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  1. 1/17/19 Mock

    New HC: Gase New DC: Williams New Uniformas: Can't Wait Resignings Quincy Enunwa Robby Anderson Daryl Roberts Henry Anderson Jason Myers Then several other cheap options that were on the squad. Guys like (Hewitt, Luvu, Burnett, Harrison, etc.) Free Agency Le'Veon Bell: we get our difference maker on offense. Will be crucial in Darnolds development in the running and receiving game. Matt Paradis: One of the best Centers in the league. Has a history with Gase and will be an anchor for the OL for a few seasons. Roger Saffold: Top 10 OG in the NFL. Making the interior of our line legit. Bryce Callahan: With Skrine gone we need a slot CB being that our young CBs are better on the outside. Trey Flowers: I don't think NE resigns him. They paid Jones and later regretted it and traded him. This time they just let Flowers walk and take the comp pick. He gives a good edge presence switching to a 4-3. Trade We trade our 3rd Round pick (New Orleans original pick) for AJ Green: Cincinnati needs cap space and Boyd and Ross played well last season. So the try and get younger. We need a legit target for Darnold. Green answers that for a couple of seasons. NFL Draft 1st. Nick Bosa (DE/Ohio State): I think Allen passes him during the pre draft process. I think some team trades ahead of us for Haskins, therefor guaranteeing us Bosa or Allen. Murray doesn't do enough in the pre draft process to warrant a trade up to 3, so we are forced to draft. Bosa is best fit for a 4-3 DE and I think he will thrive with us. 2nd. (traded away for Darold) 3rd: Andre Dillard (OT/Washington State): Can sit and learn behind Beachum for a season and be a swing OT as a rookie. Hopefully can man the LT spot for us after his rookie season and a year of learning). 3rd: (traded away for AJ Green) 4th: Deebo Samuel (WR/South Carolina): A WR that can do it all. Great route runner, isn't scared to play physical, good speed and quickness. Reminds me of a Cotchery type WR. 5th: Nik Needham (CB/UTEP): Very fluid athlete that's set up to play in the slot. Depth CB. 6th: (traded away) 7th: Ulysees Gilbert III (ILB/Akron): Athletic ILB for depth.
  2. A Brown or L Bell?

    I will say it will be a waste of time to sign Bell if we don't add a good C and LG. I absolutely prioritize those just as much as I prioritize WR and RB for us to address this offseason.
  3. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    I think Tru will be alright. Not sure he was ever 100% after that pick and hit Week 1. A full offseason and all should help that. I don't think he'll ever he worth what we paid him last year and this year... but he at least can hold down a CB spot until we can find a legit replacement. Jones, Roberts and Nickerson all have skill sets I really like and have youth on their side. Clark is the interesting name to me... bc I feel he can learn a lot from Tru (big body CBs that can play physical).
  4. A Brown or L Bell?

    And the only season we had a winning season during these drafted years... was when we added Marshall and Decker to our WR squad. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  5. A Brown or L Bell?

    Adding Bell surely would change a lot for this team (a lot bc of his receiving ability). But we cant rest the whole offense being a success on 1 FA RB. We miss out on him... and then we need a (Big time) RB and a WR in the draft (and that's assuming we add a Crowder, Humphries type FA WR).
  6. A Brown or L Bell?

