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  1. S Landon Collins Franchise Tag UPDATES

    Yes, it means very little. I'm expecting the franchise tag and then him to holdout until training camp.
  2. Franchise Tag Updates/Rumors

  3. Franchise Tag Updates/Rumors

  4. Franchise Tag Updates/Rumors

    3 Giants beat writers just said this is NOT the case.
  5. I agree. I don't believe the Defenders will make it to Hulu for the numerous reasons mentioned. There is just too many factors.
  6. Well we had a terrible defense all around so its hard to look at him for just one year.
  7. I heard there is a 2 year contract wait before another Hulu or Disney+ can use the right to the character. Typically this wouldn't be an issue, but with so much uncertainty, I have a feeling all the actors will be released from their contract. The actors are going to find other jobs. I think there is a good chance there is a reboot or Feige steals the characters for the films.
  8. OBJ Trade Rumor Thread

    No, I want a complete rebuild and use that money everywhere. I am on that QB Zero strategy and play for 2020.
  9. OBJ Trade Rumor Thread

    Leave . A OBJ move will signal the full rebuild.
  10. OBJ Trade Rumor Thread

    I guess we need a thread for all these fun OBJ trade rumors yet again
  11. Speculation is they will end up on Hulu not Disney+ as the latter will stay PG13
  12. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    I'm terrible at scouting, but if you want an opinion I'm always happy to voice mine lol.