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  1. That was a sucky loss, can’t believe we scores 29, no turnovers, and still loss.
  2. Much better pressure on 3rd down. The blitzer got stuck for a second, but still generated it
  3. Terrible penalty help us, but great drive by the offense. Defense needs to get some pressure on the QB, and not rely on coverage
  4. Beat is thinking Gates will move to LG, since we have 3 C on the roster.
  5. Defense was extremely disappointing today. At least it’s a short week before Thursday.
  6. No shock, beat expects both questionable players to play after practicing all week,
  7. 3 cuts or IR moves need to be made
  8. I doubt it, let’s just hope he isn’t horrific.
  9. Sam Beal made the roster somehow. Probably until Robinson is off PUP.
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