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  1. I remember him tweeting during the season about Pollard always returning the kickoff an not getting back to the 25. The reward greatly outweighs the risk. Then yesterday he tweets about Maurice Hurst could have been the best DT on the Cowboys roster. For one the guy wasnt selected by Dallas and the entire league because of his health issues. The Raiders took a flier on him, it worked out for them. Hindsight is 20/20. Most the times I pay no attention to any reporter but for some reason this dude just rubs me the wrong way
  2. Jerry is infatuated with Pitts. If Dallas takes Pitts I hope that means they trade assets to move back into round 1 for Horn or Farley when he falls
  3. Never knew Jaycee Horn is the son of Joe Horn. This makes me want Dallas to select him even more @ 10
  4. Farley probably doesnt go until round 3. But as to your question no to double dipping an no to Farley at 44.
  5. Surely didnt seem like the same movie. I've only been saying it for years. Even before the synder cut hashtag became a thing
  6. Opening day gents!! Let's freaking go Yankees!!!
  7. Jaylon moving to Mike and Vander Esch to SLB
  8. Gavin, Goodrich and Roger's would be the selections that I would say amounted to nothing. Felix kinda sorta, maybe. Since McClay has had a bigger voice in the draft room this team has drafted well
  9. Almost every talent evaluator brings up his insane AVG per catch. Gallup for the past 3 years has had the Cowboys highest AVG. Does that mean Gallup is more dynamic than Coop an Lamb?? To me when it comes to making a draft selection I'd always take the safer route especially when there are plenty of holes to fill. I'm not one to gamble unless I know I'm ina situation where its viable. It comes down to who's more pro ready right now. For me its Smith. If I had to line up Waddle or Smith to get a first down with press coverage, no time to throw. Whom would I trust to get that first down? I
  10. The team is bound to watch Gallup walk in free agency next year. Is that because of bad drafting or because they have a surplus within that position?? There are many factors as to why teams dont re-sign players.
  11. If they can contain the run I think itll go a long way into fixing the defense. But they need to beef up the NT position to keep em bodies off the backers.
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