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  1. Gives you some ammo to move up again if a guy starts to fall
  2. Yodny is trash. McGary probably only Tackle that would be left for a realistic trade up
  3. I'm not gonna look up the wingspan, but longer arms almost always equates to lower bench totals. Not really relevant.
  4. First time in a while that it looks like there's some strong depth at the C position in this draft. Do we consider moving Linder back to RG if the right guy falls to us in Rd 2?
  5. Bortles would not thrive in any offense. He causes offense to my eyes when he throws the ball and that's the only type of offense he's consistently good at.
  6. Yeah, he has taken some absolutely atrocious angles on runs too. He was very good last year, he has not been at all this year
  7. I think Kliff Kingsbury would make an excellent OC in the NFL
  8. I hear you, but any time you can hire within off of Gus Bradley's staff, you gotta do it.
  9. I'm not big into snap judgments and it's only his 3rd career start, but he at least looked competent. There isn't a single QB we shouldn't look at this off season, if we're being honest.
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