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  1. That's way the hell too much. I don't even want Watson given the fact that there are "multiple" number ones required to obtain him. Plus Tua is going to improve. I'm sick of all this Watson crap.
  2. I said a while back that I hope we could land the Waddle / Toney combo. That would be so dynamic for Tua, lot's of separation.
  3. Hence the trade down. Get an extra 2nd or 3rd and draft Waddle.
  4. Indeed there is, and in week 17 I was relieved the Jets landed with #2 instead or #1. Adding Trevor Lawrence to the division would have been so crappy. We already have a Buffalo team whose best days are in all likelihood still ahead of them.
  5. Sorry to sound so snarky, you seem decent. I'm just sick of the whole world telling Miami that they HAVE TO make a trade for Watson. There is no reason to kick Tua to the curb, and Watson has his flaws.
  6. We're thankful you're not our GM. We need to use the extra picks to plug holes on the current roster. Tua is improving, we'll take our chances with him.
  7. I'm glad there are several Phin fans agreeing with me. And let's discuss the #3 overall pick a little bit to add to what was said previously. It's possible that if the Jags and Jets draft QBs, someone will want to trade up to #3 for the third best QB. I could possibly see Atlanta wanting to trade up one spot to land that 3rd QB, and maybe we get their second or third rounder. And I can then see Cincy wanting to trade up one spot for Sewell. Again we might get an extra second or third. And if that scenario played out, we could get two extra picks for moving down only two spots AND sti
  8. I don't want Watson, not at the price they are asking. Yes he's a great QB, but football is the ultimate team sport. We have lots of picks, and lots of holes to fill, and since Tua shows promise, there is no need to move on from him. If it wasn't 3 first rounders (or more) I'd be interested. But given our situation that's too many picks considering that we might very well have a franchise QB already on the roster.
  9. I hope the Jets don't skip out on the QB, it makes it far more likely that someone trades up with us at #3.
  10. Yeah, those Viking and Miami SB teams are ANCIENT history by now. I'm hopeful that Miami can get off the shnide some time soon. And when I was a little kid living in FL, I used to cheer for the Vikings. It would be nice for them to do the same.
  11. There are only a few fans drooling over Watson out here. Most want to stay the course with Tua, and in fact give him some real weapons in the offense.
  12. Man, there's nothing to be torn about. The first rounders are too much compensation.
  13. This is the classic dilemma with lefty QBs. Do you put your best tackle at left or right? Let's pretend we have drafted BPA, and land Sewell. And let's also assume we put him at RT. - Austin Jackson might play well at LT and demand LT money, or he walks. - Sewell will obviously demand LT money given his talent, or he walks. We're now stuck paying for two left tackles, which will weaken the interior. Also consider: - The best pass rushers will normally be lined up over the LT. So if Jackson struggles there, we might have to switch Sewell and Jackson anyway. And
  14. Not to pile on here, but there is simply no way Miami has a super bowl caliber roster even if they acquired Watson. No top notch WRs. No top notch RBs. O-line still needs some help. LBs need help. We need to hold on to all our picks and use them wisely. Let Tua develop into whatever he can be and give him some damn weapons in the passing game.
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