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  1. I think you could be right on the eagles, but not dallas. I think the only team in play is one who can give them a qb or one of the top 2 draft picks. The compensation will be insane.
  2. At this point the writing is on the wall. They are hiring a pseudo GM from carolina. The only question is, will they retain Kyle Smith.
  3. That is well said. I just can't play 15M for <10 of production on a position group that takes 5 starters every snap.
  4. Just ribbing you a bit. I respect your position. I am really torn on the Scherff situation. I don't think he has shown us elite play in a couple years so it is hard to rationalize giving him that contract. If that scherff of old with his regular pancake blocks reappears then he is worth the contract. It is just hard to know with the injuries adding up.
  5. By the extreme skill you show in dodging the question, you clearly must be a career politician.
  6. Fair enough. I just think that is what coaches are for, not cap space.
  7. Again, I am not asking what the everyone else saw, I am asking what you saw as a WFT fan who closely watches our games. Did you see a 15M performance this year?
  8. Good year for defense. Unfortunate that they crapped the bed in the finish. We need a MLB and we need guys in the backfield who can play zone as JDR seems really zone focused despite us not having the personnel.
  9. I like it, but needs WFT colors, burgundy and gold, not white and red.
  10. You want to pay a guy 24 million dollars to be a mentor? I think that is a bad use of resources. Hire 10 qb coaches, it doesn't affect the cap.
  11. That is a non answer. I don't care about popularity contests. You watched him play, you saw his availability, etc. Did you see a 15M/year guard?
  12. This eagles situation is wacky. It is WFT like idiocy and lack of forethought. So Pederson fired because he liked Hurts and owner liked Wentz. What the heck are they going to do now? Trade hurts or just let him stew on the bench with the next coach? Seems like either way someone is unhappy.
  13. That is an unknown. Let me pose the Scherff quandary another way. We basically tried him out this year for what his contract will be- 15M/year. Do you feel like you got your 15M $ worth?
  14. I could also see New England taking Trask. I also agree though that either could fit Minnesota as Cousins' heir. I will be interested to see if someone falls in love with one of them and drafts them in top 15.
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