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    Yep, unpopular indeed. Fields and Sunshine are the ones I'd like in next years draft if we don't get Tua.
  2. Skins fan here with a trade question

    I think Miami would only want to trade up to #3 since Young will go #2 overall. If the Phins trade up, it's to #3.
  3. Dolphins have traded for.....

    Oh wow! I had not thought of that.
  4. Brady to Dolphins?

    Why the hell would Brady come to Miami? Why the hell would Miami want Brady? That's the dumbest rumor I've heard so far this decade.
  5. Welcome Chan Gailey

    I want us to draft Tua, but no trade up. We need our other first rounders. If he's gone by 5 we might look at the Oregon kid, and maybe take a QB later. I like the Clemson LB at 5 if no Tua. As for Chan, he's a solid enough OC. I'm ok with it.
  6. Brady to Dolphins?

    why would miami do it? why would TB do it?
  7. From Tanking to 6-10....

    I much prefer 3-13 and a top 3 pick.
  8. We can't even tank the right way. This is a historically bad season, and here we are pissing away shot at the top LT, DE, and QB by winning meaningless games. It's not all negative though. It does look like we have a good coaching staff that knows how to develop young players.
  9. 2020 Prospect Follow Thread

    Yeah, it looks serious. So this raises the possibility that he'll be available when we pick. But he does appear to be injury prone, with numerous leg/hip injuries in his career. I feel bad for Tua.
  10. Week 11: Buffalo Bills (6-3) @ Miami Dolphins (2-7)

    Well, this winning streak (which has destroyed our draft position) has me heady. I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict a 45-13 win for Miami.
  11. Replacing Hard Rock Stadium

    Look, the decision about the stadium has to be made by alot of people with alot of vested interests. But IMO, I like the Phins having a home field advantage tied to the heat and humidity. Other teams wilt while the good guys in white stay strong.
  12. 2020 Prospect Follow Thread

    So since we're out of the running for the top pick, where are we going to get our franchise QB? Both Tua and Burrow will likely be gone where we are picking. Do we go for Fromm? Do we wait a year and try for Sunshine or Justin Fields?
  13. 2020 Prospect Follow Thread

    Thanks to our incessant winning, Chase Young will be long gone when we pick.
  14. When the Phins were losing by an average of 40 points a game, there was talk of the league investigating Miami in regards to intentionally tanking. Since that time Miami has: - held a lead against SD - held a lead against BUF - held a lead against PIT - come within a 2-point conversion of defeating the Skins - beat the Jets Miami now has as many wins as the Jets, Skins, and Falcons, and Cincy is still winless. Has anyone heard any new info about the "investigation"?
  15. Week 9: New York Jets (1-6) @ Miami Dolphins (0-7)

    Well, the dream of going 0-16 is shattered. On the plus side, we can still lose to the Jets in N.Y., and also to the Bengals. So we still have a legit chance to get #1 overall.