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  1. 2007/2011 Superbowls

    Someone had to teach him manners. I'm sure you've warned me back in the day
  2. Week 6: SNF: New York Giants @ Denver Broncos

    Ugh. It's not going to be one of THOSE seasons is it? Where we end up at like..8-8 with a crappy pick?
  3. Giants Draft Talk

    An ideal situation for us is to have a high draft pick and be able to trade back and still get a 1st round level QB. But knowing Jerry that won't happen.
  4. CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie suspended by team

    I hope people appreciate that I found pictures of a waste management dumpster FACING THE SAME DIRECTION. That's why I was a mod. That extra mile.
  5. CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie suspended by team

    The Giants a week ago: The Giants this week:
  6. The Backups have Arrived

    So screw Eli then?
  7. Week 6: SNF: New York Giants @ Denver Broncos

    The big question is, will Eli die in during the game?
  8. The Backups have Arrived

    Lets pray they don't make Eli try to do anything other than dink and dunk in no huddle for the rest of the season.
  9. Giants Draft Talk

    Huh. I can't edit a quote and then write something. Good to know. Anyway, saying the team was still good around him is my entire point. We had OBJ and that's about all we have on offense. The other WRs aren't awful but as we saw in week 1, without OBJ they're just not good enough on their own.
  10. Giants Draft Talk

  11. WR Brandon Marshall injures ankle- Placed on IR

    Out for the season. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20973830/brandon-marshall-new-york-giants-undergoing-season-ending-ankle-surgery
  12. Giants Draft Talk

    Brady went down with a knee injury a few years back and the Patriots won what, 10 games that year? Not saying that Eli is as good as Rodgers, but imagine what we could be doing with the team Rodgers has around him? Seems reasonable to think that we'd be doing better than currently if we had a solid team around our star QB. The conversation has been had many a time over the last what, 5 years, about how the Giants are wasting a stud QB. Give Eli the coaching/teammates that other elite QBs have had over the last few years and the Giants would have been in the playoffs as often as the Pats/Pack/Steelers/etc.
  13. Giants Draft Talk

    Should read the article. It goes in to much greater detail than I'm going to (especially since someone else already did) about how 2016 was a very lucky season for us. In short, we won way more close games than a team does on average (8-3), our defense stayed remarkably healthy (something you can't ensure), our red zone defense was phenomenal (Unsustainable), and our O-line was garbage (this year it's worse). Once you add an injury or two on EITHER side of the ball, when all we have is high priced free agent signings with zero young/draft talent behind them to fill in, where does that leave you? With an 0-5 team that's going to need to rebuild because the building has no foundation.
  14. Giants Draft Talk

    Eh, life has been busy. Working on changing careers, had another kid, y'all are lucky I remember the site is here.