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  1. So much news this month with D23 and Comic Con....
  2. Stewart will cost $250,000 in Dead money when we cut him next year. A bad decision
  3. Giants Intro Thread

    Welcome to the new Footballsfuture. It took us nearly 10 years, but we FINALLY have an intro thread by a Giants fan.Name: (first name only, please) Age: Family: State you were born in/state you live in now: Occupation or area of study: Interests besides football: Favorite current NYG player: Favorite all-time NYG: How many NYG games have you attended: What one current player from any team would you like on the Giants right now: What one player from all time from any team would you like on the Giants right now:
  4. http://www.tmz.com/2018/11/12/stan-lee-dead-dies-marvel-comics/ Sad news, but he had a long life
  5. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    No, only rumors. This is confirmation.
  6. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Confirmed for April
  7. The year was 2017. It was Week 10 of the NFL season. The Giants traveled to San Francisco to face a 49ers team with no wins. It seemed each team had no present and were looking forward to the draft. The 49ers would win this game on their way to winning 6 of their next 7. The Giants stayed terrible. Here is our gameday thread from last year. https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/4161-week-10-battle-for-the-draft-new-york-giants-san-francisco-49ers/ This year of course is very similar. Lets see if this is the next rise for the 49ers.
  8. G Patrick Omameh waived

    The Giants will also take on $3.5M dead money next year
  9. MNF GDT: Giants @ 49ers

    Well I only need 30 points to set a new league for most points scored in a week all time.
  10. MNF GDT: Giants @ 49ers

    I need OBJ and Engram to outscore Robbie Gould by 31 points so I can win by fantasy game by 100 points. Small chance but possible.
  11. Detective Pikachu

    This is either going to be great or absolutely chaotic and I cannot wait either way.
  12. Giants part ways with OG Patrick Omameh; signs with Jags

    Omaheh will no longer count for the compensatory formula so they get a 4th for Pugh.
  13. Pat Shurmur Scheme

    The Giants have started blowing up their team. They aren't trading for another high cost veteran
  14. Deadpool 2

    Kevin Feige isn't an idiot. He knows what he is doing. I'm sure he has a plan where they can use both Deadpool in a R rated setting with X-Force or Wolverine and still throw him in a occasional PG13 team up. Deadpool isn't going to do much playing in the MCU Avengers sandbox anyway. He doesn't fit beyond a small role.
  15. Deadpool 2

    Deadpool has had PG13 versions for years in animated form. They are expanding their audience, not limiting it. Disney is not going to take away from 2 movies that made over 700M Worldwide each. Finally this isn't a Disney move. This is a Fox move. Disney does not own Fox right now. Also $1 of every ticket sold is going to cancer research, so I hope this absolutely doesn't bomb.
  16. Deadpool 2