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  1. Mahones throws for 4 touchdowns probably moved to number one.
  2. What are some coaching decisions in NFL history that the coaches got heat for but were not that bad For me Seattle passing on the goal line was not that bad here is why Lynch was not good in short yard gains he had already been stopped twice that game Seattle had only one timeout left if they do not make it they can only stop the clock once. New England was playing for the inside run Now I do agree that was not a great pass play call maybe a fade or have Wilson roll out but plenty of teams pass on the one yard line.
  3. I can’t stand the Lakers so I hope Miami wins
  4. Packers front office must feel really dumb for drafting Love Rodgers is doing great this season
  5. I was talking about the pi flag not the run. When both sides are grabbing it should be no call
  6. Both the we and db were grabbing each other but of course since the NFL wants more scoring they will call pass interference.
  7. That’s some horrible offense by Dallas
  8. Did that announcer really say Herbert was playing well? What game is he watching?
  9. Not there there is enough evidence to overturn that fumble for the Bucs
  10. Giants should have just chucked it to the end zone not sure what the coaches were thinking
  11. Do not see the Dolphins or Chargers doing that it would be mean you wasted your pick on a QB last year. Just because Arizona did it and it may work out does not mean other teams should do it.
  12. They really just need to change it to best QB award since mostly QB’s win the award
  13. What coaches do you think are Hall of Famer right now? What Coaches do you think have a chance? Lock Belichick-no question Reid-no question Tomlin- I do not think he deserves to go in but if Cowher is in can not see how he is not Maybe Probably Needs to Do More Payton Carroll Harbaugh McCarthy Young Coaches Who One Day Could Shanahan McVay
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