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  1. Consensus Mock Draft II - Post Combine - Pick 4 - Giants

    We have the chance to get somebody rare. A player that is perfect for this league. You just said yourself basically that o-line is about the some of parts therefore individually they’re not as valuable. The second round and third rounds we can find quality lineman there. It’s a deep class. And I don’t know what you mean by saying we’re not winning the SB next year. Like I don’t see why that is relevant. my point with regards to Saquon is that his position is disposable, moreso than he is. He is an elite talent for sure but he plays a disposable position. My point is that if he is an elite talent as pretty much everybody thinks then he shouldn’t need an elite OT prospect for him to be the best. Otherwise it only confirms he was the wrong pick in 2018. So again, we can get a potentially good tackle at the top of the second round or potentially trade up into end of first.
  2. Consensus Mock Draft II - Post Combine - Pick 4 - Giants

    If that’s what you call addressing the defense then this defense is in trouble. And considering those guys we added are to replace some guys that we lost, we didn’t really address the defense. Still gonna be one of worst defensive units in da league. It’s been nearly a decade since we drafted an all pro calibre defensive player and we have the opportunity to draft somebody who is perfect for today’s game. Saquon plays a disposable position. We can address the OL day 2. That’s where there is great value. Saquon is an elite talent he can be a. Difference maker regardless. That’s why we picked him where we did. What risk is there for 2nd and 3rd round picks on OL?
  3. Consensus Mock Draft II - Post Combine - Pick 4 - Giants

    Heavy on defense in FA? Other than Bradberry and stupidly giving Leonard Williams the franchise tag, we really didn’t address our defense. We can go OL in round two and 3. Much better value there. This team is lacking in defensive playmakers. Get an elite defensive prospect such as Simmons or at worst Okudah. This team hasn’t had a difference making defensive player since having a young JPP.
  4. How many WR1's are in the NFL? And how important is it?

    Yeah you’re opinion on Davante Adams is wrong. HIs release off the line is arguably the best in the league. People need to stop defaulting his production to Rodgers. Rodgers needs him just as much he needs Rodgers. Heck at this point I’d say Rodgers needs him more. As for this question, you can apply this every position. No single position will be THE reason for a SB aside from a few elite QBs. So I don’t get the point.
  5. Superstars are far more greedy than the owners

    Wow, a take like this exists. LOL
  6. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    Yep this is not going to go well. The Nick Foles experiment needs to stop. Honestly.
  7. Name the best NBA player each year since 2000?

    Don’t care about the 2016 Finals outcome. LeBron was not better than Curry that year. Nobody will ever convince me if that.
  8. Mock Attempt ver. 1.O (Post combine / Mid FA)

    I don’t understand though. They just traded their best corner, heck a top 10 corner. So why wouldn’t they an elite CB prospect?
  9. Mock Attempt ver. 1.O (Post combine / Mid FA)

    I know right. I still have this belief within me that Gettleman has at least a sensible bone in his body. Shame on me honestly.
  10. Mock Attempt ver. 1.O (Post combine / Mid FA)

    Bare in mind TEs have been killing us for years too. Forgot to mention that. We’re like the dolphins when it comes to the offensive line. Spent resources after resources on the o-line and at no point did they compile a good o-line in that time. Im done with that experiment.
  11. Mock Attempt ver. 1.O (Post combine / Mid FA)

    So let me get this straight: Our defense sucks. Not really any great athletes on that side of the ball No speed. OL class is deep The drop between Simmons and the next best LB is substantial We’ve spent an abundance of resources on the OL over the years yet we’re still not even average And with all that said, we’re going to miss out an elite defensive prospect which he haven’t had for yearssssssss for yet another offensive lineman. Nope, no way.
  12. Panthers signing QB Teddy Bridgewater (3 years, $60 M)

    Agree. No clue what Indy are doing. I guess they didn’t wanna give Teddy that long of a deal I guess. That’s the only reason I figure
  13. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    About 5 years too late.
  14. Giants4eva - Mock Offseason Dreams...

    Don’t understand in such a deep draft for O-linemen, why people think it’s sensible for us to go there at 4. Defensive playmaker, easy decision.
  15. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Texans fans I know this feeling. Although this seems to have out nowhere