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  1. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    As much as I would have still liked to have him back, i dont blame him. You can say he doesnt care about winning, but at the same time, he is a 25 year old guy, who was on the verge of being out of the league and he has found some recent success. Guy needs to be doing eveything in his power to continue that into next year and a payday that can set him up for the rest of his life. But, after leaving Cleveland, i am surprised he didnt look for something like 2 years/10 million. Little more security while still allowing himself to be 27 when hitting the market again if he has success
  2. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Mosley would certainly cost more than what he should, especially when Schobert has been solid as he has for us. But man, adding Vernon, Mosley, and Wilkins or Oliver would certainly put a lot more talent out on the field. Bring in another corner and you could be looking at a top 5 defense with 4-5 Pro Bowlers (Garrett, Vernon, Ward, Mosley, Randall?, Ogunjobi? Peppers?).
  3. Some stuff bout to go down?

    I just dont see why that wouldnt have happened at the same time
  4. I do not like getting rid of a good players ever. I certainly wish Zeitler was still a Brown and we were able to use a pick to land Vernon. BUT I understand why the trade happened. We have 3 quality guards and would have had almost $25 million tied up in the position this year. So don't love, but understand the decision to move him, much like my tone will be when we do move Duke Johnson.
  5. Browns trade Kevin Zeitler for Olivier Vernon

    This is it. They see something that says he is ready and basically view this as adding a starter without losing a starter. Guess Corbett wasn't such a miss now
  6. Browns trade Kevin Zeitler for Olivier Vernon

    Zeitler for Vernon
  7. Browns trade Kevin Zeitler for Olivier Vernon

    Hopefully didnt cost us more than one of our 5ths
  8. Pre-Combine Mock

    Resign WR Rashard Higgins FS Briean Boddy-Calhoun DT Trevon Coley LB Ray-Ray Armstrong CB EJ Gaines Trade 2019 5th and 7th round picks and 2020 Conditional pick (4-6) for DT Gerald McCoy Free Agent Signings DE Trey Flowers QB Ryan Fitzpatrick K Matt Bryant CB Jason Verrett OT Donovan Smith DT Kyle Love Draft 1. WR DK Metcalf 2. DT Jeffrey Simmons *Trade 3,5 to move up* 3. WR Paris Campbell 3. ILB Kahlil Hodge 4. DE Maxx Crosby 5. DT Daniel Wise 6. CB Mark Fields 7. OLB Ulysees Gilbert Depth Chart QB: Mayfield/Fitzpatrick/Stanton HB: Chubb/Johnson/Hunt/Hillard WR: Landry/Higgins/Callaway/Metcalf/Campbell/Strong/Ratley TE: Njoku/DeValve/Fells/Brown LT: Williams/Harrison LG: Bitonio/Corbett C: Tretter/Kalis RG: Zeitler RT: Hubbard/Smith ------- LE: Garrett/Smith/Zettell/Thomas DT: McCoy/Coley/Love DT: Ogunjobi/Wise/Simmons RE: Flowers/Ogbah/Crosby OLB: Avery/Collins MLB: Schobert/Hodge/Armstrong OLB: Kirksey/Davis/Gilbert CB: Ward/Gaines/Carrie/Fields FS: Randall/Boddy-Calhoun/Whitehead SS: Peppers/Kindred CB: Mitchell/Verrett/Wilson ------ K Bryant P Colquitt
  9. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt

    Browns are going to take a PR hit on a national level but this is honestly the best place for him being a local kid, after talking briefly about the problem he had, I imagine a lot of local stations will be moving on quickly to talk about the local connection. Right or wrong, this is the best place for him.
  10. Browns sign Kareem hunt

    Aaron Rodgers and Pat Mahomes of the world create amazing highlights with their abilities to make throws down the field and in tight windows. While Baker has the ability to make every throw in the game, Baker is an elite point guard out there. I think he has Brady and Brees in him where he knows exactly where he is going with the ball before the snap and wants to get it out as quick as possible. What we have now is 5-6 guys that can create after the catch and in space in Landry, Callaway, Chubb, Duke , and Hunt. This is very similar to what New England has gave Brady. With FA and the draft to go, man, I can not wait for Week 1!
  11. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Theres about a 5% chance one of them gets traded, I agree. This off season I think we can see them moved. Love being the one I want to move the most.
  12. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    TT, Clarkson and K Love to go..
  13. 2019 Draft Prospects

    And we werent certain on Tretter's health, who or if Bitonio was going to play LT, Question mark at RT. While it would have been nice to get a guy that contributed this year, also cant undersell the fact that we have flexibilty at arguablely the 2nd most important position group on offense. Imagine if Bitonio or Zeitler went down next year. We have someone to step in and play well. Also, what if Corbett wins the RT spot next year? Again, would have been nice to have Leonard or Sutton, it is lazy to say that he is a bust. And the better we get, the more this is going to happen. We will take good players that fall, even if we have someone in their position.
  14. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Love, Hood, Burks, Thompson, Clarkson, Nwaba, Henson Those names should all be gone at the trade deadline. Get picks or foreign stash guys. Young NBA players arent even a concern at this point. Shouldnt be thinking about competing until 2022. That should be the goal but wont be...
  15. Walkthemock Drafts

    Did some trading but like what I came out with here Pick Player Pos College 1:24 Jeffery Simmons DL Mississippi St. 1:31 Clelin Ferrell EDGE Clemson 3:2 A.J. Brown WR Mississippi 3:31 Khalil Hodge LB Buffalo 4:17 Sutton Smith EDGE Northern Illinois 5:6 Marquise Copeland DL Cincinnati 5:17 Kris Boyd CB Texas 5:32 Jace Sternberger TE Texas A&M 7:22 Benny Snell Jr. RB Kentucky Trades Acquired via (OAK): 1:24, 3:2 Traded away: 1:17, 6:16, 7:17 Acquired via (LAR): 1:31 Traded away: 2:17, 3:16