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  1. With that dropped INT in the endzone Surtain II just solidified himself as the Cowboys first round pick
  2. When the apocalypse comes, it's not going to matter 😉
  3. He was doubled team on one play, he tossed aside the first guy, pushed backed the other guy into Fields and got a slight deflection on the ball. A play or two before he stuffed a run. I'm liking him more and more. I'm watching him directly one every play he's playing.
  4. I hope 2/3rds of the teams draft picks are on the defensive side of the ball with a 1T DT with the first pick or second pick
  5. Gallup is only 2 years younger than Cooper. While Gallup has played as the #1 for a few games the team doesn't know if he can handle it for the entire year. As much as I like Gallup, I'd still take the proven commodity. Unless Gallup takes a team friendly deal he will be traded
  6. It's a combination of things. Players and talent level, scheme and being able to disguise your defense. Also has to do with luck. Calling the right play at the right time. Also comes down to execution of said scheme an plays. You cant just pin it on one specific thing
  7. It took them 2/3rds of the season. He kept running a variation of the 3-4 all season long. The players on the roster fit their natural positions in the 4-3. That's not conforming
  8. It's hard when the team signs players that fit in one system only for the head coach to go and hire his friend that runs a totally opposite type of system where the players on the team dont fit. I've always had the thought of coaches are suppose to conform to the players not the other way around. McCarthy and Nolan have done the exact opposite.
  9. They need a DC who will switch back to the 4-3
  10. George Edwards, I've only suggested it since week 3 or 4
  11. That's because not any one player is ever bigger than that star.
  12. 3 down starter in any defense. In the 3-4 he could play NT or DE. If he's there are 10 I wouldnt be mad if Dallas picked him.
  13. Did people really commit treason along with whatever other laws that were broken yesterday and they were able to walk away from it?! All you have to do is think back to 6 months ago and notice the vast differences between the authorities, lawmen and police officers an how they handled each situation. I'll stop there before I break anymore forum rules lol
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