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  1. Covid-19 Mock

    Just can’t see us landing Clowney, Cooks and Williams. I’d actually be surprised if we got any of the 3, never mind all 3. Trust me I’d love it. Just doesn’t seem very realistic.
  2. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    There’s a few others that can save is a few mill, like cutting Bellamy and others. Williamson is the obvious choice being our depth at ILB now. But no sense in cutting him unless we have to. I don’t think we get Clowney or Ngoukue. Trent Williams is the only guy I could see us still maybe getting. And I doubt that as well.
  3. The thing with passing on guys like Jeudy and Lamb is it feels like we are passing on 2 superstars at a position we need. When really OL isn’t this WAY bigger need for us that they can just be ignored as pretty much locks to be stars as nfl WRs. Wills is the only OT I look at and think he’s going to be a pro bowler often like I see Lamb and Jeudy.
  4. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Is it too late to tell you guys I’m JD?!?!
  5. Interesting bc I believe he’s pretty much said OL for Jets Round 1.
  6. Jets Pick at 11

    Tougher than Moss was.
  7. Get to know @KingOfTheDot

    Im with ya man. I have a 3 week old boy. And I still have to go into work each day with lots of people. Scary. I take my clothes off and put them right in the laundry and shower the second I get home pretty much.
  8. Jets Pick at 11

    Yes Jeudy is the equivalent to Wills for me at OT. I think you’re getting a guaranteed pro bowler with either.
  9. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    I think with Ross’s flashes last year they want to hang onto him. Especially with Burrow coming in. AJ Green is being kept for a season or 2 not long term. So don’t think they want to just have Boyd in a year or 2.
  10. 2 Mocks I’d Love

    Two different scenarios Mocks Make skill better Mock... 1st: Henry Ruggs III (WR/Alabama): Id rather Jeudy or Lamb here but there’s no denying that Ruggs is an ideal Gase WR. And I think we love him. 2nd: Ezra Cleveland (OT/Boise State): athletic OLineman and that’s apparently a trend we want in the OL with wide splits. 3rd (from NYG): Cam Akers (RB/Florida State): Kamara vibes from this guy. 3rd: Julian Okwara (Edge/Notre Dame): speed edge rusher that we need. Need to keep trying until we find one. 4th: Van Jefferson (WR/Florida): elite route runner. Slips a bit bc he couldn’t do the combine and production wasn’t great. Our WRs coached son as well. 5th: Lamar Jackson (CB/Nebraska): Big bodies Cb that can tackle and play press coverage on the outside. 6th: James Morgan (QB/Florida International): has great size, arm and mobility. Needs work mentally. 6th (comp): Jauan Jennings (WR/Tennessee): big bodied WR with skill a lot better than this draft spot but a poor combine and poor attitude have him fall to nearly undrafted. Why not take a shot on him. Continue to build the OL Mock 1st: Mekhi Becton (OT/Louisville): huge and crazy athletic... but raw. Some risk with him, but I think he will be good. Hopefully great. 2nd: KJ Hamler (WR/Penn State): smaller but can play tough. Pretty much Henry Ruggs lite. 3rd (from NYG): Brandon Aiyuk (WR/Arizona State): plays bigger than his size and is a great YAC guy. 3rd: Chase Claypool (WR/Notre Dame): yes 3 WRs in a row. All that play different. This guy can be a steal with his blend of size, strength and speed. 4th: Kenny Willekes (Edge/Michigan State): gotta keep trying to find an edge pretty much every draft until we do. 5th: Lamar Jackson (CB/Nebraska): Big bodies Cb that can tackle and play press coverage on the outside. 6th: James Morgan (QB/Florida International): has great size, arm and mobility. Needs work mentally. 6th (comp): Patrick Taylor (RB/Memphis): guy plays a bit like Bell. Might be good for him to learn begin him for a season.
  11. Get to know @KingOfTheDot

    @KingOfTheDot So I’ll start out with a few questions... Where are you from? Where do you live now? Occupation? How did you become a Jets fan? Married? Kids?
  12. Jets Pick at 11

    Didn’t say Gase could utilize him the way he should. That’s actually what scares me with him. Is that Gase wouldn’t use him right
  13. Jets Pick at 11

    Fast, plays tough, good hands, good route running. He is actually IMO better than Hill. But where Ruggs goes will determine how good he can be. A team should feature him in ways to get the ball in his hands like KC does with Hill
  14. I think the deciding factor for me on if I want OT or WR at 11 is Trent Williams. I think if we somehow make a trade for him, we have to go WR at 11. We don't trade for him and we have to go OT at 11.
  15. Get to know @jetskid007

    Plan to always live in NJ/NY? Where do you vacation? Other fav sports teams? Where did you go to college?