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  1. The age of Tom Quinn is over
  2. The Box Office

    So Jumanji has incredible legs... I believe it is the first film since Titanic in 1997 to surpass $300M domestic despite opening less then $40M. In its 5th week it is estimated to make 19M. It’s need to make 20.5 to surpass The Avengers as sixth best 5th weekend all time. Its probably going to end up as the fifth highest grossing movie of 2017 ahead of Spider-Man, Thor, IT, Justice League.
  3. The Box Office

    Wonder Woman has passed 400M domestically and is now top 25 all time. It will pass Spider-Man in a few days to become #1 superhero origin film.
  4. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    So much news this month with D23 and Comic Con....
  5. No. We need a new direction all around. Defense fell apart under Spags. We had 3 defensive backs get suspended under Spag.
  6. Why would they? A 37 QB on the downside. Both of them want to work with former Patriots executives anyway.
  7. In our worst season ever, at least the NFC East provided some misery of their own. No one in our division will end the season happy. Draft Scenario is pretty simple. 1. Loss= #2 pick. 2. Win and Colts win vs. Texans= #2 pick. 3. Win and Colts loss= #3 pick.
  8. The Box Office

    Call it that if you wish, but the #6 movie all time domestically is in no way disaterous. Disastrous kills a franchise. This is a disappointment but certainly not close to being a doomsday scenario for Disney.
  9. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Dedicating a draft around an average 37 year old QB is a terrible decision. A LT is not an impact player. An important position, yes, but not the player we need. Is he even the top OL? It’s QB or pass rusher
  10. A new favorite everyday... http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/01/10/reports-signs-point-to-matt-patricia-as-giants-coach/
  11. Fresh off another championship...
  12. Black Panther

  13. No, it’s not Nick Saban or Jim Harbaugh for our wild HC drama. Its the dark lord himself. After an ESPN article we got a lovely NYDN article with our BFF... the unnamed source. Its time to turn him to the light side https://t.co/xZSJcPMIsV?amp=1 http://www.nydailynews.com/amp/sports/football/giants/bill-belichick-sees-opening-coach-giants-source-article-1.3739643?__twitter_impression=true