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  1. LMAO, great post. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
  2. Ha ill definitely admit, Ive hated Grudens play calling since hes been here, but last 2 weeks have been good. Although our second last drive we went way to run heavy. Carr was cooking, shouldve let him play. Love that we are finally started to qb sneak it on 3rd and 1, should be easy!
  3. Derek Carr leading the league in pass yards after 2 weeks is not what I was expecting! sure would suck playing with him as a WR ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Lol all the people who said wins losses is a qb stat, sure are talking about the D today lol. rightfully so, they crushed it today! Goes to show itโ€™s a team game.
  5. D was incredible today. Need Yannick to get healthy, he jumps off the screen. incredible to get pressure rushing 4
  6. No the original OP was youโ€™d hate to be a WR on this team. youโ€™re the one twisting it my man.
  7. Our WRs had over 200 yards today, but some still wanna just rip on Carr lol its a joke, I really gotta stop responding.
  8. Balt didnt double Darren last week, Steelers are and Carr is spreading it around. What are you talking about?
  9. how many WR get 10-15 targets a game? We have our #1 threat its Waller. Youd hate to be a #1 on this team, thats fair. Waller is our #1, and one of the biggest mismatches in the nfl.
  10. Waller draws double teams, it makes it easier for a WR. . . but youd hate it lol
  11. Consistently. Please dont put words in my mouth. Ruggs does not consistently get open Edwards does not consistently get open. Renfrow and Waller, consistently get open.
  12. They dont consistently get open. Waller and Renfrow do, so they get targets. I dont want Carr making throws in tight coverage in Renfrow or Waller wide open. You do? probably so he throws more picks so you can rag on him lol
  13. LOL so if your a good WR and get open Carr hits you. Sounds like youd just hate to be a bad WR . . .
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