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  1. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Agreed. Kerrigan could probably play both end positions and at least both outside linebacker positions if needed. Yes he would be an expensive rotational player, but depth wins games in December. We have overpaid so many players over the years, why not one more who at least is a great team guy.
  2. 2020 Draft thread

    Some good stuff here, but don't agree with taking a cleaning house approach. The point of changing coaching staff is that we believe the coaching staff was holding this team back. So IMO, in this case, you don't hit the personnel reset button. First you need to re-evaluate our talent under the new staff. I mean cmon, even Callahan got more out of the personnel than Gruden. Who knows what Rivera can do. I don't understand the gloom and doom at running back. I think a true starter emerges between Guice and Love. This article is obviously a puff piece because Love isn't even mentioned. Peterson gives us a stop gap in the mean time. We need to be a bit patient here. This isn't a position we need to panic about because there are endless mid level running backs available all year round. I let this develop for another season. We have other places to spend money and draft picks. In terms of Kerrigan, yes his play tailed off last year, uh he was hurt. The three years before that were some of his best years. So if you want to trade him don't rationalize it because his play is tailing off. If anything in a proper 4-3 he should excel. I don't understand how we can look at dunbar, call him one of our few success stories and then trade him. Yes, trade him if we can't get a fair extension worked out, but we shouldn't jump to trade him. Yes please on Alex Smith. But if he truly wants to play, I trot him out there during preseason and then trade him to a team that gets a QB injury before trade deadline. Unless he wants to be a qb coach I don't see what else he is qualified for at this point.
  3. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    His most productive years as a pass rusher were 2016, 2017, and 2018. So it isn't like his sack numbers have been in decline. I guess it depends what he wants. I sure would be interested in seeing him in a 4-3 and with the first good defensive coordinator he has had in his entire career.
  4. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    I think you are exactly right that about all we would get is 3rd round pick unless we traded him in season to a needy team making a run. The chances that a 3rd round pick gives you any where near the same production as Kerrigan is a huge reach.
  5. Be careful what you ask for, you would likely be scarred for life.
  6. Rivera and Williams Have Connected

    I am not suggesting Hess was the best in the business or his program should not be scrutinized. Rather simply that everything I have always heard was that he was dedicated to the team, and his job. I always heard he treated the players well and got the impression he did his job to the best of his ability. I just think it is a shame that he walks away from nearly 20 years with the team and is now viewed as some kind of evil guy who is responsible for all our injury woes and definitely Trent William's cancer. Hopefully they improve the program. But I stand by my statement that they replaced Hess for the sake of change nothing more. Lets be honest, they didn't interview 10 guys and consider some major revamp with new tech and some young new guy with a modern approach. No, they just brought in Rivera's old friend and old like he's old, he ain't some young up and coming innovator. That is all good, but he is just another guy in the business. It isn't like carolina has been a picture of health and perfect recovery, look at Cam Newton and his constant injuries and he is always coming back too soon. Sound familiar? But i'm sure we won't have any injuries at all anymore, I mean it's just football, players shouldn't get injured
  7. Rivera and Williams Have Connected

    Yes. I completely disagree with your position, but there is a huge thread on this and all my thoughts are there. @turtle28 this is incredibly insincere. You are a massive redskins fan and so you should know that Trent Williams health has been a mess for years. His games played and started stats don't tell the picture. He is often playing half the season on one leg and you know this as well as I do. Donald Penn has actually been very fortunate to only have one major down year with his injury history and has been incredibly reliable throughout his career. Trent Williams is obviously the superior player when 100%, but when do we get that for a season? Penn gave us more last year than williams did the year before. I am not arguing for Donald Penn to be our savior, I was just very accurately pointing out that we replaced Trent fairly easily and cheaply last year. You are now on board with the smear campaign against Larry Hess? Larry Hess was fired for change for the sake of change and maybe to strike down the bad public image our medical staff received because of TW publicly trashing them. That is all good, but I think it is very sad that a guy who dedicated most of his professional career to this team is being trashed for no reason at all. Bundling him in the same boat as Bruce Allen is just not fair to the guy. This is what happens when you entitle players and put them above the team.
  8. Rivera and Williams Have Connected

