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  1. I really like this signing. He gives us depth and experience with youth. I would have resigned him before he left last time. I think he is ready to elevate to a top ten FS.
  2. I think this is a great draft for OT and LB. Bad draft at DT and DE. There are some interesting players at both positions who may end being good, but there is a high bust factor. The question is do we go LB at #17 or T. Really a tough call in my opinion. T is a bigger need, but there are a couple LB who could impact our team in a more significant way. We may be able to get a good T in the second who will fill that role nicely. I think there is a bigger drop off from the top three LBs. There is more value in going LB in the first with one of the top three guys. 1. JOK Notre Dame-LB(c
  3. Mayock liked him 4 years ago, and his tape is pretty good in the nfl. This is a solid pick up. Now we just need a RT and this draft is full of them
  4. I said less than 7, not 7. Obviously, 3 would be better, but he is a vet with starting experience and a relatively good reputation. He was set to make 7.25 this year on a three year 33 million dollar deal and was a former second rounder. He was signed to that big contract based on good play. He hasn't been atrocious since then, but the Texans are clearing house. So, if we get him for less than 7 say 6 or 5.5 that would be a pay cut and a deal really. But, Im happy to get him for three.
  5. If we could get Hicks for a 5rd pick and Mariota, done deal bro. But, that's never going to happen. I agree I would rather have MM over Dalton though.
  6. I would just say that there doesn't seem to be a DT that is elite in this draft. Barmore is probably the top guy, and he isn't the prospect that would have excited anyone last year or in years where there were elite prospects at DT. Kind of a weak year for the position and not a whole lot out there in FA. I think what we added at the price we paid is pretty good considering the options.
  7. A solid pick-up. Anything under 7 million a year is good. More depth as James can play guard as well.
  8. It may be a bit rich, but with Drake we get an additional starter. Richard and Booker were nice complements but nothing more. When JJ gets dinged up, he slows down, and those two couldn't effectively pick up the load. Drake is a legit weapon in both the running and passing game. Definite upgrade. maybe he is getting a million more than you would like, but he is 27 and in his prime.
  9. RT & S are the teams biggest needs now. We could potentially get a very good RT prospect at #17 and still get a nice S prospect in the second round. This would be my preference. There are 4 or 5 excellent young RT prospects we can certainly get one of these.
  10. I am loving this off season thus far. I would have liked to have kept Agholor but not 13 mill. Still need a RT. But Adding Yannik, Solomon, and Jefferson to the dline is gorgeous. The financial discipline that Mayock and Gruden are demonstrating is outstanding. Adding a John Brown to the weaponry is reminiscent of the Agholor signing last year. Plus an extra 3rd and two 5th's. All of that, and we are in significantly better cap position going forward. Oh, and I don't think we are done. Daddy like.
  11. Just for perspective Kolton makes a little over 3 million and good a little over 2 million. Obviously Kolton is gonna get a raise once he is off his rookie deal, but maybe drafting olinemen and keeping their cost down on rookie deals while paying proven skills guys and high impact players is the better way to go. It is far harder to draft good CB's than good G or Centers and you can generally get elite talent in the mid rounds at those positions.
  12. Trent Brown didn't earn his money. He has fleeced the team and deserves zero sympathy or consideration. Incognito was given an opportunity when other weren't interested. he flourished and was rewarded, but he missed an entire season and at his age he is too big a risk at his current number. Any team would cut him and nobody is offering him a similar contract now which confirms that it was the right decision. Gabe isn't required to restructure. But, he is well paid and has been for some time. If he doesn't want to restructure, which doesn't mean taking a pay cut, then we can play and pay or cut
  13. This is interesting. It would be really fascinating to hear a Hudson interview. His reasoning for asking for his release would be good to know.
  14. I think we all need to relax. You can't pay 3 guys on a 54 man roster 20% of your salary when none of the three are QB, DE, WR. These are linemen. We aren't even talking LT. We had 20% of our cap room in Gabe, Rodney, and Trent Brown. 1 center, 1 guard, and a right tackle. That's not an effective use of our money even if these guys are all excellent players. Unfortunately, we rarely even saw these three on the field at the same time. And, we aren't exactly dismantling a superbowl championship team. We are getting rid of a right tackle who can't stay healthy or in shape. TB's game will co
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