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  1. 2019 NFL draft where the jags pick at 32;)

    Well that's certainly surprising to me. I always use name as my #1 trait to look for when evaluating QBs.
  2. Ranking the Roster - #1

    If this isn't unanimous, y'all gonna have to send your home address this way so we can engage in fisticuffs.
  3. That 6th WR spot will probably come down to Lazard or Mickens
  4. 2019 Mock Drafts

    I don't know about Rankins, but Connor Williams was a Top 5 lock coming into the season
  5. Jags Offseason 2019

    Because the rookie wage scale exists
  6. Jags Offseason 2019

    If you release a player they don't count towards the comp pick formula, afaik
  7. Final Day Draft Talk

    We did have a 6th round pi.... Oh. Oh I see.
  8. I didn't realize Chark posted these kinds of numbers. My goodness.
  9. Jaguars Draft Day Two Thread

    I mean... we made a pretty significant upgrade there. I'm not crazy about Cann, but I'm very confident in 4 of the 5 spots on that line. Harrison is an interesting pick though, likely replaces Church in 2019. Has been a futures draft so far.
  10. Jaguars Draft Day Two Thread

    Phenomenal value. Can't hate that pick.