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  1. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Donladson would be more realistic since there is a CHANCE to keep him next year and wont cost as much in the prospect department. As for Machado, I would be ready to offer Bradley, Willi Castro, Salazar, and a choice of pitching prospect not names Triston McKenzie or Shane Beiber. Donaldson may only take one of Bradley, Castro, as well as a pitching prospect too, if I had to guess. Could also work for Moustakas too. Also, we should be calling and asking any team to take Kipnis for a bullpen arm, should we land one of these guys.
  2. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Couple thoughts moving forward. 1. I do think that the bullpen will settle in, but we absolutely need another quality arm to help take the pressure of Allen and Miller. Adding a 7th inning gut will go a long way by letting the other guys like Olson, Otero, Goody to move back into 1-2 out roles. This is of the highest priority to me. We can not continue to lose games late, that can crush the soul of a team. 2. The rotation is great again. Tomlin is the one guy that has about 2-3 starts imo to turn it around. Otherwise we may see a couple guys get a shot in Plutko, Beiber, and Salazar. Tomlin's short outings are also putting a toll on the pen. Once playoffs roll around a 4-headed monster seems most likely outside a Salazar resurrection but we have to keep those 4 guys as fresh and ready as we can. 3. The offense needs help. There really is 4-5 guys carrying this team in Lindor, Jose, Brantlety, Gomes, and Naquin putting together good at bats. I would guess this move comes from a trade for an infielder either at 3B or 2B where ever we can get the better player. Melky can hopefully be a contributing member of the outfielder and is a welcome, high-contact, bat in the bottom of the order. Fingers crossed the can put together a campaign similar to 2016 and the first half of 2017. The combination of the two should go along way into taking the pressure of the top half. Guys like Edwin, Yonder, Frankie, are all swinging for the big hit it seems because there is a lack of confidence in stringing 3-4 hits in a row. Add in Melky and another quality bat and it allows guys to play for the small things again.
  3. One of the other reasons I think we picked Ward is we have put ourselves in a position moving forward to have the opportunity to go BPA with every pick in the draft. Looking down the depth chart there is not one GLARING need I see. We have talent at every position now. Granted on paper but still it looks like the FO did their job. While there are some positions that are weaker than others, I think the 2019 Draft and hopefully moving forward in general allows for us to take the best football player on the board.
  4. 2018 Season BOLD PREDICTIONS thread

    I find it hard to believe/dont want to believe that CB is still an issue. They put a lot of resources into that position. They need to have gotten that right. Out of Ward, Gaines, Carrie, and Boddy-Calhoun I think we should see some quality play.
  5. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Erik Gonzalez needs a shot to play everyday.... Kipnis is hard to watch at the plate anymore
  6. 2018 Season BOLD PREDICTIONS thread

    Man I can not wait to see this team play. It actually looks like we have an NFL team on paper now..... Bold prediction is that Corey Coleman has a very good year. With that being said, a very good year for him, as the #3 guy would be around 600-800 yards and 6-7 touchdowns. Corey, as far as his football life goes hit rock bottom this last yaer but things are looking up at the right time for him and the offense. Gordon and Landry are pretty set as the 1-2 and Callaway will seriously push to be the #3 but I think he proves worthy as a home run hitter along with Callaway. Might not ever live to the pick we drafted him but he is going to play well this year.
  7. Day 3 of the 2018 Draft

    Would like to see us take Shaquem Griffin. Think he would bring a valuable attitude to the locker room for a rebuilding and young team. Continue on the message of there is no more excuses to be made here in Cleveland
  8. Day 2 NFL Draft Discussion

  9. Baker Mayfield, should he start?

    If Mayfield does win the job, watch us find a QB needy team and flip Tyrod for a 2nd or 1st like the Eagles did with Sam lol
  10. Yo Denzel Ward

    Uhmmmmmmmm The two other corners the he couldn’t “beat out” were 1st round picks last year.... and Ward was good enough to force himself on the field and take away time for two 1st round upperclassman
  11. Jamarco Jones?

    I’ll agree as a homer that Jones never stood out. The interior guards have looked noticeably better in the past few years. Butttt with that being said, I wonder how much that has to do with JT at the QB spot. We were rarely dropping back in a true NFL sense to throw the ball. With that being said, Jones didn’t stand out as a bookend to me at any point of his OSU career. I would take him back 10 times out of 10 but not too sure about him being the “steal of the draft”. Guy will probably have a NFL career but I think he be a guy that will have to work hard to become a quality starter.
  12. why don't Browns go for Beckham?

    If NYG would give up for that, I would jump all over it. But I really doubt they have any plans to trade their HOF WR...
  13. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    I dont think Cleveland would pull the trigger on that unless OBJ AND Landry agreed to extensions. I would also think that we are giving up a little too much. As great as OBJ is, we could just take Barkley there and have (potentially) just as talented an offense weapon, use our 2nd to add another starter, keep Coleman, AND not have to pay OBJ $18 million. As much as I would love to see him on the field with Gordon and Landry, unless the Giants feel they have to move him, its not going to happen. The mix of his talent and age makes his value worth what you proposed but needing a big contract and question of how he will react to not being in a big city market works too much against anyone offering true value. OBJ will be a Giant next year and they will do everything to keep him. If he is putting on another jersey I think it will be because he left via FA.
  14. What would you give up for OBJ?

    I would start at 33, Coleman, Pats 2019 3rd
  15. Cleveland Signs Gaines