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  1. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    I’m pulling for Peterson but I can’t imagine there will be many more opportunities for him with how the league has changed the past decade. Just seems he’s not helping his legacy much playing for a bad team and not being nearly as productive at his peak. But I understand he’s got to get his personal financials in a better spot.
  2. The Iron Chef!!

    Is it not? We’re talking about a player who’s seemingly peaked by November and can’t finish a season healthy. I enjoy watching Cook play against sub par teams, just wish we’d see it more in meaningful games. What value is there in keeping Cook above $10m?
  3. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    Yet, this cop has had a number of issues stemming back decades. He could have been behind bars years ago. Who was Hennepin County’s prosecutor from the 90s to 2007. Interesting enough, it was Amy Klobuchar. The problem is Minneapolis and Hennepin County have been controlled by one party for decades, I dont think that is what Democracy intended. Yet, Minneapolis continues to cycle through the same type of activists that have lead to no meaningful change. Look who’s supposed to be representing this district in the house, Ilhan Omar? Keith Ellison before her. Klobuchar in the Senate, who’s own issues have already been outlined. Leadership is garbage in Minneapolis, so find someone who actually cares about the city. Frey’s in over his head but I’m sure he’s basking in the attention. Seems Walz should have stepped in sooner. Fortunately the cop has been arrested but if these looters and vandals aren’t either, that’s a problem.
  4. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    When you put activists in charge of leadership, what do you expect. It’s a very said situation no doubt. Major change is needed in Minneapolis after really decades of the same types mismanaging the city.
  5. What should we expect from coaching changes?

    Stefanski ran the same offense that Kubiak has employed, basically the wide zone, lots of rollouts and playaction, lots of two TE sets. So that won’t change because, MN did all of that last year. I think it’s the leadership that Kubiak offers, which can allow Zimmer to focus on defense. Kubiak is obviously light years ahead of Stefanski, who’s offense seemed to sputter down the stretch and didn’t seem to have an answer when Thielen went down. I hope to see a better use of all of the RBs, Stefanski seemed to run Cook into the ground later in the year.
  6. What should we expect from coaching changes?

    I like the change from Stefanski to Kubiak. Should be a huge boost for the Vikes offense.
  7. Vikings S Anthony Harris signs tender at $11 mil+

    The Vikes can afford to keep both given the losses at CB. Keeping Harris over say, Trae Waynes was the right move. Harris was a late bloomer though as he’s already 28 after just two years as a starter.
  8. The Iron Chef!!

    The point being said is you’d never Let Mattison be a workhorse, I’d argue Cook shouldn’t be either. Obviously if Cook is let go, MN is probably drafting a player who can be a factor as a runner and receiver fairly early in the draft, as a compliment to Mattison. I hate the approach of paying a RB top 3 money to give him a large majority of the carries, just doesn’t give the offense as much diversity, unless that RB is a special talent like McCaffrey, Tomlinson or Faulk as a runner and dangerous receiver. I don’t know what Cook is asking for but wasn’t it said earlier that he views himself as one of the best? If that’s the case, hows he not pushing to be paid as much Elliott or McCaffrey?
  9. The Iron Chef!!

    I mean we literally saw Cook get a more significant bulk of the carries as the season went on just as the effectiveness of the run game and offense declined. I think just last year showed that a RB by committee approach is probably better than giving one over 75% of the carries. So why pay Cook to be a workhorse when he’s yet to show he can be one for a full 16 games? If you want a committee back, they can be found much cheaper than paying Cook top 3 money.
  10. Vikings S Anthony Harris signs tender at $11 mil+

    You may not be wrong but they are asked to do different things in Zimmer’s scheme. Smith and Harris compliment each other very well. Smith is often lined up on the closed side of the field, often attacking the LOS. Harris seems to get more opportunities to cover more range and he’s done a great job in being opportunistic. Smith is a bit older so you’d expect him to decline before Harris, so you’d expect at some point for Harris to surpass Smith, maybe thats already happened. It has in compensation.
  11. The Ant-Man Franchised

    If Trae Waynes was worth keeping, they would have made sure to not let him walk, and wouldn’t have been able to afford to tag Harris. Waynes just wasn’t ever that good and certainly not a building block for this team. Disappointing for a top 11 pick. Very solid player but it seems he couldn’t make the next leap.
  12. Vikings Super Bowl Win for 2020/21 Season

    A win is a win. I think most fans will take it.
  13. The Ant-Man Franchised

    Hopefully they can get a deal worked out by July 15. Can’t imagine Harris is in a huge rush, the franchise tag does pay him well.
  14. Bills DL Ed Oliver arrested

    Don’t need to in Texas.
  15. I’d imagine most college professors and college administrators and support positions are severely over paid in the US relative to other countries. Especially when the federal government overtook college lending in 2008. There’s no consequence when tuition is drastically increased and you can pay your staff handsomely when the government is willing to fund any degree program to a dumb 18 year old willing to take on six figures of debt without much thought to it.