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  1. Now where was you when I was saying this to @Mesa_Titan & we were going back & forth about Tannehill being a game manager 😆🤣
  2. Speak positivity into existence I understand but I’m rooting for the kid 4 real been through a lot far as adversity
  3. Gruden because same offense that’s plus no change of playbook or terminology
  4. I think he’s the 15th highest paid QB as of now
  5. An another thing if you can play QB you can play QB in any Era see Warren Moon if the guy wasn’t black he would’ve been mentioned in the same breath as Elway & Marino. Steve McNair couldn’t play QB the majority of his career he was game manager that made plays with his legs while Eddie George ran us home to victory.. @Mesa_Titan we finally agree on something my boy 😮‍💨 man was so damn cold the organization locked his *** out the building 😩
  6. McNair was overrated as hell Lawd I don’t understand why people act like he was the goat, anyone show me a McNair playoff highlight other than the Super Bowl.. once Eddie was a shell of himself & he finally stepped up & became a efficient passing QB he fold every time. 01 Vs Baltimore 02 vs the raiders AFC championship 03 vs NE. Man what made Steve McNair this HOF in y’all eyes please tell me other than the fact he played hurt. His stats are mediocre at best. Threw over 20 TD’s 3x in his career, he was a good QB from 01-03 & after his MVP season he was hurt every year.
  7. We basically didn’t have a TE last yr. I mean yes Jonnu was a TE but he was moved more as a H back what pissed me off is that Pruitt is capable of playing that same role but downing for whatever reason didn’t even use him as much. And yes hill puts a ton of pressure on defense but again safety’s aren’t loading the box to stop hill giving Mahomes 1 on 1 throws. They’re doubling him cover 2 or single high robber at the snap of the ball. Giving favorable underneath throws to Kelce. Nobody never plays Mahomes 1 on 1 outside no safety help unless he’s going against a team with a shutdown corner tha
  8. Oh I’m not trying to get rid of Tannehill & I agree he’s the best QB we ever had, I’m just saying though he has the stats he’s not ask to do what mahome does. Yes Alex smith had that same offense & even better 1 considering he had a 1500 yard lead rusher in kareem Hunt, but Mahomes did what Alex couldn’t & that was pushed the ball vertically he unlocked their offensive fire power. Andy Reid is a genius but Mahomes is reading the defense the entire field, manipulating safeties making throws that very few QB’s can make. Comparing the 2 is like comparing MJ vs kobe when kobe played wi
  9. Please don’t ever say Tannehill was matching Mahomes in anything, I told you from the jump you look at stats, stats don’t tell the whole thing. Yes there #s were similar but Tannehill doesn’t have the responsibility of a NFL offense on his arm like Mahomes, that’s his offense Tannehill plays within a system. Now I’m not off the Tannehill bandwagon as I’ve always sad since the beginning we can win with Tannehill he’s a high efficient game manager he just need a cheat code at OC, kinda how Sean McVay was to Goff. He needs a OC that can simplify the game for give him the answers pre snap, scheme
  10. And with the 1st pick the TN titans select 😮‍💨
  11. Have to do more than pump fake have to stop staring his target down & move his eyes
  12. Now you see what I been saying pre snap totally ignored his mind was made up from the jump what he was gone do. I hope he gets with a QB guru coach or something this offseason because I don’t understand how he’s been in the league so long & hasn’t gotten this down Pat
  13. Don’t manipulate the Safety hardly ever
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