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  1. QB Expectations

    I feel like the Jes didn't want him to go downfield. That his job Saturday was to be accurate in the short passes in the WCO. He answered the call. I think we open the playbook more and more for him as the season goes on.
  2. Preseason Game 1: Titans vs Jets

    Defense looking solid. Offense is struggling, but atleast not turning the ball over.
  3. Jets 2017 Training Camp Thread

    I wonder how long we keep some of our "starters" in for, since most of them are young. I do want to get a good look at te WRs and Secondary for us as well as the TEs. Obviously I hope Hack looks great.
  4. Soccer 17/18

    Mia San Mia!!! Bayern Munich!!!
  5. WR Quincy Enunwa to IR

    Everyone makes fun of me when I say we need to get weapons. Yet year in and year out we refuse to address it and it kills us. This year will be no different.
  6. WR Quincy Enunwa to IR

    I'm trying to find a reason to watch a snap this season. And I can't.
  7. Jets 2017 Training Camp Thread

    I actually think Hack has done a great job from what I've read and heard. Guy isn't really turning the ball over. Is he taking sacks? Yes. But doesn't that alone show maturity already that he's taking the sack rather than forcing the ball and turning it over? I think so. His turnover numbers have always been good. This is what has hurt us so much for a very long time now. McCown is turning the ball over more than him in practice. Like I've said from the get go, we will mishandle this qb situation. There's no reason (so far) why McCown should start over Hackenberg. This of course can change in the next month.
  8. The Jamal Adams Appreciation Thread

    Glad he's ok. He's one of the only reasons I'll watch us this year until Hack starts, so he needs to stay healthy.
  9. The Jamal Adams Appreciation Thread

    I don't question his skill or heart for the game. But I think rookies don't need to be making names for themselves in the media. Should strictly be on the field.
  10. The Jamal Adams Appreciation Thread

    He needs to keep his mouth shut in the media already... I know that much!!! He hasn't earned the right to voice opinions like he did yesterday yet.
  11. Predict the 53 man roster

    Actually had high hopes for him to be a sleeper to make the team. He must have attitude issues to get cut already by 2 teams with the speed and skill set.
  12. Best move of the offseason

    I think Cam getting McCaffrey and Samuel will be huge.
  13. Greatest single game performance

    Derrick Thomas' 7 sacks against Seattle in 1990.
  14. Jets 2017 Training Camp Thread

    I thought his health is an issue and he's more than likely going to be on the PUP list to start the season?
  15. QB Expectations

    I agree. That's ideal for me as well. I'd also like for us to get a star RB as well. I really think we missed on not drafting Cook at 39 this last draft. But hopefully there will be someone like that this next draft that falls in Round 2. I think if Hack gets a legitimate 8 weeks to play, I think he will do better than some will think. I think what some need to take into consideration is what's around him. And that's nothing. So he shouldn't be completely judged, much like Carr early in his career.