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  1. Offseason Thread

    The best guard is Strafold from the rams
  2. Offseason Thread

    TyRell & Golden Tate are good enough look at how good Robert woods been for the rams, 2 legit outside WR’s Davis Tate or TyRell a healthy Delanie & hopefully Jonnu picks up where he left off & Derick Henry being the focal point of the offense. I like our chances
  3. Offseason Thread

    I think WR & LG in FA & DL & OLB in the draft.. the draft is deep in those positions this year. We can’t afford to keep drafting developmental WR especially this season being critical in regards to us extending Mariota contract. I honestly think J Rob is going to pay for a WR in FA, we’ll have 40 mill in cap space & after next year we can get out of Jones, Butler, & Lewis contracts.. this upcoming season Mariota has to make a jump
  4. Offseason Thread

    That’s why I like TyRell Williams he can stretch the field & YAC ability
  5. Offseason Thread

    Of course I’m talking trading mariota if we traded for stafford, but agree to disagree I guess you have a serious mariota crush if you think mariota as a QB is better than Stafford.. mariota isn’t bad & like I said we can win with mariota granted he can stay healthy however he can’t throw in the pocket like stafford his mechanics aren’t there yet as a pocket passer.. stafford struggles is his franchise & the fact he’s been in the same division as Aaron Rodgers
  6. Offseason Thread

    And quit what the following week 🤣..
  7. Offseason Thread

    Exactly tired of Eric moulds, randy Moss, Justin McCarins part 2, Andre Johnson WR past their prime 😩🤣
  8. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    I want defense 1st round we need interior pressure & edge pressure
  9. Offseason Thread

    Marcus is good I’m on record of saying we can win with Marcus because in my opinion you don’t need a franchise QB to win a super bowl as long as you have a strong rushing attack & elite defense. However Matthew Stafford is better than Mariota he may not have a great W-L record, but he’s a top 10 talent at QB in terms of what he can do with the football. Prime EX Eli Manning has the better career than Philip Rivers but it’s clear as day who’s the better QB talent. Mariota doesn’t drive the ball & his mechanics are sloppy at times playing within the pocket. He either holds on to the ball too long, drifts into sacks, gets skittish at times.
  10. Offseason Thread

    Make no mistake about it I will trade the 19th pick in a heartbeat for stafford, talent wise he’s top 10 in the league. Say what you want about his record as a starter, but that’s the way the cookie crumble sometimes playing in a division with the best QB in the game for so long. Matt Patricia is in over his head and isn’t doing him any justice. No run game no TE trades away his best WR & a crappy defense.. put stafford on our team with our defense we definitely make a jump
  11. Offseason Thread

    Is there talk about him being released
  12. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    If we want to go 3 safety look insert Dane didn’t thought of that till now makes perfect sense
  13. Offseason Thread

    I have him worth between 8-10 mill anything after that ✌🏽
  14. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    I understand that what you said about butler, but you mad Adoree sounds like he’s a bust when you brought up Kevin white. Adoree is solid he can be great if he becomes a student of the game but I’ve always been very critical of him
  15. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    And again Adoree was solid not great, I’ve stated why I feel he’s like a 84 to me, though you made him sound like a bust like Kevin white... I’ll still take Adoree over butler, because if you want the truth the Titans also his butler, the beginning of the season butler & Adoree were our 2 starting outside corners & Logan was our nickle.. after butler constant struggles pees put Ryan as our starting CB opposite of Adoree & nickel situations he kicked Logan inside & will bring butler on the field.