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  1. Usually a clean up means arthroscopic nothing serious draining fluid removing scar tissue
  2. I’m no fan of his either I believe the game has passed him by, he fails to make adjustments even when he’s had a defense with talent to work with
  3. Another guy I’m starting think vrabel leans heavy to is Romeo Crennel thinking how vrabel loves hiring guys that he’s buds with or coached him 😩
  4. I really would like to add Kenny stills & keep Corey Davis & trade Humphries or cut him
  5. Half those sacks came against Lamar can’t play QB Jackson dont read too much into it
  6. Hassan Redick did it last yr for the cardinals & he’s really lite he’s 230lbs Evans that is
  7. I don’t see it. It’s either gone be in house or a coach from the Shanahan tree, I doubt the titans want the players learning a new system vrabel is big on continuity
  8. I saw this coming middle of the season, Alexia bring me 🗣Jay Gruden
  9. I understand your frustration but he’s a winning coach he’s far from on the hot seat, for him to end up on the hot seat we must lose 9-10 games next yr. he isn’t a bad coach just stubborn & stuck in his ways. That part reminds me of Fisher. Hopefully this humbled him
  10. No I’m not suggesting abandon our core philosophy, I’m saying sometimes we should switch it up depending on how the defense is playing us my guy, for ex yesterday, we kept constantly trying to force the run & we’re predictable. Had we threatened the pass you lighten the box therefore you help Derrick Henry get going. Switch it up some times
  11. Man if Art leaves my 1st choice is Jay Gruden, for the simple fact he runs the exact same offense, is from the Shanahan tree, a very good play caller with HC experience. I like Kevin Carter but at this point I feel we’re a DC & maybe 2 pieces away on defense from being a legit contender. Hiring Carter whom is unproven is a big gamble & we’re in the prime of Henry & Tannehill career we need a win now mentality at all cost
  12. I don’t see him being gone if he doesn’t make the playoffs keep in mind Amy is calling the shots, & she’s a product of her dad Bud adams, a reason Bud kept Fisher so long was, he understood the importance of continuity. I think every yr he goes to the playoffs he buys himself 2 yrs. if he doesn’t make the playoffs next yr then the following season he may be on the hot seat depending on how bad of a season we had.
  13. Hooker is ready to be a starter man I’m sorry I know he was inconsistent but hell every player on defense was, give me Wade Philips hooker & Byard & a pass rush
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