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  1. Dolan is executing the actual plot line of Major League lol
  2. Would you rather of had Aguilar or Carlos Santana and EE? Frazier or Andrew Miller for the WS run? Urshela or? Okay, that is the one that got away. Urshela also didnt make it in Toronto. He got to NYY and they found something to fix him and let him become the player he is now. Certainly wish that happened here, but, I honestly don't think it ever would have. MLB teams let guys go all the time that go on and have success elsewhere. Honestly, I think the Indians have done a pretty good jobs of limiting that damage, and finding gems in small deal trades with other teams. Part of th
  3. Then we will get back some prospects. They aren’t going to just let him walk
  4. Brad Hand totally seems like he has found his stuff again. He’s either going to be worth keeping of bring back a solid return this winter
  5. He is facing Major League hitters who are very good at their job also..... He wasn’t going to be a career sub 1.00 ERA guy.
  6. Bullpen has had only a couple rough games this season, highlighted recently by one terrible game. But Hand, Karinchak, Maton, Perez, Wittgren have been extremely good and consistent through the season. Quantrill is hopefully going to be a nice piece too. This bullpen is fine and has room to get better.
  7. Its going to be the exact same situation. Boston traded Mookie in the winter while he was under contract for 1 season. Lindor will be in the same.
  8. Just look at the Mookie Betts trade for a comparison. They got 1 top 25ish prospect, and another top 100 guy, plus a couple others. The Red Sox might have gotten a little less due to the Dodgers taking on Price's contract, but Lux/May isnt probably ever going to happen. We would be lucky to get one of them.
  9. Never going to set Seager, Lux, and May. Seager is too expensive to that is not an option. Lux and May is too much to ask for. Maybe something along the lines of Lux, Graterol, DJ Peters could be more realistic. Peters can potentially fill in the LF spot, Lux at SS, and add another nice bullpen piece. Then you try to combine Hand and some prospects for another nice OF piece. Gonna have to get tricky and going to have to start moving some prospects as some of these guys that are blocked are going to be Rule 5 eligible too
  10. Thats it. Hope you get "lucky". But think about 2017 how well we were hitting heading into the playoffs. It is only a matter of time before some of these bats wake up, and lets hope that happens for the playoffs. Because this team does have enough to play with anyone. Really think with one more bat to replace DeShields in the lineup, we would have been in a really good spot. Marte would have been ideal. But, get in the playoffs, and we have as good a shot as almost anyone in the AL to make it back to the WS
  11. I think Naylor goes to 1B, that is his natural position and Franmil never played there. But Santana being gone, yes. my thought is 2021, is shaping up to look like we will start with C - Perez, 1B - Naylor, 2B - Jose, SS - Freeman, 3B - Jones, LF - ?, CF - ?, RF - Naquin, DH - Reyes Lindor and Hand will be traded in the off-season and hopefully help fill the LF and CF spots with some good bats. Could see Lindor play here some of the season until the deadline if they feel Freeman isn't quite ready, but I picture them trying to maximize value
  12. I could see Hand getting picked up and traded, possibility with Santana, but not sure how much value we would get there with his contract and being a one year rental.
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