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  1. It would not be nice to close the season with a win. Disaster fuels change. We want Mara to remember not to hire any Giants executives.
  2. We can’t interview those teams until their season ends
  3. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    Yes it will be. The other option is to let him go. We can’t let OBJ face a contract year. His value will only go up. We will not have money to “retool” ourselves in one year as you would like, nor does it make sense to. OBJ and Collins need to be 100% convinced they are our future.
  4. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    I am referring to extensions. This is when they should receive their new contracts. Both coming off injuries and need to be big part of our future.
  5. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    Use any of the OL you want. Value isn’t there. Peter King did a great article on it two years ago. https://www.si.com/mmqb/2016/02/24/nfl-draft-combine-offensive-tackles-history
  6. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    I don’t think it’s worth it to draft a OL with the #2 pick. That’s a big difference then not drafting in the first. If the Giants traded down, I’ll have no problem with a OL, just not with #2 pick. The OL is about chemistry, more than just the players. We need to find 5 players who work together. We have $30M in cap space but the majority of that will go to OBJ, Pugh, and Collins. We have a little bit of money from cuts like Marshall and Casillas, but we aren’t making big moves in FA. Medium rare moves.
  7. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    Yes, but so will most of our team. A new GM is going to want his own players.
  8. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    OL is about chemistry. We need to sign some good/average players to compliment what we have. Looking to sign or draft the best players isn’t a good use of our resources. Our OL is a disaster because we haven’t even thought about it. Flowers was terrible, yet we get him no competition or help. He’s been maybe average this year which is a major plus, but his technique is still a mess. Hart and Jerry have always been below average players. We signed Fluker, but didn’t play him season was over. Richburg got hurt, Pugh was playing musical chairs. We don’t need superstars, just average players and it will be all the difference.
  9. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    And that’s why we shouldn’t draft one at the #2 pick. We can find 2 or 3 average players, tag them with Pugh or Richburg and our OL is so much better. We don’t need that HOF player at the LT. The difference from the top OL player or offensive line to the 15th is so much smaller compared to the other positions.
  10. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    Oh it’s certainly not doom and gloom if we don’t go QB. Even if you don’t think Eli is done, he is 37 and has at MOST two seasons left. The opportunity to draft the top 1 or 2 quarterback is way too big to pass up if we think he’s our next QB. We won’t ever have the opportunity again. Its the right move. Im absolutely against drafting any other Offensive player with the second pick. I don’t think the impact is there at OL and especially RB. OL relies so much on the other 4 on the line. We see the impact Joe Thomas has had on the Browns. The single OL just doesn’t have the same impact. If we don’t draft a QB, it should be pass rusher if the value is there. Its a new era. It’s time for a new direction.
  11. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    @ny92jefferis You can say that about every single position in the draft. The draft is a crapshoot. It’s always has been. There are plenty of top 10 busts at all positions.
  12. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    We have missed the playoffs 5 of past 6 years. We have two coaches over that time that have failed badly. The current players aren’t cutting it in all areas. You don’t lose 13 games and fix it with a few players. That doesn’t happen by acciddng i would trade Eli if we can, if not he’ll make a good mentor. I have no idea how an off-season will go, but we can’t take shortcuts anymore.
  13. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    Rebuilding sucks but it is what we need to do. We can’t put bandaids on broken legs anymore.
  14. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    Eli is 37. When you have the opportunity to select a top quarterback you can’t miss the opportunity. It’s a no brainer decision if they think the QB can be their future. a new GM/coach are going to want a fresh slate. The Giants need a fresh slate
  15. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    We should go with a weighted BPA. If it’s close between a few players, then we should towards the position with the most impact. That’s quarterback. One player won’t fix our team.
  16. One team remains in our way for the #2 pick. That is the Indianapolis Colts. They weren’t our first enemy, but it’s seems they are our last.
  17. Some high quality football this afternoon
  18. The colts loss so this game is a must to lose in order to keep the #2 pick. Colts own the tiebreaker on us
  19. What others do U have in mind that we can interview now