    Heres a rundown of who we've drafted at skill positions and where... 2018 4th: Herndon (TE): probably the most optimistic pick on this list. But I'll hardly announce him as a success after just 1 season (same as you cant say a guy's a failure after 1 season(. 6th: Cannon (RB): Don't even see him on the team maybe this year or in the next couple seasons. 2017 3rd: Stewart (WR): already cut from the team. 3rd: Hanson (WR): already cut from the team. 5th: Leggett (TE): already down on the depth chart and hasn't done much. 6th: McGuire (RB): nothing special at all. Pretty much had the starting RB role the last 4 weeks and didn't impress me at all. Depth RB at best. 2016 7th: Peake (WR): cant even play WR for us when we lack talent there and is always injured. Luckily he holds ST value. UDFA: Anderson (WR): I don't want to keep him out bc he's a crucial player for us. But he is a 1 trick pony that there's for a spot for on our roster, but he's never going to be this well rounded great WR. Also carried a ton of off the field issues that can get him kicked out of the NFL at anytime (hence why he was an UDFA who runs a 4.3) 2015 2nd: Smith (WR): the highest pick we had used on a WR since 2001. Obviously he was a failed pick due to injuries. Not even on the team. 2014 2nd: Amaro (TE): I'm a TTU fan and didn't like this pick. Not bc I didn't like Amaro, but bc of the WRs that were still on the board (Adams, AR15, Landry). Amaro is a reason I'm also not ready to anoint Herndon as a success yet... bc he had similar stats as Herndon as a rookie and was cut shortly after. 4th: Saunders (WR): was a bad pick and wasn't good for us and cut quickly. 4th: Evans (WR): was a bad pick and wasn't good for us and cut quickly. 6th: Enunwa (WR): one of our biggest success picks at skill. But I for 1 think he is highly overrated on this forum. His last 2 seasons were him missing a whole season and playing 11/16 games this season. And in this last season didn't even reach 500yds and only had 1 TD. 2013 7th: Bohanon (FB): was a late round FB/RB that never amounted to much for us. 2012: 2nd: Hill (WR): never liked this pick bc of a guy named Alshon Jeffrey that was still on the board. Hill couldn't stay healthy and we over drafted him bc he was a combine warrior and we thought we were getting the next good GT WR. Which never happened. 6th Ganaway (RB): Who? Exactly. 7th: White (WR): Who? Exactly again. This list shows that in the last 7 drafts (so what should be the foundation of this roster) we've never chose a skill position player in Round 1. We drafted 3 guys in Round 2 (Smith, Amaro, Hill) who were all cut within 2-3 seasons of being with the team. In Round 3 we've never drafted a good player. In Round 4 our only shot at calling that a success is Herndon (which is tbd). Round 5 we've never got anyone good. Round 6 we've added decent guys in Enunwa and McGuire but far from guys needing to make an impact. And Round 7 we've added nothing of value. Robby I'll throw in as a UDFA... and he has a skill set that I like, just wont ever be more than a deep threat.
  7. A Brown or L Bell?

    I wont disagree about Brown's attitude not being ideal and I'd be ok if we didn't land him. But the value in the draft picks is what gets me. I'll in my next post give a rundown of when and who we've drafted that are skill position players and it will show you why trading a pick for a proven WR is worth it.
  8. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    While transitioning to a 4-3 there's some good vet DE option on the FA market. If we decide the draft route with the 3rd pick for a DE spot a vet on the other side isn't a bad idea to help the young guy.
  9. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    Roberts, Jones and Nickerson will all have roles on this team in the secondary. In what capacity is the question.
  10. A Brown or L Bell?

    A change of scenery can change all that though. You see as players age they calm down and care to help others. Brown might just see the writing on the wall in Pitt and stirring all this up to have a way out (unprofessional I know). He knows Big Ben isn't great anymore. Bell is done there. So he wants to go too. If I had to choose between 1 of Bell or Brown I would choose Bell for sure. But I do think that a legit WR needs to be added. Not a tier 2 or 3 WR in FA or a 3rd or 4th Round WR.
  11. A Brown or L Bell?

    Your train of thought is sound. But it’s nit reality. Has Macc drafted well? Especially in the mid rounds? For me the answer is No with no hesitation. Therefor the picks then become quite less valuable to me. If we had a GM that was drafting well, then yes the picks would be of higher value. In 4 full offseasons Macc hasn’t shown he has an eye for talent. Therefor I’d rather see us trade the picks for proven talent if the value is there.
  12. A Brown or L Bell?

    I’m being more general in my statement. Most star WRs have egos. So I’m ok with the ego as long as the play matches. If Brown is a Me 1st guy for 2 seasons with us but I’d a big piece in developing Darnold into a franchise QB... was it not worth the drama and selfishness? For me yes
  13. A Brown or L Bell?

    I disagree. And I generally don’t like guys with attitude issues. But I feel most great WRs have an attitude. So then never get a big time WR is the answer? I don’t think so. Especially when trying to develop a QB. I’d rather have a star with a mouth then have no one at all. And the draft a guy in the mid Rounds argument debate isn’t a legit repsiense back imo. I’ll give you the list of mid rounds WRs we’ve drafted recently that are not even on the team. So that’s not a viable option for me.
  14. A Brown or L Bell?

    I don’t think he’ll require a decent pick. Pitt has 0 leverage in trade talks with him. He wants to leave, they need cap space, they want him out. Therefor his value goes down. Add his age and mouth... I don’t think he’ll fetch much more than a 4th or 3rd.
  15. 2019 prospects and outlook

    What we really need is Haskins and Nurray to really wow in the draft process.