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  1. I wonder if the decision about keeping X could be based on the progress Iggy has made, or not made. I don't think Miami will be in the mood to boost his contract, it will set a bad precedent.
  2. Deadeye


    Saban told Brees that he had to go with what his doctors were telling him. And that's why DB chose the Saints. Saban is full of crap, he's attempting revisionist history to cover how lousy he was in Miami.
  3. I don't think we'll get what everyone is hoping for. The two seconds option is the best one to me, and given his contract demands that might be too much. Our FO might have to consider a trade involving a combo of players / picks.
  4. I don't think it's anywhere near being a done deal, but some chatter has picked up: https://www.thephinsider.com/2021/7/16/22578972/we-can-now-safely-say-goodbye-to-xavien-howard So assuming he does get traded, what would we likely get in exchange?
  5. I generally oppose trading up unless it is to acquire a franchise QB. However, there does come a point in the rebuilding process where trading up begins to make sense. And I think Miami is approaching that point.
  6. I'm not giving ANY firsts for AR. The dude is 38 years old, and could quite literally drop off the cliff at any time.
  7. Miami already has what they believe to be a franchise QB on the roster. They aren't going to trade what GB would ask for to get Rogers, who BTW is 38 years old.
  8. And now another NE player is brought in, this time it's in the secondary: https://www.thephinsider.com/2021/5/6/22423810/the-miami-dolphins-signed-jason-mccourty-which-puts-the-amount-of-dbs-they-have-at-eleventy-billion
  9. https://www.thephinsider.com/2021/5/6/22422797/miami-dolphins-release-veteran-safety-team-captain-bobby-mccain-jevon-holland-malik-hooker This is probably just the first move in the secondary.
  10. Just wait until Waddle gets out there with Fuller. Defenses are gonna have a hard time with that combo.
  11. That's acceptable. The going interest rate for 1 year is a round.
  12. Anyone know the details of the Pittsburg trade?
  13. And now actually, thinking back to last April I wasn't enamored with Raekwon Davis, and look how his rookie season went. The Kindly pick was just "ok", and he looked really good at times.
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