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  1. Guice-Best news Possible

    I don't think we depend on him, but I see no reason to get rid of him. It isn't like he is costing us significant cap space.
  2. Guice-Best news Possible

    Probably want to keep peterson on the roster next season
  3. I don't know. I think Eli's performance is definitely pointing to D Jones being a question mark. Maybe they should draft Tua.
  4. So can we infer that this means Daniel Jones actually stinks?
  5. I also don't see why we want Louis Riddick. If he was so desirable to be a GM he would have earned a job in the last 5 years. In terms of OConnell, what have you seen in the last bunch of games that have made you think he is some rising star? Cause I haven't seen anything special. They generally start slow which is a bad indicator of an OC because you start with pre planned scripted plays.
  6. 2020 Draft thread

    If you really want the block buster deal to be in play, what you need to happen is the bengals surprise everyone and pick Tua first. Burrow now still on play as well as Chase Young. Insanity occurs, movies get written about this trade.
  7. Week 14: Cheese Head Mania

    Good, I would rather see the young guys get reps. I sure hope Bruce Allen's fate isn't about a single game. He has been here for over 150 games.
  8. You could say the same things about the redskins. Plus by next year Elliot will have a lot of miles on those tires. That amazing oline seems to be getting more beat every year. etc. Their talent window is closing.
  9. Well the Cowboys have certainly taken the spotlight in getting hammered by the media right now
  10. To be clear, I wasn't trying to imply that Dan isn't a problem. Just comparing him to Jerry. From the front office side, this isn't about so much Dan and Bruce, but Dan and Bruce vs Jerry and Jerry.
  11. First of all, let me just say it brings joy to my heart that this question can be asked in a serious manner. We all know the redskins problems, but wow the cowboys are a mess too.Here are some cursory thoughts: -I think most people can agree, that the cowboys are somehow squeezing less juice out of their talent than the redskins. -Thereby, the cowboys coaching staff appears to be just as bad or worse than the redskins interim coaching staff. -As much as the redskins owner, ahem Mr. Snyder, is bad, it is pretty hard to think you would trade him for Jerry Jones who does things like multiple press conference a day, negotiates his player contracts himself and interacts with the players through the media and likes to be on the field on game day. -The redskins front office biggest problem is Bruce Allen and it is a big problem. But the cowboys have their owner playing GM. Both bad situations.
  12. #FireBruceAllen

    As I said, personally I lost all respect for TW and I would much rather have a good draft pick than Trent. Still I would be very very curious as to the reaction of the redskin fans to this. Would people embrace Dan for this move especially if Trent Williams continues to publicly support Snyder during the process of it? Oh the drama, please make it end
  13. #FireBruceAllen

    Well that would blow my mind if it happened. I am not sure I want him back because the only way he is coming back is if we sign him to a mega deal.
  14. #FireBruceAllen

    Got it.
  15. #FireBruceAllen

    I am not sure what suing the team has to do with not releasing the medical records. If we want to talk about leaks, we can also point to him leaking his feelings about the team, trashing the medical staff all through backdoor proxies for months on end. If anyone is at risk for being sued it is trent williams himself by the medical staff for slandering them. But if Trent really has privacy concerns or whatever, then fine move on. But the highlighted is the point. He isn't moving on. He won't stop talking about it. And what has he gained by continuing to berate the team publicly? You may agree with him or be on his side but it is just foolish and contradictory for him to sit there on his high horse, refusing to allow a private investigation while he publicly attacks people. If I am another GM, I am taking note. If you piss off Trent Williams, not only will he walk out on his contract, he will publicly bash the team and personally attack members of the organization. Not to mention he will publicly trash your other employees like the medical staff if he doesn't feel they took care of him properly. Is that risk worth signing an often injured, aging player to a giant contract? hmmm. He is only doing himself a disservice. But I guess we can still cheer him on for making such a public stink of trashing bruce allen, something we all enjoy to a degree