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  1. I don’t think edge even needs to be considered early assuming all is good with Hunter. Odinigbo and Wonnum are fine complimenting Hunter. I am more concerned about the lack of talent at CB and DT. The defense could use a shutdown type CB. Gladney, Dantzler, and the rest just seem like a combo of 2s and 3s at best. Definitely need an impact 3T but we’ve basically been saying that for the entirety of Zimmer’s tenure.
  2. Given the contracts (two) that Cousins received, i think it was implied he’d be the QBOTF. He was signed in his late 20s, which is prime years for a QB. So it’s completely reasonable to make the assumption that Cousins was the planned QB for the next 5+ years. as for Bradford, if he’s not viewed as the QBOTF, it should be viewed as a fireable offense to try and salvage a season by throwing a first round pick at an injury prone QB who failed to stick with two other teams. They should have ridden the season out with Hill, accepted the downgrade, and they’d now be reaping the benefits of Mahomes or Watson under center. But there was that obvious annoyance of having to be good that first year in the new stadium to save face for ripping off MN tax payers.
  3. Spielman’s played a huge part in front offices that thought Ponder, Bridgewater, Bradford and Cousins were QBOTF based on what was given up to acquire these players. It baffles me that a GM gets so many chances at finding the right guy and has mostly failed doing so (not calling Teddy a failure but at the same time, I don’t think many had confidence he’d ever be anything better than a fringe top 15 QB).
  4. Didn’t we get Greg Lewis from Philly? At least he was able to provide us with one memorable highlight.
  5. Outside of traveling, I don’t think there’s any benefit to having a home game this year without the fans. I’ve more or less seen all of these games as neutral in terms of location. Stadiums are quiet.
  6. Failure to develop led to the Allen trade. Then they started hitting on the mid round DEs and that has worked out well the past decade. It helps when you get players with the longevity of Allen, Griffen and Robison to allow for backups to develop, in the case of Hunter and Odinigbo. Seems Wonnum is the only one of the drafted bunch who’s actually starting right away and essentially forced the Ngakoue trade.
  7. Traded a first and multiple thirds for Allen in 2008.
  8. They had a couple of rough games to start against Atlanta and Indy. But they very well could have beaten Seattle or Tennessee, they lost by a point each game. There’s so much youth in the defense that a slow start was inevitable. Especially with a limited offseason. The biggest turnaround has been keeping the ball out of Cousins’s hands as he’s been a turnover machine.
  9. Extending Wilson and trading Barr would be the right move. Would save some money for a player who frankly makes more plays. I’m fine giving up a little in the run game, the DTs really need to be upgraded and that would do more to help than Barr. Not sure what Barr would fetch for trade comp with that injury and cap hit.
  10. Gladney has been okay. Dantzler has been tough to judge with the injuries, but he looks like he belongs. We are excited about D.J. Wonnum. He’s played pretty well in place of Hunter. Ezra Cleveland has also been a nice find at RG.
  11. I don’t think it’s a sure thing. Especially if these young CBs impress down the stretch. Maybe Hughes would make it over Hill, but if either fall all the way down to #5 on the depth chart, why not cut ties (I’d assume maybe a trade) to keep other young CBs who don’t have expiring contracts like Fields, Jones or Boyd. Just seems there’s limited upside in having a first round bust as your 5th CB. But maybe Hill is more on the bubble than Hughes.
  12. Can’t imagine they’d hang onto Hughes. Just isn’t reliable. Dantzler and Gladney are locked into two of the three spots. Hill and Boyd likely keep the 4th and 5th spots unless Fields and Jones shine. They are throwing a lot of young bodies out there this year and that is good for the future. Id still look to grab a CB in round one if a good shutdown caliber type falls to the mid to late first round. Not sure Gladney or Dantzler will develop into a Rhodes type at his peak type. And the defense really needs that, in addition to a DT.
  13. At least the field goal kicker isn’t the issue.
  14. The Vikes only seem good this year if Cousins is managed and Cook explodes. Very young defense doesn’t help.
  15. There shouldn’t have been anymore after the guaranteed deal he signed years ago. He’s just not a good QB this year.
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