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  1. Training Camp Thread

    But look where Marcus throws it late & inside, aka behind 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️https://mobile.twitter.com/JRedd_Mndm/status/1027332389473800194/photo/1
  2. Training Camp Thread

    This is where Tajaé is open & can make a play if the ball is high outside https://mobile.twitter.com/JRedd_Mndm/status/1027330158313787392/photo/1
  3. Training Camp Thread

    Look at the 2 sec Mark & pause it. This is what you call throwing wit anticipation, Mariota should’ve let the ball go high outside shoulder. Adoree is playing the slant wit inside technique. Mariota throws the ball late & adoree makes a play inside & picks it. This is why the great QB’s don’t need a #1 receiver. Precise route running, rhythm & timing. Yes sharpe is slow but he’s actually open if Mariota stop waiting for him to come out of his break & then throwing it vs throwing wit anticipation that’s he’s going to beat adoree to the spot
  4. Training Camp Thread

    Mariota throws it inside he should’ve thrown it outside to where only sharpe can make a play if catchable, look where he throws the ball C’mon on now. This is why WR like Dez like playing wit a QB like Romo brady or Rodgers, it’s call throwing the receiver open. I’m not arguing sharpe can’t seperate, but Mariota should know the matchup & know his receiver. For sharpe to win this i got to put it where only he can catch it.
  5. Training Camp Thread

    True but better ball placement & Tajae got a 50/50 shot at a jump ball. Mariota should know that the throw was bad
  6. Cyprien Out For The Year

    Keep in mind this, Cyp is good in coverage when playing zone, his weakness is he can’t cover in man, he has tight hips & no ball skills, he wasn’t bad as everyone trying to make it out, but again I see Reid as a better player because of his versatility
  7. Cyprien Out For The Year

    I like Reid for 1 reason versatility he can play SS off ball LB he can blitz, as far as covering he’s about the same as Cyp, however as we all know case in point Michael Griffin, a pass rush & solid CB play can make a safety look real good & hide some of his weaknesses.
  8. Training Camp Thread

    https://mobile.twitter.com/compose/tweet season ending for Cyp
  9. Training Camp Thread

    Reid he’s what Vrabel preaches versatility capable of playing both safety positions & LB & that’s a plus
  10. Training Camp Thread

  11. Training Camp Thread

    No I’m not that is open in the NFL he’s not throwing the ball anticipating them coming out of their break, go back & look at the film & look at the notes that I said at the time I said he should be making the throw. That’s call a tight window that’s open in the NFL. Give the receiver the ball in front of them so that they can have a chance to catch in stride, & make a football move.
  12. Training Camp Thread

    https://mobile.twitter.com/AtoZSports/status/1023593520999870464/video/1 again Lewis has brown beat 3 sec Mark put it out in front Marcus 🤦🏽‍♂️
  13. Training Camp Thread

    https://mobile.twitter.com/AtoZSports/status/1023594113386643456/video/1 7 to 8 sec Mark, again ball should be out in front of WR he has the corner beat, that’s open I’m the NFL especially against the jags. Marcus is late & the CB recovers
  14. Training Camp Thread

    The 4 sec Mark ball should be thrown in front of the WR he had butler beat. Marcus isn’t throwing with anticipation. Don’t know know if he’s not trusting his WR to be there or what 🤷🏽‍♂️
  15. Training Camp Thread