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  1. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    ive come to grips that adoree is more like Ike Taylor. If you remember those Pittsburgh championship yrs you’ll recall Ole Taylor was a solid cover Corner, however he didn’t get his hands on a lot of picks. The kid this season has been very solid other than the Jacksonville game where he had a bone head pass interference he’s answered the challenge. I love what I saw when he went up against Julio getting physical with him though he got out muscled on a couple balls he didn’t give up big plays. Keep improving Adoree
  2. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    I get so tired of the mariota hype, here’s some facts marcus isn’t that much athletic than Tannehill, Marcus has in a 40yrd dash but the man played WR in college can’t play WR & not be athletic I doubt he still runs 4.5- 4.6 but he can move in the pocket, okay next Tannehill has 2 not 1 but 2 4K yards season Marcus mariota 0. Tannehill has thrown over 24Tds in a season 3 times, MM 1. Marcus mariota won a playoff game due to having the better supporting cast. He’s nothing special, but we forget Tannehill Played in a division that has been owned by the pats for almost 20 yrs 🤷🏽‍♂️. I’m sick of people act as if mariota turned water into wine 🤣🤣🤣 & by the way the titans gave up a 4th round pick & he was traded because the franchise wanted to start over & clean house it happens
  3. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    Why 😑 please tell me what makes mariota a better QB than Tannehill please what has marcus done that has people thinking he’s so much better than Tannehill 🤔 & im all for Tannehill starting we traded a 4th round pick for him let’s see what he gots
  4. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    He can’t anchor ive been saying this & ive posted videos the man is done at tackle
  5. Mike Vrabel

    The patriots spend money on FA they always have, they just know when to get rid of players & let another team over pay for them. They paid Moss, Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth, Corey Dillion, Revis, Gilmore, Hightower. okay now back to Robinson here’s what I mean he try’s to be like the pats too much. He wasted a few years of cap room with paying Mariota cheap money on his rookie deal, by electing to draft him weapons vs spend top dollar on getting him proven talent. As I’ve said the Titans told marcus I’m so many ways yea we believe in you we want you to succeed but in the mist of you developing your receivers have to develop with you, recipe for disaster. Robinson played mariota as if he was Brady like he can sign any cheap WR off the street plug him in & make it work. look around every young QB came into the league with proven weapons to help them succeed it helps with the learning curve. Wentz, Watson, Mahomes, Baker, the Titans are cheap they have a dollar amount they’re willing to spend VS over spend on players. now he did spend money on Humphries but that’s a lil too late in a make or break yr.
  6. Jon Robinson

    Conklin is done at Tackle needs to move inside he gets over powered & can’t anchor.. he looked great his rookie year with a lot of help 2nd year was solid & it’s been down hill since he tore his ACL.
  7. Mike Vrabel

    It goes back to JRob his FA signings & draft picks. J Rob try’s to emulate the pats way too much.
  8. Mike Vrabel

    😩🤣🤣🗣my man
  9. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    At this point & as of today Murray is better Mariota is damaged goods I’m sorry, the kid ran outside the pocket from a 2 man rush today 🤦🏽‍♂️
  10. Mike Vrabel

    Isn’t our new TE’s coach a former OC
  11. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    Speaking for myself & you can go back & check my posts I’ve always stated the Titans failed mariota & didn’t build to his strengths, I’ve stated from the time Robinson instead of spending money on Big FA WR electing to draft weapons that would happen to develop in the mist of you asking your franchise QB to improve as a passer was backwards. I’ve said at best marcus could become an Alex Smith a efficient game manager & that’s cool because you don’t need elite franchise QB’s to win Super Bowl. I’ve been critical of marcus & the offensive staff as a hold. & when the plays are there marcus don’t see them because he’s damaged goods because of the titans
  12. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    King titan I think your mariota sensitive here. Yes we get on mariota despite our OC short comings as a play caller, but all these things you’ve just listed are things marcus can’t do as a game manager. It’s been stated by a lot of people the organization has failed mariota, drafting a corvette & using him like a pickup truck as some have put it.. Marcus mariota could’ve been Alex Smith at best, Alex had a coaching staff that didn’t play to his strengths but guess what he still was a good game manager
  13. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    Whiz was good as a OC failed to protect mariota & create a run game but marcus looked good as a Passer DGB for a rookie WR.. all the other guys sucked because we hired guys who worked under great Offensive minds, but never called plays.
  14. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    He never was the main or only reason he’s just damaged goods he can’t even manage a game.
  15. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    They’ll never left Mariota go, keep Mariota a guy who can’t play QB from the pocket to be a mentor, a guy that hardly says anything 😩 I can imagine the QB room Mariota telling Tua how to read a defense