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  1. After that, the run game seemed to disappear in the second half.
  2. The 2017 Receiving Corp, who's it going to be...?

    I'd guess Moss for 1400 and Carter/Reed for 2 1,000 yard receivers. i don't think Diggs gets there. He's not been much of a factor the last three weeks in terms of yardage.
  3. Even if MN loses to Detroit again, they will still be up and would control their own destiny. Winning would probably lock it up for MN, not sure I'd say the same for Detroit.
  4. 5,000 or Bust 2017

    Week 12: Big Ben
  5. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    I'm saying I wouldn't care either way, but MN does well with the cap.
  6. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    I'll take a Super Bowl win if it means overpaying for Keenum. I'm okay with that.
  7. Abdullah was close in the first matchup. Needed ten more yards. MN has been strong against the run all year, except against Abdullah.
  8. Crucial Non Star Players

    An argument could be made for Case Keenum. MN is second in the league with 20+ yard plays, but how much of it is the receivers? Keenum has the willingness to pull the trigger and the receivers have done a great job bailing out sometimes bad decision. Zimmer has said that Keenum has "balls", so might hurt us at some point. Tom Johnson and Andrew Sendejo have been underrated contributors. OL has been great but no stars.
  9. Abdullah had 20 carries for 94 yards and a TD in the first game. MN needs to tackle better this time around.
  10. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Sharrif Floyd's career is likely over. He damaged a nerve while undergoing surgery, basically his quad isn't firing. MN moved on and drafted Jaleel Johnson. Shamar Stephen is also a free agent and was omitted from your list. He plays a lot in base. Tom Johnson has been really good this year, definitely someone that MN will want to bring back, but he's on the older side so maybe a 2 year deal. The QB situation is so unknown right now. I think Bradford is done in MN and I can't see him getting much in free agency given the condition of his knee. Best case would be to keep Keenum and Teddy and let them compete. Unfortunately, I could see both players wanting a "Mike Glennon" contract. Cap space won't be an issue for MN, but how much can MN afford to spend at QB with contracts for Barr, Kendricks, Hunter, and Diggs soon coming due. Thielen has also significantly outperformed his contract (only $4m cap hit the next couple years). if Keenum finishes the year as the starter, hard not to see him being the priority. He's only 29 so he could be viable while MN drafts/develops a rookie. Sherels isn't going anywhere and he should be cheap. McKinnon probably walks. Cook and Murray are the top two next year with MN looking for RB3 in the draft. The Vikes don't have many pressing needs. Could use a new RG since Berger probably retires, the rest of the OL is set. 3T UT is also a need, unless Johnson and Stephen are both resigned. Cornerback is also debatable, not sure that Trae Waynes is part of the future given all the contract extensions MN will have to pay out in the next couple of years.
  11. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    Moss and Lewis should be first ballot. Hutchinson should get in too, but it may take awhile.
  12. Not too concerned, were fine with Hill and Harris starting for this one if more rest is needed. Having Robison back would be nice but I love seeing the young DEs out there.
  13. Second Best Team

    I wouldnt say that. MN beat on them pretty good. MN has the second most explosive offense in the NFL (20+ yard plays), are finding a run game, Keenum is playing well and an elite defense. I don't think you can take the Rams over the Vikes based on how that game turned out. hard to go against Pittsburgh and New England at 2 and 3. I'd probably put MN at 4. The Eagles need to be challenged but I can't knock them yet for schedule.
  14. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    I'm thinking most realistic scenario for next year, assuming Keenum doesn't lose his job, is Keenum the starter with a first round rookie QB. Might have to trade some picks to get in a better spot, like KC last year.
  15. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    And in this scenario, were probably using an early pick on a QB again. Not the end of the world, the roster doesn't have many holes and the current holes (G and UT) could be filled by current players (Remmers/Isidora, J. Johnson). Can't see Keenum being a long term solution but he's proving people wrong this year.