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  1. 2019/2020 Offseason

    I’ll elaborate more on Tuesday. I just landed on vacation in Aruba.
  2. 2019/2020 Offseason

    Ruggs is a speedster. I think he will go top 20 bc his 40. Not as polished of a route runner as Jeudy... but speed kills and teams like that. Higgins I think is just a Lamb lite. Has great size, hands and is very agile for his size. A comparison to Aiyuk isn’t similar to him bc Aiyuk is more a Jeudy type guy just not as crisp of a route runner. Higgins also makes a great red zone target. A QBs best friend. Shenhault has all the tools. The key for him will be to go to a team that will utilize him. If a team is just going to like him up at WR and expect him to be great, he will fail. But he’s in the mold of Harvin and Hill, where you need to get the ball in his hands in several ways. His combine will dictate a lot with him. He runs well and he’s a 1st rounder. He doesn’t and he could slip. I view him as the 5th best WR. Like I stated... I don’t dislike Aiyuk and Hamler. I just view the guys I stated as superior prospects. I should also say I really like Jefferson as well. But I see no way he falls to 48 either. I should have put him in this group with the 5 mentioned. I actually like him more than Shenault probably. Bc I don’t have confidence in Gase utilizing Shenault correctly. No different than I view the OT class deep. I have Thomas, Wills and Wirfs ranked high. Becton and Jackson still with 1st round grades. But I do still like guys like Adams, PTW, Jones and Niang in Round 2.
  3. 2019/2020 Offseason

    I see a bigger talent gap than you do clearly. I think Ruggs is WAY better than Hamler. I think Higgins is WAY better than Aiyuk. I think Shenhault is WAY better than Reagor. It’s a deep OT class as well so I could throw the same thing right back at you. Becton, Jackson, PTW, Adams, Jones, Niang are good prospects as well. Like I said I am all for going OT at 11. But I don’t view the guys you see falling to us at 48 on the same level as the 5 guys I listed. Doesn’t mean I don’t like some of those guys. I’d be happy with Aiyuk, Hamler at 48. But I see the 5 mentioned as A LOT better players. Hence why they’re projected 1st rounders and the others aren’t.
  4. 2019/2020 Offseason

    I think there’s a way and a likely trade partner that can get us a 1st round OT and WR. Baltimore is at the end of Round 1. JD has serious ties to Newsome. We could trade our 2nd and the NYG 3rd and move back into Round 1 for one of the great WRs still there. Bc I can’t see Jeudy, Lamb, Ruggs, Higgins and Shenhault all going before then. I think Jeudy, Lamb and Ruggs will for sure be gone. But Higgins and Shenhault could still be there. And are both guys in a lot of drafts that are top 20 picks. This trade up still has us keeping our 3rd to get a good prospect as well. I mean a draft of let’s say Wirfs AND Shenhault would be great for this franchise. An anchor for the OL and a potential #1 WR as well, all with just really moving that 2nd up for a pick we acquired for selling away Leo. Just an idea...
  5. First Mock Off-Season

    Ya almost the whole OL is FAs which is actually not bad, bc none of them are good and we don’t have money tied up in them. Harrison and Edoga aren’t FAs and are worth keeping. But everyone else are FAs except Winters. Who id bet my retirement account on that he gets cut.
  6. First Mock Off-Season

    We don’t have Beachum. He’s a FA.
  7. First Mock Off-Season

    I rate Becton higher than Jackson. I do feel Becton is a bit of a reach at 11 though. He’s very raw technically. He’s a freak physically with his size snd mobility... but unlike the other 3, him starting right away will have more rough patches bc how raw he is. In all honesty FA and even trades leading up to the draft will big time alter who I want at 11. Right now I say I want OT at 11. Be upgrade the OL in the offseason leading up to the draft than I want Jeudy or Lamb. We upgrade WR and only get 1-2 OLinemsn in FA than I for sure want an OT (even teaching on Becton). I see no way I want us going defense period. Bc we just don’t have the resources to get 3-4 OLineman and 2 WRs.
  8. First Mock Off-Season

