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  1. Emma is here and healthy! She is a little thing 5lb 11oz 20.5 inches. She came today at 12:22 am.
  2. So Fellas.. I have been in the hospital for 39 hours so far my wife was induced still no little girl yet (Emma). We are hoping to see her soon last checked she was 6 cm. All I hope for is a healthy baby and mom.
  3. I will be picking your brain soon sir.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    The question is does his Assault drop him as well?
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    He runs well for his size, but doesn't play the position for his size. For me to keep him in this roster he needs to block and not just be a receiving tight end which he isn't the greatest at either.
  6. Gearing up for next season

    Watch some of Connor's Texas film. The kid has a big time mean streak, I just would prefer him at the LG position because i believe with some strength and Frederick back he could have a very good 2nd year. I also like Collins I don't see why we would move on from him.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I am kind of high on Zach Allen, DE, Boston College
  8. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    He is going to cost too much to have on this DL with Lawrence getting paid.
  9. Gearing up for next season

    What type of value do you think you could get for Taco in a trade?
  10. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    He has a total of 566 snaps in the 4 years he has been in the league. He hasn't been available to be good. He is worth bringing in as a camp body seeing if Rod can get the most out of him because coming out of Iowa he looked to have a spot as a 1-tech in this league.
  11. Gearing up for next season

    I never thought about Tyrone Crawford being cut, because he is a captain and a versatile player along to defensive line. I think though he could easily be replaced with a player like Zach Allen, Boston College and I believe there would be more upside. Dallas have players on defense like Jaylon Smith and Demarcus Lawrence who can take over the captain role.
  12. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    I created a wish list for Free Agent signings some are re-signings others are from other teams.. WR: Chris Conley*, Phillip Dorsett, Breshad Perriman, Andre Roberts* TE: Nick Boyle* OL: Cameron Fleming*, Marcus Martin* DT: Darius Philon* LB: Eli Harold, Ramik Wilson, Damien Wilson* S: Earl Thomas******** * means I would prefer them
  13. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    From my understanding his has a lot of personal issues, which would take me away from him.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I agree that ET is the only one Dallas looks at outside their roster. I do think Woods can play the SS position the issue has been Dallas has been playing him out of position at FS. Dallas needs a 3T bad because they need to keep their rotation up on this OL and at a high level. @Texas_OutLaw7 has mentioned that if Gerald McCoy is a cap casualty he wouldn't mind bring him in on a medium deal, which I wouldn't be against either. I think you are under rating the need of slot receiver while I do think Wilson deserves a chance to compete for a roster spot. I believe we also need to bring in someone else. I expect us to also to bring back Tavon Austin. I wouldn't mind Dallas looking at one of the Georgia WRs like Riley Ridley, Mecole Hardman, or Terry Godwin either way they need to get a younger WR who they can develop. I was hoping they could bring in a veteran to play the slot while one of the young guys learns. I do not see Hurns being on this roster next year with his salary unless he takes a pay cut, he could be useful in the slot if he does though. I want to see these young guys develop but I do want to bring someone in whether a veteran or a young guy to compete. I think Jarwin are developing very nicely they just need more opportunities. I agree that Maher is not the most reliable kicker, but I want to wait to get Rodrigo Blankenship who I believe is Dan Bailey 2.0.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    My current demands for this off season is as goes: Safety (Earl Thomas) 3-tech Wide Receiver (Slot) Offensive Line Cornerback Tight End Back up RB Linebacker Kicker