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  1. Great idea for a thread and congrats to @Hockey5djh and @Jroc04! I doubt this is something ill ever have the honor of joining, im a like really bad version of brett favre, retired from the league, came back, retired, came back, only i changed my name as well.
  2. Favourite team: Philadelphia Eagles Week 1: Indianapolis Colts
  3. Anyone ever try to watch every game in a season?

    Spoilers!! Jeez... ?? But seriously how'd you break your tv?
  4. What Position Holds Us Back This Year?

    I can only hope the eagles have done their homework and the upside on this kid is worth the risk and the pick.
  5. What Position Holds Us Back This Year?

    Even if Sidney were to come back this year how effective is he likely to be without a real off-season to prepare him. It has to be next season before we see what we got in him.
  6. What Position Holds Us Back This Year?

    I'm not as worried about corner as I was before Darby, if he can hold his side we'll see Mills tested early. I'm curious to see what our situational flaw will be..
  7. The Skyforge - Getcha Sigs & Avatars Here

    I'll see if I can sort out photoshop for my MacBook, Ill certainly help out if I can get it sorted ?
  8. RB Ryan Mathews Cut

    I'm liking Smallwood as well, I get a Westbrook vibe from him.
  9. Haha yeah thats right! I've changed my picture to it for old-times sake. McNabb with his goofy face and an afro. I appreciate that Phire, thanks. It's good to be back!
  10. Yeah that was me, well remembered! That you remembered that is either a really good thing or a really bad thing haha
  11. Eagles release veteran RB Ryan Mathews

    If I'm not mistaken they had to wait until he was healthy before they could release him.
  12. RB Ryan Mathews Cut

    Brutal business, proving you're healthy to get fired.. I'm happy with the RB situation in General, I'd like to see Blount prove BB wrong and show he has some tread left on the tires.
  13. Does LeSean McCoy have a chance to at the HOF?

    I agree with points 1 and 3, but aren't they looking at qb's in the 2018 draft? Taylor doesn't appear to have too much time left in buffalo. I don't think shady is hof worthy, even with a nice few years to finish his career.
  14. The Brady case has certainly set a precedent, interesting to see how far this doesn't go.
  15. Bird Watch 2017 Edition

    Sounds fun, can I adopt Ronald Darby? Edit nvm: I see he's taken, I'll think of another.