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  1. The prevailing wisdom from people around the league is that trading from 5 to 3 will cost Miami both of their 2nd round picks in this draft as well as one of next year's 2nd round picks. Now, clearly, that's overpaying but it's for a QB and all you have to do is look at Philly, KC, and Houston to see that trading up for the right guy is worth it. Having said that, I think Miami is interested in moving to #3 but that they're balking at the asking price which is why you're hearing rumors out of Detroit that they might be looking at selecting Tua at #3 (the Lions want to generate a market f
  2. The draft pick value chart is old and out of touch with the modern NFL. If you take a look at trade ups into the top 5 over the last 10 years, teams who've traded up, especially for a QB, have paid a premium for those picks. It's just the reality of the modern league. Now, having said that, I'll be the first person to say that I think it's too much to pay for an oft-injured QB but the fact is that he's head and shoulders better than the 3rd best QB in this draft, regardless of who you think that is.
  3. The even more interesting aspect is what kind of contract Talib signs with another team. Theoretically, it could help offset some free agency acquisitions in the compensatory pick formula.
  4. The word I'm hearing circulating around is that the Dolphins are seriously considering trading up to #3 and using it to select Tua. The word is that all it might cost them would be both 2nds (as well as the 5th overall pick). While I don't believe that an injured Tagovailoa is worth expending excessive draft capital, if he turns out to be the real deal then it's probably worth it. I will say that there seems to be a dearth of "guaranteed stud" QBs in this draft, so taking a risk on one with a high probability isn't that bad. The other QB prospect who's intriguing to me is Hurts. The k
  5. Thanks! Decided to poke my nose back and see how the conversations were developing. Hope all has been well. As for Brady, it might take a crystal ball to see where he goes before he signs. I know everyone keeps kicking around the Chargers as a landing spot and I don't see it myself. I think they want a younger QB, not an older one. Denver makes sense because Elway seems to have done well with bringing back veteran QBs instead of developing one.
  6. Pulling for Rodgers to make it to the Super Bowl. Really not a fan of this 49ers team. On the AFC side, I'm torn. The classic underdog story of the Titans has an appeal I cannot deny. However, I've become a big fan of Mahomes and I would love to see him (and Reid) win a ring. I gotta say, though, that no one is looking for a Chiefs-Packers Super Bowl more than Mr. Gabriel.
  7. I wouldn't take Herbert in the first 70 picks. Loved the film I saw of him leading up to the start of the season and then he showed how little poise he has in the pocket in the opener vs. Auburn and I wanted nothing to do with him. If you're looking at "who" Miami drafts at 5, then I would say Jeff Okudah or Isaiah Simmons. If you're looking for "who" Miami drafts at QB, I think Jordan Love at 26 (if he's on the board) would be a good choice.
  8. Epenesa is a great prospect for this defensive scheme. I'm hoping he's available at 18. I would even consider throwing a pick to someone to move up from there to select him in the 11-14 range.
  9. First off, we have to wait and see how the Brady-Pats relationship proceeds. The wiser people in the New England area understand that this will end as either Brady leaving or Belichick leaving. Ultimately, it's the Kraft family's decision and they would be complete idiots to choose Brady over Belichick, but stranger things have happened. Now, if Brady actually does go somewhere else, we should all understand that he wants to play on a Super Bowl contender, not on a team in a rebuilding mode. I could see him in Indy (the irony there being off the charts), Denver, or (strangest of all) L
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