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  1. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    So much news this month with D23 and Comic Con....
  2. Aquaman (December 2018)- Trailer Saturday

    I'm still disappointed they went with Rocker Aquaman and not Barbarian Aquaman
  3. Glass (2019)

  4. Giants will forfeit their 2019 3rd Round Draft pick now.
  5. OT Ereck Flowers 5th Year option declined

    One player would have never fixed all the problems
  6. OT Ereck Flowers 5th Year option declined

    You get info at TC they haven’t even hit each other yet. Our OL is still terrible, i agree.
  7. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I agree, but stuff with the Winter Solider could be interesting.
  8. I'm sure he will get plenty of opportunities with how poor our CB depth is.
  9. Why would you rather wait a year for a player than get immediate impact and development now? Don't fall in love with those future picks.
  10. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Spider-man is supposedly taking place mostly in Europe. It would be strange to have JJJ have a major role in this movie.
  11. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    He's probably playing some minor tourist or something for some comedic relief. Doubt anything major or a villain. I would love Thunderbolts movie. It makes sense to be led by Thunderbolt Ross- Zemo, Abomination, Ghost. It would be the Suicide Squad movie we should have gotten
  12. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    Dark Phoenix was never on the website yet