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  1. Celtics just need to eject the disc, breathe on it, give it a wipe and put it back in.
  2. Ehh, not any significantly worse than they would if they weren’t tanking tbh.
  3. If 4 or 5 teams are tanking rather than just the 1 ain’t that better?
  4. Lol let there be a Nets-Knicks series. Please. Probably sweep them just as we have in the regular season.
  5. Tbf those first 2-3 years with Odell we had a more than competent enough line to where we could put up points. Don’t remember those lines being good. They were just competent to where we could make plays down field and Eli wasn’t on his ***. Granted we weren’t a downfield offense so that had something to do with it
  6. This team will never play 48 mins of good defense. It’s capable of stretches of good defense or a half but entire games? Nah. That first half was the worst I’ve seen us play all season and it was against a Denver team missing some key players besides Murray. But we’ll take it.
  7. Just saw now that we won lol smh. Closing games and our role players not playing well as they did earlier are our issues. And of course defensively, lacking consistency.
  8. Bout to switch that game off and watch the boxing. we playin trash and Denver are making everything.
  9. I’ve been on YouTube and just listening to the countless Larry Bird stories, damn I wish I was able to see him play growing up. Such a badass.
  10. You’re ignoring that Steph has missed 8 games in which I’m pretty sure they were 1-7 in that stretch. I fail to see how Harden would carry this roster. Didn’t I see a stat where with Curry on the floor, they’re an 11th ranked offense. With him off, they’re the worst in NBA history or in the league?
  11. The efforts that I seeing some people go through to try and take this MVP away from Jokic is nauseating.
  12. Im not reading too much into it for majority of the reasons you just stated but I’m not gonna include the Harden one because his impact goes without saying. I don’t think having no Harden is the reason why we are on this run. Like two weeks ago, we were considered favourites in East. Losing close games like we have of late when those were the exact games we were winning prior isn’t really concerning. Our perimeter shooting has dropped off too. Just the product of an nba season. You go on losing runs and we’ve been on road for like two weeks now.
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