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  1. Too bad the Ravens just signed Villanueva.
  2. I would be cool to have a German-American on the Broncos. He would be better than Hamilton too.
  3. Jarvis Moss... this brings back dark memories.
  4. Hey everyone. I was quite busy between 2017-2020 while finishing graduate school, so my somewhat regular posts in years before necessarily had to wane. I have kept reading our forum regularly, though. As has been the case since 2008. I absolutely agree with your post here. This draft class has me very excited. I cannot say that I was not surprised when Paton let Fields fall out of the top-10, but each and every prospect in isolation can be considered a very quality pick-up for the team. The context necessary to fully assess this Broncos draft class will not fully be es
  5. Given that Elway's job security rests on this hire, I expected to them to go with the safer choice of the two remaining candidates, namely Munchak. Fangio might turn out to be a positive surprise, but just like Jordan B. Peterson would say: Do what everyone else does unless you have a really good reason not to. Does Elway have his? Why hasn't Fangio garnered much interest in the past? Why has he never been among the finalists for a HC position? Strange, strange hire. And we do not even have the guys in place to make is system run smoothly.
  6. According to Tom Pelissero, Broncos have requested to interview Rams QB coach Zac Taylor. Don’t know what to make of that one.
  7. Happy (early) New Year from across the pond! HC: 1) Harbaugh 2) Pagano 3) Toub The CEO-type Vance should have been. OC: Kubiak Best to keep the offensive system relatively stable and maximize our very unstable bridge QB Keenum into 2020. DC: Bowles Wet dreams in the making. Quiet authority and coordination-wise last known for an aggressive 3-4 during his days with BA in AZ.
  8. I am not a college expert by any stretch of the imagination, but from what I have seen and read Mayfield fits your specifications to a T.
  9. Pat Smyth just quoted Joseph saying that he is firmly remaining in Siemian’s corner. "Trevor is our guy."
  10. Last night, Ben Allbright mentioned on Twitter that there is a strong rumor that the Broncos are interested in a Buffalo Bills tackle.
  11. We are facing a critical junction for this team. Will the Broncos try to maximize whatever potential is left for this season or begin to prepare for the future. If there is one year to be a below-average underwhelming team missing a couple of center pieces for concrete success in the future, it is this year. In any case, not that we already have lost two games but the way we lost this season is troubling. Paired with out strength of schedule, one might as well open the cutlery tray and grab a fork... just in case.
  12. Well, after Sunday night, let’s fire up the QB speculation. Not the worst year to look for QBs either in the college or free agency ranks.
  13. About Yourself Name: Fabian Age: 27 Occupation: Secondary school teacher Location: Germany Favorites Sport teams other then the obvious: NHL: none as too time-intensive to follow dilligently, at least for me MLB: see above NBA: see above College Football: no biographic connection College Basketball: see above Soccer: German MNT; club-wise, no particular favorite team, though I do occasionally follow how Roma, Leipzig and Mainz are doing Past Broncos: Shannon Sharpe, Al Wilson Current Broncos: Chris Harris Jr., Von Miller F
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