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  1. They cut him for Blewitt. Would rather just stay the course with Joseph. Feel like the semi annual changing kickers mid season thing isn’t working.
  2. Might not be possible as a 4th WR. Doubt Thielen or Jefferson are going anywhere.
  3. That or we played Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Jared Goff weeks 4-6. Lower level QB play should correlate to better secondary play, I’d hope.
  4. He’s also a free agent. Is he worth a $10-12 million contract if he’s somewhat successful here.
  5. I don’t think it’s the defense letting up. They simply aren’t good when they have to make a stop. it’s the offense that is letting up and the intentional throttling down and forcing the run.
  6. When you play with this mentality, even a Sam Darnold with a terrible receiving corps can come back into the game. The secondary needs a major overhaul. The only worthwhile players appear to be Smith, Woods and Alexander. Maybe Peterson as a 1 year stop gap. CB is likely the top need assuming MN is picking around 16.
  7. We peaked a few years ago and coaching is stale, so there isn’t much. But there is still a young core of truly elite players in Jefferson, Hunter and Kendricks. Cook too but hard to say with a peak injury prone RB. Also, there is a ton of young talent along the OL which has been a ten year process for Mn. It’s finally coming together. Darrisaw and O’Neill are a nice tackle duo, potentially. Lots of youth along the interior in Bradbury, Udoh, Cleveland and Davis as well. Maybe Kirk Cousins if he can play as he has the last season of games for another five years. Cant
  8. I agree. Even with a 10 point lead. I’m tired of watching these teams fight back in the game when we should be winning by multiple scores. We can criticize the defense for giving up those points and rightfully so, but at this point, the offense needs to be more aggressive when closing out games. I get the desire to run down the block but there’s got to be an alternative to using the run game almost exclusively.
  9. Defense needs to actually play a worthwhile QB. They haven’t in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing how they look against Prescott in couple weeks. I just hope it isn’t another 400 yard game like Murray had on us.
  10. Hate that the defense gave up a 96 yard drive at the end of the game to Sam Darnold of all QBs. I’m hesitant to proclaim that the defense has turned the corner give they’ve faced some bad QB play the last few weeks in Mayfield, Goff and Darnold. this was a good team chemistry win going into the bye. Maybe it can help propel the team into being better with the lead. There’s zero kill instinct with the lead. Instead they throttle down.
  11. Based on the last season of games, this remains to be seen. The last season of play he’s a top 8 QB being held back by a mostly bad team. Of course there’s room for improvement but I don’t think you can ask much more from Cousins at this stage. He’s handicapped by an offensive philosophy that’s outdated yet can’t afford mistakes because the defense has generally been unreliable the past year. Id love to draft a replacement that’s cheaper and luck into a Mahomes. I don’t think this front office is bold enough to make such a move. That’s clearly evident this year with the supposed inte
  12. I’m cringing like Zimmer is. He wanted no part of that.
  13. Didn’t help him having Ponder selected for him as his QBOTF.
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