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  1. What team do you think would trade for Teddy Bridgewater?

    Teddy is signed for just one season. He'd be free to choose his own team again next year. I only see Teddy being traded if a team loses a starter prior to the start of the year.
  2. Forbath vs. Carlson

    I think they ought to cut Forbath now. Let Carlson take those reps.
  3. Also gets you Harrison Smith, Anthony Barr, etc. This need vs BPA debate is truly tiresome as BPA becomes so subjective.
  4. It's a possibility. Danny Isidora and Aviante Collins are both in the mix. Unfortunately Compton being the veteran will probably be the opening day starter even though I'd prefer to go with a younger option. Easton is a big loss for the Vikes. The Vikes OL is mediocre at best so staying healthy was going to be key. Definitely thin up front and there likely isn't veteran help available at this stage of the offseason.
  5. Easton was acquired in a trade and eventually developed into a decent starter. I'd certainly look into trading for an OL, and we've got trade ammo at CB. I'd hate to not explore that option.
  6. I don't mind moving Alexander, CB is extremely deep and we've added two rookie CBs that look very promising.
  7. Your HC or your starting QB. Which do you keep?

    Zimmer over Cousins.
  8. All abouts the wideouts

    Thielen is one of the best valued players on non rookie deals in the league. He deserves a pay raise but timing wasn't ideal for him. Thielen could have bet on himself and held out for a bigger deal, but he wanted the best he could get after his one solid season. No one (not even Thielen) saw last year happening.
  9. Barr V Richardson?

    Isn't Johnson going to be getting more reps at NT behind Joseph? Or will he backup both DT spots?
  10. Barr V Richardson?

    I agree. Richardson plays a premium position, Barr does not. However, we don't know how well Richardson will fit into the lockerroom and into the 3 tech position (new for him). We also can't assume that Barr wants to return in his current role that may limit his pay. If he truly wants to be an edge rusher or be paid accordingly, MN may not be a good fit.
  11. #PaidDiggs!

    I'm glad that Diggs has been locked up, especially over Barr at this point. Diggs and Thielen are such a good duo.
  12. Great deal. I was worried he may be too expensive to keep but I'm glad the Vikes are willing to pay a premium to keep him around. The only big names left to resign for 2019 are Anthony Barr and Sheldon Richardson (if he performs adequately).
  13. I'd think having a RB of Cook's ability will also help the OL, I doubt teams worried about Murray and McKinnon much to not tee off at the QB on most downs.
  14. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    It wouldn't make sense to extend Richardson during camp since he just signed a one year deal this offseason. I think what was implied is if Richardson plays well through the half way point to start discussing a long term cotract.
  15. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    we may have to face the reality that we might see a downgrade at the OLB position or may have to start a rookie. That's unavoidable as the Vikes determine who to let walk due to financial reasons. The position may have to evolve given Barr's unique skill set.