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  1. I ll take a win over the packers always...however I don't want this to give us false hope.
  2. They are the most valuable Sports Franchise in the USA...Even more than the Yankees. Plus they have always branded themselves as Americas Team?
  3. Nice win but..Barr out Pierce out Hunter out CB's now dropping like flies , Covid/ All of 2020 as well It's just too weird a year. Think to the future please.
  4. why do you call a timeout there???????????
  5. When is Gedeon coming back? Wilson(LB) looks as soft as our DT's
  6. Young secondary...First game...No hunter no peirce? Lack of pass rush !! CB's giving anything to rogers that he wanted!!! No agressive attitude
  7. He gave up the first sack I think to Z Smith? He tried to block the outside rusher and O'neal at that point couldn't do anything?
  8. We are losing this game more than they are winning it
  9. Dude Defensive End is considered the 3rd most important position in football after QB and LT. Adding an Elite DE across from an already elite DE (Hunter) does wonders ( see broncos with Von Miller and Demarcus Ware) Which one are you going to Double team? Not only that but we have a very young CB situation and this will probably help them out a lot. Plus both ends Hunter and Ngakoue are only still 26 and 25 respectfully this year. The Vikings may not be able to keep both but this is a win now move!
  10. Wow Didn't see this move coming. I love it! Two Young top Pass Rushers in Hunter and Ngakoue sign me up!!! Not a huge price to pay either Jared Allen cost us a 1st and 2 3rds. This will give Wonnum sometime to adjust too as a rookie.
  11. 15.9 yrd return on punts last year. avg yrds for receiving took a dip from coming over from Buffalo to Miami last year.
  12. Love your take on the Defense Krauser. Pretty much every one in the league is looking for that elusive pass rushing 3Tech. Problem is these guys just don't exist apart from the top ones. Your take seems fitting with the bend but don't break 1-2 down on defense. Then use exotic packages. Double A gap packages on 3rd down? / Big Nickle. But it really comes down to match up's week to week?
  13. Rhodes was a beast for a couple of years ( Sendjeo probably shorten that? and to many hits), Wayne's problem was always his agility, tested really low if I recall and it showed. Dantzler is skinny true. Looks like the kid has confidence though match that with Gladney and hopefully a improved Hughes and Hill as you say as a 4th CB add in Boyd and Hands It shouldn't shape up too bad. But CB position is lacking in one word EXPERICNE!!!!!
  14. What a draft! 15 picks and 1st, 2nd, 2 3rds, 3 4ths, 2 5ths, 2 6ths, and 1 7th next year speilman always makes it fun. I love fliping a 5th for a 4th next year as well as 6th for a 5th next year. I remember GM Rick saying getting as many picks keeps your team young...Maybe next year trade up? Lets all remember they are rookies so time will tell and certain guys will take time to adjust. Just wow once again. WR Jefferson a great pick didn't think he would fall to us. Gladney love the pick seems like a competitor. Cleveland needs to get stronger but seems a good fit in ZBS and shouldn't be forced to start right away? Dantzler ran slow at the combine but looks decent with a lot of swag. Wonnum don't know too much about but could be Hunter(lite) from what I hear. Lynch could be a steal 3 Tech or base D end, Big motor so no need to rush him either. LB Dye could be a steal again with Wilson and Gedeaon as FA's next year he could develop into a 3 rd LB position. CB Hand I don't know to much about but the old adage is you can never have to many CB's because when they drop they drop like flies. WR/PR Osborn guy has Punt Return skills and might make the team because of it but also seems to have some developmental WR traits. Brandel I think they might want to move to guard or maybe swing Tackel in the ZBS. S Metellus seems like a physical S as well as Brian Cole ll maybe one sticks on in special teams or practice squad. Willekes a dark horse guy who has been since walking on at Mich St. If he doesn't make the 53 man roster someone will probably pick him up? Stanley QB I can't remember the last time we drafted a QB so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. G Hinton they were impressed enough to draft him so lets go. Skol Vikes!!!
  15. Gives us some depth going forward with Gedeon and Wilson being FA's after this season. I remember him being in the 1st rd mocks all year.
  16. About 8.8 mil in cap space if Reiff is cut. Where is the extra 5.7 mil coming from for Williams( this guy didn't even play last year)? Are we Trading Anthony Harris as well? That opens up a big spot at Saftey and Looks like a Subtraction of 2 positions for 1
  17. Redskins LT Williams has a 14.5 mil cap hit? How could we come up that kind of cap space?
  18. RS senior so you know what you are getting? Fifth year option on him now. Run L-R in dime package (Boyd -Hughes-Gladney-Hill) + another CB and S we pick up in the draft?
  19. Most did not think he would be here at this point. Junior coming out of the SEC with massive production numbers last year. Did well as a sophomore. 5th year option is always nice.
  20. That is a lot of draft capital to move up this year or trade for draft picks next year. Next years compensatory plus bufallos 4th are looking good as well.
  21. Derrick Brown won't fall out of the top10- 14. He is considered the best DT in the class. DT Kinlaw won't make it to pick 22 either.
  22. No pro days... that's ok there is this thing called film/ tape. This actually might be the most watchable draft ever without having to interview every damn first RD pick with irrelevant questions. A clock should still be in place as trades so often happen? Or hold the draft a couple of days before and just televise the results with analysis.
  23. frees up about 1.6 mil in cap space with kline gone?
  24. Looking at our more pressing needs OL/CB/IDL. It is an odd 1st round for us I believe. Top to Mediocre OL go early and often. CB isn't great and IDL isn't either.
  25. You do understand this is a 2020 draft discussion page?
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