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  1. NFL Coaching Hot Seat

    Speaking as a local, a Scott Frost departure for the NFL after a single successful season in Nebraska would make me laugh.
  2. The Book Thread

    Bleak House - Charles Dickens I'm ashamed to say this will be my first real experience of a Dickens novel. So far it's... descriptive, but good. I'm about 70 pages in, and I can see why so many modern authors site him as an influence (Rushdie in particular).
  3. I read this and thought everybody was talking about Netrunner. Dammit.
  4. What movie are you watching v1

    Richard Attenborough could doomsay me to sleep every night and I'd be happy, and now, thanks to Planet Earth, he has.
  5. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    Sixteen games is fine. The sustainability of continuous play in football is already becoming an issue all the way down to the high school level (although I personally think this is somewhat exaggerated in the media), and this wouldn't help. I can understand why the nfl brass might find the idea of an eighteen game season appealing, but it would be a tone-deaf and ill-timed move from a p.r. perspective. Plus, you know, it would really suck for the players.
  6. CLE picked for Hard Knocks 2018

    Hard Knocks is always great TV, and Cleveland's a great choice for the upcoming year. I'll tune in, but not for any football-related reason.
  7. I didn't get to catch Jurassic Park in the theater, but when I did see it for the first time it scared the life out of me. I was around eight, and my family was having a Christmas party where somebody gave us the VHS, and I wanted to watch it so bad I begged my parents to let me go over to the church next door and watch it there (my dad was the pastor so me being in the church by myself wasn't a big deal) so I didn't interrupt the party. Being eight alone in a dark creepy church might have been an even better way to view that than the theater. At least in the church there was no one there to see me nearly soil myself during the raptors-in-the-kitchen scene.
  8. David Tepper is the New Owner

    Tepper seems like a qualified owner, and I'm happy he's keeping the team in Carolina. More than anything I'm just glad the whole mess is over with... ...please let it be over with.
  9. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    If I were a player I think I'd least like to visit Lambeau or Mile High for the reasons already stated in this thread. Just in terms of fans being raucous or intimidating, though, I have only hearsay to go by, having only been to a handful of games in three different stadiums. I've heard some pretty ugly things about the Jets stadium, and Oakland fans (when the team was in Oakland) are fairly notorious. I suppose I've been pretty lucky with the experiences I have had at games, because the only problems I've ever run into have been at college games. Side note: I would like nothing better than to come in this thread and trash the Saints stadium and fans, but when I was there (in Panthers gear no less) the jerks treated me with nothing but respect. Darn southerners and their hospitality!
  10. Silicon Valley

    Pretty much. Make no mistake, I really like the show, but it has a very rigid formula for season arcs. The thing that makes it great though, isn't necessarily the plotting or the jargon heavy dialogue, but the excellent cast and great characters. Mike Judge is amazing.
  11. Panthers sign CJ Anderson

    I'm very happy with the signing. Cameron Artis-Payne and Fozzy Whitaker (now on IR) didn't inspire too much faith in me as #2 and 3 RBs. With CJ on the roster I feel a little more confident that somebody can step up. Also I have no problem with McCaffrey. The Panthers used him almost exactly as he should be used, and most of the talk of him being disappointing is due purely to how high he was drafted. That said, I definitely expect him to step it up a notch this year.
  12. What are you reading? V1

    The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler First experience with Chandler and I absolutely understand how his influence has permeated pop-culture. That said, I don't think I've seen a single 'imitation' that can quite mimic his voice. The plot is half-nonsense, even for the era it's set in, but the entire appeal is in the prose and the environment of the book. Chandler wrote like nobody else ever has, and probably ever will.
  13. What movie are you watching v1

    I can be a crotchety old man when it comes to movies and Les Miserables is one of them. First off the book was better. Second, I despise musicals. That movie was dead on arrival for me. For some reason I got home yesterday and felt like watching the visual version of a punch to the gut so I watched HBO's Wit. The gf was a mess before it was over.
  14. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    I'm somewhat frustrated with the offseason drama. Why a qualified and seasoned nfl coach would jeopardize his career by acting in such a foolish manner is simply beyond my understanding. It's not as if harassment suits are a new thing. Anyone with the level of professionalism to make it into an nfl club in any capacity should have the self-awareness to know what kind of cultural environment the nfl exists in right now, and especially not to act like we're in the 1960's with your co-workers. Ugh. The entire situation from JR down to this, with any luck, shouldn't effect the on-the-field play, however, so there's one good thing.
  15. I had a feeling we were going to go receiver once we got on the clock. I think the perception of the entire draft class as being weak at WR caused Moore and Ridley to fall farther than those two normally would have so we pulled the trigger. Honestly thought we would've gone with Ridley, though (and we probably would have if Gettleman was still our GM). Still, we've been lacking a true speed receiver with good hands for some time, so I can't really say we didn't address a need here. I give the pick a B. Second round should be interesting. Side note: I wonder if Torrey Smith is going to fill the role that Jericho Cotchery did for us a while ago as the aging veteran who we keep around to mentor the young guys.