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  1. Soul crushing Pitt defeat checking in
  2. General News Thread

    Bortles would not thrive in any offense. He causes offense to my eyes when he throws the ball and that's the only type of offense he's consistently good at.
  3. Jaguars Fire Hackett

    Andy Benoit is a jerk off
  4. Yeah, he has taken some absolutely atrocious angles on runs too. He was very good last year, he has not been at all this year
  5. General News Thread

    I think Kliff Kingsbury would make an excellent OC in the NFL
  6. General News Thread

    I hear you, but any time you can hire within off of Gus Bradley's staff, you gotta do it.
  7. General News Thread

    I'm not big into snap judgments and it's only his 3rd career start, but he at least looked competent. There isn't a single QB we shouldn't look at this off season, if we're being honest.
  8. I'd walk in to the ocean if my QB made that eating W's speech
  9. Somebody might get stripped of their 1st rounder for cheating still.
  10. General News Thread

    Gip is a good player making not an egregious amount of money and we don't have a replacement for him. As pwny mentioned, our back end falling apart is not what we want, it makes everything look worse. This team needs so much help on the offensive side of the ball and a finite amount of assets to get the players they need. Are we using a 1 or a 2 on a replacement for Gip this year? Why?
  11. General News Thread

    Think Gipson would be a mistake. Move Taven to 3T, where he has played exclusively his entire life instead of square pegging a round hole, and you have Malik's replacement. Obviously not at the same level, or at least not right away, but he's a better fit there and should be a decent calibre of player at that spot.
  12. Was at the game. Man... what a gut punch that game was. But you can't walk away with 9 points on those 3 prime opportunities we had. Very proudly wore my Jalen jersey though.
  13. No guarantee he throws a catchable ball either.
  14. General News Thread

    Parnell has been very good the past few weeks.