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  1. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2789376-dont-worry-about-numbers-training-camp-is-nfls-teaching-time We sitting here talking about practice.. Practice y'all. 😂 Im not reading into the early struggles with the offense. Its a new offense theyre trying to implement. Plus i think this defense is gonna be flying all over the field this year an will be good.
  2. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Well Carmella's reign is definitely over. She wasnt getting over as champ.
  3. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Something different than the usual babyface loses title. Goes on a losing streak an turns heel. Then into monster heel only to turn babyface way to early an kill everything they just set up
  4. All Things Wrestling Thread

    To me she was always just a stop gap champion. They want to cash in one the Ronda hype asap i guess.
  5. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Do they do the unthinkable an have Nia win??
  6. All Things Wrestling Thread

    When do you think the demon king comes out?
  7. What movie are you watching v1

    Cant wait for Deadpool 2
  8. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    Kyle Quiero lining up at LB hmm thats interesting. He surely lacks the speed an range which is why i thought he could be an in the box strong safety. Im liking the move though.
  9. All Things Wrestling Thread

    http://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/953773-is-vince-mcmahons-goal-to-satisfy-the-fans-stone-cold-critiques-top-wwe-superstars#/slide/1 Agreed
  10. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Completely agree with everything u said. Season 3 did hamper it a lil for me. But it picked back up with season 4 an currently season 5 looks amazing.
  11. All Things Wrestling Thread

    http://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/953357-roman-reigns-isnt-daniel-bryan-never-will-be 💯🎯
  12. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Tag team MITB!!?
  13. All Things Wrestling Thread

    They aint homegrown talent 😒
  14. All Things Wrestling Thread

    An Vince then wonders why he doesnt get over. Because he constantly does dumb ×××× like that.