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  1. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    he is not. but he was on the next page. also; 2016 - 152 targets 2 drops (with Rodgers) = 1.3% 2018 - 88 targets 3 drops = 3.4% but that has way to little data to make an argument, i am having trouble finding his drop stats.. 2016 is the only year i could find for some reason, found 2015, but he was injured that year.
  2. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Well, sure its crazy to blame the QB. they are NFL WRs , you are paid to catch the ball just saying that, it seems no matter the WR Carr throws too.. we seem to have more drops than average. if you dont think the way the ball comes out of a QBs hand, impacts a catch you are crazy. Im sure you would agree that a tight spiral is easier to catch than a wobbly pass? Have you ever tried to catch a ball angled downward, but coming in flat? To me it is the toughest thing, worse than a wobbly ball. Not saying that those are Carrs issues, just that I dont think its crazy to think that, maybe some of it is on the QB since we have seen it with so many different WRs.
  3. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    i wonder how many of those 6 drops came on the raiders vs the cowboys. drops are such a weird stat, i feel like Cooper had at least 6 drops for us in the first 6 weeks lol
  4. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    haha my bad, last line def wasnt directed at you, just a general statement... I read hear a lot, and respect your opinions @drfrey13 Ill admit, Carr has had back to back down years, but he is still the best thing the raiders have had at QB since Gannon, so I probably got a little to emotional over to your comments haha. To respond, " the 20's but we were horrible when it came to scoring and in the 4th. I put that more on the QB. So yes he was handicapped by the line but he did not figure a way around the issues of the line. I understand possibly why because he was trying to get Gruden's offense down so I give him a pass here. In the end he did not elevate the lines play. " I think Carrs quick release got him / the oline out of a few sacks, but he also is bad at feeling pressure from blind side, and just folds into interior pressure at times. It is definitely frustrating, but its better than throwing picks. I really believe Todd Downing beat into DC that just live for the next possession mentality, and I am really hoping Gruden can snap him out of this. I think Downing really hurt Carr, and this whole play it safe and conservative needs to be shaken. Inside the redzone, is obviously a smaller field easier for defenders to cover. When our 1st read didnt win his initial match up, the pocket had already been collapsed easily over 50% of time. I believe the Redzone is all about play calling, may be on Carr may be on Gruden. I expect Carrs numbers to improve here next year. Need a big bodied WR too. Us being bad in the 4th, agreed we were brutal, on both sides of the ball... condition, the fact we were an old team, just talent based? I dont know, but again, weve all seen Carr lead 4th Q comebacks, the guy normally improves as games go on but, our team was out of sync all year. Our run game was decent overall, but we had way to many fumbles at key points in game. And while 1100 yards would be top 6 in yards, it would have been the 2nd most attemps. nothing to write home about, but yes a good season. the 7 Rush TDs, i think goes again to show our teams inability in the redzone, and makes it tough to put on Carr. When you have the highest paid oline, I expect 13-14 Rush TDs on the year I also believe, going back to Carrs strong season, he needs to get in a rythm, he starts games out poorly and gets better as he gets in sync. Is this a problem, yup a big one, but i think Gruden could have helped him out more here. "Carr had a below average year and the team as a whole sucked. Carr never figured out a way to produce with what he had on hand. He did not elevate anyone's game and he received little help. Carr is a starting QB but not a good QB. The only player we have to go off of is Cooper and he clearly became a better player in Dallas compared to Oakland. Why? It is a matter of opinion." "Carr never figured out a way to produce with what he had on hand" i disagree here, he never figured out a way to Win with what he had, but he produced. Threw his most yards in a season, had his highest completition percent, and 2nd lowest Int numbers.. after having what 6 ints the first 4 weeks or something? All this while being sacked the highest percent in his career by far. Obviously the TDs were down, but he still produced. He had us in position to win a lot of the early season games and our D collapsed, then our season snowballed. Saying he did not elevate anyones game is tough to compare, I think you underestimate how bad our roster is/ was. I think he helped elevate Jared Cooks game, and Cook was our only go to guy. As for Cooper, he and Carr just didnt match well. There is a reason why the raiders always are clsoe to the league lead in drops, and i do think it has to do with either the ball coming out of carrs hand funny, or him throwing it too hard.. but when sure handed players like coop or crab come to OAK and start dropping the ball it has to raise questions. Dak is perfect for Cooper, he doesnt throw a hard ball, and with the seperation Coop gets, it doesnt need to be drilled in. Carr needs to work on this, Carr loses a lot of accuracy when he tries to throw a touch pass. He is a gun slinger, but when a player is wide open, give them the ally oop. Again, didnt mean to come across as attacking you.. just let that point get under my skin cause ive heard it a few times before.
  5. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    lol bud I really hope you were joking. Cant just include his 6 weeks with rodgers and claim it was brett hundley. Week 1-6 : Jordy had 290 yards and 6 TDS - this was Aaron Rodgers Weeks 7- 14: Jordy had 153 yards 0 TDS - this was Hundley so with a full season at those numbers Itd be a whopping 350 yards and 0 TDS Please, lets try to all be educated and realistic fans. Not throw out fake numbers and stats to make your point.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    me either, hopefully it is just trade smoke. its that time of year where reports dont really mean anything... at least im hoping haha It did seem that RM had a leak in the draft room though..
  7. Raiders to face Bears in London

