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  1. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Sure you do. Do you want a team with aging stars owed millions or do you want a team with young guys with high ceilings making next to nothing? I'd take the latter...
  2. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    So wait, why isn't a SS capable player who can hit 30HR and steal 20 bases worth $400 million? His walk and strikeout rates are good (or at least reasonable) as well...
  3. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    That's a horrid trade. Lamb and...what? 4 prospects? I'm not entirely sure of what the D'backs have in their farm but I do know their farm isn't that great...
  4. Wouldn't it be awful if we won this week and hurt our draft pick spot?
  5. Yankees, Marlins Agree to Giancarlo Stanton Trade, lulz Cards/Giants

    Like heck they didn't. Stanton's contract is actually leaning team friendly given what he can do for them. Given what Harper and Machado are going to make next year, Stanton's contract is going to look pretty reasonable. That said there are teams who can't afford it, which is a joke because they can. But they of course say they can't. The fault in Stanton's contract is his no trade clause. Those shouldn't be in any contract IMO. The 5/10 rights cover that from the player perspective.
  6. Yankees, Marlins Agree to Giancarlo Stanton Trade, lulz Cards/Giants

    That's the problem. How is he going to develop with nowhere to play?
  7. Yankees, Marlins Agree to Giancarlo Stanton Trade, lulz Cards/Giants

    Oh...the Yankees (assuming they don't sign anyone else?) will be below the luxury tax threshold even with Stanton...not sure by how much though. Also considering that they're going to pay him what, ~$240 for the next 10 years that seems like a bit of a steal considering that next year they're saying Harper and Machado could/should sign for 10+ years at $300-$500 million? That said, I'll take Machado playing at 3rd please.
  8. Yankees, Marlins Agree to Giancarlo Stanton Trade, lulz Cards/Giants

    And with Sanchez not playing a full season.
  9. Geno Smith to Start

    So...if they end up being any good we trade them and if they're bad it doesn't hurt our draft position? Positive? Maybe?
  10. My point is just because it's a high pick doesn't make it a good pick...
  11. Which predicament? Having a good pick with the option to trade down? That's not true at all. Flowers, OBJ, and Apple we likely all could've traded down (not the players per say but the picks). Yes, OBJ ended up being a stud but the other two picks could've ended up as multiple players for us. That said given Reese's track record having more picks likely would've ended up with more players NOT on our starting roster... Truth is some of the best teams in football have been trading down and amassing picks for years on end. They're routinely in the playoffs. Yet here we are heading towards what's likely a truly abysmal time as a franchise. It sucks.
  12. Probably over. Didn't they put 30+ on the Pats?
  13. Where the pick was made doesn't mean the pick was good. C'mon now. Also the Seahawks are lucky to have done so well withe O-line they've had. Wilson frequently makes defenses pay while scrambling. Eli can't do that.
  14. Giants' GM Jerry Reese: 'I'm the reason we're 1-6'

    So what's this "in recent years we've been better" talk? In the last 20 years: 12-4 (2008, 2000) 11-5 (2016, 2005) 10-6 (2010, 2007, 2002) 9-7 (2012, 2011) http://www.jt-sw.com/football/pro/teams.nsf/histories/giants 3 out of the last 4 years have been losing records. As for last season 8 of our wins were by 7 or fewer points. That's not a sustainable model. Just adding some facts to the discussion