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  1. Look, that's fine. But even if we draft Tua, we'll still need a quality backup. Rosen might be that quality backup. And we still retain the option to trade him to a team that might need a decent QB. He could perform fairly well for Miami and raise his stock. There are a variety of ways that the Rosen trade could end up being worth it.
  2. Week 3: Miami Dolphins (0-2) @ Dallas Cowboys (2-0)

    We lost to the Raven by 49. We lost to the Patriots by 43. I predict we lose to Dallas by 37. Dallas over Miami 47-10. Edit - I just realized that Killer Nacho already had this point spread predicted. Well done KN!
  3. It's crowded at the bottom

    No, settle on the top guy and get him. If we don't get #1 overall, draft no one at QB (unless Tua falls to us). We'll be able to tank again and get either Fields or the Clemson kid in 2021.
  4. BTW, the Texans and Steelers should both have winning records, so Miami's 2nd and 3rd first rounders will be in the late teens and twenties. If the 2021 draft is deeper than the 2020 draft, expect our FO to trade a few picks next April for some 2021 picks. You can usually get one round higher as "interest" on trading picks from different drafts. Additionally, if 2020 is deep, we might trade down a couple of times to get more seconds and thirds. Everyone loves first rounders, but Super Bowl teams are mostly built with second rounders through fifth rounders. I'll remind everyone that Grier wanted to trade down and get Lamar Jackson. Our POS GM T-bomb vetoed that idea. Grier has 10 times the brains of t-bomb, he might actually do a really good job with these picks.
  5. To hell with Minka Fitz****rick. Miami is rebuilding. We will be adding as much talent as possible starting next season (including a franchise QB), and he can't put up with one really bad losing season. I'm glad that piece of **** is gone. Tanking for Tua is now in high gear. We'll get Tua with our natural pick (#1 overall) and the rest of the picks can be BPA. Although I suspect that once we draft Tua, the FO will have the brains to immediately put a good OL in front of him.
  6. I hope we can win at least one game this season. 0-16 will really sting.
  7. We are undefeated in the Tua sweepstakes. Tanking mission accomplished. We'll be flirting with 0-16 by season's end.
  8. Hopefully the FO agrees with us. But who knows, Jeudy might be drafted with one of our natural picks. I would not complain about that.
  9. No, use all the picks on BPA. No trade ups.
  10. You need to add Jacob Eason to the list. And after tonight, you might need to add Joe Burrow to the list as well.
  11. Dolphins trade Tunsil, Stills,+ 4th Rounder

    We didn't use him that way as a far as I can remember. Based on how he moves, he wouldn't be a great punt returner. But he might be fine doing kickoff returns.
  12. Dolphins trade Tunsil, Stills,+ 4th Rounder

    He's a good deep threat. And if you have a true #1 WR he'll be a great compliment. I like him, but I don't love him. The Texans are poised for a couple of really good playoff runs over the next few seasons.
  13. Dolphins trade Tunsil, Stills,+ 4th Rounder

    I trust that the FO knows more about Tunsil than anyone out in this forum. He fell to 14 for a reason, and perhaps despite his great talent our GM didn't want to give him a huge deal. To me, it sounds like we're serious about getting the #1 pick in one of the next two drafts. This move might also signal that the FO has already determined that Rosen isn't a franchise QB. Maybe Tua or Herbert is who we really want.
  14. New season poll

    TL will be #1 overall. We won't be picking #1 two years from now, even if Rosen is a bust. Grier seems to actually be doing good drafting and talent acquisition.
  15. New season poll

    Correction, long-term backup. Fitzpatrick doesn't have much time left in the league.