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  1. Around the League 2020

    OT Jason Peters resigned with the Eagles.
  2. Training Camp Thread

    Almost all of them have signed. I don't expect any players to report before they have to bc of the virus.
  3. Around the League 2020

    Guy needs to stay retired. He's done enough damage to his head already.
  4. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Exactly. The thing is... while he's a hell of a player. I dont know if he's smart enough to ever realize what you have said. We will see.
  5. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    And I don't buy this. If it was just a contract issue and he stood on that... than I'd agree. But he has requested a trade lets not forget. I think players are all for their fellow players getting paid. But to say you don't want to be with the team anymore is totally different. I think thats what will rub the locker room the wrong way. Lets also not forget that most teammates are smart enough to not "say the wrong thing" in the media regarding Adams. For example... if I were playing for the Jets and asked about adams and his contract and trade request. I'd say no comment and that's it. That doesnt mean I'm ok with him and his trade request. Its me not feeding into the media.
  6. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    The virus needs to be taken serious. Its people not taking it serious that are ruining for everyone. Are the numbers what the media tells you? No. I have several friends who work in the medical field and have informed me that the numbers are skewed. For example if I go to get tested for the virus and it comes back negative. That is still considered a case. Furthermore my whole family is also deemed as cases. Bc they "might" have been exposed to it. So while I had a negative test. My negative tests actually counts as 4 cases. So in a court room in Dallas they put a medical professional under oath and she had to admit this. One example the person gave was that 1 person got tested but do to them asking questions who that person had contact with it equalled 17 cases. This person was negative. So the numbers aren't what you see. I'd love for the media to start just producing positive cases numbers rather than these falsified case numbers.
  7. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Good news? You woke up today and are healthy. How’s that.
  8. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    I agree with that. But it’s better to keep their mouths shut. The more mouths running. The worst the culture. And we have too many mouths right now
  9. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Obviously every person wants their money (not just the nfl). But he has a contract. You can’t create a culture where the second a guy outplays his contract they threaten the leave, sit out, etc. That’s why it’s called a CONTRACT!!! He will get his, once it’s time. Now isn’t the time. He has a contract to honor 1st.
  10. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    A locker room driven by the dollar is an awful locker room. Proof and point... does NE pay Big for players?!?!
  11. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Says all that. But at the end of his interviews says the Jets need to pay him ASAP and that Adams is right. So not agreeing with Bell here.
  12. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Yes in NY they’re doing good but a lot of the southern states are doing awful. Here in Texas most hospitals are full. In FL, CA, AZ, etc. These are very high population states.
  13. Training Camp Thread

    Some people don’t mature as quick as others
  14. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    My work shut down again yesterday. Guess for how long? 20hrs. With a guy that’s been everywhere in our facility. Keep in mind when the virus was getting taken serious, my work would close for 5 days generally when someone was tested positive. This is part of why this virus is still spreading. Companies having a deep desire to make money rather than actually doing what’s best for humans.
  15. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    YESSSSSSSS!!! Further shows how clueless the kid is