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  1. I really didn't think Heinecke was a disaster as many seem to be saying. He wasn't good, but neither did I think he was bad. McLaurin also had an off game. Gibson was one good play and 1 disaster play. The whole offense was just blah today. We just aren't very good in general and it shows as a game goes on.
  2. Yeah amazing how the leaks just seem unstoppable. And now they got all their backs against the wall in a deep dark hole. Who knows what happens now. I would much prefer football in my football and none of this crap.
  3. Yet another game we had a shot to win and didn't have the grit to take it. Rivera is gonna have a fight just to keep the locker room cause this season is now gonna spin out of control
  4. Defense just giving up chunks. Never finishs plays even when they have them in hand.
  5. I despise the coaching staff for not addressing this during the offseason. Now they have no options. Good chance that chip shot cost us the game.
  6. This is my issue. This is on the coaches. Amazing luck. But cmon what is this defensive playt calling. They are playing this deep prevent like we are up two scores and there is only 20 seconds on the clock. We gave them the ball with nearly 1:30 on the clock. That is too much time to play that off ball prevent.
  7. By the way, has Heinicke run the ball yet? I think maybe the only time he really ran out of the pocket was to tackle the guy after gibson fumbled. I think he is looking pretty good today. His off balls have not been very off.
  8. You know I have been noticing Seals Jones this game. Not necessarily his catches but just noticing him move on the field. That guy just looks so smooth when he moves.
  9. He has skills, but I don't think he will ever be anything more than a rotational back. He is constantly dinged up and can't seem to take the abuse of being a RB.
  10. Why are those two sitting there watching fuller tackle him. Run up and help. The defense is still playing slow.
  11. Hope your having a great game day! I like all the downfield shots. Get the defense off the line of scrimmage.
  12. Heinicke looks noticeable more on time, not late today. Little more zip on ball too.
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