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  1. I mean offensively we're pretty much more talented than NE everywhere, besides TE and RB. And even RB could be debated. The difference is culture and coaching. NE is arguably the best coached team in the NFL. We have what they have and we'd go 0-17. And yet they're competitive most weeks. And obviously the culture there is a 180 from the culture with us. They expect to win nearly every week. We get lucky once every couple months and win.
  2. We have a better roster actually than NE. They just have such a better staff and FO. And that's the difference.
  3. Plus there’s a lot of “great” massage parlors in Miami. Way better than the ones in Houston.
  4. I had interest for us in Goedert Bc of his age. But it’d be pointless for us to go after Ertz.
  5. Moses is FA, Fant is due nearly 10mill next year and none of it guaranteed.
  6. Heck just rebuild the whole OL in this next draft... OT Evan Neal with our 1st (top 5 probably): Dominant OT to play RT for us. OG Kenyon Green with the SEA 1st (in the teens): Dominant OG to play RG for us. C Tyler Linderbaum with our 2nd: Dominant C prospect. Maybe even have to trade up to get him. Which I'd be all for to have that 5th year option. LT: Becton LG: AVT OC: Linderbaum RG: Green RT: Neal
  7. I mean he was the 6th pick so there was hype with him
  8. I’m not to your point where you don’t like Wilson. I think Wilson has been garbage. But I blame it more on the staff right now. If I don’t see adjustments from them. I’ll be irate.
  9. In a league that caters to the offense. Now that being said... JD has addressed this with us. He has drafted Becton, Wilson, AVT, Mims, Moore and Carter with valuable picks the last 2 years. Signed Davis in FA and even brought in a reliable starting OT in Moses. So he's valued offense. The issue for me isn't talent. We have that. It's we don't have the coaching that knows how to scheme or coach these young guys.
  10. In all honesty…. It has to be the worst stat line for a starting QB through 5 games ever. Don’t have the time to check it. But I’d bet it’s at least bottom 5. Its pretty bad when you see him doing this bad when guys like Geno and Darnold did better early with WAY WORSE around them. Weapons and even OL aren’t an excuse for Wilson like they were with those 2.
  11. Wanna hear a mind blowing stat?…… We’re averaging less than 16yds of total offense in the 1st qtr this season. The league AVERAGE is 81yds. Let that sink in.
  12. I think some people are just built for certain roles ands when they succeed in a role... that doesn't mean they will be good at a step up. We've seen it for sure with this franchise with our last few HC hires. Rex was a better DC than HC. Made our D great but was useless in making the offense better. Bowles was a better DC than HC and he proved that with TB last year and this year. Gase was a better OC than HC (even that's debatable that he was even a good OC). I could look good with Peyton as my QB. Saleh is too early to judge... but he very well could fall into this cate
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