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  1. Shouldn’t have done a lot of things. Cousins, Cook, Barr, list goes on.
  2. Looking at the next three games, 0-5 looks like a real possibility.
  3. Defense doesn’t look playoff caliber and Cousins has clearly regressed this year, for whatever reason. Staring at 0-2 in the face and little urgency to get going.
  4. In 1998 I was 12 yrs old. I really got into football in 1996/1997. That 1998 season has always been the most memorable for me. Just one of those incredibly unique seasons.
  5. The Vikes do use CJ Ham a lot. They are paying him pretty handsomely too, $3m per year.
  6. About time. I know that under Zimmer they’ve had a reluctance to chance the OL during the season. Sometimes injuries open the door for opportunity, let’s hope Samia produces and doesn’t give the job back.
  7. Draft - Kyle Rudolph (2011) and Harrison Smith (2012) Free Agency - Not sure, maybe Kirk Cousins
  8. I’d love to see Peterson latch onto a team and grind out a few more 1,000 yard seasons. The #1 spot is likely out of reach but 2500 more yards would put him at #2 all time. Two more 1,000 yard seasons seems very feasible. If the Lions are competitive, he may have a chance. He’s got two games against MN to look forward too.
  9. I have little faith in the defense this year. It’s really the first year under Zimmer that he won’t have a veteran bunch of CBs to lean on. There isn’t any one with experience and the most experienced, Holton Hill, looked out of place far too often. With a porous interior DL, I could see a lot of clean pockets to step into and running lanes to take advantage. There is some talent on defense flying around for sure but if you’re CBs can’t cover and you can’t stop the run, that’s not a good recipe. Cousins is going to have to carry the team on his back this year.
  10. I don’t know, Keenum was perfect for that 2017 team. Better than Teddy could have ever been in my opinion.
  11. The Vikings look bad this year but there are worse teams. Cousins is good enough to keep them around 8 wins. This team makes the playoffs every other year it seems, made it last year so the writings on the wall.
  12. It’s going to be a long year on defense with the current group of Cornerbacks and Defensive Tackles. I just don’t know whether the defense was that bad or if Rodgers is now poised for a MVP like season given his replacement was drafted. Holton Hill looked bad. Hughes is a major disappointment, cant fault Dantzler too much. Not many third round rookies CBs are playing from day one. Not sure Gladney is the answer anytime soon either. He’s missed some time. Odinigbo and Ngakoue were disappointing off the edge. Vikes obviously missed Hunter and Ngakoue hasn’t been around long enough for a big role this soon. The game played like a preseason game, which makes sense given the decision to skip the preseason. Seemed like the type of game where Cousins was going to have to carry the team and keep pace with Rodgers, and ultimately, it just didn’t seem close.
  13. My biggest hang up with the deal is Cook simply isn’t reliable. He doesn’t stay healthy and he was considerably less effective down the stretch last year.
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