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  1. I don’t think that’s gonna solve all his problems. Sure it’s away to get easier baskets for Giannis but that’s not how the Bucks are at their most effective. And that’s on the coach not necessarily Giannis
  2. What my gripe is that people think that he should score more, not necessarily assist more or make better decisions but score more. Should Giannis be a better decision maker? Yeah because he’s been a bit careless with the ball. But given his skill set as far as scoring there isn’t really anything he can do given the defensive attention he’s getting aside from make his free throws. The Raptors are doing a great job of limiting him. Give them a lot of credit
  3. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    If Sarri is fired then our club is even dumber than I thought. Because it would have nothing to do with play and our performance but with our fans being fickle and just flat out idiotic. It’s like when our fans were clamouring for Zola and Di Matteo at one point. Lampard ain’t ready. Sarri has done well all things considered in his first year. This is gonna take time, first year was always about laying the foundation down. This next year we should be able to work on our play in final third which is by far biggest issue and something that is difficult to lock down while you have 3 games in 7 days. Sarri has been using 3 players from our youth teams as first team regulars which is something no manager since Roman took over has ever done and he’s improved those players too.
  4. Exactly. It’s not about Giannis not doing enough. He’s a limited scorer despite how effective he can be as scorer. That’s the issue.
  5. Truth. People giving Kawhi all the credit for the defense on Giannis, the team defense is biggest reason. Team defense > individual defense
  6. Skip is just the worst. Like seriously. Just the worst.
  7. I mean he’s not at the top of the totem pole because he has two other top 3 players beside him. i agree with your premise though. It’s a preference. I was just defending Klay from the notion that it’s ridiculous to think he’s better than Dame and doesn’t get attention.
  8. Nobody plans to stop Klay? So nobody ever tries to stop him when he’s running off the ball? He’s not the shot creator Dame is that’s true but he’s a great scorer, can pull up from 3, pull up midrange and is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league. He has an argument. That’s foolish to say nobody plans to stop Klay. You don’t have to be a primary ball handler to have to be game planned for
  9. No wonder why you seem to find them boring because you’re not even watching the Warriors. Makes sense now.
  10. Draymond has been so great this post season. Like he said, there are 82 games players and there are 16 games players.
  11. Yep she asked him have you thought about that this could be last time you play in your hometown and Dame should’ve given a Russ or Pop answer for how dumb the question was.
  12. Truth be told, we can both point to statistical anomalies for both teams in this game. So I wouldn’t get carried away tbh. Bucks didn’t shoot well at all through the first 3 Quarters yet the Raptors shot horrible in the 4th Q.
  13. The Official Trevor Lawrence 2021 Draft Prospect Thread

    Bro I’m hoping so much this is true. I’m holding you to this!
  14. Biggest head scratching picks

    Please don’t try and speak for all Giants fans. Cos that’s not true
  15. Who ends up ranked higher All Time: KD or Steph?

    You mean that time he had greatest season ever? That one?
  16. Because the Rockets players have convinced themselves that they could beat the Warriors. They conducted an audit into the officiating last year, the whole Chris Paul injury last year too, your GM had expressed his obsession in trying to beat the Warriors . Come on let’s not act it’s come out of left field. Your right no other team has come nearly as close as you guys but in that same token nobody has been more confident and outspoken about their chances.
  17. No I clearly said refused to shoot. There’s a difference between not being able to make shots and just flat out deferring and refusing to make them. Barnes couldn’t make the most wide open shots that he normally make. Barnes wasn’t just bad, he was useless. Being just bad may have been enough to win that series. How is saying that the Warriors would’ve won the series regardless brushing off love and Kyrie. Not like I’m saying it would’ve been a sweep. The reason I bring up Bogut is because after Draymond he’s their only real rim protector. Kyrie and Bron could just feast in the paint. again I’m not denying how great they were, but I’m saying luck/good fortune had at least just amount to do with the comeback than them being great.
  18. No Harden and LeBron refused to shoot and were careless with the ball totally in their control. It’s not like they started missing shots that they normally make. Barnes couldn’t hit a wide open look. If he was just bad he would’ve been helpful but he was useless. Disagree wholeheartedly they were equally matched teams. They were a damn good Cavs team but the Warriors were an all time great team. LIS, Steph already being hobbled, Iggy being hobbled, Draymond suspension, Bogut injury whilst Draymond suspended. And Harrison Barnes refusing to make any open shots. They all played a role. It goes without saying that the Cavs were more than good enough to take advantage.
  19. Wait how were they in control in game 4? That was a close back and forth game til the warriors pulled away late. Fine, the Warriors weren’t lucky because I think they would’ve won in 2015 with or without Kyrie and Love. I never said mthe Warriors would’ve destroyed them in either 2015 or 2016. I said they would’ve won both years imo. All I’m saying that in 2016 the Cavs were lucky and that a lot went in their favour for them to comeback because teams never really lose up 3-1 particularly with home court advantage barnes couldn’t hit why open shots, I’m not giving Love that credit.
  20. There’s this thing called defense just so you know. It works both ways, yes those players around LeBron didn’t have to do much offensively but they sure were geared to try and slow down GS defensively. If Love and Kyrie are there, yes the Cavs are much better offensively but they are also much worse defensively against the best offense in the league. Simple as that. And I also don’t buy Kevin love being effective vs GS tbh. He was never somebody who had a notable impact vs the Warriors. Because once gS lost game 5, the momentum swung and Cleveland got to go home and win a game. And playing on your home floor matters. And again, I said Draymond being out was a reason for them losing the series it weren’t THE reason. Warriors had no business losing that series.
  21. You guys look at it well, Kyrie and Love both missed out and they managed to go 6 games with Delly and JR so therefore they would’ve won if you just replaced those two or what ever. No it’s about matchups. That year the Cavs team was a baddd defensive team all year long with Kyrie and Love starting. With them getting injured they instantly were a much better defensive team. They slowed the game down. And that was effective vs GS. If the Cavs tried to play GS *** for tat and at a faster pace that would’ve worked in GS favour. Which is why Memphis gave GS problems earlier that playoff run. You can think that the Cavs would’ve won regardless but you haven’t provided anything to even argue that claim and not to mention you’d be saying that after the Warriors went 3-1 up that you expected something unprecedented to happen which is a team come back from 3-1 down in the Finals.
  22. Did you not see the other reasons I listed because it’s clear as day i mentioned other things. And if you read what I actually wrote, evidently you didn’t, I said that even if Kyrie and Love were there the Warriors would’ve still won. Hence kind of lucky...
  23. Bro, coming back from 3-1 luck isn’t due greatness. I mean you need greatness to overcome it but you do need a bunch of luck. After 4 games, they didn’t get outplayed. 5-7? Sure. So many things had to go against the Warriors in that series for Cavs to win. Steph being hobbled, Iggy hobbled, Draymond out game 5. Then their only other rim protector getting injured too. Harrison Barnes not being able to make open shots. Were the Warriors somewhat lucky that Kyrie didn’t play in 2015? Yeah but i think the Warriors win that series regardless.
  24. They were lucky bro. Draymond thing played a part as I think it would’ve been over in 5. But so many things in that series had to go Cleveland’s way and yet it still ended up tied with under a min left.