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  1. Week 6: Cardinals (1-4) at VIKINGS (2-2-1)

    Remmers getting pushed back. Whats new?
  2. Week 5: VIKINGS (1-2-1) at Eagles (2-2)

    They need to get Treadwell to give them lessons. For all his struggles with catching, he is another Stephen Burton when it comes to blocking.
  3. Week 5: VIKINGS (1-2-1) at Eagles (2-2)

    I hate that we pass to run. Just give the running back the damn ball.
  4. He sure seems to prefer short passes rather than handing the ball off.
  5. Week 4: VIKINGS (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)

    One of the biggest problems the team has is not having that tweener OLB that can cover. Even if Barr plays better, he still struggles in coverage. The Rams exploited this and other teams will as well. I also have no idea why Sendejo keeps starting.
  6. Week 4: VIKINGS (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)

    Due to our horrid defense. 20 points in a half is great.
  7. Week 4: VIKINGS (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)

    Someone show our DB's that play.
  8. Week 4: VIKINGS (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)

    Waynes always getting beat for a guy who's best trait was speed.
  9. Week 4: VIKINGS (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)

    Newman may need to come out of retirement.
  10. Week 4: VIKINGS (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)

    Possibly. Looked to me that Sendejo was single high and over-committed. Barr had no help at all.
  11. Week 4: VIKINGS (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)

    I am fine with blaming Barr but I bet Sendejo was supposed to be overtop.
  12. Purple Haze - State of the Purple Pass Rush

    Well that is what he lined up as in college. I remember he had something like 70 tackles from the 3-tech spot his last year at Mizzou.
  13. Can Bailey Bail Us Out?

    Actually shocked they cut Coley.
  14. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    Well you're going to have a drop off when you go from Elflein, Berger, Remmers to random guy, Remmers, backup. I am hopeful though because Elflein should be back soon and O'neil is actually a good run blocker.