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  1. Big win in Ryan Day's first move as HC. To follow that up, his next move could be landing Justin Fields from Georgia. Word is he wants to play for Ryan Day, his private QB coach believes Day is the best coach in the country. https://www.landgrantholyland.com/2018/12/18/18146216/ohio-state-front-runner-georgia-transfer-justin-fields
  2. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    I just dont understand why we are half-*** trying. Either go for it or dont. We could have rebuilt end off last year and prepared for a 2020-2021 run and had a better chance than what we have been doing.
  3. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Agreed. And we can afford it so absolutely want to keep him. But we have him for 3 more years so there is an option 3 years from now when we are starting to resign some of these younger guys to have some flexibility is more what I was pointing to.
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Not to mention if he starts to play really well, it allows us to move on from a $12 million/yr Zeitler to a much more cap friendly guy.
  5. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I mean how many teams can go back and say the same thing? Hitting 100% of your picks doesn't happen. Not to mention whose to say Corbett doesn't start for us next year and Thomas doesn't contribute to the rotation. They arent even misses yet
  6. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Well Edwin has a $5 million buyout next year so it is really 1 year of Edwin for $25 or two from Carlos for $35. Also got $5 million from Tampa in the trade too. So looking closer to 1 year of Edwin at $25 or Carlos for two at $30. I would imagine we try to clear the $9 million that we owe Yonder too since Carlos will be everyday at 1st.
  7. Crazy crazy stat.

    Would you rather keep Gregg Wiliams and his experience as the HC or Kitchens? I just think Kitchens would be making a MASSIVE leap and not sure if he is ready for that. I want to make sure he is around but I think 1a. Bruce Arians 1b. Gregg Williams 1c. Kitchens as HC.
  8. Around the NFL and General discussion

    And I recall something with Joe Thomas making a remark about Flip not being a good HC candidate. Im trying to find it but cant
  9. Walkthemock Drafts

    Ended up with 1:9 Quinnen Williams DL Alabama 2:9Clelin Ferrell EDGE Clemson 3:9Kelvin Harmon WR North Carolina St. 3:27Khalil Hodge LB Buffalo 4:9Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma 5:6Tyler Petite TE Southern Cal 5:9Nate Herbig G Stanford 6:9Andrew Wingard SS Wyoming 7:2K.J. Hill WR Ohio St. Unrealistic but id take it!
  10. Would You Trade Pick 15 + For OBJ?

    Amari Coopers success in Dallas is starting to change my mind....
  11. Ohio State Buckeyes: The Urban Era is Over

    Also, those kids can help keep the fire, passion, and energy in the building that the last game in November is ALWAYS the most important game on the schedule and of the year. That is honestly one of the few things I am worried about with Day. He does not have a true emotional tie to Ohio that Woody Hayes, Urban, and Tressel had that allowed them to live and breathe the rivalry.
  12. Urban Meyer to retire; Ryan Day to replace him

    Correct. And I think some confusion is with the first question, they asked if he was done with football and thats when he said thats a complicated question. Then he was asked if he would coach again and he said he didnt believe he would coach again. I think he is focused on becoming an administrator for the program
  13. Would You Trade Pick 15 + For OBJ?

    Well you are also losing Demarcus Lawrence in his scenario if you make the OBJ trade along with 3 draft picks
  14. Would You Trade Pick 15 + For OBJ?

    And you are right but what we are sacraficing to do so would be a first round pick, probably a 2nd as well, and salary space to sign an elite player. We are essentially giving up potential to add 3 impact players to 1. Plus the fact of handcuffing ourselves with over $165 million in the next 5 years to two WRs....
  15. First thing first, can Ryan Day understand how important it is to beat Michigan. Every. Single. Year. He must realize that even in a national championship year, your year is measured in success by.. Beating Michigan Winning a National Championship