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  1. 10 wins. Key games for our success are-Patriots, Bills, Bucs. We need to win 2 of these 3. If we can get through the first 6 games at .500 we will win 10 games. I think we lose to the Saints and Chiefs. We get the Bucs off a bye. We get Bills at home. Patriots looked good against Miami, But it was Miami. The Patriots will get exposed against the Seahawks this week. Bills are very good, but I think we match up well against them. We are a better offense. They have the better defense. I think we can definitely win 2 out of 3 from these teams.
  2. Just stop! Carr can't carry Brady's jock strap. Brady is among the very best to ever play QB. Carr isn't among the best in the league right now let alone of all time. I don't believe he is leaving New England, but he would be the perfect guy for a Love or Eason to learn behind. Carr would have a meltdown if those guys were drafted while he was the starter. Precious wouldn't be able to handle the disrespect of us drafting a new QB.
  3. Sign -Corey Middleton 4 years 55 million and some others, but this is the big one. Resign Dion Jordan and Karl Joseph (KJ only at a reasonable price) Draft - #12 Javon Kinlaw DT #19 CB CJ Henderson 0R Jordan Love (QB 1st option) #80 WR Denzel Mims #81 Cameron Dantzler CB #90 WR Tyler Johnson if we get CJ Henderson/ Troy Pride Jr. if we get Love. #111 S Kyle Duggar #140 WR Isaiah Hodgins We roll with Carr into the season and develop Love if we can get him at #19. Or we trade Carr and sign a vet like Dalton or Brady. I would take any pick under #65 for Carr. The receiver class is awesome. There are so many good ones I don't think you need to pick one in the first to get a difference maker. Lets pick up two or three a little later and see which one steps up. KInlaw takes our Dline to another level. Combined with a pro bowl caliber MLB and a couple high end CB we can be a top ten Defense; certainly, a significantly improved one.
  4. I'm curious to know what everyone took from the Chief's victory. For me, it reiterated that great QB's are necessary 90% of the time to win the big game. You need a QB who is at least clutch and efficient. Montana, Brady, Bradshaw, Young, Favre, Aikman, Unitas, Starr, Starbauch, Namath, etc. Their are a few outliers, but mediocre QB's are not the norm. Defense is important. I would say an above average defense and a top five QB is the formula. I don't think Carr is ever going to be a top QB, and in a division that Mahomes is going to be in for the next 10 years we are going nowhere unless we roll the dice on a new QB soon. We may end up with a bum, but Carr's mediocrity isn't going to get it done, so it shouldn't stop us from taking our shot.
  5. I accept that Gannon was willing to run around a bit, and pick up yards when they are made available.
  6. Gruden really hasn't coached with a mobile QB. Gannon was probably his most mobile starter and Gannon wasn't a super mobile guy in my opinion. Carr can do many thing Gruden wants which is why he is still on the team. He can get the ball out quick, he can do that with accuracy, and he is above average smart. The issue with Carr is the deep ball accuracy, pocket presence, an unwillingness to use his above average speed as QB to pick up yards and extend plays. Gruden is clearly become acutely aware of Carr's issues. He isn't a super patient guy. the Raiders have been complimentary of Carr up to a point. They certainly haven't given Carr reason to be certain about his future. I think a lot depends on what happens in FA. If we can address our most glaring needs on defense, we are going to be in the market to select a Qb perhaps as high as #13 and select a WR at #19.
  7. Somebody posted would we take the colts #13 for Carr. Of course we would. Hell, we would take a lot less. If someone offered us a 2nd rounder, we would make the deal. We might even do it a for a 3rd.
  8. It is just unbelievable.. That anyone is making the argument that Carr is a better option than Tom friggin' Brady. !!!!.....How dare you sir! Are you seriously comparing these two? You are talking about the present superbowl champion!! He has been in the last three superbowls and won two of them!! He has won 3 of the last five superbowls!!! I could keep going....I know I know ...Carr had a really nice season just a few years back in 2016. You know the year between two of Tom Brady's superbowl victories (2015 and 2017). Brady only made it to the AFC Championship game that year. A small feat he has only accomplished 11 times including the last eight straight years. Comparing Carr to Brady is disrespectful to the football gods. Stick to comparing Carr to Mariota. Brady has earned better. Honestly, Carr can't stand the comparison. It's like saying a lump of coal is the same as a diamond.
