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  1. So a coworker at work got quarantined. Over a week later the state still hasn't came and cleaned and disinfected the workplace. I'm at a higher risk of contracting the virus so I'm choosing to stay home until further notice. I may have a legal battle on my hands if I get fired or laid off
  2. Hey man nothing wrong with Jersey Shore the tv show. Its entertaining
  3. Dude or his agent said they would holdout. Signing his tender doesnt look like holding out to me.
  4. DC Movie Universe

    Wouldnt be surprised if they made a new DC universe after flashpoint if things pick up. Will people still be behind Marvel when most of the fan favorites are now gone?? Will Falcon, Thor and Hulk be able to carry the franchise now?? If we have to wait 3 or more years for the XMen to show up in the MCU it may be too late by then. This would be the perfect time to get things right with DC and WB.
  5. What a dumbass that AEW kid is
  6. Dak caved into signing his tag. Both sides obviously wanted him to sign but Jerry and The Cowboys have won the battle thus far. Once they signed Dalton, Dak lost the leverage. Meaning his talk of not signing and holding out was just his bluff. Jerry called it
  7. If stadiums are only allowed 25 to 50% capacity it will go down. TV ratings may go up because more people will be watching from home now but gate revenue, merchandise and food consumption will have an effect on gross revenue for teams and stadiums. It will go down a couple of million for the start of next season
  8. So he caved. Like I said he would.
  9. DC Movie Universe

    Will you eat crow if you are wrong just the same way you're acting as if you are right??
  10. What a way to start off the weekend by finding out your bank account has been hacked into. It only took my bank about 5 transactions later to notice anything funny was going on. Smh.
  11. Jamal Adams

    Brown to me is the odd man out. But people always like to be sleeping on Lewis. The guy just needs a fair shake
  12. Full Team Fantasy Draft (Discussion Thread)

    Ha I meant along
  13. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    I'm starting to lean that way myself. This is just the beginning and the teams havent even gotten together yet
  14. Full Team Fantasy Draft (Discussion Thread)

    I'll be following alone. Good luck gentlemen
  15. For the first month the headlines will be about the protests and kneeling tho