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  1. 10 million a year for a QB. Sure I'd sign Dak to that contract. And don't say inflation as the nfl cap has only gone up 90 million in 15 years. The nfl salary cap was 102 million that year. Its 190 million this year and its bound to go down this following season. So let's say it's gone up 50%. Bress signed a 10 million a year contract in 2006. 50% upcharge since the change in salary cap. That means the Cowboys shouldn't offer Dak more than 20 million a year going off of Brees contract.
  2. He played the following year on the franchise tag
  3. You don't know how he's going to play. You don't know how the mental aspect of it will play out. You don't know if he will be the same player. Why would you give a long term contract to someone coming off injury? Please name me someone who has
  4. If Jerry gives Dak a long term deal after a serious injury then this team is in way more trouble than I would have thought.
  5. Sorry was only looking at this year. Are you doing a pre June trade or post June trade??
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bloggingtheboys.com/platform/amp/2020/1/25/21080353/new-cowboys-coach-george-edwards-has-a-unique-history-with-the-team-mike-zimmer-mccarthy Fire Nolan and promote this guy
  7. As would I but he really is the only player besides LVE whom the team can trade for a good return in the investment. And LVE won't net a good return because of his injury history. Blowing it up is unlikely. The team is stuck with those contracts
  8. Oh wow Gallup still has one more year in Dallas after this season. He could be a good tradable player.
  9. Make no mistake about it Dak will be franchised next year
  10. Haven't seen a bucs game only highlights. Didn't know they had a great defense
  11. The Bucs are what the Cowboys had hoped to be this year. An amazing offense with an average defense.
  12. They like Mike its Nolan they're talking about
  13. If you trade said players the team still has to sign someone to replace said player. With the cap hits this wouldn't be possible. Miami was able to do it because they had a ton of cap space with nobody left to sign.
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