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  1. Might be easier if you don’t have a family or kids. Would imagine for players with families, it’s preferred to be closer to them and not have to move them all of the time.
  2. NFL players career are a heck of a lot shorter than other professions though and probably more likely to change employers at a moments notice, unless you’re a super star.
  3. To be closer to home in the offseason. How many players actually choose to live in the same state they play in?
  4. The youth this team has at DE is exciting. Hopefully Hunter can get a new deal and return to form and Weatherly can be a solid starter opposite of him. It would be nice to not have to rely on Robinson and Jones early on and let Wonnum slide into that #3 role.
  5. Sounds like they have a garbage union representing them. Not surprised, they’ll get their cut regardless. Wonder what the fall out will be for the current NFLPA Leadership. Something like this is unacceptable and I just wonder if there is a push to not train onsite, and they can’t train offsite, how ready will they actually be for the season? Doesn’t seem good for the product in the end, all for a ridiculous stance by the leagues established veteran players. And I don’t want to hear the covid excuse anymore as to why they can’t go back to work after watching an entire season played that pretty
  6. Two first rounders, one second rounder, and two third rounders. The investment better start paying off. Bradbury is definitely on the hot seat.
  7. I’d guess edge will be the big discussion next year. But even that conversation will be a challenge with Wonnum, Jones, Robinson, Willekes all being young players with a ton to prove. If MN is picking near the top 10 again, I’d expect QB to be the main topic because I doubt Cousins will be viewed anymore positively and Mond will be viewed as just a third rounder.
  8. Is this going to be the first draft in ages where we don’t have to talk about drafting OL early?
  9. What that likely means, as we’ve seen far too often, the offense will have a good year and Kubiak will be poached leaving us in the same spot as usual with an old school HC who needs to change the offense.
  10. I wish my team would take a chance such as this. Spielman is so tight with his picks that it likely costs the Vikes from ever being a serious threat. Cousins keeps them relevant and competitive, that’s it. It was even reported that Spielman was enamored with Justin Fields and tried to trade up but obviously didn’t want to part with that future first round pick because a trade never happened. Spielman saw Fields as a franchise guy, but couldn’t make a bold move, and settled for Mond in the third round.
  11. Holmes and Willekes should be in the mix too. I think it will be Hunter, Weatherly, Wonnum, Jones and Robinson. And five DTs - Pierce, Tomlinson, Watts, Twyman and Lynch. Some talented players and fairly high picks will be released. I guess they could keep 11 DL and go with an additional DE.
  12. Teddy is better than Wentz. But I think you can argue Wentz has more upside.
  13. Perhaps. I feel like at any given time, Teddy (and Fitzpatrick) are essentially top 25ish QBs. They are known starters and you’ll be competitive with them and certainly better than guys like Darnold and Lock. You could do a hell of a lot worse. But obviously teams look for upside and want to give those high picks opportunities to be franchise QBs. In the end, it’s not a bad gig to be a journeyman placeholder and I think that’s where Teddy is now and Fitzpatrick perfected. I don’t think these guys go to situations to be just a backup, it seems they end up on teams that have some QB uncertainty
  14. He’s a little better than that. He’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. Basically a starting QB that gets recycled every year keeping the seat warm for a younger option. Teddys probably in that 22-26 tier of starting QBs, so he’s not terrible but most teams want better than below average.
  15. Zimmer’s seat is feeling a bit hotter so I’m glad he’s willing to put more attention towards the offense if he’s seeing an issue. The problem is we need this every offseason. Seems too often we get complacent after a good year and miss the playoffs.
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