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  1. Not there there is enough evidence to overturn that fumble for the Bucs
  2. Giants should have just chucked it to the end zone not sure what the coaches were thinking
  3. Do not see the Dolphins or Chargers doing that it would be mean you wasted your pick on a QB last year. Just because Arizona did it and it may work out does not mean other teams should do it.
  4. They really just need to change it to best QB award since mostly QB’s win the award
  5. What coaches do you think are Hall of Famer right now? What Coaches do you think have a chance? Lock Belichick-no question Reid-no question Tomlin- I do not think he deserves to go in but if Cowher is in can not see how he is not Maybe Probably Needs to Do More Payton Carroll Harbaugh McCarthy Young Coaches Who One Day Could Shanahan McVay
  6. What if the Chargers,Redskins,Jets,Dolphins or Giants get number one pick since they really do not need a QB?
  7. What MVP choices either regular season or Super Bowl Did did you think should have gone to someone else? For me I think Drew Brees should have won 2009 MVP.
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