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  1. Homie on ESPN talking about Mac Jones arm. No one has a strong enough arm for 50 mph wind
  2. He’s been awful this year. Who knows. Might force Martindale to play more zone.
  3. That was more Watt than Jackson. But even if it wasn’t. They could **** up the execution. That’s why you go to OT and don’t go all in on one play. If we were a team known for our flawless execution on offense maybe you try that. But we’re not and that was a desperate move when we didn’t need to be desperate
  4. That was some **** you do when you’re 1-13 trying to knock off a playoff team. You’re that ducking scared to go to OT with these guys?
  5. I will never understand how a team with one of the worst O Lines and worst secondaries got to 8-3
  6. Who are these open guys Lamar isn’t throwing to?
  7. All those hits if he gets injured by the freakin 1st down markers
  8. I’ve been saying for years get rid of the spot foul
  9. Wouldn’t be a Ravens game without a blown coverage
  10. Wtf Humphrey what happened to you 🤦‍♂️
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