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  1. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    Apple’s issues are off the field with his home life falling apart. He needs to fix that thing regain himself.
  2. Black Panther

    This is insane
  3. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    I understand, people don’t care about the future in these things.
  4. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    I don’t like this move. He already has a cap hit over $13M for 2019 and 2020. For a player turning 30 this year, I think it’s unwise to invest more. Did you have a deadline for restructures and just wanted more money to play with? i can’t help with FA, I don’t follow the other teams closely and I’m not going through the workbook.
  5. NOt your normal Mock W/Trades

    Way short on compensation. #2= 2600 #21= 800 #22= 780 #96= 116 2019 2nd= 200 Total= 1896 You are another 1st from being a good trade for the Giants. The Bills need to trade both firsts, both seconds, and next year’s first =2700. That of course isn’t happening. The Giants are not going to undersell the #2 pick and Cordy Glenn won’t move the needle. The Bills can maybe get up to the #4 pick with what was offered.
  6. Sashi Brown's Ghost Mock !

    It actually matches the trade chart perfectly and is much more realistic then thinking the Bills can trade up to #2.
  7. Black Panther

    I loved the movie. Some minor things I didn’t like, but definitely one of my favorite movies.
  8. Bowser's Mock 5.0 (I may have lost count)

    A team is going to overpay for the #2 pick. The Bills two first rounders and a few future picks does not come close. Its too far of a jump. Glenn has a terrible contract and is injured a lot.
  9. *Free Agency + Mock Draft* (V-Day Mock)

    Don't like the trade for the Giants. They have the #2 pick in the draft. They are going to get an overpay, not an underpay. #2= 2600 #21=800, #22=780, 2019 1st= 400, 2019 4th=30.... = 2010 The difference is about pick #32 in 2018.
  10. Hate it for the Giants. 1. I'm assuming we signed Teddy for the vet minimum to be the backup. If not then its awful to sign an average player coming off a major injury to be our QBOTF. 2. The trade with the Bills is way too little to move down that many spots. If we are going be the draft chart it comes to the Giants 2600 to the Bills (800+780+370+30+200)= 2180. That's equal to another 2nd this year and I still wouldn't like it. There is a much better chance a team will overpay, then severely underpay. You don't trade down from the 2nd best player in the draft unless you are overpaid. It makes no sense.
  11. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    I am not going to pretend to have every seen Dodd play...
  12. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    What’s your strategy on the OL. Norwell was franchised so that removes him.
  13. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    Bromley,Ayers, Kennard, Richburg, Cockrell, Pugh, Fluker
  14. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    Then do it. We have nothing to lose
  15. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    Brett Jones and Dion Jordan
  16. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    Then not worth it
  17. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    We still at #2 the whole mock correct?
  18. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    I want competition. As I said I’m good with drafting a QB every round.
  19. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    Not a chance
  20. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    If its just one year then sure. We could do much worst for a backup QB.
  21. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    I'm not going into the details of the mock, just going off my knowledge. Norwell is by far the best OG available where there a very few. Last year Zeilter and Osemele got contracts about 5 years for $12M. Adding in a little inflation and how these types of mock have outrageous contracts, I don't find $15M to be that unreasonable. Zeilter and Osemele had cap hit of 8.4M and 13.2M. Jensen, truthfully I have no idea who he is. This is the first year he has been a starter and he has a injury history so I am high on that. We could probably get him for 6M/year.
  22. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    What are you proposing we do with our current team salaries? We have $25M in cap space, there isn't a lot of maneuvering. Norwell takes $12-15 mill/year. Jensen $8-10 mill. That's already $20M best case scenario. Only solution is restructuring which I am strongly against.
  23. TCMD GM Mock Draft

    Pugh is a good player, but I understand your concerns. There isn't a lot of other options out there and you are going to get into a bidding war for Norwell.