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  1. Oh no no no sir. I'll be the first to admit Dak has throws that make you go wtf. But I also dont act like he is the only QB that has errant throws. Judging by your theory, let's check the stats!! Mahomes went 25 for 33 for 378 yards and 3TDs. Dak went 25 for 32 for 405 yards and 4TDs. Hmmm same amount of completions but Mahomes did have one more pass attempt. Ohh my my Dak was more accurate, had more yards and more TDs. You also fail to state that Mahomes gets a lot more of his passing yards from YAC than any other QB in the league. Which tends to pad his passing yards per game. I don't think you got full from that plate of crow you ate earlier. Here's a second serving bro
  2. DC Movie Universe

    Good luck having people notice your sarcasm through the internet
  3. That had no ill effects on the outcome of the game. You're comparing apples and oranges.
  4. Around the NFL: Week 1

    It was about the Kansas City and Jaguars game. This thread does say around the league week 1 doesnt it?? So Dak sucks?? Eat some crow man eat some crow
  5. Around the NFL: Week 1

    OMG Mahomes needs to be traded or is not the franchise QB of Kansas City. He just missed a wide open Kelce for a TD and overthrew him. Oh that's right only Dak can never miss a wide open guy.
  6. Around the NFL: Week 1

    Eagles to lose
  7. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    Last time I was this excited for a season was the year Romo went down in the 3rd preseason game against the Seahawks. That injury imo killed a good shot at Dallas holding up the Lombardi that season. Even though that season was good it could of been better. Anyways that injury killed that hope I had for that season. I feel that same hope then that i do now
  8. Draft watch 2020

    Everyone will agree BPA is the way to go. Our needs should be OT, CB, S, DT, K, WR, LB, RB in that order.
  9. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    Haven't been this excited for a season in a very very long time
  10. Around the NFL: Week 1

    Then they would have to pay the man just for being on the active roster. They should have traded him. I'm sure some team might have thrown something their way instead of letting him walk away and then having him pick which team he wanted to go to in the first place
  11. College Footabll - BACK BABY

    What I found disappointing was the LSU defense having to resort to "cramps" to kill any Texas momentum. Is that SEC football at it's best? Resort to underhanded tactics
  12. Looks like the only thing slaughtered were your defensive players calves after miraculously healing from cramps then only to go down again after supposedly taking IV fluids during halftime. Other than that poor sportsmanship by the LSU defense it was a hell of a game. Texas had a chance at the end if Johnson had held on to the onside kick. Cant wait til next year to go into Death Valley and quiet em 110000 LSU fans. 😉
  13. DC Movie Universe

    At least make some sense with your haterade. How are you gonna watch and pay attention to a movie while listening to an album? Genius right here folks.
  14. And I'm a Longhorn fan!! You know I'm watching
  15. Around the NFL: Week 1

    After last nights game and watching the highlights because I went to sleep. I'm glad the QB of the Dallas Cowboys is Dak.