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  1. Love it! Glad we kept him. Who knows if payne or whoever wants to stay here. Jon Allen does. It is good to keep one of our own.
  2. It keeps coming back to Rodger's fragile and very needy ego. I think rather than a new contract or trading Jordan, they should simply build an Aaron Rodgers statue at Lambeau to satisfy him.
  3. You and @RSkinGM are correct. Miller is likely the best every down back on the roster. I just don't see that is something Rivera likes. He is a running back by committee guy. Miller has certainly accomplished quite a bit. But I guess I am in the camp of Miller will be coming into his 9th nfl season. He is a running back. Running back + 8 seasons = end of career. I guess for your argument, maybe holding Miller instead of Barber lets them thin out the numbers of backup running backs needed on roster cause he can do everything. I just don't get cutting a guy on the cheap who did hi
  4. First downs are first downs. Both players are cheap. Neither of them is special but one already has shown success here. He was asked to do one job and did it. If you want to build culture you don't replace a successful player with just another guy and that is what miller is.
  5. I don't get this. Why would we get rid of a cheap player who is incredibly successful at getting us short yardage first downs? Do you not like first downs?
  6. Lot of talking from Fitz. Lets hope he backs it up.
  7. Caesar was a badass, but aren't we supposed to be all politically correct? Rome was one of the biggest empires in the history of the world and they got that way by conquering, killing, occupying and enslaving other peoples. The first thing we need to ask ourselves about any name is whether it could offend people or is a touchy subject. This is why I also think both military names or political names are a bad idea. For instance, whatever your feelings are on the subject, Monuments has been a touchy issue recently. No one is offended by WFT except the fans so that seems the most
  8. To me the branding and connection is our colors and focusing in on Red is contradictory to that. It also means holding on to the past and habit of saying Redskins. Interesting point about the double W. Not sure what I think of that, but I haven't really thought of it until now. It does kind of create some nice alliteration. I could care less about httr. I would be just as happy changing it to hail to washington. But and a big but, if I was Snyder, I would refuse to change the name until I knew the stadium site because if the stadium site isn't washington dc, then I wouldn't w
  9. I am still in the camp of not needing a silly animal to root for. But if we do, I don't understand why we can just be the Washington Wolves or Washington Hogs. I don't understand this need for a prefix like "red". It is unnecessary and confusing when our colors are not Red but Burgundy. If we have to root for an animal though, Hogs is logical.
  10. He will likely end up hurt this year and then we will overpay him anyways
  11. offbyone


    Yes, this win loss record comment is absurd. For perspective, Cousins has a better W/L than pretty much all the qbs we discussed acquiring this offseason like Stafford, Carr, Darnold and certainly Fitzpatrick. As WFT fans we should all know that there is more to a W/L record than just a qb. Cousins never had a defense. 21M AAV. Yes Please. Even 30 AAV is super cheap these days.
  12. At this point, do we know what Aaron Rodgers specifically wants?
  13. Hopefully the brain trust figures out that we only have one franchise tag a year.
  14. I think you give Snyder too much credit. He isn't the wizard behind the curtain. He is just a jerk and ran a poor business. Anyways, what is so bad? Snyder has been convicted of nothing. That is the reality. This is the NFL bro. Didn't you see Derrius Guice is good to go too. Our fall from grace may have felt painful for us who are up close, but it is relatively minor. The league isn't going to be happy, but you got to recognize what WFT is. Despite losing for 20 years we are still a top 10 revenue team. You can't talk like we are the frickin bengals or something. Snyder
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