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  1. I would have cut him a long time ago if it were me.
  2. I agree. It’s time to move on. I prefer seeing the young DEs play and I think it will be okay since there are veterans everywhere in the defense to help with the learning curve. Griffen is erratic right now, which likely is why he’s still unsigned. Seems for his sake, perhaps it’s time to call it a career.
  3. Lock is the better option but he obviously has a short leash. I think come early October, there should be enough on Lock to decide to put in Teddy if a change is needed. I’m not confident that Denver is a playoff team with Teddy but with Lock, it’s boom or bust. Chiefs and Chargers will certainly be tough teams this year so putting out a below average QB like Teddy doesn’t move the needle enough relative to Lock’s upside. Time isn’t on Locks side in terms of realizing that potential.
  4. Jefferson has the makings of a super star.
  5. I’m not sure why they’d need to add a veteran at this point. Let’s just roll with Cleveland and Davis. I’ve never liked the approach this FO has taken with signing vets along the OL, just seems to rarely work out and it takes away from younger players who may be better.
  6. Would bet on Anthony Barr not returning. He’s essentially a free agent after the year and I can’t see MN coming up with the cash to pay him.
  7. Big difference between Mayfield and Burrow is they are significantly younger. In five years, both peaks could be much higher than Cousins right now. As for Carr, I don’t think he has a case over Cousins.
  8. 15 out of 32 starting QBs seems pretty average to me. I’d certainly consider there to be more than one average starting QB. I’d personally put Cousins in the 10-12 grouping, which to me is more truly above average. Than you work into that top 10 of great or typical franchise caliber QBs and then the elite grouping which is reserved to maybe just Mahomes, Brady and Rodgers right now.
  9. Matt Birk and Jeff Christy were both very good for MN. Felt like Christy flew under the radar. John Sullivan has a nice run in MN in the early 2010s, though I’d never put him in the same class as Christy and Birk. Haven’t been able to find a reliable Center since Sullivan.
  10. I think you find a way to keep 10-11. No sense of letting talent go just because you have numbers. Perhaps they will be able to trade some excess after preseason. I think Holmes and Hercules have been here long enough to show they don’t have the upside to be anything more than an average rotational piece at best. I’d keep guys like Robinson or Willekes over them.
  11. On paper, at least. Haven’t seen Pierce in over a year, though he seems to be in great shape. I think we know what we have in Richardson and he’s going to be a nice player to rotate into nickel packages. Tomlinson looks like an emerging player, seems similar to when Joseph came over from the Giants. If Hunter returns to form, it will be a very good unit. Just need some production from the other DE spot between Weatherly, Wonnum or Jones. Has the potential to be one of the deeper units in the league.
  12. Injuries didn’t help Smith either, especially early in his career.
  13. Odd that he can’t seem to get a long term deal. He’s a starting quality DT.
  14. That Saints game must have been really traumatic for Zimmer. Not holding back on having a strong DT rotation.
  15. It will be interesting to see how they use the trio of Pierce, Tomlinson and Richardson. That Saints game must be scarred in Zimmer’s memory or something.
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