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  1. So much news this month with D23 and Comic Con....
  2. TE Evan Engram sprains MCL- Week to Week

    Engram relies on his speed. We need to make sure he is 100% so he doesn't sacrifice his ability or re-injures himself.
  3. Captain Marvel (March 2019)

    Everyone is going to be so disappointed when this film doesn’t make it to Netflix and it appears on disney’s streaming site. This film could be the most Important film for phase 4. It’s setting up the secret invasion.
  4. Week 3: New York Giants @ Houston Texans

    I don’t like the pick, but my god Barkley is a beast
  5. Week 3: New York Giants @ Houston Texans

    Lol. Have u seen our OL? At least you have talent
  6. It’s a network issue, they want more eyes on their bigger games. Creates better ratings and more money.
  7. Not a fan of trading a solid backup for the seventh to save a few million, but that money is going to OBJ anyway
  8. 1. Well you can just skip it lol. 2. Loki would probably be set off earth. Maybe how he joined with Thanos. Why can’t SW be set after A4? 3. The MCU has done a poor job with SW, but she is one of the most interesting, insane, and powerful characters. They can do a modified House of M series. The X-Men will probably be under control of Disney by the time this series takes place.