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  1. Surely anything can happen from now until then. It's a year after all. Just look at last year lol. But just so you understand, you're chasing fool's gold yourself in hoping that draft pick works out just as I'm hoping the same for "next years crop". You're just doing it a year earlier than I would.
  2. Hes one of the better NTs in the game. If hes available for a late round pick. I do it 11 out of 10 times.
  3. Dak can still lose his leverage but still have made a good business decision in the long run. He was going to get paid. Dallas is going to pony up 40 million a year or some other team will. Whatever decision Dak made or makes doesnt matter. The guy plays THE premium position in all of sports. Hes getting his no matter what. Some team willing to roll the dice on a QB coming off a major injury will pay him the 40 million he wants. The leverage he lost was demanding any more money from Dallas when he didnt sign last year an rolled his ankle 180 degrees the other way. Dak in essence said I'm
  4. I'd rather give up a late round pick than having to outbid another team for his services.
  5. I dont think a QB drops to #10. I would be against the team using the possible draft capital it would get from Dak to move up a few spots for whatever QB is left to pick from. Keep the picks, add more talent, re-sign Dalton and wait for next years QB crop which may be better in terms of talent than this years.
  6. I read the information I looked up on google too fast. Undrafted players can extend after year 2. But yes you are correct Dak would of needed to wait until year 3. You didnt let me finish though. I said after year 2 since it takes Dak an the Boys a full years time to come around on agreeable terms for a contract it seems lol
  7. Dak is getting paid no matter what, albeit from the Cowboys or some other team. No matter how you spin it him not signing last year could of been detrimental for him if his injury had been career ending or if his injury leads to a decline in play. Sure it's a good business decision for Dak, it turned out good for him. Not so much to whatever team pays him. They still have that what if lingering
  8. At this point, why not get as many weapons on offense as possible for the new QB1 after Dak
  9. I do agree they should have gave him an extension after year 2.
  10. If it gets to that I'm sure both sides will come to agreement to have Dak sign the tender to get him traded to the team of his choice. Dallas would then get compensated.
  11. One last time, Dak declined to sign the contract last year. He had more than a fair contract on the table. He didnt sign it an wanted to prove to the Cowboys how much hes worth. Dude got hurt. Now everyone and they momma expect the Cowboys to dish out 40 million a year on an unknown. What if Dak doesnt get back to his old self? That's 4 or 5 years at 40 million. It's a bad business decision is what I'm trying to say.
  12. You keep bringing up contracts for Zeke an Jaylon, those contracts are done for. No need to cry over spilled milk. The cap went down a good chunk. But yet here we have Dak asking for more.
  13. You should be mad at Dak and his agent. They failed to put ink to paper last year on a 5 year deal. Just like last offseason Dak's camp is pushing for another 4 year deal. Sign last year and boom you have your 4 year contract like they want this year. I know it's the money and stability they were looking for but how can one expect that when last we saw, he was being carted off the field in an air cast for the foot. Like it or not, Dak is a huge question mark going into this upcoming season. You cant expect the Jones' or any organization to give someone over 100 million dollars guaranteed. As a
  14. I remember as a youngster, pre-teen years, I would tag a long with my uncle, cousin an another one of my uncles during the summer when they had a load to pick up or deliver. Fun times seeing the open road. Freaking out about seeing my uncles switching seats without pulling over. One would sleep an the other would drive an vice versa. Nowadays no chance
  15. The real question or inquiry should be about Watson
  16. Seattle wont trade Wilson only to have to turn around and pay Dak as well. Not even with the price of three 1st round picks along with Dak
  17. Hes like the James Harden Houston Rockets. Lamar will have an incredible regular season like the Rockets. But when the playoffs roll around their style of play isnt conducive to winning or advancing. But yes I agree I cant trust him making the necessary throws.
  18. Mahomes, Rodgers and Wilson are instant upgrades. Watson would be a slight upgrade. Dak right now is better than the others listed but those other QBs named do have a higher ceiling than Dak.
  19. Dangle Gallup out by himself first. See if u get any bites
  20. Gallup and a pick to move into round 2?? That's asinine
  21. Life without Dak will not be good for this team. Huge risk to sign him long term because of the injury. If I was the Jones' I'd put in a clause or structure it to where the team has an out after year 2 or 3. The guy cant go back out on the tag
  22. Perfect picks thus far if u ask me
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