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  1. Ill only extend Martinez if he takes a cap decrease. I wouldn’t pay him his current rate coming off his ACL and no reason to re-sign Hernandez to that contract. He can get a 1 year close to min.
  2. He’s battling injuries in both feet now. This will give him 4 weeks with the bye included
  3. if you check the dates I posted, Ant-Man 3 is already out… I imagine they’ll give Loki his own little sandbox to play in, maybe with another variant of Kang. If they need to, they’ll move Loki 2.
  4. Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight are in post production now. She-Hulk and Secret Invasion are filming
  5. All Marvel movies have been pushed one slot starting with Doctor Strange 2 moving from March to May 2022 DOCTOR STRANGE 2 (5/6/22) THOR: LOVE & THUNDER (7/8/22) BLACK PANTHER 2 (11/11/22) THE MARVELS (2/17/23) ANT-MAN 3 (7/28/13) UNTITLED MARVEL (11/3/23) https://twitter.com/deadline/status/1450119601514242058?s=21
  6. Looks like it wasn’t a bad concussion if he’s doing all his normal stuff.
  7. Daniel Jones came out in full uniform and stole a few snaps Joe Judge was not amused
  8. Doesn’t matter how many injuries we have or what our record is. This is for pride. My pride. I cannot get blown out living in SoCal with my Rams friends, that actually do exist!
  9. The Giants will be healthy for their stretch run as they go from 3-10 in the draft order!
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