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  1. 2021 Draft Prospects

    In my opinion it's already evident we need o-linemen. Too many people are counting Kindley, Hunt, and Jackson as successes. Even if we hit on 2 of the 3, they won't play well for a couple of seasons. It'll take time to develop them.
  2. 2021 Draft Prospects

    Sorry, didn't get the quote in on this post.
  3. 2020 Schedule Announced

    I think we're looking at another 6-10 season. Rookies across the o-line won't improve that unit, even though their talent level is higher. And all this chatter about starting Tua is moronic. I wouldn't play him a single down until we do have a significantly better o-line.
  4. RIP Coach!!!

    Shula was one of the all-time greats. I think it was Bum Phillips who put it best, "He can take his and beat you with yours, and he can take yours and beat you with his." I'm sure I mangled that a bit, but you get the idea. Virtually all the great accomplishments of the Dolphin franchise are due to Don Shula.
  5. What Grade Do You Give the Dolphins Draft???

    The grade comes down to Tua. If he can stay healthy, it's an "A". If he can't, it's a "D" or an "F". The o-line will go a long way in determining his health, and I do like what we did there.
  6. 2020 Pick Tracker

    Not a waste if we needed him and he plays well for us.
  7. 2020 Pick Tracker

    I hate to have to do this, but you making this t-bomb comment reminds how utterly stupid it was to hire that bum in the first place. Good old Ross cost the franchise half a decade with that idiotic move.
  8. 2020 Pick Tracker

    This pick seems like a bad one to me.
  9. 2020 Pick Tracker

    I'm pleased with the guard, it was a big need.
  10. 2020 Pick Tracker

    I want Dobbins with this pick at the top of round 2. That or the next best o-lineman.
  11. Dolphins Pick at 18

    It's being called a reach. We'll see.
  12. If Miami does secure the #1, Who?

    I want us to get Tua. Don't know if we have to trade up to 3 or 2 to get him. Then we need to use a bunch of picks on the o-line. Tua is injury prone.

    Yep, unpopular indeed. Fields and Sunshine are the ones I'd like in next years draft if we don't get Tua.
  14. Skins fan here with a trade question

    I think Miami would only want to trade up to #3 since Young will go #2 overall. If the Phins trade up, it's to #3.
  15. Dolphins have traded for.....

    Oh wow! I had not thought of that.