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  1. Revis retires!!!

    You misspelled Darnold 3 times!!!
  2. Ardarius Stewart Suspended

    Stewart has been suspended 2 games for PEDs.
  3. Revis retires!!!

    Fixed. Damn autocorrect
  4. Revis retires!!!

    Revis has announced his retirement this morning. I was a big Revis fan for years. But the way he handled his situation with us the 1st go around made me sour to him. And then just the pure lack of effort his second stint solidified my opinion of him as a person. I will never question his talent. He was a great CB in an era that it was very hard to be elite at. From a pure skill set for their position... he might be the best player at his trade that we’ve ever had.
  5. Sounds like Pryor but atleast we didn’t waste a 1st Rounder on this guy. In all seriousness he’s a long shot to make the team gen as a gunner. We have safety depth.
  6. If Jets are drafting 1... they need an edge rusher like Bosa not a DLineman.
  7. NY Sports thread

    Yup. He requested not to be traded. The Islanders wanted him to sign long term before the deadline obviously. Islanders sat with him and said he need to trade you if you’re not signing. His response was don’t trade me bc I believe we will come to a long term deal eventually. He really screwed them over. It’s honestly crazy how fast a guy can go to one of your favorite athletes to a player you hate. And quite frankly Tavares deserves this hate. Not bc he left for Toronto... but bc the way he handled it.
  8. NY Sports thread

    This John Tavares saga is out of control. Tavares has been 1st class throughout his career, but the way he’s handled the last 4 months or so has been horrible. I have no issues if a player just wants to leave in Free Agency. That’s 100% their choice. So if he all along wanted to leave for another team, money, family, whatever... I’d be ok with that. I wouldn’t be happy about it as a fan. But I’d understand it. The part that’s uneasy for me and most Islanders fans is what he’s said and done over these last 4 months or so. He 100% made it sound like he’d sign long term as long as we hit a new arena. We get approved for a new arena and he doesn’t sign. The next part is the one that gets me. At the trade deadline he requests the Islanders not to trade him bc he wants to stay. The Islanders could have cashed in big time for him if he had any thoughts at all of not returning. The Islanders didn’t trade him, thinking he’d sign. He still dint sign. He throughout all of this has made very Islanders fan feel as if he was resigning and wants to stay. The Islanders to show they’re serious and want to get better sigh one of the best hockey minds their is in Lou Lamerillo to be the new GM. On top of that the Islanders then sign one of the best coaches their is in Barry Trotz. Showing this organization is serious. Still he doesn’t sign. Another head scratching part is the islanders drafted 3 very good players just a week ago. Tavares texted all of them to welcome them. If he had any desire to leave, texting them is not professional. The Islanders with an 8yr advantage offer him officially an 8yr/12mill per contract on Sunday and he still doesn’t sign. The date has passed now for that adavantage the Islanders has for that 8th year, making the arrows all point to him leaving. This is a prime example on how a beloved player can go from loved to hated. And it never had to be like that. The odds are small he resigns. If he does, Islanders fans won’t forget this crappy process he drug us through. And if he leaves... quite frankly he will instantly become my most hated hockey player ever. Bc of the way he drug the Islanders throughout all of this. If he wanted to leave the respectable thing to do would have been to let them trade you.
  9. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    A star RB and WR is a HUGE difference.
  10. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    I think Rosen has a better set up than Darnold on offense. A QBs success earkundoesnt always mean they’re better. I mean was Sánchez better than Stafford bc he succeeded early? I think bc we have so many holes on offense (that we hopefully address big time the next couple off seasons) it will take a couple seasons to get the ball really rolling with Darnold. Which is ok... bc he’ll still be 23 then, have a good amount of starts already and it’s not like our offense is God awful... it just needs work talent wise.
  11. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Ya that ride is awesome!!! My wife and I's favorite as well.
  12. Offseason news/rumours

    CBs Beal and Alexander are very intriguing for the supplemental draft. In a couple weeks. I wouldn’t count us out on looking into 1 of them.
  13. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    To answer your “Bad” questions you have about him... 1. He’ll sign his rookie contract. There’s no doubt. With a pay scale now... there’s no dealing really going on. It’s pretty much a set price. For example Adams didn’t sign until mid July last year. 2. Clearly the Browns preferred Baker for whatever reason. I throughout the whole draft process disliked Baker, so I was happy he was gone by we picked. And for the Giants, they clearly see this team as a win now team. Barkley does that for them. They didn’t want to use a 1st Rounder quite yet on a QB. 3. His turnover numbers were higher than we’d all like. Most of what he did though is correctable. His fumbles are easy to fix. I have no worries about that. I think that was fixed before we drafted him with offseason training. As far as his INTs go I think if you look at his numbers you will see a guy that was just trying to do too much. In 2016 he was actually one of the best QBs in the nation for turnovers bc he trusted his teammates. USC had a lot of guys leave last year and Sam I think thought he had to do too much. When you look at his numbers as the season progressed his turnovers went down. Bc he trusted his teammates more and didn’t try and do it all himself. In the NFL obviously he will have talent that he will trust, so I think those turnover issues will be easy fixes.
  14. Offseason news/rumours

    Problem that Jacksonville will face now... is the defense and running game is so good they won’t be picking in the top 20 for a long time probably. So drafting a franchise QB becomes very difficult for them. They believe in Bortkes to an extent. A guy like Bridgewater makes sense for them. Still young with franchise qb potential.
  15. Offseason news/rumours

    I’d love that trade. Doesn’t seem like there’s much validity to it though. Just a great idea.