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  1. Andrew Luck Retires(From Schefter)

    My opinion Jacoby I going to thrive as the Colts starter he’s capable of becoming a quality starter he just needs the reps he has all the tools
  2. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Exactly the NFL is just a overhyped passing league, yea it’s nice & sale tickets to have a QB throwing over 4K yards 35 -40+ TD’s a year but at the end of the day is it winning a championship 🗣Not Really hell Joe Flacco is a Super bowl champion enough & Nick Foles I rest my case
  3. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Again as I keep saying having a franchise QB is overrated, they get paid ridiculous cash over everyone else, but tell me how many elite Franchise QB have won Super Bowls 🤨🤔 lets do the math, Brady the Goat 6 okay but out of his 6 we can all agree 2 maybe 3 were won when he was a game manager playing behind a strong defense & run game. Big Ben 2 rings, 1st ring he was a game manager nothing elite. Eli manning 🤷🏽‍♂️ Clutch but far from elite passer that played behind an elite defense & Rushing. Russel Wilson 1 Super Bowl & was he a elite pocket passer 🗣No legion of Boom & Beast mode. Aaron Rodgers 1 Championship Peyton Manning 2 championships but his last 1 in Denver was a cry for help was even benched & simply couldn’t sling it.
  4. GDT Preseason #2: Patriots at Titans

    That was so funny I laughed so hard & fell off my Dinosaur 😩🤣
  5. GDT Preseason #2: Patriots at Titans

    If Simmons was ready today no doubt but I think Austin safe because he’s DaQuan back up
  6. GDT Preseason #2: Patriots at Titans

    That was a issue with him coming out
  7. GDT Preseason #2: Patriots at Titans

    I mean don’t act like this not the same defense that held the rams to just 3 points 🤷🏽‍♂️
  8. GDT Preseason #2: Patriots at Titans

    Somewhat my only concern when it comes to reading into Mariota practice reports, is am I reading the same thing everyday. Such as miss throws, overthrowing, under throwing that’s what I pay attention to
  9. GDT Preseason #2: Patriots at Titans

    I’m really hoping he becomes that Jason babin, KVB, Tony Brown FA that makes a impact we didn’t see coming
  10. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    He wasn’t healthy his rookie yr what you mean he took a beating & missed games wit a sprained knee. 😩 I’m sold on Mariota & by sold meaning we can contend for a championship if he’s healthy, a strong run game, & defense balls out. Mariota, however is limited as a passer & throwing from the pocket. My opinion it doesn’t matter how many weapons we surround him with, if he can’t sit in the pocket go through his progression & make all the throws. I also think that our passing offense will be limited & we want challenge defenses, like we think simply, because our route concepts will be limited because we know what throws Marcus can & cant make & we want to play towards his strengths.
  11. GDT #1: Titans at Eagles, Thursday, 6:30 p.m.

    So why you don’t think he’ll be a superstar QB ok curious 🤔. To me he has all the intangibles, what you can’t coach, he’s a winner his personality is infectious & though he’s cocky he bags it up & can make every throw & fit into tight windows. Only thing I see negative about bakers play is that at times he plays reckless, like Bret Favre gun slinger mentality but his decision making will get better as he continues to mature.
  12. GDT #1: Titans at Eagles, Thursday, 6:30 p.m.

    Like I said this game is going to come to Adoreee VS OBJ, meaning if we have to double OBJ & allow him dictate coverage it will open up the Browns underneath passing attack. The Browns have weapons at TE slot receiver & a RB that is a threat. Us playing the Browns will be like us playing the Texans when they had will fuller the early on in the season. Fuller was working Adoree & Hopkins was getting his as well & that open up the run game. Being able to cover 1 man without double coverage will help us put a spy on baker
  13. GDT #1: Titans at Eagles, Thursday, 6:30 p.m.

    🗣tell it like it is 🙌🏽
  14. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    F That Adoree yet again giving up a big play, no technique at all, what’s so hard about naming a receiver or being physical wit him with in 5 yards of contact get a feel of the route & get yo head around the ball, dude make elementary mistakes same crap every time