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  1. Rivera: It takes 3-5 years to build a culture

    On the one hand I agree with you that turning it around to the point where we achieve a 11-5 kind of season is a lot to ask for in year one. But on the other hand I certainly think we could pull off a winning record if some things go right. The big thing that went right on the rams other than good coaching is their qb went from complete bust to good NFL qb instantly. Obviously this was also had a lot to do with coaching. So if Haskins makes a big step forward, I don't see why Rivera couldn't achieve a similar result. The roster McVay inherited certainly had some A talent, but so does the roster Rivera is inheriting. Maybe McVay's was a bit better but it isn't massively better. If in this example, coaching is being shown as so important then if anything Rivera, 2 time coach of the year, should have the edge over the first year HC McVay. I think we should keep our expectations high.
  2. Rivera: It takes 3-5 years to build a culture

    Yes I think your analysis is reasonable. I just don't expect this year to be a throw away year. And I also don't agree with the general sentiment in this thread about our roster analysis. Our roster is not great but neither is it bad. I believe we are middle of the road in the nfl talent wise. There is a significant amount of young talent. If Rivera thought our roster was so bad he should have made some signings this offseason. As you point out in your post, the roster essentially turns over in 3 years. With that in mind, you can never take a year off to evaluate because the roster turn over never takes a year off.
  3. Rivera: It takes 3-5 years to build a culture

    I understand, but I just have a different perspective. I do think our roster is at least middle of the pack. But really a roster only matters so much. Some of the teams with the best talent still fail. Even the best talent teams have personnel gaps. All pro football players can play the game and deliver to a point. It would be really hard to win a superbowl with average talent, but 8-8 shouldn't be unattainable with only average talent. I'm not giving Rivera a free pass. He is one of 32 people in the world that gets these jobs. I expect him to have an immediate impact. It isn't like he has nothing to work with. There is talent on both sides of the ball. I expect this team to look a lot different this year.
  4. Rivera: It takes 3-5 years to build a culture

    I don't think our roster is bad at all. We have a lot of question marks and some unproven talent but not much in terms of outright bad units. Other than a handful of teams, the majority of NFL teams have weak spots on the roster. You can't expect above average talent from top to bottom. We can't keep using our roster as an excuse for not winning. I feel like we have been talking about remaking our roster for a decade now. In that time it has remade itself a couple times since every several years the majority of the roster turns over naturally. This is the nfl. The roster is always turning over. Rivera apparently thinks our roster is pretty good or he would have spent money in free agency.
  5. Rivera: It takes 3-5 years to build a culture

    I can understand this first year being a bad year, but after that I expect wins. I expect 8 wins or more by year 2 and playoffs by year 3. You guys and your low expectations kill me. This is the nfl. Teams go from crap to playoffs every year. We don't have 5 years to wait. Win!
  6. Is the offensive line really that much of a concern?

    That would be a big surprise and a great one. I thought if anything Christian might emerge as the RT starter. Christian has to prove himself this year. I never thought he was terrible when he subbed in. Maybe we need a bigger sample size before we judge him.
  7. Rivera: It takes 3-5 years to build a culture

    He can take his time building the right culture. But I sure hope he starts winning a lot sooner.
  8. Maybe we should just be done with it and trade next years first to the jets for jamal adams. Imagine Adams-Collins. Would even need to play cornerbacks
  9. Redskins WR Cody Latimer arrested

    Agreed. From my perspective he was supposed to be a mature vet presence in the building. He clearly isn't that type of vet presence so what do we need him for. Plus this is just another perfect opportunity for RR to do his whole character prove it thing. Cut him.
  10. Interesting they are giving us so much love. I think 11 is generous. Landing Rivera was a huge positive, but outside of that we didn't do anything special and definitely failed in the long term improvement category. Sure Chase Young is great, but that was a given. They notably forget the lack of a tight end solution.
  11. Redskins WR Cody Latimer arrested

    Potentially sounds like some terrible mitigating circumstances. Nevertheless, pointing weapons at people is a big concern no matter what the reason. One could also ask why Latimer is bringing a 4 year old to a poker game during covid? Easy to jump to conclusions, not a lot of facts out there on this one. But at the very least it appears like Latimer has some seriously questionable judgment.
  12. Bills DL Ed Oliver arrested

    Why is everyone carrying weapons around when you aren't even supposed to be cruising around?
  13. Redskins WR Cody Latimer arrested

    Net positive. The rest of the WRs will benefit from more reps.
  14. Quinton Dunbar has warrant out for arrest

    This sounds almost hard to believe. If true, what an idiot. Hard to understand. I was in the group of having thought we should have extended Dunbar. Certainly looking good for us if he really went full idiot. But I will stay stand by the fact that we should have gotten more compensation.
  15. Is the offensive line really that much of a concern?

    I guess Miami doesn't have to worry so much about it then. Maybe we should teach Haskins to throw left handed.