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  1. Asuka is with Paige and that other one lol I forget her name.
  2. He is injury prone it seems
  3. NFL network: Jaylon Smith new deal

    Totally different positions but yes
  4. Salary Cap and Player Priority

    I wouldnt pay Cooper more than 14 million per year. Those other WRs have proved it more than just one or two years. Zeke wont be re-signed if Pollard has an outstanding year. Which would do wonders being able to keep the defensive studs.
  5. Zayn did say he had a few people in mind that needed his help. I dont know if this is him foreshadowing a new stable or if I'm just reading too much into it. But indeed this actually helps out both stars.
  6. I've seen the date at the end of the video but didnt see nothing on YouTube about it or any articles about the documentary. I'm guessing it came out later on in the day. Thanks guys
  7. Didnt want to make a new thread just for asking a question so here it goes.... does anyone know if this is a series, a documentary short or what?!? And when does it come out?
  8. Gargano's reaction was probably the same reaction we all had watching The Fiend's entrance the very first time.
  9. I dont care about domestic vs international. Bottom line being it was Sony's highest money making movie EVER. Add in Spiderman, MCU's Spiderman, and they have a chance to blow Venom's total out of the water in a collaboration movie. Doing that do you expect any studio on this earth to give someone else 50/50% of the revenue. That's the point I was trying to make.
  10. Sony made a ton of money with Venom with no Spiderman in it. Imagine now if they did put Spidey in it.
  11. Matrix 4 is happening

    They really need to do this
  12. NFL network: Jaylon Smith new deal

    Let this guy keep proving everyone wrong. I love it!! I dont want to jinx the guy and buy his Jersey though. Lol
  13. Mystery player (Jaylon?) being negotiated?

    Sign him to an extension now before this season as he could have an amazing year and hike up that price tag. You've already bet on him once and it paid off. Roll the dice again so he can prove the Cowboys right again
  14. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Maher is going to cost the team some wins in the regular season. They need to bring in someone new asap
  15. Maybe have one of those "small" guys win the KotR as a face. And use his "power" as King to give the undersized a chance. Give them matches every week, title opportunities, main events. Drag it out into Survivor Series with a traditional 5 on 5