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  1. Wouldn’t you rather keep him if possible? He’s playing well and there’s nobody behind who can start and be a 10 sack player.
  2. What might the KSO look like?

    Got to see it be effective on the road. Tough to judge the Giants game given how poor their pass defense is ranked.
  3. What might the KSO look like?

    I hope the offense doesn’t get too focused on the explosive play where they live or die by it. Long, time consuming drives will help the defense down the stretch. Though, MN has had those as well so it’s probably not too concerning yet.
  4. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Cousins never lost his job though. He’s been a regular 16 game starter for years now. Seems they may give consideration for players who were benched and found their way back into the starting lineup. I honestly don’t know who else would be in consideration this year.
  5. My concern with Reiff is less about his value as a player but more about his value to the team. There are several key free agents in their mid 20s, it would seem more prudent to keep those players around then a mediocre and declining LT who’s over 30. I think the Vikes may be in a difficult position salary cap wise where moving on from Reiff may be a necessary option. Won’t be easy finding a quick $10M save. I’d make the same argument with Rhodes and Rudolph. All are okay players you can win with but they aren’t getting better or cheaper. Keeping a guy like Mackensie Alexander or Anthony Harris around for the long term does more for the roster.
  6. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    I wouldn’t think so. What Is he coming back from? Progress does not equal coming back.
  7. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-2-1)

    I doubt the Vikes have time to look ahead to KC. It’s a short week against Washington.
  8. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I guess I don’t see why there is a window that’s closing. It’s not like we’ve got a franchise QB who’s nearing retirement and I trust a Zimmer led team to always churn out talent on defense. The Vikes aren’t built around one player.
  9. Week 6 Non Vikings Games

    It’s a QB driven league. I mean it wouldn’t shock me if the NFL did what they could to prop up their star QBs. They’ve changed the rules so much for QBs in terms of protection and what defenses can’t do.
  10. What might the KSO look like?

    Which is usually followed up by the commentators wondering why he’s barely been involved this year. Wonder why?
  11. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    The only appeal I could see would be for fans in cities without NFL teams if they want something local to get behind. Otherwise, I doubt the general NFL fan is going to watch. When do they actually play? If it’s spring, maybe they’d get some fans. I don’t follow any other professional or college sports but even I don’t see myself tuning in, but that may not be the case for other football fans. Seems like a very niche market. Can’t see it surviving.
  12. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I don’t see the appeal for trading a high pick for Williams. He’s over 30 and has injury concerns. He might be a nice option for a year or two, and I’d maybe part with a third at most (and Reiff) but a first or second round pick, not happening.
  13. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-2-1)

    Hopefully the Vikes can have a big game on the ground and feast off playaction. Defense needs to dominate early on. Can’t have another poor start like the Packers game.
  14. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-2-1)

    Hate to say must win this early in the year, but we’ve got to win a divisional game at some point.
  15. What might the KSO look like?

    Based on the Shanahan/Kubiak offense, I’m not surprised that Rudolph is being ignored. It seems that the move TE gets the most looks, like Jordan Reed and Owen Daniels as recent examples of how the TE is involved. Smith fits the mold of Reed and Daniels, not Rudolph. Honestly wish they would have just traded Rudolph as soon as Smith was drafted. or at the very least, not extend him. He’s looking at maybe 2-3 targets per game, not worth it.