill if you’re McNair. Suck as long as you gotta suck. You can’t let him walk away. Unless the Jets want to give you 3 1sts and Mekhi Becton.
  2. The Super Bowl is going to impact how I feel about the OLB position. If Tampa can’t slow KC down with JPP and Barrett against that patchwork OL. Then they can’t be slowed down. Let them all walk and go all in on offense.
  3. I’m a big Watson fan and I want to see him be successful. But he’s being a *****. I’d feel bad for him if he was getting franchise tagged and he was trapped. But he just signed for like $40 million a year. No gun to his head. No one made him sign that contract.
  4. For a while I’ve had a conspiracy theory in the back of my mind that the gambling industry controls the sports media and their main focus is to keep people from figuring out how important the OLine is. And the fact that I haven’t heard Fisher mentioned once yet on GMFB is feeding into it.
  5. I liked seeing Tampa win with 3 interceptions. Such an overrated stat. When you throw them in the red zone or you set the other team up with great field position they’re killers. The area of the field where Brady threw at least 2 of them it’s just another scoreless possession.
  6. Idk about the whole league. But I’d bet money on Stafford to San Fran and Jimmy G to New England.
  7. The more I think about it the more I’m leaning toward Tampa. I just don’t see how KC is supposed to overcome this Oline situation.
  8. The last 3 years Brees. Those were loaded teams and he was an anchor with his noodle arm. Before that I guess Payton hired some crappy D Coordinators but most of those teams probably weren’t talented enough.
  9. The crowd is a non factor. 22,000 is nothing. 7500 is local health care workers. We don’t even know how many of them are fans. And I’d imagine the rest is the quiet corporate crowd you have at every Super Bowl. The Fisher thing is big though.
  10. I don’t think there’s anywhere he can go where he’s going to have a better shot. Green Bay sure af isn’t going to be better without him. And QBs usually don’t retire until they suck.
  11. Uh durrr. At least you put something on the board. No **** that 3 points is worthless.
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