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  1. Dame making the list is insane I have to be honest lol. AD too. Probably even worse. Dwight second half of career held him back.
  2. There has to be more to this situation on Philly’s end that we don’t know about. I really doubt it’s just a case of hurt feelings from how that series vs Atalanta ended.
  3. Ben gets to go home to Maya Jama, he’s doing just fine.
  4. Derrick Henry needs an explanation. As a Rust Cohle famously said he’s a “creature that should not exist by natural law”.
  5. CeeDee just won be my matchup in fantasy by .6 with that last play. (Yes I’m becoming THAT guy that talks about his fantasy team)
  6. Why does Raiders interim HC look like Goldberg?
  7. This a clean house kind of game if we are being honest.
  8. Toney and Thomas gets injured and from what I can tell we can no longer move the ball. We’re just bad as we are unlucky.
  9. Which active players y’all reckon gonna be in the NBA 75 list?
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