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  1. Could be right, but from my understanding training camp isn’t like years past, they’re not practicing right away because of no OTA’s coaches want players to do conditioning early on
  2. Dude just doesn’t get respect amongst his peers it’s crazy 😩
  3. As I kept saying a RB can be replace a dime a dozen only for teams that have elite QB talent. Henry to valuable to our team o agree 100 % wit you
  4. I believe it when I see it but damn it speak it into existence 😩
  5. I agree somewhat to what you said & by somewhat I’m say 80%. The difference in kyles offense vs his Dad is kyles passing concepts come from John Gruden. He did an interview the yr atl went to the Super Bowl & said John gruden was once of his biggest influence far as teaching him the game of football. He stated he knew the run game night & day being around his dad & kubiak but when he got with Gruden is when his understanding of the passing game took off. That’s why you can say the 49ers & the rams offense are more the same & the titans & packers offense are more the same
  6. 🗣Jonnu https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/jonnu-smith-breakout-tennessee-titans
  7. I feel the same way but I have to keep telling myself for it to have been his 1st time calling plays I give him a B-. His passing concepts & route patterns needs work, but I give him props, he took advantage of what we do best as an offense & that’s run the ball with a 6’4 260lb RB
  8. How is AJ brown not an 85-88 is beyond me. How Taylor Lewan is a 84 is a joke the lowest he should be is a 88 given the suspension. Bret Kern a 84 is a joke top 3 Punter in the game.
  9. I’m really hoping Ahmani hooker can play Logan Ryan Role effectively. I think Fulton will be brought in to compete with Butler.
  10. Wys bro, plus his best season rushing the passer as we know Vrab was his DC, & moved him everywhere on the DL. That being said, we know vrab loves front multiplicity 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
  11. some big bout to happen guys fingers crossed
  12. man I can’t wait to see a 100% healthy leaner Jeffery Simmons especially At Cassey’s 3 tech position 🗣boys get ready I’m going out & saying 8 sacks or better if healthy all season. Book it
  13. JRob is officially the goat 12.5 mill per year not overpaying 🗣winning
  14. True but he meets an exception he’s worth a lot more to our team
  15. 4yr 58 mill 40 mill guaranteed 😩🙏🏽
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