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  1. The biggest thing is the defense needs to force turnovers. We only have two turnovers all season (fumbles).Not a single interception, we had 17 last season, one off the league leader.
  2. The Box Office

    IT passed $300 domestic. It’s going to pass Spider-Man soon. Blade Runner underachieved with 31M
  3. Justice League

    Watched the trailer twice- pre and post coffee. Unfortunately it didn’t make a difference for me. It didn’t get me enthusiastic about the movie. I’m hoping it’s good, but I don’t have high hopes
  4. 2 key starters out and another starter that should have been benched already.
  5. I’m not sure if I should tell you, but Gilbride’s son is on our staff.
  6. It’s Mcadoo’s offense and he calls the plays. Why not him?
  7. Marvel/Netflix: Luke Cage S2- June 22

    A show that’s not going to show the military in the best light, might not be the best idea to put it in Veterans Day
  8. Marvel/Netflix: Luke Cage S2- June 22

    Probably not a big delay if any. It never had a release date besides from Fall 2017. Netflix still says it’s fall 2017. If it was going to be in October,we would have had an official date. Stranger Things comes out October 27 and they will want at least 2 weeks after that debut. Jessica Jones came out one week before Thanksgiving and thats when Punisher will release (November 18).
  9. Richburg is in the concussion protocol. If he can’t start, Brett Jones will be the Center
  10. Do we score more than 10 offensive points?
  11. To prevent injuries. We course could also deactivate/suspend OBJ with conduct detrimental to the team to table his contract for another year. Both ideas are of course ridiculous
  12. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    Is there a new Infinity War leak besides from the comic con one?
  13. Marvel/Netflix: Luke Cage S2- June 22

    After. Karen Page from Daredevil is in it
  14. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    The director have been chosen 1. Miguel Sapochnik (Hardhome, Battle of Bastards, Winds of Winter, The Gift) 2.David Nutter (6 episodes that include The Rains of Castamere, The Dance of Dragons, Mother’s Mercy) 3. The finale will be directed by the showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss (Walk of Punishment, Two Swords) http://ew.com/tv/2017/09/26/game-thrones-season-8-directors/amp/
  15. About time we took the offense off all madden