    I can't take this point of view. I despise him as much as anyone. But the employees of the team are the team. We don't need to rehearse all this. Yes I am saying slandering people publicly is not cool. Especially the supposed captain of the team. It is pretty low brow to do it through proxies for months before speaking up himself. But the other point of view is that the sports medicine (not oncology) based medical staff told him to get a second opinion multiple times. He is a big boy, he can afford healthcare. He refused an independent inquiry into the situation after he slandered the medical staff for months. In the end he made it very clear that this was about money as much as anything else and that is where Bruce Allen comes into play. You are totally correct in the irony of Trent vs Penn age. But Penn doesn't have the extensive injury history like Williams. Like most people, I thought when we signed up Penn to take his spot it would be disastrous. I was wrong though. Penn was very consistent. Clearly I am in the minority here. So maybe I am wrong. But I am pretty sure this won't work out well. We are going to commit something like 15 millionish a year for multiple years. Do you really think we will get our money's worth? Do you really think that is the best thing for the team? I would rather get a draft pick or two even if they aren't 1st rounders and move on.
  9. Quinton Dunbar no OTA's

    You are basically applauding having the inmates run the asylum. There is nothing ok about what Trent Williams did last year. You can give him a pass on it if you want, but acting like it is acceptable behavior is ridiculous. Everyone complains about Snyder entitling players. That is exactly what this is. We are entitling Trent Williams. Again, I understand if you want want to take the attitude that we should let bygones be bygones, but this is not appropriate. Should Dwayne Haskins complain publicly and get Scott Turner fired if he doesn't like him? Would that be ok? Maybe the janitor bumps into Montez Sweat in the hallway and Sweat throws a hissy fit. Should fire the janitor? IMO Entitlement=bad culture.
  10. Rivera and Williams Have Connected

    He should be healthy, but almost every year he should be healthy and every year he is broken for a good bit of the season. He will be 32 with a lengthy injury history. You have to ask yourself if we can truly go all in on him and depend on him for multiple years? Because that is what it is gonna take. He made it very clear, he wants to get paid and he wants guaranteed. We replaced him with a vet minimum player last year. Apparently it isn't as hard as we thought. I would try to give penn another year and draft a high round tackle (i assume we can trade him for at least 1 second round pick). We also got Christian who wasn't horrible. There are some other free agent vets. I get how a lot of people give him a level of credit for helping get bruce fired, but two wrongs don't make a right. I just don't know how you make a precedent of this and let players know that it is ok and they will get their way, if they hold out, smear your staff publicly and basically say he won't be here unless we fire people.
  11. Rivera and Williams Have Connected

    That is the team. Whether we like them or not.
  12. Rivera and Williams Have Connected

    There is a long list of reasons you could choose from 1)He completely screwed us over last season 2)He trashed our team and employees like medical staff publicly 3)He is old 4)He is always hurt 5)He just isn't that elite anymore and certainly not for 16 games 6)We replaced him with almost no fall off for 1.5 million dollars last year 7)He wants a huge contract that is mostly guaranteed
  13. Quinton Dunbar no OTA's

    Well I am not aware of this new news. But my feeling is that Trent William's offense was much bigger and more protracted than what we are seeing with Dunbar which is already clear. So if you are going to give TW a pass, we better be doing the same with Dunbar. And really, I am not sure why people think resigning Trent Williams to some multi year mostly guaranteed super expensive extension at this age is really what is best for the redskins. On the other hand if we just put dunbar on the lower end of the starting CB pay scale (give him a raise this year and beyond) we are getting bargain basement pricing still. And of course we should have expected him to be looking for an extension this offseason. We should be proactive about this stuff rather than wait for it to bite us in the *** like this. I guess with the front office change could be to blame and they need time to get their act together. But cmon, imagine if we make him play out the year on the contract and he actually gives us a full season of what we have been seeing from him. He would be getting a huge contract after that and wouldn't be affordable. It just makes sense to pay him now.
  14. Is there any chance the Redskins take Tua at #2?

    Absolutely. They are going to cut him up and combine with various parts of alex smith to make one healthy super qb.
  15. 2020 Draft thread

    The NFL draft history is a long sequence of mistakes, disappointments and missed opportunities. I think it is a pretty factual statement. Every draft is littered with them. There is no such thing as a can't miss prospect.