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  1. https://www.giants.com/team/depth-chart The biggest thing for me is that Curtis Riley is our starting FS in front of Darian Thompson and Andrew Adams Other thoughts from the Giants website. https://www.giants.com/news/giants-release-first-unofficial-depth-chart
  2. Who said Jones is better than Richburg? Halapio has been the Center since mini maybe tihe shock is that Jones wasn't able to stand out? All signs point to Halapio being the C this season, but we have 4 games of preseason for competition
  3. DC Movie Universe

  4. Glass (2019)

    I just watched Unbreakable and Split for the first time on back to back nights. Wasn’t a big fan of Unbreakable, enjoy Split a lot more. I’m still very intrigued by Glass.
  5. 4 fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

    1. Engram. Yards may be similar, but Engram is a better red zone threat. 2. I have no idea how to predict a player I never seen play, but TDs does seem a little high to me. Lots of option to throw to. 3. Yes. He is fully healthy and in a contract year. I'm not going against him.
  6. This could be Netfljx's biggest acquisition yet. Quite shocking to me.
  7. Venom

    The main villain is actually Riot not Carnage.
  8. Venom

  9. The James Gunn saga isn't over. Could he return? https://variety.com/2018/film/news/guardians-of-the-galaxy-cast-james-gunn-support-1202889736/
  10. It’s terrible sites repeating clickbaits. It’s about the benjamins for them. It’s not about being correct. The source is a random guy on superhero site. Complete garbage.
  11. Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    I thought it was ok, and I wanted do badly to love it. I guess this franchise isn’t for me
  12. Dark Phoenix is definitely going to release in theaters. New Mutants could end up on a streaming site
  13. The X-men characters will be recast for the MCU. There’s nothing to explain. The deal won’t close until the summer after Dark Phoenix and maybe new mutants
  14. Check the source in your link. It came from a random user on a site called Superhero Hype. CLEAR clickbate
  15. @KManX89 I doubt Disney cares much about Die Hard. Another franchise that it needs to shut down. This move goes way beyond 1980s action franchises. That’s such a small thing for them. It is also way beyond super heroes. Dark Phoenix is not getting cancelled. That does nothing for anyone. It’s just future money Disney will lose. New Mutants is different because of how far away it is, but it will still release somewhere. If not theaters than Disney’s streaming service. All future superhero movies in development will be cancelled while Disney retools the rosters. Doom movie will be completely redesigned if it happens. Mikkleslen has not been cast in Doom, only sighting interest. Stop watching random YouTube videos. It’s clickbait.
  16. Disney already has the Avatar theme park https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/destinations/animal-kingdom/pandora-world-of-avatar/ Disney has their own streaming service coming out next year. They are already removing all their stuff from Netflix. Even with them controlling a majority stake in Hulu now, I don't see them doing a lot there. With the major fox franchises, there is going to be a dead period to let them die a little. We just had Alien, Predator, and Ape movies. They aren't rushing to get new franchises out for them. They aren't big money producers.
  17. Probably not much. Disney isn't trashing all fox products.
  18. And why isn't this in the entertainment forum? I never posted in this forum before...
  19. Movie pass is about to die... https://variety.com/2018/film/news/moviepass-outage-no-cash-1202888076/
  20. I'm sure it will be along the same acquisitions of other Disney brands: Pixar, Lucasfilms, Marvel Studios etc. I doubt the Disney's Fox brand is going to disappear.
  21. It seems he got tangled with another player during practice. So our 3rd round pick next year gets an early start on the playbook for a year, although no playing experience.