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  1. 2020 Draft Prospects

    3/4 of those teams you named have a superstar QB. Correct me if I’m wrong... but Darnold isn’t that.
  2. Blessuan Austin

    I hope he’s a steal... but I’m over hyping up our mid/late round guys after just a few good games.
  3. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    It’s bc our rush defense is 1st in the NFL I believe. We were 2 going into yesterday’s game and shut down the run. So I assume we might have gone to 1.
  4. 2020 Draft Prospects

    Absolutely. I’d rather build an OL than go WR. But the draft isn’t the only way to get OLineman. And the value might not be there when we pick. For me if Thomas, Wirfs and Young are gone when we pick and Jeudy or Lamb are there and we got a few OLineman in FA and even an edge... you have to go with a star WR there. What’s the point of protecting Darnold for him to throw to scrubs? He’s not Brady where he can make average guys look good
  5. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    At Disney world for 11 days and living Texas I’m used to games starting at noon. And it sucks having to wait another hour.
  6. 2020 Draft Prospects

    How is WR not a need? Crowder is our only WR under contract next year that actually plays. How many times have we tried to get a franchise QB and not given them any weapons now that has failed? Several. OL is hands down the biggest need. But for me WR is right after that. Yes I want an edge. But Jenkins as an edge is a lot better than our WR depth.
  7. 2020 Draft Prospects

    There’s several versatile OL that will hit the market. Meaning they absolutely can play LT even if that’s where they don’t always. Also there’s some good RTs hitting the market that we can see as LTs too. Let me be clear rebuilding the OL is my main concern and I’d be ecstatic to draft 2 OLineman with our 1st 3 picks. My point is saying that if Thomas and Wirfs are gone and one of Jeudy or Lamb are there and we did in fact get 3 good OLinman in FA... I’d 100% draft the WR there.
  8. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Somehow this WR class is better than the 2014 class
  9. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    I agree with this. As a player my response to Gas posting it would be... If you're gonna post my mess up, lets post all the mess ups you've had on the field. If its about accountability, then that's for everyone. I don't think Gase or anyone in the organization should post a personal fine. Fine them, but don't post it.
  10. 2020 Draft Prospects

    For us. Not as a player. I'm done with the BPA approach when it isn't a position of huge need. I'm ok with that philosophy in the later Rounds. But for the 1st few Rounds grab the top talents at the positions you need that are guys not over drafted (Josh Allen this last draft as an example).
  11. 2020 Draft Prospects

    Ya my top 5 right now is... 1. Thomas 2. Wirffs 3. Jeudy 4. Young 5. Lamb And honestly we are lucky to get 1 of these guys. We are more than likely going to be drafting in the 5-10 range. Figure a couple QBs go and a couple more defenders and we should get 1 of these 5. That being said... I only am for going WR if we get 3 OLineman in FA.
  12. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Exactly. I'm a supervisor for the US Treasury Dept... and I'm a very lenient boss. I'm big on treating my employees great and you get great work. But you still have to demand work (given I only manage 6 people ) This has served me well in the 2 years I've been in my position. The thing you have to be careful with is how long of a string you allow. The old saying you give an inch they take a mile. You don't discipline Q for going to lunch with his wife, then the next player has an excuse why he missed practice for a reason, then the next, and it only gets worse. A line has to be drawn. This is a non story of the whole KO thing and Falk thing never happened. And even more importantly if Q told the team before hand he had plans before hand and rescheduled his treatment. Its about communication. And Q did none of that besides going to social media. His 1st tweet tells you everything you need to know. That he didn't tell the team before hand he was going to miss the treatment. Right then the case is closed. He at that point is not 99% wrong, he's 100% wrong. And that's why he's fined. And he should be.
  13. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Let’s be real for a second. He himself said that he should have told them beforehand he was going to miss it or be late. Also there’s how many hours in a day? You could only take your wife out to eat right when you had to be somewhere? Take her to breakfast or dinner for crying out loud. If any of us had a meeting at work and missed it to take our wives out to eat... we’d all get disciplined as well.
  14. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Good luck to us attracting FAs
  15. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Think of the money we could’ve saved if we would have got Hunt.