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  1. That was not originally my solution, but we backed ourselves into a corner with the franchise tag and at the same time he again proved that he can not avoid the injury bug. It isn't just his lack of availability. He might be available 75% of the time but Scherff walks out on the field unhealthy and is not nearly as effective 50% of the time. You can't pay premium money for a player that only gives you premium play less than half the time. Gabe Jackson is a solid player who will secure the position at half the price. You use the other half to sign a premium player like a WR and dra
  2. I wish I knew. But you have to play the odds and other than Lawrence all these qbs have multiple question marks and so the odds are against them. And if teams add the pressure of having quick success by drafting them high, or worse, trading up for them, then you really are setting yourself up for failure.
  3. Either not back or not worth the price.
  4. Gabe Jackson was released. Fills a position of need at Right Guard.
  5. Although we just released thomas davis.
  6. Hilarious, I love it. If you read some of the pundits or posts on these boards you would think that all these qbs are going to be great ones. It is hilarious. The majority of drafted qbs fail. This class will be no different.
  7. I wonder what is holding up letting him go. They can't possibly be trying to trade him. Are they maybe haggling with league about the insurance policy?
  8. So interesting how we have people in the same moment talking up Mac Jones and others talking up Trey Lance. These qbs couldn't be more different. I wonder if there are similar discussions at WFT. Mayhew wanting Lance, Hurney calling for Jones and Rivera calling for Kyle Allen
  9. Rudolph is a reliable player who has shined at times when they needed him to. If he is reasonable that covers TE between him and Thomas. It would be a great 1-2 punch. Neither is elite, but both are decent.
  10. If Alex Smith doesn't want to leave on a bad note then he should walk back those comments himself like a man.
  11. Boy oh boy is the Mac Jones hype train really shifted into high gear I will pose this question again. If everyone now wants to fit a square peg in a round hole (non mobile pocket passer into Scott Turner's offense) then why are we looking to Mac Jones instead of Trask who has a better arm, better size and did more with less?
  12. Agree with all this. Just worried Rivera thinks Allen is our future. If Alex isn't out I will be shocked and disappointed.
  13. I really hope Rivera doesn't think Kyle Allen is anything more than a backup in our future.
  14. The problem with Parsons is that if teams deem his red flags to be non issues then he will be gone well before 19. If he is there at 19, it will imply that his red flags are more than smoke and we shouldn't pick him anyways. So to me Parsons is a not an option for us.
  15. Just in case you are right and before your head gets too big- would you mind private messaging me some lottery numbers?
  16. Big fan of this pick. Screaming deal you guys pulled on that. I think this could be a McClaurin type outcome. Mac Jones now has all the weapons he needs.
  17. Well that is a nice WR to have. You guys gave Jones every chance of success.
  18. The value is there but I can't get on board with that. I think we waste years of mediocrity with Mac Jones and I certainly wouldn't trade up for him even if I traded down first. Rivera can't afford to swing and miss on a qb in the draft after sending Haskins out of here like he did. You better now sign elite WRs so he has elite weapons like he did in alabama.
  19. Agreed. It would be one thing if it was some young start, but this is an old time nfl vet who has been in the spotlight of being and nfl for his long career. He knows exactly what happens when he says stuff like this.
  20. Oh I didn't see that. Darn. But still 2 1st round picks likely give us some leverage next year
  21. You guys really ripped Denver off nice and good. Given the way their front office is running their team, I would plan on acquiring a qb next year with that 1st round pick.
  22. If we cut him early for the same overall cap hit that doesn't appear to benefit anyone but him. But in reality keeping him benefited Smith so much. There is a good chance he wouldn't have gotten another chance last year and then the gap would have been too big for him to ever get an opportunity. He should be thankful.
  23. I enjoyed your response One comment, maybe others can weight in on. It has been about 8 years since he bought the Washington Post. I have limited insight, but the two things I know is that 1)he has made the WP profitable and 2)I also know that I don't read it anymore.
  24. He could decide he prefers to live somewhere else and since he has endless money, just move the team. He could take the amazon route and take 15 years before showing us a winning season. By which time many of us will be old and gray or gone. He could decide to run it like a corporate business and cut corners everywhere to save money and maximize profits. etc. Snyder is a pile of suck, but if you look around the league don't tell me all the other billionaire owners are all running their teams perfectly. Just saying just because Bezos wipes his butt with gold bars doesn't m
  25. I know we all prefer that Snyder doesn't own the team, but do we really want Bezos to own the team?
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