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  1. Deadpool 2

  2. https://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2018/10/bad_gets_worse_giants_player_is_arrested.html#incart_2box_hudson LMAO. The Giants are quite good at keeping Eli as the starter...
  3. DC Movie Universe

    Insert other media
  4. Looking to the future draft.. (yes already)

    We can cut him next year for just $6M in dead money and a cap savings in 17M
  5. Fire Sale Time

    Better later than never
  6. I'm saying it should be a bigger spread for a 1-6 team vs a 4-2 division leader.
  7. The spreads are -1 or PK in the Redskins favor. They are still living in old times
  8. Fire Sale Time

  9. Fire Sale Time

    I'm really not sure where all this Bridgewater love has come from? He is an average QB. His best year he threw 14 TD and 9 INT. He is a game manager.
  10. Fire Sale Time

  11. Derek Carr Off Season Trade?

    Where is this money coming from? We are currently at $19M for next year. Eli's cut will give us 17M to work with. All the veteran cuts and trades we do this year and next is going to hurt our cap badly with the dead money. Derek Carr has a 22.5M cap hit. Yes money can always be created, but it doesn't make sense at all when our team is garbage. Why waste that money on a QB. 2020 is our return, not 2019.
  12. Eli Apple traded to New Orleans Saints

    Good. We should have done it last year. Its time to rebuild.
  13. Derek Carr Off Season Trade?

    Absolutely not. This is not a contending team at all. We don't have money to accept big contracts even if we get out of Eli's.