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  1. The Chelsea FC Thread

    So happy to see Musonda score. Great moment. While he played very well tonight, you can see why Conte isn't integrating him into a regular first team football. Physically it's a bit too much for him. Talent wise he's more than good enough but his stature is a bi concerning.
  2. You're struggling to get in the redzone all night and the chances you getting there again are slim. You take the risk. We go for 3 there And it amounts to little because it means we have to drive down the field again and it has to be flawless. If we were a high flying offense then yeah I say take the FG because we will have another drive to score a TD.
  3. Have you seen our offense? Getting to the red zone is a rarity in itself. We have to take advantage of those few redzone opportunities. Going for it was a must. I don't trust this offense, nor should you, to drive down the length of the field to try and tie the game. The defense was great last night for the most part. Got good amount of pressure and despite missing our best corner, our best cover LB and starting MLB we kept the Lions in check.
  4. We are always in store for at least a game a season where we can't perform the basics. Eli yet again did make errors and mistakes. Problem is that every mistake is critical and magnified because how little opportunities we create.
  5. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    He was trusting Odell to break tackles, though I agree not a good idea. I haven't bothered to read through this thread but please don't put this game on Eli. Just don't. Eli played pretty well. Yeah a few inaccurate passes particularly on the INT. This is a game that a competent offense would've won by at least a TD honestly. Just not a sound game at all.
  6. Kyrie Irving Traded to Boston

    He did say a lot of nothing as far the questions they asked but they were clearly trying to lead him down a path where he would create headlines. He said he left because he wanted to be happy and felt that Cleveland created an environment that was the opposite. Then they tried to turn everything to LeBron
  7. Teddy Bridgewater returning midseason?

    I still trying to resist in doing this. It is funny that our voice and tones rise to such a level when we are talking about mostly small or minute differences
  8. Best Defense ever?

    Yeah exactly. People say the same stuff about the NBA with regards to handchecking and hard fouls.
  9. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    Arsenal played pretty well yesterday. They could've won that game. I thought we should've played better. Bakayoko should've started, I was shocked that he didn't. When he came on Arsenal couldn't create a thing. He's gonna be a good one, does things that Matic simply can't do. It was crucial that Arsenal didn't concede early. We were on the front foot in that period of the game and it looked like we would create chances quite easily but they weathered the storm. Let's see if they carry that approach vs City, Spurs and Liverpool
  10. The NFL has an Offensive Line Problem

    And as a result the product has suffered on the whole.
  11. The NFL has an Offensive Line Problem

    This completely ignoring the context of the OL market. It was a horrible offseason if you wanted to address OL in FA and most notably the draft. I think OL has a part to play why offense overall in the league are so boring and we're seeing 5 yard passes all around. In a league where the rules are tailored and encouraging to pass down the field we are seeing guys just pass 3-5 yards At a time.
  12. Is Aaron Rodgers prime being wasted by Thompson/McCarthy?

    Agree. And to be fair the Packers, unlike the Pats, have actually had to come up against some real good teams.
  13. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    Funny what a competent o-line can do. Also Dez is suffering Hakeem Nicks syndrome, leg injuries ruining his career.
  14. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    I find it funny that the NFL has stricken the rules on defensive players to allow for more offense and more excitement and in turn the game is largely as boring as ever. Im tired of seeing 11-18 for 97 yards or 16-22 for 128 yards.
  15. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    Because he barely touched him. No way in heck is that a penalty.