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  1. I mean this team has been blown out this year a number of times at home even when Curry plays so I’m not even gonna put that on KD. Issue with them is that they can’t make that initial adjustment when Curry isn’t there. its strange because when he was in OKC and he played without Russ, particularly that MVP year. The Thunder had a better record. Heck he’s one won a playoff series without him.
  2. If you think Eli was more mobile than Haskins then I don’t know what to say
  3. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    If that were the case then why wasn’t he able to do it in Oakland? The Bears have other very good players on that defense. I don’t care what position you play, a single player does not have any notable impact on the W/L column.
  4. Regarding that block, did nobody notice the subtle shove DJ gave Herzonja to block the shot?
  5. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    When you have a talent like OBJ you’re gonna have to pay him and in this particular case his contract was hardly crippling, hence why there is talk of him bumping up his deal. With the salary cap increasing that contract was gonna look more and more fair. this goes back to my point, we could’ve been doing this rebuilding of the trenches with Odell. And I don’t know what you’re talking about WRs not going high in drafts. In 2017 two went in the top 10. In 2015 two went top 10. In 2014, two in top 10. Teams still value it. Last year and 2016 just didn’t have the talent to warrant high picks
  6. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    What i mean is that we’re talking about the value of a WR and it’s impact on winning.
  7. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    They did play better in post season illl give you that. Yes they were on rookie contracts but we’re not talking about what they earn. We are talking about their impact. EDIT: remember when I said last week that John Middlekauf has spoke to people in front offices around the league and said the Giants had better offers. Well... https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/19/new-york-giants-had-better-offers-for-odell-beckham-than-browns-haul/
  8. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Nicks was borderline top 5 and had a dominant playoff run. Cruz was elite that year and Manningham was as good a number 3 in the league. We had the best trio of receivers in the league. We didn’t have great oline play in both. Our oline was average in 2011. Our dline was great in both but our WRs were deadly.
  9. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    No it doesn’t. A draft exists to acquire cheap talent and fill those holes. And Eli last year would’ve provided us with more than enough space for next years FA. He was not handicapping us and Odells contract isn’t even that big relatively speaking
  10. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    We won one SB because of our potent d-line. The other one our WRs were as big W factor as anything. So this idea that SBs are one in a certain way is just a myth. There are a number of ways to win a championship. Secondly, the compensation was nowhere near good enough. Y’all make it seem like Odell is stopping us from improving our line and d-line. He wasn’t and that’s the issue. We could keep Odell and build both trenches. And the compensation we got honestly doesn’t align with that goal.
  11. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Greg Jennings, Marvin Harrison, Hakeem Nicks. 3 of them were undoubtedly top 5 WRs. 2 of them are debatable. Then you had guys who very easily could’ve been on the winning side but were unfortunate such as Fitz, Moss. When was the last time an elite pass rusher won a SB? See I can do it too
  12. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Well who would’ve thought that a collection of five players is more valuable than 1.
  13. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    Who was saying Gettleman was so great after last year? I wasn’t saying that for sure. And I think some gave him a past given the season we were coming off the year before. He is dumb Odell, that much is true. I’m not convinced at all they’re gonna use these picks to move up and get Kyler Murray. And if we don’t get a QB it just makes the Saquon pick dumb. And you know why Odell didn’t change many games last year? Because we had an oline and QB who hindered him.
  14. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Yep and we had 2 of 3. But even with Tyreek, he doesn’t have the tackle breaking ability of those two
  15. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Marginally so or not by much. Also Gettleman needs to shut up. Read some of what he said. SUch a buffoon.