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  1. Thank you, all was forgiven because he’s air McNair. Meanwhile let’s kick a kid while he down & hold him to being perfect as a human being. It’s like I don’t get how people think because your an athlete, entertainer, celebrity, that they’re are excluded from F****n up in life. That’s like, if you believe in god, praying for your sins & asking to help guide you to becoming a better person, but god says no, you done enough bad hell you go.. 🤔
  2. Facts I’m not arguing he’s an idiot can’t defend stupid however as a fan I don’t want the kid to suck & become a bust because that means we wasted a pick. That’s my only point I get why he’s mad at the kid but why wish him to fail
  3. Man you really don’t want the kid to succeed I see 😩 let it go nobody is perfect we all have demons. I’m sure hoping he doesn’t become a bust a pams out
  4. It’s like having big balls & having hot sex with any babe you want Basically 😌
  5. But if we trade for Reiff an absorb a big contract that limits the money we have to sign or trade for possible other available players. Remember the trade deadline is approaching & teams who know they’re out of playoff contention usually make quality starters available.
  6. It could be 50/50 look how our defense is suffering since we didn’t hire a DC & stayed in house
  7. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/1620/cordy-glenn so basically Cordy is a low risk potentially high reward if we sign him
  8. Injury prone like made of glass but I wouldn’t mind signing him for depth is an experience starter
  9. Mmm shiiit I’m calling it now he’s going to Atlanta
  10. Adversity is what makes a man, I remember listening to Larry Allen HOF speech & he said his rookie yr Reggie White whipped his *** so bad on the field it lit a 🔥 for him to get stronger in the weight room, & he became a HOF. 😩🤣 no Wilson isn’t Larry Allen but if an a$$ whooping will help him turn his career around let him play
  11. Edge, 5tech or NT, & CB Jack Crawford sucks & I would like to see Jones back at 5tech & a true NT
  12. Defense is trash Byard is the only person I’ll let slide with having a down yr
  13. Now watch butler talking sh!t come back & nite him
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