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  1. Does the NFL really need a draft?

    As far as the legality of the draft in terms of employer/employee regulations, I'm really not qualified to comment, but in terms of whether the NFL "needs" a draft system to maintain parity, I really don't trust the salary cap by itself. The problem with allowing players to simply seek the teams they want presumably based on monetary motivation is that there's nothing stopping teams from cheating the salary cap and enticing players to come to them through under-the-table money or perks. While the draft system certainly doesn't entirely prevent corruption, using the salary cap alone would almost encourage it.
  2. Lost in Space (Netflix Original)

    People have been telling me to watch this. I'm... hesitant. I really don't remember much about that movie accept generally not enjoying it, and I think the family-friendly aspect of this new one would really irritate me.
  3. Consensus Mock II - 24. Carolina Panthers

    Ideally he would be Norwell's replacement, but the Panthers still lack depth across the line, and injuries at that position are really common. I went with Hernandez then Josh Jackson for my picks. I'd be happy with either.
  4. Is NFL football your favorite sport?

    NFL is easily my favorite to watch at home or at the local sports bar, and fantasy football has nearly necessitated that I watch entirely too much of it, but I will go to just about any live sporting event above the high school level just for the experience. I've even been to a few hockey games in my town (some local team that's nowhere near NHL level) and had a blast even though the entirety of my knowledge of hockey comes from the Mighty Ducks franchise. I have to say, though, sometimes it's no fun living in a college town where nearly everybody is a rabid fan of the local team. I mean, I enjoy cheering for the college team, but some people take it waaaaay too far
  5. Forum by Forum Mock Draft - Pick 24

    It's a slow sub-forum. I know you said 24 hours, so I'm tentatively casting my vote here for Will Hernandez (G UTEP). A lot of people would probably like a Safety or a Cornerback here, but given our weakness along the offensive line, I don't mind drafting for depth here and creating some competition for Taylor Moton at the left guard spot. Cam's not getting any younger, and the more protection we have on the line, the better. Also, I would like to petition the threads author to allow extra time until at least five votes have been accumulated. I'd hate to be the one and only vote at the end of twenty-four hours, when there're other posters here with a ton more experience and knowledge than myself. Just have to give 'em time to check the sub.
  6. Players Taking Shots At Their Former Team

    There's been a fair amount of this going on for a while now, and most of it is just due to the fact that players tend to be passionate and competitive people who often also lack a ton of impulse control when they feel slighted. Social media doesn't help this, but, in most cases, it doesn't really bug me. When Steve Smith made it clear that he wasn't happy with the Panthers I was more disappointed than anything due to how long I'd been watching him play for my team, and how much I'd enjoyed watching him play. Taunting Gettleman when he was fired was in even poorer taste, I felt, but the sheer volume if ire that man drew from former Panthers made it seem like he had probably really angered a lot of people.
  7. What are you reading? V1

    I just finished The Dragon Reborn (third in the Wheel of Time series), and I've had it. I'd say three 600+ page doorstoppers qualifies as more than giving a series a chance, and I am just not into it. Definitely not slogging through the other eleven (?) or so books. Beautiful book. I don't know if it'd be in my top ten, but there's so many Steinbeck novels that could compete for a spot there, I probably couldn't choose. Check out The Wayward Bus, Of Mice and Men, East of Eden, or To A God Unknown if you want to read some more of his stuff. Avoid The Pearl and Tortilla Flats.
  8. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    100% agree about the o-line. Drafting Moton last year was a good move, but we're still heavily underinvested across the entire line. I think lack of depth on the line was actually a huge contributing factor to our 6-10 season two years ago. As receivers go, I'd like to think Curtis Samuel, or even Byrd could come back and help us with the speed aspect (which I feel has dogged this team forever), and, looking at the draft class, there's not a whole lot that would make me excited at 24, save a few receivers that have very little chance of falling to us.