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  1. BTW Ben, that meaningless 3 you hit at the end of the game doesn’t count.
  2. Why would harden be disqualified from what happened in Houston? Seems like he’s getting a lot of widespread praise for his unselfishness.
  3. That Lebron MVP is slipping away. Luckily for him, nobody seems to want to grab it.
  4. The annoying thing is that it was known he was very good talent. But big teams do that thing where they wait for a team below them to Buy them and only for the big teams end up Paying double the amount.
  5. Nobody on here, sure. People in media sure as heck acted that way. Like I said before, I’m not arguing between the two who Is more valuable. Me, I just get the feeling that AD doesnt get enough credit for Lakers’ success.
  6. Of course he’s more valuable. This is a perimeter man’s league. My point isn’t to suggest that AD is more valuable. It goes without saying that with AD and no Bron they’d still be in trouble. My overall point is that as a collective/duo, they’re just as important to each other for their championship contention.
  7. You’re kidding right? You telling me you didn’t hear the narrative of Lebron turbo HC the Lakers around? Taking them from laughing stock to title contenders? Or the fact that In the MVP discussion Lebron himself was pointing out that people are saying he couldn’t dominate the West? That’s not undervaluing AD? And no I’m not saying LeBron isn’t generally more valuable. I’m saying that AD is just as responsible for Lakers’ success as Bron is.
  8. Not talking about on here bro, talking about media. Remember in MVP discussions last season , the amount of narratives that were being fed in Lebron’s favour?
  9. Felt like all of last year, AD’s value was undermined and it was all Bron. Hmmm...
  10. I’ve seen much worse flops than that. Man said “all time bad flop”. We got lucky with that call I won’t disagree with that.
  11. Offense down the stretch needed to be better even though we were killing the Clips in pick and roll. Good win nonetheless, last game of the road trip a lot of times ends in a loss.
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