  9. Carr is not the same guy who went to Fresno or played for us in 2016. He has been replaced by a very different player. Perhaps it would help if people just thought of him as an athlete who has lost a few steps. Its an analogy for how Carr isn't what he was and won't be again. I'm not suggesting that you don't need a good team to win. I'm suggesting that Carr can and should be replaced to make the team better. At this point in his career, he isn't great and unlikely to improve much. If he wants to renegotiate his contract and get paid 15 a year, I will happily give him another season while I draft his replacement. Otherwise, I'm for saving the money and investing it in another free agent.
  10. With Mariota at the helm or Car they would have been 6-10. Tannehill played really well. Mariota and Carr are similarly terrible. I have seen people suggest we pick him up. He's is one of the few guys I would say is a downgrade from Carr. Like Carr, he has been broken by his injury history.
  11. The Roster looks like a Colander right now. We arent really set anywhere except our OLINE starters, 2 TE, RB. Otherwise, we need a player or two at all the other positions. Heck we need a place kicker.
  12. bring back- Dion Jordan Like him Mayowa -Useful Devey- Backs up all positions on the IOL Jalen Richard -Good pass catching back David Sharpe- Better than Parker decent Backup Trent Sieg Need a long snapper Burfict {Only because he knows the system, is still fairly young, had all year to get rested, and he's super cheap} Washington On the Cheap Karl Joseph --At the right price. I mean a cheap price. If someone wants to pay him let him walk. No More than 7 miliion. The rest can either go, or I haven't seen them play.
  13. This might be happening. I would have said impossible, but you would think this would have been squashed already wit Brady returning to Patriots as a done deal. Instead, we have some interesting reporting. https://nypost.com/2020/01/19/open-minded-tom-brady-spotted-with-grinning-raiders-owner-mark-davis/ https://twitter.com/AdamHillLVRJ?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/01/19/another-offseason-belongs-tom-brady-he-ponders-his-future-where-hell-play/ https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2872101-ufcs-dana-white-says-tom-brady-will-play-with-raiders-if-he-leaves-patriots I"m still dubious, but we could be good quickly if it comes to fruition. If Brady signs on, we keep the oline intact. Draft a WR1. Sign a bunch of top Defensive free agents to short term deals and draft defensive after #12. Could be very much like Peyton coming to the Broncos. IF Brady is Coming #12 WR Ceedee Lamb WR trade #19 plus 2021 3rd rounder to Indy for second round #34, #44 #34 Patrick Queen LB #44 Jacob Eason #80 Zach Baun OLB #81 Clyde Edwards Helaire RB #90 Jabari Zuniga DE #111 Levonta Taylor CB Free Agents Byron Jones CB 14 Million Littleton MLB 15 Million Jimmie Ward S 9 million Phillip Dorsett WR 6 Million Maleik Collins 8 milion Cut Whitehead and Carr or trade them OFFENSE QB-Brady / Kizer/Eason RB Josh Jacobs/Clyde Edwards Helaire/ Jalen Richard FB Alec Ingold WR Ceedee Lamb, Dorsett, Renfrow, Williams, Zay Jones TE Waller /Moreau/Carrier OT Miller/Brown/Sharpe/Parker G Incognito/Good/ Jackson /Devey C Hudson/James DEFENSE DE Ferrell, Crosby, Key, Mayowa, Jordan, Zuniga DT Hurst, Hall, Hankins, Collins LB Littleton, Baun, Queen, Lee CB Mullens, Jones, Johnson, Joyner, Nixon, Taylor S Abrams, Ward, Harris
  14. I swear if these Carr supporters were actually the ones paying him they would be singing a very different tune. Not acceptable to be among the highest paid QB and worst performing. You fire under-performing employees.
  15. This started when you quoted me. But, no problem. Don't quote me either.
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