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  1. My draft wasn't so bad haha
  2. From my understanding next years crop is awful.
  3. He is a 2nd round talent still. Gets beat in man and is a zone corner. That’s coming from a Georgia fan.
  4. The Dallas Cowboys select: Bobby Brown III, DT, Texas A&M @LuckyNumber11is OTC
  5. I think Pitts is the best player in the draft and Waddle is WR 1 if your considering Pitts a TE.
  6. I think it’s a philosophical difference. I don’t think Farley will be a large contributor year 1 in a heavy zone schemed defense. You want him playing man either off ball or bump and run. Surtain can come in year 1 and be the #1 corner for Dallas he has flex to play man and zone at a high level. Farley has a higher ceiling, but Surtain’s floor is just so high right now. Drafting Waddle made no sense since we have Cooper, Lamb, Gallup, OBJ on the roster. the decision came down to JOK and Surtain and looked at the roster and we had Brown and Diggs at CB and some bodies.
  7. Given what we had at the position and and not knowing what would be available at pick 44 we had to make Surtain. Also who do you think is better than Surtain at that pick? Slater?
  8. Kid is a baller. Probably my favorite RB. Harris is a better prospect, but the ability Carter has to run behind his blockers and play with strength while also have great lateral movement is impressive. I don’t think he is an every down back at the next level, but RBBC and he can be a star in my eyes.
  9. I wouldn’t be shocked if he has 4.4-4.45 speed though.
  10. We just drafted with the 99th overall pick Payton Turner, DE, Houston. He will be able to play the 4/5 tech, 3 tech, any DE spot and will be able to stand up and rush the passer. He will be our Michael Bennett.
  11. I saw someone that struggles to take on blocks and play through the trash also didn’t see much coverage. I see potential though. I’d look at him in the 4th round maybe.
  12. With the 99th pick the Dallas Cowboys select: Payton Turner, DE, Houston @Danielis on the clock
  13. I think we really need to call him what he is...Calvin Johnson.
  14. @carrolljcmcyou are making Spencer Brown a OG? I think that is a mistake. Spencer Brown dominated playing Tackle at Northern Iowa and I also think he showed he can play against higher competition as well. Get him into a weight room and try to fill out his lower half and he can dominate at the next level. He was going to be my next pick if he made it. Great pick!
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