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  1. Dak

    I stay firm that Eli would be better for this team than Dak is.
  2. Pick your Head Coach for 2019

    Maybe, but I like who he is about.
  3. Pick your Head Coach for 2019

    I am a David Shaw guy. I want someone that already runs a pro style offense that creates a great culture. I also want someone who will bring new ideas to this team.
  4. Terrance Williams arrested

    Honestly, what is stopping you from cutting Williams and getting Maclin in here?
  5. Terrance Williams arrested

    http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/nfl/dallas-cowboys/article211498769.html Can we just cut him now? I kn ow he is really cheap, but is he worth the trouble at this point?
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I started scouting some of the top seniors at QB for this year. This class is very weak, the best chance there is for a top senior QB is Drew Lock and he is very inconsistent. I do want to see what he does with his senior year though because he has throws that make you love the kid.
  7. I am smoking a flat for the draft, as well as a small pork butt and some sausages. I am trying to bring Texas to Delaware. It will be my first time smoking a brisket so wish me luck.
  8. Damn! That's crazy cheap, we sell our prime brisket for 8.99/lb
  9. How much a lb was that?
  10. Cowboys Draft Links and Meetings Thread

    Keep an ear out for a player named Richie Sampson after the draft. Could be a player Dallas brings in to be a potential project/special teams player at safety.
  11. I think you made a mistake and highlighted Edmunds instead of Smith...
  12. I think we are going to be surprised who actually falls into trading up range for Dallas.
  13. This Ain't Ravens Talk

    No one wants Louisiana crabs haha everywhere I look doesn’t have AYCE crabs which is weird to me.