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  1. Certainly not unwarranted considering Chicago won the division covincingly and the league knows who Cousins is at this point.
  2. The WR battle of 2019

    Williamson at least had physical talent. He had great speed. Treadwell is a poor athlete, lacks explosiveness and speed, and his ability as a possession receiver never translated to the next level. Williamson had no issues creating separation, he just couldn't catch the ball. Treadwell can't separate and we've yet to see reliable hands. I guess I wouldn't waste my time trying to showcase him given how little return is likely. We're talking about a late round pick in maybe one or two drafts from now. Wouldn't go out of my way for that, but that's just me. Nor do I think a team will really bite if he's catching passes from Sloter and beating 3rd and 4th team CBs.
  3. The WR battle of 2019

    How does that help the current roster?
  4. The WR battle of 2019

    Can't see anyone trading a 2020 draft pick for Treadwell. Could see a 2021 late rounder being throw at the Vikes. Treadwell has little useful value and his upside, due to status as a first round pick, is overstated.
  5. 2019 Vikings Training Camp/Preseason

    Seems like Samia is progressing much quicker than other recent mid to late round OL that this team has drafted. Including Isidora. Would be nice if Bradbury and Samia can be long term starters, would be a real solid draft class if just these two emerge as legit OL.
  6. Enjoy the NFL but tired of your team?

    Guess I'm the opposite. Love my team but growing tired of the NFL.
  7. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    But if this guy can stabilize the kicking game and is truly as talented as suggested, I don't think anyone will complain about the trade. Especially Zimmer, who's yet to find a good long term kicking solution.
  8. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Like this trade. I'd prefer to go with a younger and cheaper option than a retread like Bailey. Just hope Zimmer has more patience than he had with Carlson. If this guy can punt too, that would be awesome. I'm surprised teams haven't come across dual kickers/punters more often to save a roster spot, though I understand it's a completely different skill set.
  9. Preseason, Week 1: VIKINGS (0-0) at Saints (0-0)

    We've really only seen Sloter against 3rd string players. So it shouldn't be surprising that he looks so much better than everyone else. It would be nice to see him get second team reps against better competition. Mannion didn't look bad, so it's hard to justify demoting him.
  10. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    Given the Packers track record developing OL, I'd probably pass. If they can't develop him, he may be a lost cause.
  11. Preseason, Week 1: VIKINGS (0-0) at Saints (0-0)

    Boone vs Abdullah will be an interesting competition for the last RB spot. Boone looks like a better natural runner in this system but Abdullah can play special teams.
  12. Preseason, Week 1: VIKINGS (0-0) at Saints (0-0)

    Agreed. The backup WR spots are wide open, would be nice to see Johnson earn the #3 job.
  13. Took awhile for the Vikes to replace Moss. They immediately drafted Troy Williamson with the pick acquired from Oakland. Harvin and Rice never panned out long term, though Rice was brilliant in 2009. Berrian was a free agent bust. Moss returned in 2010 for a few games. Jennings was a free agent bust. Patterson and Treadwell were busts. Finally struck gold with Diggs and Thielen who ironically went in the 5th round and undrafted, respectively. MN has invested heavily at the WR position since Moss was traded. Pretty good WRs before Moss in Cris Carter and Jake Reed too.
  14. What if the Vikings resigned Daunte Culpepper?

    Moss still played in 13 games that year. Sure, he battled through some injuries, but defenses still focused on him. Culpepper developed in an offense that featured Moss drawing regular double coverage. Make him read an entire field without Moss as the focal point, I think there was legit struggles.
  15. What if the Vikings resigned Daunte Culpepper?

    Seems like Culpepper's career unraveled after Moss was traded. That first year without Moss, Culpepper was dreadful, as mentioned, then he later blew out his knee half way through the year.