    I like it. How realistic it is can be questioned. Im not sure Conklin and Scherff even hit FA, never mind us getting both. That’s really the only unrealistic part I see. But that changes a lot. Especially getting Conklin bc that affects a lot of what then changes as a need for us at 11. We resign Beachum and sign Conklin it’s hard to say we need an OT at 11 then, making Lamb a great pick. We don’t sign 2 OTs and immediately that’s the need at 11.
  9. Way to early mock just for fun

    Ya on the trade chart (which isn’t 100% accurate but is a starting point). We do get screwed on that deal. Our 11th pick is worth 1250, Eagles 21st pick is 800. Their 2nd rounder is worth 370. Still leaving us 80 shy. Which to make it a good trade would mean they’d have to give up their 4th (worth 60) and that still leaves us shy. Maybe a 6th as well. We’d really be getting screwed for just a mid/late 2nd to move out of the top 11 down 10 picks to 21. Also that can put us in no mans land. What if Becton goes in those 10 picks. I’m not that high on Jackson after seeing him destroyed by Epenesa in the bowl game. So then what do we do?
  10. Way to early mock just for fun

    I think us trading him can go either way at this point. For me I lean more to keeping him. But unlike you, I don’t think he’s done. I want to see him behind an OL that can actually block before I say that. He’s very cut-able after this next season, so I’d give him another year. What I would do if I’m JD depending on how FA and early in the draft falls... grab a talented RB to work in with Bell in that 3rd or 4th Round if a guy falls (a guy I really in that area is Cam Akers).
  11. Way to early mock just for fun

    I analyze players all the time. I never “bandwagon” off your comments. I’ll agree with them and say my thoughts as well when I do agree with them. When I disagree with you I’m not scared to say it like some on here. But fact is you don’t value WR and I do. That’s not going to change. So it is what it is.
  12. 2020 Draft Prospects

    He’s giant and has good feet but is raw. Could have the best career potentially of them all but will IMO struggle early in his career bc he’s so raw. Might get away with size and athleticism, but technique will need work over his career
  13. Way to early mock just for fun

    I choose to heighten prospects based on how confident I am that they’ll succeed at the next level. Sometimes that might look like over drafting or not drafting a need. But for me great WR prospects generally transfer over great to the NFL. Especially elite route runners like Jeudy is. You criticize my draft philosophy. Yet continuously the guys who I like have good careers and the ones you generally like don’t. DK and even Brown who I loved last year are both far superior to that of Quinnen Williams. And let’s also remember that I didn’t want a WR at 3 unless we addressed edge and OL (which we didn’t) therfor I wanted Josh Allen. Go check my posts from last year if you don’t believe me. All 3 of those guys are better than Q so far. Same for this year I am saying I want OL. But if the need is addressed in FA and the board falls to where Thomas, Wills and Wirfs are gone... I’m 100% going to pound the table for Jeudy or Lamb. Like I said you can criticize the wya I want to build a team all you want. I quite frankly can care less. If it annoys that I continually want OL and WRs then block my posts. I promise I’ll lose 0 sleep over it. But facts are facts that the guys I generally want and like have a better track record than yours bc as I recall you loved most of our failed defensive 1st rounders bc they were “BPA” and that we needed to trust the process.
  14. Post Divisional 4 Rounder with Comp Picks

    Hate the 1st Round pick for the Jets. We arguably shouldn't draft defense at all this year never mind in the top 11.
  15. Way to early mock just for fun

    I understand what you're saying. But it has been you who has preached a GREAT draft philosophy is to go BPA. And Its hard for me to think of any players better than Jeudy in this draft class besides Burrow and Young. So when did your philosophy change? Bc every year we drafted Leo, Adams, Q, etc. You've said they're BPA and thats the way to draft. And if Jeudy is there at 11. How does he not fit that?