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  1. The money isn't up for debate. That's in stone for whatever spot you're drafted. Its the offset language that changes per player. Wilson was never asking for anything ridiculous. Just what everyone this draft and previous drafts have been given in that respected spot (a big signing bonus pretty much). Jets didn't want to do that and were being difficult. Ultimately the FO came to earth, just wasted 3 days for it.
  2. Should've been done 3 days ago. What a waste of time.
  3. My point in saying it doesn’t matter. Was more pointing at who is the cause of it, doesn’t matter. It needs to change regardless. Whether it’s the Johnsons being idiots or JD being an idiot. Maybe it’s even both. It needs to change. As I stated… just when we think we’re about to start doing things right… this happens. It’s now 3 days of TC without our QB here. And Morgan taking starting reps. Absurd. Everyday slows down the process.
  4. Doesn’t matter who’s doing it. Bc it’s being done and hurting the team. Whether it’s JD or the johnsons is irrelevant. Give the kid the signing bonus that the picks around him and what every top pick gets and get him in camp. It’s not difficult.
  5. I think we all fans agree. Just when we think we start doing things right… we do stuff like this.
  6. Just when we thought we were a team starting to get on the right track..........
  7. Not a good look to not pay Maye and this. Trust me players realize this and it does hurt us in FA. We just need to get the deal done with Wilson. Everyday he's not here hurts in his development and relationship with the staff and teammates.
  8. I don’t think this will be an issue. But I assume this is JD being a tad ridiculous. I mean the picks around this are signed and are QBs. The offset language has a baseline, so it is a tad ridiculous this is still going on
  9. I agree... but the system has never had to rely on guys this young at CB.
  10. Not that Philly is a contender... but I totally get an established player not wanting to be part of a rebuild.
  11. Brian Poole to NOLA. So no return there.
  12. Not an issue. He’ll be at camp regardless. But I’m sure a deal will be done soon.
  13. Lots of things play into this. For starters people on their cell phones while driving is a huge cause of a lot of accidents. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s the case with this tragic event, since the driver was sober. BUT……. Not sure how it is in other states… bike riders are awful here in TX. Taking back roads that are 2 lanes when there’s major roads with sidewalks parallel with the road. Not on sidewalks when they could be. Thinking they’re cars, when they’re clearly not (I.e. doing 15mph in 40mph areas). Think they always have the right away. I truly believe t
  14. Is Becton supposed to be healthy for the start of TC?
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