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  1. Dolphins bench Ryan Fitzpatrick, to start Josh Rosen

    I think he is going to surprise everyone. Remember he wasn't exactly given an easy ride last year, being under duress should be nothing new to him. At least he a couple options to throw the ball to.
  2. Dolphins bench Ryan Fitzpatrick, to start Josh Rosen

    Why keep the kid in the cupboard. He is in year 2, lets see what he's got.
  3. Tony Wyllie leaving Redskins

    Jump away. I would applaud Allen jumping ship. Wylie is a minor figure in reality and in reality our communications have been laden with mistakes. A change was long overdue.
  4. Won't matter until we change this running game. How many years of this same sputtering running game until Gruden changes something.
  5. Timing the market is a tough play. I think we already saw maximum value with Tunsil. No other franchise is likely to give us as much compensation as houston, plus I believe Trent is from houston so it would have been a desirable landing spot. Chargers maybe? What about Miami now? They got all these picks and no left tackle.
  6. Tunsil, Stills traded to Houston

    Bill O'Brien better win big this year.
  7. Browns Cut Greg Robinson

    Weird. Kind of an important player to use in a procedural move. Isn't this what depth is for?
  8. Well, clearly we could have gotten a sweet deal out of Houston. But Tunsil had some advantages, his cap hit is non existent this season and only 10 next season. So that is one reason why you might pay more in terms of draft picks. Cap space has to be an issue. Trent Williams only plays for a team who can pay him, so that removes a lot of the options. I think it is hard to measure worth this close to the season. Without a LT getting a major injury in the next couple weeks, I think most teams are comfortable with what they got. I am glad the front office isn't running their mouths about this situation, but I sure hope behind the scenes they are willing to move him because at this point I don't even want him back.
  9. Agree. Why do we care about Marshall if we keep S.Sims. Can't S. Sims handle the return duties? I would expect that if we are actually making a run, Bryce Love could be back this year.
  10. Sure it does. You can almost guarantee Quinn and Richardson will be injured and it looks like McLaurin too. I would much rather keep one of those WRs over one of the running backs.
  11. Bruce Allen better not have passed up something similar for Trent Williams. I would love to get that. So Houston is no longer a possible landing spot.
  12. Pretty much what I expected except, I am really disappointed about Cam Sims. I thought his body of work exceeded Davis and Steven Sims. Surprised they couldn't keep with him with no doctson also, what really disappoints me is that they dropped him and kept all these rbs. With guys like McCoy available, and likely Marshall would stay available, why do we waste a roster spot on Marshall and Wilson.
  13. Case Keenum announced as Week 1 starter

    If he was a real leader, he wasn't a real good one. The defense got worse as the year went on.
  14. Case Keenum announced as Week 1 starter

    Well apparently there was a big division on his companion animals. The non football people (Snyder+Allen) wanted to fill the room with exotic butterflies, but the football people (scouts, coaches) wanted the Koala bears. Since Snyder/Allen overrode the football people on picking haskins at 15, they compromised and let the football people win on this issue.
  15. Case Keenum announced as Week 1 starter

    Word on the street is that they are just finishing up building a special "development quarters" for haskins. These are the highlights I am hearing from my sources: Haskins will live here for the remainder of season The walls and floors are fully padded to reduce injury Special hepa filter system to keep germs out and no one, but haskins is allowed in or out. For companionship they are supplying haskins with 2 declawed koala bears Coaches will meet with him through video Full gym room that also has video interactivity for training staff. Hopefully he will be a different man at the end of the season when he comes out. Clearly this strategy of not playing him and putting him through this safe development plan will advance his skills.