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  1. I did say this. BTW I don’t really have a side in the debate.
  2. You can definitely see Mourinho’s imprint on that team. They lack ideas going forward when they aren’t afforded spaces on the counter or against a high line. They’ll get exposed soon enough don’t you worry. They have no chance of winning the league trust me.
  3. don’t really like the song selections and matching. Had it 10-10 no joke.
  4. Also, it just goes to show that these rules to protect the QB doesn’t really help much, if at all.
  5. Nah look at Teddy who had exact same, or worse if I’m not mistaken, and looks as mobile as he was prior injury. It’ll just take time.
  6. I don’t think a single thing you said there is true lol. Kinda weird to be puffing your chest.
  7. Brady had Gronk one of the best TEs ever and Edelman one of the best slot receivers in the league plus McDaniels. Peyton had Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. Rodgers has had his share of receivers. Of course what Mahomes has helps but we acting like all these great QBs haven’t had great weapons and haven’t also benefited.
  8. Proving my point, you can play the what if game all day. Besides didn’t a couple of those drops happen on drives that still led to TDs?
  9. Point being, he isn’t only QB now or in history to have great weapons.
  10. Of course they’re elite but my goodness he isn’t the only one to have had great weapons.
  11. We gonna forget that interception at the end of the half that cost the chiefs 7?
  12. Seriously? He’s got Kelce and Hill. I’ve seen better lol and it’s not held against others.
  13. Even as a Giants fan, I had no idea that the gap was that wide. Sheesh.
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