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  1. Wentz at this point is just living embodiment of American pie scene where Jim pre-ejaculates twice. That’s him.
  2. Never once said the Russ is washed up. He’s gonna do well in the regular season. In the post season? Yeah no faith. And the fit is terrible. When you add an all star you expect that value to be sizeable, I don’t see that.
  3. Lol it’s just “he’s gonna give Lebron time to rest”. Lol aight.
  4. Gonna be awkward when Sharife Cooper walks into the locker room after the game and the vets are trying to hit on his sister.
  5. Wait so a big 3 isn’t the same as a super team? We really doing this?
  6. Havent even seen this kid play and yet this comparison is a disgrace. Possibly worse than his Ayton-David Robinson.
  7. No Im trusting the fact that Lebron has rarely gotten injured. Last season before the break he was fine and didnt get hurt up until that point. He was also fine until a freak injury where somebody rolled on his ankle. Guess we should start forecasting and accounting for ankles being rolled over now.
  8. The best way this can work is if Lebron and AD play off ball i guess. If they do this Lebron as the PG thing then LOL. AD at the 5, he better get used to it.
  9. Oh they got Perk as a draft analyst? Why not put Stephen A while your at it? ESPN is a ****hole and thank goodness I don’t actually have to pay for that crap if I decide to watch it.
  10. He suffered a benign and random injury. Hinging on injuries for a guy that isn’t often injured is a futile exercise. Injuries can happen to anybody. Stop being obtuse.
  11. Oh because, maybe, just maybe, the best team doesn’t always make the finals and there are exceptions to the rule. Lakers being proactive rather than reactive. You and this conference finals talk, let it go. You’re like the only person on here hanging on to that.
  12. I said a healthy Lakers team. I prefaced that.
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