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  1. Ravens going to force that 16 team playoff emergency plan and get in as the 8 seed
  2. I don’t think most people are bothered by it. But I’ve never heard a non-Lions fan who doesn’t think it’s dumb.
  3. I honestly think it’s as petty as just not giving into something fans have complained about forever. A power move.
  4. There’s the valdes-scantling we know and love
  5. Oh snap! Joe Cool is gonna get another shot at it
  6. WTF Gase why you running? You ain’t gonna be there to coach Trevor
  7. Omg NOONE EVER JUMPS! They need to get that out the game somehow
  8. Chargers RBs are soooooooo bad. Speaking of ****ty RBs why tf is Mattison touching the ball in the red zone? I hate offensive coordinators so god damn much
  9. Lol it’s like he’s figured out a hack and after like 12 years no one else has thought to try it
  10. And every time a player hurdles they lose their mind even though barely anyone ever gets hurt doing it. It seems like they just finally stopped suggesting leaving time on the clock in case there’s a problem with the snap on a FG. Because it happened in a playoff game 18 YEARS AGO and hasn’t happened since. Yep you’re right. Miserable freakin people
  11. Idk what you’re talking about but one thing that drives me insane is how much they love when any coach does something safe. A bunch of Tobys
  12. I’d really like to know what Flaccos numbers would’ve been if DPI counted.
  13. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find Cherry Coke Zero and I am very unhappy about it.
  14. Knock off that RB crap. You need to run you let Herbert do it.
  15. Perriman TD also keeps pressure on LA to keep scoring 🤑💰💵
  16. God dammit just one more ******* yard!!!
  17. I doubt it. Barely anyone really has a good defense.
  18. Yikes. I hope cook just got the wind knocked out of him
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