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  1. Unfortunately for Rudolph, I don’t think he’s athletic enough to be in a lead TE role where he may be asked to block more than he’d like to.
  2. He’s a big body possession type receiver and struggles to separate in the middle of the field. But Rudolph is still a weapon in the red zone and could easily score 6-8 TDs per year in the right situation. He’s prone to making spectacular catches in the back of the end zone. But that’s about it.
  3. Is Harrison Smith now the longest tenured Viking? He was drafted in 2012.
  4. What’s wrong with Tyler Conklin? I thought he flashed. It just doesn’t seem Cousins looks that way that much and Jefferson, Thielen and Smith should get the bulk of the receiving targets. I’d look to add a blocking TE but that’s a mid round priority at the earliest.
  5. Nice player who will always be appreciated, but MN really did hang onto him one year too long.
  6. Good red zone threat still but he’s very limited anywhere else on the field. Rudolph’s replacement, Tyler Conklin had a lot of good moments so I don’t expect a drop off outside of red zone production. MN is cash strapped and Rudolph is loved in the community, I think MN held on a year too long for that reason. I actually anticipate a somewhat depressing market for Rudolph. I just don’t think he’s a #1 anymore, he’s so limited athletically at this stage.
  7. Couldn’t they have figured this out after years of his tape before making the trade? This was a miss on Spielman’s part of they thought he was suddenly going to become interested in run support. Spielman has made two big in season trades and they both were disasters.
  8. QB Kirk Cousins TE Kyle Rudolph OG Dru Samia DT Shamar Stephen LB Anthony Barr
  9. I agree. They really need a starting caliber DE, a new 3T and for Hunter to return. I like Wonnum and Odinigbo as reserves and developmental options. If they can get a 1-2 year placeholder at RE to pair with Hunter I’d feel much better.
  10. Seems most of the time they end up out of the league before their rookie contract was set to expire.
  11. I hope Mn is all over this. I’d still prioritize DT if the talent justifies the draft selection but adding a vet like this would certainly be a huge boost to the defense from day one.
  12. I agree with the penny pinch method. Bring in a vet to a less than $1m deal and let them compete and whatever UDFAs the team has at the moment. I’d still be tempted to use pick 14 on a QB if a good one falls.
  13. Amazes me how someone like this even gets drafted. How was any of this not identified? Now I realize this is a pretty rare and extreme example of a miss but there are a lot of scouts that deserve to be fired. Unless he’s really good at faking it during interviews.
  14. I ran track and played football through my senior year in high school. Made varsity in track as a sophomore mostly running 100M, 200M and sometimes 400M. Wasn’t that great at football but was on varsity my junior and senior years. I had track scholarship offers but they weren’t that great and I wasn’t all that interested in collegiate sports anyway. Now I mostly work around my farm as the closest thing to regular physical activity that I get.
  15. Underwood had different things going on. Didn’t even make it to camp.
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