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  1. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    Where my ears
  2. 2020 NFL Offseason

    All the discussion is Yannick will be franchised
  3. Star Wars Universe Thread

    Some site I never heard of posted it- The Illuminerdi posted it
  4. TCMD - NYG War Room

    Why would you trade Shepard for a 3rd? We just signed him to a brand new deal and now we have no wide receivers at all. We take on his $8M of dead money as well. I understand the concussion concern, but Engram has received more injuries and is on the final year of his deal.
  5. TV shows run trailer much different from movies. Probably around comic con in July is when we get something.
  6. Yeah, he said he would consider it during his press conference
  7. Eli will be inducted in to Giants Ring of Honor next year along with #10 being retired
  8. Star Wars Universe Thread

    Yet, you knew what I was referring to so enough people did
  9. Star Wars Universe Thread

    They already did it. It was a quick battle