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  1. No secret that if we do decide to trade for Watson... getting FAs to want to come here becomes A LOT easier.
  2. I hear ya. I get that HOU has all the leverage bc he's under contract for awhile. But I do think the fact remains that you guys just wont get the return you think he's worth. Us and MIA are really the only teams that can put a good package together for him. And neither is throwing 4 1st rounders or something at HOU for Watson. So I think its either play hardball with Watson and actually see if he holds out. Or you guys will have to accept a trade around this caliber. Jermeiah (a Jets reporter) has said he think we might offer a 2023 1st as well. And that's our max.
  3. LF isn't a lead back. He gets injured too often for that role. Cant be an inevitable LF injury away from starting Perine
  4. Jets 2nd overall pick (on a trade value chart, that's the equivalent to 2 top 10 1st rounders) and our 1st next year for Watson? That's in essence trading you 3 1st rounders for Watson. And guarantees you guys able to get a QB you like at 2 (whether that be Fields or Wilson). And continue a rebuild with an additional 1st next year to rebuild. Thoughts? The list of teams that can offer you this, that have the money for Watson and that he'd waive his no trade clause for, is small keep in mind.
  5. Olave returning for his senior year which I found odd
  6. When thinking of trade ideas for Watson... I cant help but think of that we really need to realize how valuable the 2nd pick in the draft is. When trading for a player of that caliber it normally involve multiple 1st rounders. But I'd guess that more than 75% of that time the team getting the picks doesn't know the exact pick when making the trade unless its a swap of 1st rounders and things like that. The draft trade chart is normally pretty on par or close to it on what teams get for trades for picks. Our 2nd pick is valued at 2600 points. So what does that mean. I'd like to think that in ge
  7. Both teams can resign them is the thing. Both NE and WAS have money
  8. If we can somehow get Thuney or Scherff... I think we’re in great shape. Resign Elf (shouldn’t cost too much) and I think we are set. Draft a RT in the mid rounds to take over for Fant.
  9. It’s a way to cover themselves. Them saying they never wanted to leave is BS. It’s to try and save themselves.
  10. Yup. The top of the draft isn’t the spot for an edge this year. We shouldn’t be using our 23rd or 34th pick on a guy. The value isn’t there. Pity and Rousseau won’t fall to 23. So that’s no mans land. With a lot of the next tier of guys undersized. With which switching to a 4-3... isn’t the best
  11. In all honesty being a MOD with you guys isn’t hard at all. But when there is an issue it is a pain in the butt
  12. I’m good either way on it. So I’m not a huge advocate of keeping Sam. But I disagree with this. Look at once he came back healthy last year how he played. That was with an awful OL and not the best weapons either. All while having a awful coaches system in place. His rookie year he finished the season very strong as well. Didn’t amount to wins... but he was playing better and that’s what led to optimism for him in 2019. This year I think the lack of weapons and the overall garbage of a system ran on offense caught up with him. Darnold has talent. He just needs help around him and the righ
  13. Don’t know yet. But I’d imagine so. I’m sure we will run multiple looks. But 4-3 as the main set. Meaning we need edges more. I expect us to get 1 in FA (a good talent pool should hit FA). And draft a guy in the mid rounds. 4-3 should help Zuniga more. And Huff could use to add some weight this offseason to help him out. Jenkins and Basham are FAs, so not sure what we do with them.
  14. The best situation once I take a step back and think about it is to keep Darnold and give him a better offense. Load up in FA and early in the draft on things to help him. Trade back that 2nd pick but still stay high in the draft. Acquiring an additional 2nd and 3rd. And go hard after offense. Now with that we can see what he can do in a better system and talent around him. If he succeeds obviously that’s incredible. If he doesn’t... we likely are drafting somewhat high again and have an additional 1st next year to try and move up and get a QB in 2022.
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