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    I want Will Hernandez. I'm sick of us drafting numerous 3rd and 4th round OGs, only to have them be busts. Get WH if he's available.

    Not gonna lie, I wanted Roquon Smith out of UGA. However, Fitzpatrick was the BPA and he might end up with as good of a career as R Smith. I like the pick.
  3. Jay Ajayi to the Eagles for a 4th-round pick

    I don't have a problem with Miami trading Ajayi, he was good but not great. We got more for him than we invested, and once again this team is having to "send signals" to get players to get with the program. Remember last when we waived all those middle round guards? At any rate, I'm still not sold on our FO. People might say they don't like Gase, and that's fine. I trust what Peyton Manning had to say about him, and think that if we did get the right talent our offense would hum. Clearly we need o-line help and it wouldn't hurt to get some more explosive talent at TE and RB.
  4. I wonder if this guy is the reason all our guards got waived last year around week 3 or 4. The Phins are a running joke. Too bad Ross can't bring in a top flight GM to clean all this up. I still like Gase though.
  5. Adam Gase

    I like Gase. There's a very real possibility that this dud team has more to do with the lack of talent than anything else. After all, Cutler's interceptions killed what should have been a decent day offensively. Gase can't actually throw the passes for the guy you know. I was against signing Cutler because if there wasn't enough talent in place for Moore to win 7 or 8 games, we need to be picking high in the draft anyway. I want us to go after a franchise QB next go round. And hopefully we can do it with a top ten pick. This crap about winning an extra "meaningless" three games is for the birds. I'd rather go 4-12 than 7-9. Overall out talent is subpar IMO, and getting a top notch QB is the best way for us to begin to correct the talent situation. The guys I'm not sold on are our GM Grier and executive vice president, or whatever stupid title Tannenbaum holds.
  6. Dolphins trade for Saints LB Stephone Anthony

    Kiko was not a bust. He was a great young LB who caught the injury bug in a big way. The Iggles and Bills loved him when he was healthy.
  7. Dolphins trade for Saints LB Stephone Anthony

    This might be a good trade. If he wasn't hobbled by injuries and can still run, we sure could use some speed at LB.
  8. Our play calling on the last field goal drive was atrocious. We deserved to lose when we run for 1, then 2, and then do a short screen pass to set up a 50 yard fg.We're just lucky our guy made a long one and their guy missed a shorter one. I remember that last season it took a few games for the offense to click, so I expect the same thing this season. But when you have three straight scoring drives where passing was integral, I expect that we do some of those same passes on the final drive. We didn't get close enough (should have been a 25 yarder) and left too much time on the clock. We got the win, but I hope Gase figures out that last drive was really poor.
  9. That is not the only advantage. We have one week's worth of real game film and they have zero weeks of real game film.
  10. Record prediction thread

    We are going 6-10. This is part of the reason I didn't want Cutler, I think he'll give us a few meaningless wins that would have been losses. It could be the difference between picking at 7 and picking 17. We need a new QB. Not hating on Tannehill, but we cannot afford to wait around to see "what could become". Let's go get someone and if Tannehill develops great. If not then we've taken steps to move on.
  11. Tannehill. Do we move on or not?

    I want us to draft someone next year. We have a good coach, and I don't want him fired because the FO never gave him what he needs to win.
  12. Would you guys trade a 2nd for Brock Osweiler?

    Literally the second worst possible trade, with the worst being a 1st for the guy. NO PICKS FOR OSWEILLER!! He's proven that he cannot win at the NFL level.
  13. Tony Lippett out for the year

    We're looking at a losing record this season. Numerous key injuries for a team lacking in depth.