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  1. A year is a very long time in the NFL. You don't drop from top 5 to bottom 10 for no reason.
  2. Clearly we don't have enough talent if we are in bottom 10 in everything.
  3. I'm not going to spend time arguing this, but its the #9 pick vs the #25 pick. Flowers draft position makes it not close.
  4. We are not set at any position except Strong safety and NT. That is it. DRC is gone. Apple so far is below average. Jenkins is 29. On the front 4 we are supposed to have 3 great players. JPP and Vernon have both dealt with nagging injuries during their time with us. Harrison is great. If we were set on defense. We wouldn't be 27th in yards per game. Or 27th in passing yards allowed. Or 23rd in rushing yards allowed. I don't care what injuries we have there that is not set.
  5. @Kip Smithers I agree with you on 2014. Flowers is still playing poorly. Just because he isn't playing as bad as last year does not excuse that he is probably our biggest bust in history. 2016 is also shaping up to be a below average draft. Its completely unacceptable that 2 top 10 picks in back to back drafts are shaping up at best to be below average players.
  6. @GMENNATION In the Coughlin era we missed the playoffs 4 straight times after our Superbowl win. How is that responding to adversity?
  7. Justice League

    Time to get on that Superhero workout
  8. Thor: Ragnarok

    Over 100 reviews and a stunning 95% on Rotten Tomatoes with 7.7 average. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/thor_ragnarok_2017
  9. My point is we shouldn’t reach for a QB. Football is a team game.
  10. Justice League

    It’s throwing darts right now. I’ll wait until casting news starts coming before I get too excited
  11. Yes it’s time for the future, but the league has shown you don’t need a top 5 QB to win the Super Bowl. They should go BPA with reason. If that is a QB, then so be it.
  12. This season’s colossal failure was a team effort. Reese, McAdoo, the Offense, Defense, and and Special Teams have all done their part. Reese not fixing our weaknesses such as OL and drafting terrible players. McAdoo not making adjustments and only benching poor players when they get injured. The offense not doing anything, the defense blowing 3 fourth quarter leads. Brad Wing forgetting how to punt and Aldrick Rosas missing kicks in close games. Reese and McAdoo must go.
  13. QB-RB-WR combo.

    The Giants are in the running for second with their current offensive weapons and even Eli playing decent. Their RB is Orleans Darkwa who has played ok so far. Their top 3 WR though are Roger Lewis (10 for 129), Tavarres King (2 for 8) and Travis Rudolph (3 for 32).Combined they are 26 for 329 for their career. We also have rookie stud Evan Engram and his 30 for 342.
  14. Just terrible drafting when you can't find even a bench player to stay on your roster... 2009: 0 2010: JPP 2011: 0 2012: 0 2013: Justin Pugh
  15. Despite what it says its a list of 2009-2013 draft picks still on the Giants roster
  16. You can actually do that with all of Reese's rounds.
  17. Oh I agree. Reese can’t do anything, and even if he could he wouldn’t
  18. Thor: Ragnarok

    It has opened in many international countries. Be weary of spoilers http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3501632/releaseinfo?ref_=tt_ov_inf
  19. Words are words. Reese won’t do anything to “attempt” to save the season. What only matters is what Mara does in January. It’s time for the new era.
  20. The villain is likely leader of the Skrulls
  21. The Walking Dead Thread

    I just saw we have another WD thread. And I can’t delete posts
  22. He’s expected to play, but what’s happening between Friday and Saturday to cause this.