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  1. Moss was essentially born with the football silver spoon. He was given every chance to be the guy, but he never was able to seize the opportunity. He was decent that last year, but never excelled. He is average at best measurables, smaller, slow, etc. And the injuries. He can't stay healthy. There was a reason he went undrafted. I am fine with cutting bait and moving on. I am with you, this new guy looks like even more of a lottery ticket but at least he has A+ measurables. But really, I doubt cutting moss has to do with the other. I mean they should be able to hold extra guys
  2. Thank goodness Mond isn't beetlejuice or you would be in for it. You can't stop saying Mond Mond Mond If you (or a GM) believed this highly in Mond, then you use #19 on him.
  3. I think this draft is over? Great job, fun, thanks.
  4. I guess. Unless of course they have a multi media presentation.
  5. McVay is bummed. I wonder how long the suspension is.
  6. Plus at least one more rounders. Scherff isn't getting us much. He is a cap disaster.
  7. I really hope this guy works out but the hype machine is out of control. He has never played the game. He would need to be developed. If he is our 3rd TE then we failed to bring in talent on the roster.
  8. Super cool, but if things work out well I doubt he is part of the active roster for at least a year. The tricky situation with a project like this is whether we are able to keep him on the practice squad for multiple years or will someone poach him.
  9. All I am saying is that we have never seen either player independent of the other and so acting like one was a success only because of the other is pure speculation and could be reversed. All I know is Trask was still the one distributing the ball and his team was good but it wasn't like Alabama good. I think you make a good point about being concerned about how he handles pressure, but pressure is one thing, not having your players is another. I don't know or watch enough to understand how that offense changes without pitts. College football schemes sometimes aren't very good at adjus
  10. The converse could be said. Pitts really hasn't played with anyone but Trask.
  11. Totally agree, so many need time to sit. But I would also guess just as many are ruined not because of starting immediately, but rather the situation they come into like- scheme, players around them, coaching staff, lack of front office and coaches being on same page, etc . Honestly, I don't really remember the days when the norm was to sit QBs for a year. It seems like a decade ago before the new CBA rookie qbs were paid so extravagantly that sitting was even harder to rationalize. You would think front offices would do it more now with the rookie wage scale but it doesn't seem like
  12. Not strength, rather ball location.
  13. Yeah too bad about Moss. It was easy to get excited about him because of the name, but what can you do. Sounds like he had some character issues. Surprised about Brantley. Rivera cutting ties with players, yet somehow Sims is still on the roster. Maybe they called him into the park to get cut, but he dropped his car keys and can't get there.
  14. I like Trask too, but I also think he goes higher and will not be there at our second round pick. I would boldly predict that a team like New England or Tampa might surprise us and grab him in the 1st. Just look how the other non mobile pocket passer in this draft has shot up the boards. I honestly don't see what Jones has on Trask other than playing at a bigger school. Plus I like Trask's size. A lot of Mond lovers in this forum. Sounds like he will also go in the second and likely before we pick. Personally, I am not sure how you draft a qb that high who can't complete passes.
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