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  1. Vegas is crazy but sooo much fun at the same time. I love it
  2. Dak - Grown Man

    Go look at Trent Dilfers stats in 2000. 9 of the 16 games the guy had under 200 yards. I believe 3 games under 100 yards. In the postseason he didnt eclipse the 200 yard mark once. This is Dak. He won't win you the games but he wont lose em either. As i said 2 weeks ago, the defense will need to be the 85 bears an 00 Ravens great for this team to win with the personnel it currently has. At this point bring back Dez so the defense will have to at least account for one of the receivers. Thatll keep 8 men out the box for Zeke and will provide Dak with bigger windows to pass through since one safety will always be bracketing to Dez' side. But will the ownership, front office and coaching staff swallow their egos and admit they made a bad decision by letting him go? Probably not.
  3. Dak - Grown Man

    I think you guys are expecting him to pass for 300+ a game when hes clearly a game managing QB.
  4. GB’s and Clappers @ Houston

    I can deal with his other deficiencies but its his accuracy that bothers me. His arm strength is ok, his pocket awareness hasnt come into play until this season and that is due to the poor oline play. I wouldnt say he cant read defenses. The guy is a game manager and thats all he's ever going to be.
  5. College Football 2018

    Well his bro isnt there anymore to protect him
  6. GB’s and Clappers @ Houston

    With what hes working with; the staff, WR personnel and the playcalling, i think Dak is doing an admirable job. Would definitely like more production but thats near impossible with everything i mentioned.
  7. Predict Garretts' last game?

    That guy has seriously fudged up Tyron and the line as a whole. Who uses glass ketchup bottles anyways??
  8. GB’s and Clappers @ Houston

    First round talent all across the line, league leading rusher and a mobile qb but its a long one yard. GTFOH with that bull-ish.
  9. College Football 2018

    That Texas D is crazy good at stopping the run. But theyre the elite in the Big 12 as far as defense goes
  10. I dont like Anthony Brown. Much rather would like to see Lewis starting over him. 4 and 1 decision in OT was a dumb call. He was playing for the tie instead of the win and ended up taking an L. Please fire him!!!
  11. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    That entire offense has incredible potential. If the offensive line can continue its good play then the only way is up
  12. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (02/14/19)

    This is just Fox trying to make money on the xmen before the MCU takes over and makes the xmen we all know and love. Ill still go watch though. Im an xmen fanatic
  13. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    He played last Saturday against TCU. Did he get hurt that game??
  14. All Things Wrestling Thread

    The reason i left out Hogan, Thesz, Bruno and Andre was because of the question that was posed was in terms of ring skills, mic skills, storylines, anything and everything. I looked at each category evenly. Wrestling contributions (Bruno, Hogan and Andre) to me dont carry more weight than ring skills or mic skills. I looked at each category evenly. The older guys besides Hogan an Flair had no mic skills. They werent asked to put on wrestling clinics inside the ring. Modern wrestling and the older generation of territories just cant be compared to one another. That is why my list is comprised of talents in the modern era of wrestling. I could of put Hogan on my list but i left him out and put in Rocky as to me Rock had better in ring skills and without the massive ego that Hogan carried.
  15. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Savage was a legend totally forgot about him. Great ring work and mic work.