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  1. Around The League

    Depends on who actually hits FA bc all these guys won’t, but more board for edge in FA is... 1. Lawrence 2. Clowney 3. Barr 4. Fowler Jr. 5. Ansah 6. Ray 7. Barrett
  2. 2019 prospects and outlook

    What is there to talk about besides bashing how bad we are? Sad to say... but it’s time to start looking at this next off season. After all this forum is footballs FUTURE!!!
  3. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Not if we go after Bell
  4. Todd Bowles

    Still doesn't explain why they traded back with the best C on the board when we needed a C.
  5. Around The League

    The thing that culd help us with Bell is that he's more than likely going to take a few days to sign. Allowing us to make other moves to intrigue him. This is where the Jets fell short IMO in other years. If we landed a decent OL and AR15 or Watkins last off season I think Cousins might have been persuaded here. Bell waiting a few days can alter his decision. We have the monet regardless. An edge guy is the only one that will take up a big cap hit... but that shouldn't prevent us from signing an OL or 2 as well.
  6. 2019 prospects and outlook

    What has McGuire done to prove he's the good player you make him out to be?
  7. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Your point is suggesting that Bell is average but Big Ben, the OL and the coaching made him a star. Which quite frankly is laughable. The guy has crazy talent. Then add that you used McGuire in the same sentence as him is even more laughable. This is classic underrating other players and big time fan boying ours.
  8. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Ill say that we do need to upgrade the OL but Winters and Shell should stay. The other 3 should be upgraded from. I think we can grab at least 1 starter in FA (hopefully 2), leaving us with only needing to address 1 in the draft. Center is the easiest to not have to spend a high pick on to grab a good guy (1 of our 3rds should get us a top C in the draft). I'm not at all opposed to going LT in Round 1 like Williams and using a 3rd on a C if we grab a a LG in FA. Problem is... we still have no skill players.
  9. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Like I stated though we lack difference makers. McGuire and even Crowell are far form difference makers. They're role players. And that's our problem is we field a team of 53 role players. Not a single player that an opposing team has to game plan for. I'm not saying we NEED Bell. I'm saying he 100% will be an upgrade for us and is a do it all guy, where Crowell cant catch and McGuire struggles between the tackles. We have money to spend and Bell is more than likely going to chase the money. That's really the only way we stand a chance of signing FAs is money chasing, bc we offer little besides that.
  10. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Absolutely its not all on the WRs and like I said they've both missed time so its a vague stat. But regardless at the end of the seasons we wont have any WR probably at 800yds and that's not good. Especially when you consider we are down pretty much every game and throwing it around to bolster WR stats.
  11. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Bell is an interesting option for us in FA. We have the money to get him. But don’t have much to entice him besides that. Maybe if we upgrade the OL in FA before he signs, that might entice him. But he is a difference maker we need. I think he has a good 3-4 years of football ahead of him as well.
  12. 2019 prospects and outlook

    I know they've both been injured... but our 2 leading WRs are Robby with 346yds and Enunwa with 345yds. Through 10 games that is just awful.
  13. Todd Bowles

    Ya but he’s hit on his 1st rounders that my nephew could have drafted. And look at all the great players he’s added with 300mill in cap space in his time here.
  14. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Well OBJ type guys aren’t in every draft. But I do think Harry has for sure #1 WR talent. The only guy that jumps out at me. For sure there’s other good WRs and I’d gladly take any of them rated in the top 10 or so. It is a deep class, but there’s really only a handful of them I’d say are for sure big upgrades for us and that can potentially be our #1 WR in the coming years.
  15. Around The League

    Couldn’t stay healthy for us or show enough in practice to play. Another wasted pick for the Hets at WR/RB/TE. He has to get it fast though. Bc he’s in his 2nd year... but he’s already I think 25 or something.