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  1. Building the OL and getting a young QB weapons is never a bad idea. But as I’ll continue to say. I’d like a split with our top picks. Each side of the ball get a pick in each of the 1st couple rounds. But JD will stick to his board and choose who he sees as BPA and that hits a need and the position is worth he value. IMO I think he doesn’t have a guy like Hamilton even in our thoughts in the top 10. He’s had 2 good safeties here and has traded 1 away and didn’t want to pay the other. So to me that shows he doesn’t value S. Which is true. S isn’t a premium position. So I don’t see JD using prem
  2. Exactly. People see we were bad against the run and assume our DTs were awful. When that wasn’t the case. Our LB and S ply was more the issue. DEs didn’t help either and we get Lawson back. And ideally play JFM inside more than DE. LB, DE and S need upgraded, not DT.
  3. I like the idea of Neal or Ikem at 4 and Ojabo at 10 the 2nd best. My 1st choice is Neal or Ikem at 4 and Lindy at 10.
  4. I sure hope so. Crazy thing is that we never got to see Moore and Wilson really together. One was always injured or something. When Moore had his hot streak was when Wilson was out and then when Wilson came back Moore went out.
  5. I'm not hoping we trade for a "vet" I'm hop9ing we trade for a guy around that 26yr old range. Our bog spending this last FA period was Davis, Lawson, Rankins, Davis. All guys in that age area
  6. I do think we make some sort of trade for an established player this off-season. My guess would be at WR, DE or TE.
  7. I’d like to see us take Neal or Ikem at 4 if the 2 edges are gone and see how the board falls to us at 10. Maybe Ojabo or Hamilton are still available then.
  8. No one is saying we shouldn’t have a balanced off-season. I’m merely saying that we can build the defense sure. But in the AFC with Mahomes, Allen, Jackson, Herbert, etc. We’ll have to score points to win. A good defensive game against these QBs is keeping them under 28. Which means we still need to score 4 TDs to be in games against these teams. And these guys are going nowhere I’ve rage next decade.
  9. Not true. KC has the 6th worst D in the NFL. LAR and CIN are in the bottom half of the league. SF is the only team with a top D left. While of the 4 teams remaining 3 are top 10 and one 13th in offense.
  10. I'm always pro building the OL. The bigger thing with building the OL is how you can run the ball and control the clock. Most these teams nowadays win by slinging the ball around. And it works. But if you can run AND pass, where a defense has to respect both, all while control the clock... you're in the driver seat. The odds are stacked against Wilson ever being as good as Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, etc. (trust me I hope he does get in that tier) so to be able to run the ball and control the clock against these great young QBs in the AFC will be big. I feel the only way to beat these powerhouse o
  11. All 4 of the teams left in the playoffs are top 13 offenses 3. KC 7. SF 9. LAR 13. CIN Looking at Defenses... SF is the only team left with a great defense. They rank 3rd. But let's dive into the other teams left... LAR: 17th best CIN: 18th best KC: 27th best So all 4 teams left have top 13 offenses (3 top 10) When 3 of the 4 teams left are in the bottom half of the league in defense. KC sitting as the 6th worst in the whole NFL. So it's safe to say Offense wins. Yes you need timely defensive plays and have a
  12. Except we don't have a proven QB, LIne or OC. So we need the help. When we have a great OL, a franchise QB that can throw and pass and a star OC we can talk about not needing to have as many weapons. I understand your point, I don't argue it. Its just flawed in that your using established QBs as the example. Take Pringle for KC for example... you put him on the Jets and he's fighting for a roster spot bc he doesn't have a QB making him look better. We don't have a QB, OC or other weapons to make guys like that look legit.
  13. Look how having the #1 defense did for BUF? They just lost giving up 42 points. Bc a lot of these good teams you can hope to contain and get key stops on. But you’re surely not stopping them all together. So you have to keep up with them point wise. We’re never going to be able to keep these top teams low scoring, even if we invest heavily on defense. We can try and score with them though, if we invest on the offense.
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