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  1. as long as Tua is fully healthy I can understand why Miami did it, but, I think they shouldve given him the year and used their draft resources before throwing him at QB. Fitz has them playing well, if they go on a losing streak after the bye with Tua that can start his career off on a rough path.
  2. haha yea not saying Carr will or wont light you up or anything. I know you have a great D. Truthfully though Carr gets rid of the ball extremely fast, frustrates a lot of Raider fans because even when there is no rush near, he will check down to second / 3rd read instead of trying to see if something will open up. Carr wants to get rid of the ball in 2-3 seconds, so sending extra guys just leaves extra space for our WRs... if the oline can pick up the blitz for a few seconds(big if at times)
  3. that was just for 2019, but id say Carr has been pretty good against the blitz in his career. I know people always say that he struggles against it, but, i think it came from 1 very bad year from Carr. Since 2016 id say hes been good against the blitz.
  4. Derek Carr has actually been pretty good against the blitz, as he likes to get the ball out very quickly. Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr posted an NFL-best 95.9 QBR against the blitz (defined as any play when the defense rushed five or more players) in 2019. Carr also led all quarterbacks in completion percentage (71.6) and yards per attempt (11.11) against the blitz. https://www.fantasyguru.com/raiders-derek-carr-burned-the-blitz-in-2019/
  5. heyyoo heres to an injury free game! Excited to watch, and hope the Raiders come ready to play. This is a tough task for a Raider team that likes to use a run first / control the clock Offense. While Jacobs is a stud, your D has shown they can take away the run game. It will be up to Carr this week, hopefully Gruden realizes this, and doesnt over commit to the run. If its not working, pass to set up the run. We are coming off a bye, so hopefully pretty healthy. Ruggs got injured in the first half week 1, and I dont believe weve seen him fully healthy since then, and Agholor on the other side has been an amazing surprise for us, Raider fans. How have you been with stopping opposing TEs? Waller is a stud, but has had a couple down weeks. -- On the flip side, our D can be had for sure lol. They have shown some life of solid play here and there but never for a whole game. Treyvon Mullens is our young CB who is playing very well, but, our other rookie CB is out. Not sure how we will cover all your weapons for long. Our Dline is a work in progress, hopefully everyone is well rested and comes in hungry. We need to get to Brady, or he will pick us apart. -- Raiders coming off a massive win in KC and then a week to sit around and think about it, this is typically a big time Raider let down game. We will see how Gruden has the team ready to play, if the Raiders can play clean, penalty free football, I do think they can win. . . but that is easier said then done. -- Very excited for the game, and hope both teams can come out injury free, with the Raiders coming out on top 🤣
  6. yea id love to see some, Ruggs, Edwards, Waller, Renfrow, Agohlor sets. I dont know how you stop that if playing man. And in zone i trust Renfrow to find the shallow opening
  7. are odds makers still giving home teams +3 even without crowds this year?
  8. Hahaha I feel ya man. There have def been some questionable moves as you pointed out. And I also wanted Ceedee bad, but Ruggs is showing why we took him. I’m just very happy to be sitting 3-2 at our bye week!
  9. So all that to say, that Booker is doing fine and we don’t need Bell lol?
  10. definitely need more time as hes only had two drafts. but so far, his first round picks have been: Clelin Ferrell - I think everyone can agree at 4 it was a reach. He just had a heck of a game, but 4 was def a reach. Jacobs - at 24 some say was an easy pick, but, he still did it and jacobs is a stud Jonathan Abrams - has been injured a lot, and play style will cause that - jury out on this, very hot and cold player - missed all of last year. Henry Ruggs - has changed our O. His speed is a difference maker - jury still out, but in a loaded WR draft class, he took his guy over the consensus and seems to be working out (very early) Damon Arnette - played pretty well all things considered for a rookie CB, and got injured. Impact players he found after the first: Treyvon Mullens - CB - this guy is a stud for us so far. looks to be a very very good CB Max Crosby - def has his faults, (doesnt set an edge) but for a 4th round pick to hit 10 sacks in rookie year, and doing well this year Hunter Renfrow - guy is never going to show up on the stat sheet, but when raiders need a big catch he is our guy. Foster Moreau - Guy is a very solid TE #2 for us. Alec Ingold (UDFA) - guy is a very versatile FB, love having him on our team. --- As @BayRaider said, his FA signings have been rough lol. But what I like about him, he is at least addressing our weaknesses. FA is tough, the guys get cut/ let go for a reason, he is bringing in players to help our weaknesses. -- yes - there have def been some misses - lynn bowden we took in the 3rd this year and already trade him. and tough again to already call someone a complete miss, but there have been a few other questionable moves, but all in all, i trust his decisions. but yes, i do agree we need to give him more time. You cannot really judge a draft class after 1 year and 5 games. But, I am very happy Mayock is on the raiders.
  11. yup this is what ive said all along. Carr at 20mil is a steal, he needs help on O and that contract allows us to get 2 or 3 extra players to help him
  12. I didnt say you said either of those things lol... But for Carr you constantly say he was good last year for 7 weeks then folded massively, so this year, you want to wait and see until how the entire plays out. That is why i think youre argument against Carr is very biased.. you keep waiting for him to prove you right (he crumbles down the stretch) (not that you want him too, but your never satisfied with his play, he always has to do more), but for PG, he has one good half and you want to give him instant credit but lets leave it at that - hopefully raiders end 14-2 and thats that. I agree PG had a great second half, and deserves some credit.
  13. what happened to your whole, lets wait and see how he does the whole year.. . like youve done for other players of ours 😄🤣 he was terrible last year, terrible the first 4.5 games.. and yet this is who you want to give credit? just playing with ya. PG def deserves credit for the second half against KC, had our guys playing great. in position to make plays.
  14. @jimkelly02, wondering if you still feel the same way? while our big FA additions still havent been great, we seemed to have picked up a lot of pieces this offseason; agholor, kwiat, booker. Arnette and Ruggs looking like players. Ferrell playing better (still def underwhelming considering draft position) Abrams (hot and cold) Jacobs - a beast. Id say that criticizing mayock so aggressively before the season was a little bit of hyperbowl?
  15. what i dont understand is, during the Mayock discussion, everyone (pro and against Carr people) said that last year we had a roster than could maybe make the playoffs, and this year we should really compete for the playoffs. That is exactly what we did last year. We could have made the playoffs. Our team had no depth last year, and a very talent depleted roster. Yet we still managed to compete for the playoffs. That shows, we mustve done some things well. When you have bad depth, it becomes tougher to overcome injuries. YES, every team has injuries. But when your roster sucks, its tough to overcome injuries. But that last sentenced, is just an excuse, and Carr shouldve had us at 10-6 last year, even though everyone agreed before the season our roster was bad lol
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