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  1. He created the handle for Stormbreaker, but that doesn’t have the same “worthy” properties. Mjolnir was destroyed in Ragnarok and stolen from past Thor in Endgame
  2. Lots of TV shows let the actor direct an episode.
  3. The NFL draft is a MUCH better idea for the northern cities.
  4. Dead men tell no tales. I posted the NFL’s standards for hosting a Super Bowl when Minnesota hosted. Please go through the document and confirm that everything applies to Cleveland.
  5. The NFL isn’t about fairness, they are about money. Have Cleveland get a new stadium, then maybe, they can get a Super Bowl
  6. Can you please please fill out the official ballot for Cleveland and confirm the necessary information. Thank you https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1184220-20140605190910.html#document/p36
  7. Yes, we get a 3 week exemption to move them to the main roster
  8. For this year only, the IR was changed from season long to 3 week minimum. Im sure they will introduce McKinney in slowly with limited snaps. It will also make sure we keep Nate Ebner off our defense
  9. That is correct, based on the line that opened before Sunday’s games.
  10. Xavier will be added slowly of course as he’s a rookie, but we badly need secondary help. Ximines will help the pass rush
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