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  1. I love the throwbacks and feel like the "new" uniforms are rubbish. I'm all for going back to the future.
  2. Houston is too talented to finish with 13 or 14 losses. Their pick will be out of the top ten.
  3. Great win, clutch performances down the stretch as we scored the final 10 points. But man oh man, please don't let Tua take all those hits.
  4. We had four drops that I can remember, one long one to Gesicki. Preston had two drops in one series. And our corners also could have easily had two more picks. But it felt good to get the win, and it felt good that Tua threw the ball well. The anemic passing numbers are a reflection of the vanilla play calling and the drops. We really need a top shelf RB, Gaskin is a change of pace back at best. I don't know how we'll fare against the Cardinals, I doubt they'll spot us multiple TDs.
  5. That might drop him a round or two. Looks like a nasty lower leg break. I don't know what the recovery time is, but he might miss alot of next season. This was a player I wanted for Miami because of his amazing speed and good chemistry with Tua.
  6. Hell no, the guy is a head case. And far as I can tell, we actually have a good set of WRs with good attitudes across the board.
  7. Or if we are in danger of drafting too many young players without enough roster space to keep them all, trading picks this year for picks next year.
  8. Well, I wanted Tua on the bench further into the season. Patrick Mahomes sat his whole rookie season, and it turned out well for him. On the other hand, this might say more about the o-line than Fitz or Tua. Obviously the coaches and FO feel that he will be protected well enough based on the improvement we've seen.
  9. You guys are in the Sunshine sweepstakes. Who knows, maybe the Phins will assist in your quest.
  10. At this juncture of the NFL season, there are 10 teams with either 0 or 1 wins. Previously, I was very optimistic about the Texans 1st and 2nd rounder until I counted those up. It seems to me that the Texans are better than their record, and will string together a few wins at some point. I'm sad to predict that the Houston pick will be 11 or 12 overall, and not in the top 6 I was hoping for.
  11. At this point in the lives of Phins/Jets fans, it's essentially a race to the bottom to see who can be more pessimistic. One of us will win, and the others will feel validated in their doom and gloom. I do admit that at this juncture Miami appears to be turning the ship around, at least a little bit. But if there's one thing the last 20 years has taught me, it's that the Phins can f-up anything: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCKu5rbL2_Q
  12. This is the kind of game the old Miami loses. The Jets almost always play us very tough.
  13. This game felt good, but was really more of a reflection of how decimated the Niners are right now. Nonetheless, the Phins are improving and starting to gain confidence. Blowing out bad teams on the road is a stepping stone to beating good teams on the road. I liked the big plays the passing game had, the pressure of our pass rush, and even though no one likes kickers, I like our kicking game right now. I think we are on target for 6 or 7 wins this season, which is fair since we still haven't beaten a good team yet.
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