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  1. Are we at the end of the Rhodes...?

    Wonder what happens first. Rhodes getting benched or Cousins winning on Monday night?
  2. Browns fan; oc stefanski as a HC

    Wonder what the Saints will do. Hard to push away a HOF player like Brees but Teddy played well for them and is still young enough to be part of the future.
  3. Browns fan; oc stefanski as a HC

    Teddy to Carolina would make sense too.
  4. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    Seems unlikely but it would be very Viking and/or Kirk Cousins like to completely blow it and lose a game to the Bears, Lions or Chargers to close out the year.
  5. Week 14: VIKINGS (8-4) vs. Lions (3-8-1)

    The defense could perform as well as the 2018 version with this offense and we would be in great shape.
  6. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Same could be said about SF, but probably significantly worse than Seattle. When I was looking for entry level type finance jobs in 2008-2010 when I graduated, they paid roughly the same as what my friend were getting back in Minneapolis. I was stubborn and stayed too long, couldn’t be happier that I found my way back to the Midwest. Now im well seasoned in my finance career and the pay difference doesn’t come close to compensating for cost of living. I paid $1700 per month for a tiny studio in SF. I now pay about the same for a few acres within 35 miles of Minneapolis.
  7. Notable Stats and Observations

    Why can’t the Vikings have a great offense and defense in the same season?
  8. How does this affect Cam?

    Teddy Bridgewater is an option. Who knows what happens with Alex Smith as well. Wouldn’t rule either out as potential stop gaps. In Teddy’s Case, he’s young enough where Carolina may not need to take a young QB right away.
  9. Week 13: VIKINGS (8-3) at Seahawks (9-2)

    Didn’t have Thielen and Cook (2nd half) either. It was a competitive showing but I just wish we’d be making more progress by now since Zimmer has been here for years. Four to five years ago we would get blown out in this type of game. Now we’re consistently within one score of winning and making it competitive. When do we actually start winning these types of games on the road? Dallas was close, they did have a winning record when we played them but they probably aren’t quite as good as the early season hype.
  10. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I think that memo has changed every decade so I am not sure what I should believe. Last winter I do recall several school closures due to severely cold weather, seemed abnormal, though I’m new to this as a parent and have only paid attention to school closures the past couple of years, not counting my time as a student myself praying for winter weather to shut down classes. I don’t mind a frigid winter that dries up all the moisture in the air. I hate the winter commute more than anything, so anything to avoid heavy snowfall.
  11. Jockeying for the Playoffs

    Cousins hasn’t proven anything in the playoffs either. In fact, his record in prime time games is abysmal. The Vikes offense is just as unproven as the 49ers.
  12. Jockeying for the Playoffs

    They still play Seattle and SF.
  13. Jockeying for the Playoffs

    Watching Cousins and this OL go against the 49ers DL is not a pleasant thought. The 49ers concern me just as much as Seattle. I’m less concerned with the Saints and Packers. The NFC Eaat winner probably won’t be much of a threat either.
  14. 2020 Draft Talk

    I think they’d be fine letting Samia and Elflein compete for one spot, and drafting a potential starter. Kline has been solid, it’s just hard to justify keeping him as they look for cash any place they can get it. The alternative may be releasing Reiff, who I think has played pretty well as of late.
  15. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    Bears won’t be easy, certainly could see MN dropping that game at home like last year. But they absolutely should win it and will be favored. Would be even more of a letdown compared to last year since the Bears were actually good last year. Packers are always tough but the game being in MN is huge for the Vikes.