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  1. Jaguars sign TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins

    Pretty solid, tbh. Again, gotta assume 1 year with 2nd year team option. Not really crazy about him, but he had a nice bounce back year last year, so we'll see.
  2. I obviously have way more faith in Cam than Kalil, but the amount of gifs I've seen of Norwell recognizing Kalil got beat and peeling back to pick up the block is incredibly encouraging as Cam continues to develop.
  3. Jaguars sign CB DJ Hayden

    Obviously we don't know what the market was giving Hayden, but that just seems.... not great. Didn't really love the CBs in this FA class to begin with, especially outside of the ones who were gonna command a number we were never going to pay, and he has upside so that's nice I suppose. Kinda meh to me.
  4. He's been sober over a year now, if I'm not mistaken. He's been pretty open and public about his battle with booze in the past year or so since returning from rehab.
  5. I actually quite like Moncrief. The numbers in this FA class for WR have been scary so far though
  6. If I can get Eifert at less than Burton, I'm all over that.
  7. https://twitter.com/mike_e_kaye/status/971452313280839681
  8. The Allen Robinson Thread

    Pugh is someone I want here. He obviously has the connections, but you can also swing him out to tackle in a pinch, which is some nice versatility when you consider our lack of depth there.
  9. It might have been Risdon, or Albright, who said the likely trade for Ebron would be their early 2nd and Ebron to move up into the back end of the 1st.