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  1. Jets trade up to 3

    They seem to have felt that the “team” should have had better success being he was at QB. I mentioned he was injured. And they acknowledged that.
  2. Jets trade up to 3

    Well we don’t need faces. We need talent. Bring Sloth from Goonies out there for all I care if he can be a winning franchise QB.
  3. Jets trade up to 3

    In Naples, FL this week for a work trip and meeting a lot of UCLA alum here. They all seem to like but not love Rosen. Felt he should have made them better than what they were the last 3 years. I mentioned surrounding talent and they all agreed. All seem to like him as a player though when I mentioned the Jets taking him at 3. They pretty much all think he’s worth it. Just a perspective from asking some UCLA fans....
  4. Post trade and FA mock

    Like this a lot.
  5. FA Thread 2018

    KPL has a Miles type hit real from CSU.
  6. Jets trade up to 3

    I don’t think McCowns is mostly incentives. Pretty sure he’s getting 10mill to more than likely just be a coach. After this trade up giving him 10mill looks pretty idiotic.
  7. Jets trade up to 3

    You included Smith in your debate. So I’m out.
  8. FA Thread 2018

    Don’t feel it will be as bad with QB maybe not the issue.
  9. Final Mock

    This offense makes me cry. I feel like we have to go RB, WR in 3 and 4 now.
  10. FA Thread 2018

    For 10mill. Who’s the joke on now.
  11. Jets trade up to 3

    And most teams have that luxury. We really don’t if we have a rookie starting at some point this year.
  12. Jets trade up to 3

    They have to do something before we can call them assets.
  13. Jets trade up to 3

    A team can tell you one thing and do another. It’s not a contract. A lot can change. Darnold can get a DUI tomorrow and everything changes. (Just an example)
  14. Jets trade up to 3

    We can hope. But at best they are #3 or 4 WRs this year. Hanson will get to play for 4 weeks as a starter. He can prove himself then
  15. Jets trade up to 3

    If I’m Macc I’m calling teams offering a mid round pick for a WR. We have cap space to take on a salary for a team in cap needs. I wouldn’t even mind a guy like Dez for a couple years to groom Rosen (just an example).