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  1. Somebody needs to change the password to resilient’s WiFi. This is too much now.
  2. We need to slow down there. The only bonafide is that he’s a bonafide turnover machine.
  3. If Chelsea actually sign Declan Rice, Lampard deserves to be sacked
  4. Saquon being the wrong pick has very little to do with him. I wanted Quenton Nelson and Chubb. But I came around to the pick because I thought we’d build around him and the talent around him would get better. It’s gotten progressively worse and we’ve wasted him.
  5. I wonder what opposing teams travel arrangements are? So that they can avoid any players get into trouble lol.
  6. I thought a Kante-Kova-Jorginho midfield was pretty flat for your guys. I’m with you I think Ziyech is a perfect addition for you guys. Silva is going to be a welcome addition to your back line too. I’m curious to see how Mendy fairs instead of Kepa in goal because that’s a gaping hole for you guys. I agree it was flat but I think it’s a by product of how we set up. Lampard was probably thinking about the last game we played lost 5-3 and didn’t want us to be giving away possession in the our defensive third. Mendy should be an immediate upgrade. Kepa’s confidence is shot.
  7. lol watch the play again. Plumlee called for a switch even though he wasn’t even screened.
  8. Going forward we were bad but even with that said we were able to get Into better attacking positions even with less of the ball. Defensively however especially with 11 men we were disciplined and organised. Liverpool couldn’t break us down at all.
  9. Watched only the full first half as I missed the game and no point in watching second half due to 10 men. Summary: -We were very compact and solid defensively, looked very comfortable -it’s clear we let Liverpool have the ball and they did very little with it. We also didn’t press and you also saw a couple of times what would happen if we did press. -we were too wasteful and not brave in possession. Too many back passes but i understand why as we didn’t want to give possession away in our own half. Kovacic and Jorginho should set the tone and be the ones to help beat their press - We actually got into better attacking positions than Liverpool we were just poor in the final third. - Werner look our most threatening. Havertz was isolated and Werner to a lesser extent. -Mount was useless on the pitch -Reece James, please stop with the back passes. Play without fear. -Christensen what were you doing? -Kepa? Sigh. -Ziyech would’ve been perfect for this game, against this high line.
  10. Bam is gonna win a DPOY within the next 2 years. Special defender.
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