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  1. I meant the time to pick. It’s hard to make moves during the time period when I’m working as well lol. i know it’s a fine line between people getting bored and trying to increase forum involvement
  2. It only takes 2 people to have a conversation. If the draft was slowed down and people had more warning, maybe it can be big again
  3. @ny92mike but I’m very happy, we got 10 pages on this, nice job
  4. Our last picks should alternate between pass rusher, wr, and then throw in some secondary and LB special testers
  5. @ny92mikeWhat happend with the Jags deal?
  6. Can’t hate it too much
  7. I’ll trade up at the right price for a pass rusher
  8. Lol, probably giving you mixed signals lol
  9. Then I’ll support your decision. Not a fan of the word “refine”, that just screams the ugly potential word
  10. Sorry craziness with work today, I feel Thomas isn’t the #1 OL on most big boards, but I support your decision
  11. Anyway, I support the majority OL if no trade is available
  12. Nope, was just peeking in from a work break
  13. Damn, looks like the Panthers GM didn’t have rights to make the trade?