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  1. I'm glad many of yall stopped with the Kellen Moore as a HC option
  2. He did get beat initially on that double move but it looked like he recovered well. If he had located the ball it could of been pick #2 for the game. He played underneath coverage because he knew he had help deep. Safety took a horrible angle. Looking like Roy Williams on that play
  3. If the team went for it and turned the ball over and allowed Philly to score. The momentum would of completely flipped. Then all of you would of said why did he go for it. The team had a double digit lead. Blah blah blah. I swear you cant win with some of you.
  4. Lamb quit on that long 3rd down run. Maybe Zeke picks it up if Lamb continues blocking
  5. They started changing it up on their defense. Last few drives had stalled. If the offense commits a turnover, philly has 3 timeouts. They score and then get the ball to start the 2nd half an score again then the momentum totally shifts. Yes a lot of what its but you're also asking the offense to move the ball down the field in less than a minute with no timeouts. He played it safe with a double digit lead
  6. This is where he should call timeout not at the one minute mark that the announcers said. I'm ok with the decision though
  7. Team is up double digits. Offense hasn't really moved fast the past few drives. Why risk trying to force it and cause a turnover??
  8. He picked the wrong gap. Sanders had 2 gaps he could of gone through but the obvious choice Jaylon didnt pick
  9. I wonder why they didnt have Williams help him
  10. Itll be an obvious run play though. Once they start sending more defenders, hit them with the play action. I like it
  11. I want to see the defense on the field first. Itll give me an idea on how the game will go
  12. I hope they show Jimmy going in the ring during halftime
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