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  1. Movie News/Buzz Thread

  2. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The only people saying Disney won't buy Fox is Comcast companies like CNBC. Everyone else is saying Disney.
  3. DC Movie Universe

    Looks like Wonder Woman 2 will take place in 1984 and be titled WW84 and Wonder Woman84 https://twitter.com/PattyJenks https://twitter.com/geoffjohns
  4. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    Top Gun 2 starts production
  5. Bond 25 - Danny Boyle to direct

    The release date was set at November 8, 2019 a year ago
  6. ****Spoiler Thread**** Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I found the movie to be quite enjoyable
  7. Incognito set to unretire as Bills release him

    Sure. It doesn't hurt to give him a chance.