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  1. Don’t get me started. This whole board ripped me apart for wanting him at 3.
  2. DK!!! Wait I was the idiot who thought he’d be a great pick at 3. He just burned the DPOY for a TD.
  3. Hire anyone different at this point
  4. Fant has looked good on 2 games for what it’s worth
  5. Bell is a great player. But nearly every RB needs at least some sort of balance to an offense. Any team stacking the box, can win against the run. If there’s no pass threat teams can do that. And that’s what’s happened in his 17 games here. Bell had a balanced attack in Pitt.
  6. Last year that was mainly due to our OL and HC. This year it’s more HC. Gase could make CMC look below average
  7. But still have a WAY better offense than us
  8. The way to win now is with skill. It’s no longer in the trenches. The Nfl has catered to this. We haven’t adjusted plain and simple. We seem to think building DO and OL can win. When it doesn’t anymore.
  9. This is in fact the worst team in the NFL through 3 weeks. And it’s not close sadly
  10. Yup I almost started Herndon thinking who else can we go to... and I didn’t. And I’m glad I didn’t (we will see how Henry does 😉).
  11. FYI we finished today’s game with 2 WRs in Berrios and Malone. That’s it. 2 WRs that would be on the street if it wasn’t for us.
  12. He’s 100% to blame as well. But he’s a DC let’s not forget. Not a HC.
  13. I saw incredibly weak play calling. Yes personnel is a HUGE issue. But it’s also very clear there’s a HUGE coaching issue as well. Honesty the only positives to today we’re good Ot play again and Q looked good. Everything else from FO to players was awful.
  14. Can’t wait to hear @KingOfNewYork excuse for Gase in this one is...
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