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  1. That would be cool. AGG seems to get nicked up pretty easy.
  2. That is a serious injury. I am shocked they are saying a few weeks.
  3. Unfortunately we didn't extend him in the offseason, he is in a contract year now, so we will over pay if want to keep him.
  4. I don't like any of them. Lance is a project. I think Fields is a big question mark. I would like to see what fields looks like if he had more regular pressure and generally less time to throw. He often looks like he can just stand around for 4 seconds.
  5. Correct, that is my point. He did show he can manage the offense and make some throws, but I think that is his ceiling which yes is essentially game manager.
  6. The 2 turnovers and the one horrendous sack didn't help my opinion of him. But sure, the offense moved the ball a bit more consistently which was nice. Honestly though, if you subtract the turn overs, I think we just saw Kyle Allen's ceiling.
  7. How can Rivera seriously not kick that extra point. I just don't get it. If you want to show confidence in your team, show confidence that we can win in overtime.
  8. Best play I have seen out of thomas, nice after catch. But the guy still doesn't hand catch. He is always trapping the ball.
  9. Even if that wasn't intercepted that was a bad decision. Look at the bright side, at least Turner/Allen figured out that they are allowed to use the WRs.
  10. The option year makes no sense to me in these situations where we have healthy studs we like. If we like them, then just extend them. It is cheaper that way. Don't over think it redskins, commit. Who cares if it is 10M. What the heck are we hoarding cap space for?
  11. I like Henry a lot. He is such an all arounder as opposed to these guys that are just pass catchers or just primarily blockers. Certainly not as dangerous as a Jordan Reed type but you can count on him to chip and contribute to run game. I am not concerned about his injuries. Those injuries are ones you either recover from or not and he is clearly healthy. It is the guys that pull hamstrings every other practice that drive me crazy. Logan Thomas is demonstrating what saving cash gets you. He is garbage.
  12. Dan Snyder listen closely- Settle. Settle immediately. Give them everything they want plus a little more and then move on.
  13. The argument for bringing sprinkle back is that he is serviceable and will be cheap. Basically a complete non cap issue. When we were forced to use him as the 1 tight end, he was more productive then Logan Thomas has been. But yes we need an actually starting tight end. We should be pursuing all the free agent options available. Although, I have no idea what kind of TE fits a scott turner offense as I am not sure what a scott turner offense is yet. I do like some of the draft options, but considering our other needs, I am not sure if we really can spend a 1st or 2nd round pick on one?
  14. Thats news to me. I didn't think we were running any blocking scheme
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