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  1. Loved that Black Noir joined the show to complete against the superhuman reaver
  2. Timeline of Bad Batch begins @ Order 66
  3. Hopefully we can agree to a restructure. Looking at $10M of dead money if not. Likely we would make him a June 1st cut, to only take on $6M this year.
  4. Damn, for a second I thought that Agatha was going to say “You are a mutant”
  5. No to Winter Soldier/Falcon as that was supposed to come out before Wandavision. Probably to Loki as it deals with time travel and the multiverse. Yes, big setup to Dr Strange
  6. I’m curious on the Order 66 chaos, so I’m intrigued.
  7. Loki pushed a month, but the Star Wars animated series begins May 4th
  8. The 3 stars of Spider-Man have all posted a Spider-Man 3 title on Instagram, while offical photos have also been released. Tom Holland is on Fallon tonight, so rumors of course swirling that he’ll release the title today. I’m skeptical because Fallon is of course not Disney/Kimmel nor Sony, but who doesn’t like a little speculation. Tom Holland (Phone Home) Zendaya (Home Slice) Jacob Batalon (Home-Wrecker)
  9. I don’t think so. She wants to implant these ideas in Wanda’s mind.
  10. I feel this episode put up a lot of false confirmations. Everyone knew Agnes was Agatha Harkness since before the series. Though I still don’t believe she is the mastermind. Wanda is a true witch/magic user in the comics. Separate from her mutant ability, but of course they go hand in hand. I still don’t think that was the aerospace engineer, just a friend of Monica’s. They didn’t go into any details of Major Gardner, outside she knew her mother. Monica also confirmed he’s a guy. The modern family aspects were great
  11. When he was pulled in, Wanda’s hexes could have planted fake memories.
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