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  1. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    Agreed wit mostly everything but Malcolm butler he was getting beat in camp last yr a lot as well, however he made a lot of plays. He really is a zone press man corner that needs shaded help over the top. He’s vulnerable to double moves & can't accelerate or recover when beating
  2. Offseason Thread

    It work with Seattle the year they won with beast mode 🤷🏽‍♂️ 18-25 touches Henry needs a game
  3. Offseason Thread

    Henry problem is this & ive said this since day 1, he’s a workhorse he has to be fed, he needs to get in rhythm. If you notice he presses & look for the home run trying to make a impact splitting carries & that causes him to bounce everything miss the hole not having patience to let blockers setup
  4. Offseason Thread

    Dude a loser
  5. Offseason Thread

    Wrong we need interior pass rush far more than edge rushers it’s a quick passing league it’s easier to double an edge chip him with a back & the good QB’s can step up & climb the pocket, interior pass rush knocks QBs off their spot, disrupts timing & rhythm
  6. Offseason Thread

    DaQuan never had a pass rush he’s always been nothing more but a space eater who’s solid not spectacular not great but solid stopping the run. The majority of his sacks the so call year he broke out came against a Terrible Colts OL.. he doesn’t even get a lot of TFL as well . My only issue with him is we’re paying him 7 mill he’s no more than a 2-3 million dollar player at best
  7. Offseason Thread

    I want Wilkerson damn it
  8. Tired Of Hearing...Titans Suck

    We do suck we’re mediocre but I love this team & I hope we turn it around & become a historic championship caliber team
  9. Ranking The Roster - #5

    Well I’m taking the better player & as of today that’s Jayon
  10. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    We need Wilkerson or Suh the DL has 0 inside pass rush aside from Cassey, if some happens to him we’re done
  11. Ranking The Roster - #5

    Not at the moment, though Evans has a higher Ceiling
  12. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    Man Britt was a beast you can tell he never was passionate about the game or a pure student, football was just a job to him & he knew he had god given talent
  13. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    Can a QB get him the ball & can OC put him in position to make plays
  14. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    The last time we drafted a WR I was sure on was Kenny Britt. He just looks depart he has strong hands physical tools an all. For me it’s going to be simple, how quickly he picks up the offense & understands the speed of the game
  15. Offseason Thread

    I love it, for me it was 18 or 11