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  1. Depends how long he plays at this level. Things could tail off quick. But 25 more sacks and hall of fame is going to be a legitimate possibility.
  2. Predicting the 53 man roster

    Moreau is not a slot corner. He should be backing up norman and dunbar.
  3. Starting LG Position

    Callahan continues to lose credibility with me. At best, Flowers should be given a chance to compete. The reviews of flowers so far are atrocious and I would rather callahan call a spade a spade. This isn't a huge surprise as he has had similar results every where else he has played. The reviews make it sounds like flowers is even getting man handled by the water boy. I have no problem with them taking a shot at flowers. But you have to be willing to admit mistakes. I hope this isn't one of those cases where we are gonna play him just cause we paid him a little. If he doesn't look good you are just wasting reps on him that end up hurting the development of other guys.
  4. I agree with this. I am not sure what all the negative commentary is. Sure we spent some money, but he is a young player in his prime. If you are going to throw down the loot this is the situation to do it in. Both safety positions have been major problem spots for like 10 years now. Swearinger was the one solid player and finally gave us something good there for a few years. But he is gone. Move on. I am just glad we dealt with this gap and aren't going back to another safety black hole.
  5. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    We can demand all we want, that doesn't mean it will happen. I do agree that the texans are a good landing spot especially because they got lots of cap space. But nevertheless, then we are left with no left tackle. If I am the redskins my priorities are in this order: 1)Finalize Scherff extension 2)Find a passable left tackle in case we can't solve problem with trent 3)Solve trent problem
  6. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    He is an oft-injured 31 year old who has a history of suspensions as well as a sizable cap hit and he will also likely demand a decent size extension. I think we got to be realistic here. Unless a team is desperate, as in their current left tackle has a season ending injury at camp, then we aren't getting a 1st round. I think a second would be the best we could possibly expect.
  7. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    I would make that trade even if he wanted to stay! Unfortunately, I don't think anyone is going to take his cap hit and give us a 1st round pick, plus a good player. Also, we are in a weak bargaining position so unless we find a trading partner who has zero solution at left tackle, like their left tackle just got an acl tear in camp, then whoever we trade with is going to get the better end of the deal. Now maybe Trent -> Bills for Nsekhe and a 4th?
  8. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    This whole thing went from a simple contract dispute to excessive ambiguity. I wish someone would provide some clarity. If Trent Williams has a legitimate issue then communicate it already. Why is everything so cloak and dagger.
  9. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    Agreed. Christian looked more like a perennial backup than the potential to be a legit left tackle. Plus he failed the health test.
  10. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    Yeah the timing with Scherff's contract coming is interesting. If trent williams is really resentful that one of his team mates on the line might get paid more than him, it would be very disappointing. He needs to recognize the reality of it all and that is that Scherff is due for his biggie contract. Williams already got his. It definitely does look like a low blow, leverage play on his part with Nsekhe gone. I'll tell you one thing, if this doesn't end soon, it will end badly.
  11. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    This whole thing looks bad from all sides. Trent Williams is really staining his legacy as a redskin with this. What is this all for, 2 million a year? Holding out for this, 2 years away from his contract expiration seems extreme to me. It isn't like we are wronging him. We made him the top paid guy for a period of time and gave him a good contract in terms of structure. 3 years into his contract, he is still in the top group of guys paid. Rarely are positional players paid like the top guy for more than 2 seasons even if they are. This is true across the board. Look at the qb market. The top 3 paid guys seem to change every season. And guess what, TW isn't the top left tackle in the game anymore. So I am not sure why he thinks he should be paid like one. The team is also not looking so smart for this suddenly appearing during camp. If this has been going on for a while, then they should have at least made an effort to wrap up at least the Scherff contract.
  12. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    I believe he is still being paid as a top 5 left tackle. He is still very good, but probably not a top 5 left tackle anymore. Seems like he is being paid market appropriate. He is tough as they come, but playing hurt constantly also means he isn't playing as good. Good thing we wrapped up the Scherff contract so we only have one contract to worry about. Oh wait...
  13. Interesting to see how the Williams contract issue syncs with this.