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  1. Around the league v.1.0

    wonder if he still has any shot at reinstatement
  2. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    or they could pay Cousins an ungodly amount of money (to solidify the position with Gordon/Coleman/Njoku as targets), and then have an absurd amount of trade-back options to stockpile first round picks like the celtics did a few years back
  3. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Preview Thread

    Davis had a really bad 2016 and a really injured 2017, will be going on 30 by the time camp hits. Sean Smith was 29 when he first suited up for us. If he comes for pennies the way Amerson did for KC, it wouldn't be the worst flier. But if we pay him and are counting on him to start outside, it would be a blunder imo.
  4. Around the league v.1.0

    on a pure football basis, Kaep is easily the best option to be the backup QB. better than manuel, cook, manziel, or any other name on the market. but nothing is ever purely about football. i think his lawsuit against the league has sunk his chances of being signed
  5. Rich7sena's Official Mock Offseason *Ver. 3* - 2/19/18

    wanting to spend a top 10 pick on a back while admitting you want him to be a two-down back? ugh no thanks. roquan smith would be an every down player from day one and would be an instant upgrade to Cory James or eventual Bowman replacement. in the meantime, marshawn can handle 2-down duties about as well as guice would
  6. Raiders cut CB David Amerson / signed with the chiefs

    that's cheap and he has shown potential. not the worst signing tbh
  7. Raiders parting ways with K Janikowski

    there was a 2 year stretch where he was actually a great kicker, 2010-2011. in those 2 years he made 64/76 kicks, an 84% clip. i know that's nothing amazing, but 6 of those 12 misses were from 50+ (11-17 from 50+), and he only missed 1 from under 40 in those two years. other than that he was a maybe slightly above average kicker, but he was consistent. the raiders never really had to consider changing their kicker throughout his career, which is more than a lot of teams can say. overall his career is pretty much in line with a guy like jason hanson. but yeah, giorgio tavecchio has been a camp/preseason leg for us for a few years, kicked well there. looked decent enough last year. rather than riding seabass for another couple of seasons and having to start from scratch (which looks like a scary endeavor looking at the insane turnover around the league with kickers), giorgio looked good enough to be the guy, even if janikowski would be a bit better for a year or two (provided his back is fine). basically what happened with marquette king taking over for shane lechler (though King is a better punter than Giorgio is a kicker) i hope he does well somewhere in the NFC
  8. Josh McDaniels Decides to Stay with New England

    bite me
  9. Josh McDaniels Decides to Stay with New England

    so whatever new head coach they find is stuck with pre-determined assistants? lol
  10. Josh McDaniels Decides to Stay with New England

    people keep saying it's a blessing, but the colts got screwed since they otherwise stood pat and let everybody else get hired elsewhere. coordinator market pretty dried up too
  11. reminds me of derek fisher using his daughter's eye condition to force his way out of utah...
  12. What have you learned from draft busts?

    I remember being so strongly against Kevin White when there was the Cooper/White discussion. Feels unfair to claim victory for White due to his injuries, but he hasn't shown much on the field when he's been out there. I think too many times people become enamored with the highlights instead of watching them play in and play out. Highlight videos made Bruce Campbell look like the best OL prospect of all time. It's also why I never bought Johnny Manziel... like at all. I think Manziel was the most obvious bust of all time. He made a living in college making plays that you can't get away with in the NFL. People tried comparing him to Wilson, but I never saw it. Wilson is such a better pocket passer and generally plays more composed. I never thought they were close. Guys I've been dead wrong on? I didn't like Garappolo coming out. I thought we were looking at another Blaine Gabbert. I totally whiffed on Newton. I didn't think he was accurate enough to make it. His accuracy is still a flaw, but he's been able to overcome that in spades. I doubted him up until his MVP season.
  13. Raiders Defense

    he's been a DE a vast majority of the time
  14. Raiders cut CB David Amerson / signed with the chiefs

    frustrating to watch him decline after his awesome 2015. he's a solid athlete who thinks he's a great athlete... he plays with overconfidence and gets burned. i still think he'll have a career, but you cant just play him man to man on the outside and expect good things to happen. unless he's facing marcus mariota. always plays ridiculously well against tennessee for some reason also couldn't stay on the field...