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  1. DC Movie Universe

    The MCU will be fine. Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man (even without full rights, they make a ton on the toys) all made $1B. Then the X-Men and F4 to reinforce. Still have Thor, Hulk, Guardians. And maybe in a few years, Iron Man and Cap will come back. The Flashpoint movie will allow DC to just erase their universe and rebrand it with the same actors. Maybe Pattinson becomes the new Batman in the new universe depending on how he does. In regards to Superman, I wouldn’t close the door yet on Cavill being done with the role. The other actors are fine, if they aren’t recasting Ezra Miller for his assault.They just need a cohesive story.
  2. DC Movie Universe

    It’s not a rumor when numerous trades are confirming it with their sources https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/michael-keaton-talks-return-as-batman-flash-movie-1299668
  3. DC Movie Universe

    It’s not rumor, he’s in discussions as confirmed by multiple sites. Keaton is the Batman for the Flashpoint movie, after that, who knows what happens. Since we are getting Flashpoint, can we please get the Amazon vs Atlantean War. And regarding Titans, I enjoy that show, but we can have a film portrayal as well.
  4. DC Movie Universe

    Nope. He doesn’t need his own movie, I just want him to be portrayed well. If it’s being Robin, Nightwing, or leading his own team.
  5. DC Movie Universe

    Yeah, let’s not do that version
  6. DC Movie Universe

    Why the love for Batman Beyond?
  7. DC Movie Universe

    @Deadpulse Didnt read that comic, but as long as they do justice do the boy wonder as Robin, Nightwing or whatever I’m happy.
  8. DC Movie Universe

    I do not want Batman Beyond. Give me Grayson
  9. DC Movie Universe

    Can we just get all the Batman in one movie fighting each other
  10. Always idiots out there
  11. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    Thanks @CWood21 for hosting! Should we create a new thread to start organizing and hopefully get a few more individuals?
  12. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    Me too, but I’m not sure we will get enough people and it takes longer
  13. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    Let’s just do a tournament, but you can only use a Pokémon once. A new team each time.
  14. Right now only trainers/docs and players rehabbing can attend, per NFL rules. No coaches or other players.