    haha yea i have him at 4 as well.. the only thing stopping him will be if other bear players get to carr first lol
  8. Raiders to face Bears in London

    Mack over under 3.5 sacks in this game lol?
  9. Grading Gruden - Year One

    I think the problem with grading him, is that, we dont and wont ever really know his full plan. It really seems like this year was about building for the future. If he had us as 3 years away from competing , then trading Mack and Cooper makes sense, blah blah blah, if he legit thought we could compete then I have no words lol. His first Draft Class: (way to early to grade, but): C. . Missing out on James, when it was a major position of need hurts. Miller and Parker need to improve greatly. PJ Hall has shown flashes, but was a reach in the 2nd. Key and Hurst were great pickups, and the only reason this isnt lower. Townsend pick was brutal. The Bryant trade, didnt work out, we traded more than we should have, but I can understand the thought process. Offensive Playcalling: C. found his play calling very strange, the first 3 weeks it did seem like we were aggressively attacking teams weaknesses, which i loved. Rams we knew couldnt cover TEs, then targeted Coop against Den, and Jordy against the Dolphins. It worked well, but seemed to forced. AKA one guy would go off and no one else did anything. After the first 3/4 weeks though, it seemed like that stopped for a bit, and we went into full rebuild mode. I hope thats what it was, but tough to say. I am hopeful to see what Carr can do year 2 in the system, there is no doubt Carr and Gruden were not always on the same page, so tough to tell if some of the calls were audibles at the line. Fielding the team: D - How Conley and KJ didnt start the season is mind blowing to me. Reggie Nelson was clearly our biggest weakness in 2017, and Gruden just handed him the starting position.. makes me worry about his love for vets. The raiders knew Penn was injured and would miss time, yet didnt bring in any vet to help out our 2 rookies. Just our Oline in general, is clearly Power blocking, and we seemed determined to run zone. Jalen Rashard should have earned more playing time earlier on, but Lynch was running well, still think he should have utilized Jalen more. After the Coop trade we fielded a bunch of scrubs/ rookies at WR2. Setting us up for the future: Id give a B+/A- tons of draft capital.. but we lost 2 proven players. Mainly Mack, but we all knew the potential Coop had as well. Will see how he uses it. All in all - Id give him a C. But that is just strictly assuming this was all part of the plan and was supposed to be a rebuild year. I believe he had control of the locker room, and the players seemed to play hard for him. Next year will be a big year, I dont expect us to be ready to compete, but I expect us to be in every game, a year liek the browns this year. He will be out of excuses. Carr in 2nd year. Tons of FA money 3 first round draft picks. Gruden thinks of himself as an offensive mastermind, DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON O, if this is the case. If you are such a genius on O, make it work with young players and role players. Spend early draft picks and the bulk of FA on the D side.
  10. Around the league v.1.0

    absolutely agree. It will also be interesting to see how they do once they have to pay Mitchell. No team has ever paid 2 players above $20mil in a regular season, or at least no team had prior to this year. The Raiders simply didnt want to be the first. Right now, chicago has the luxury of paying their QB under 5 mil the next 2 seasons. That will change, and when they have to sign Mitch, there D will loose a couple pieces. Their SB window, with Mack IMO is the next 2 seasons.
  11. NFC Wild Card Philadelphia @ Chicago

    exactly this, i truly believe they were not trying to score on that First down play call. It still amazes me, how under appreciated clock management can be in the NFL. In todays NFL, all it takes is one or two pass plays to put a team into FG range, or a roughing the passer, pass interference etc etc, Killing more of the clock on that first down play, I believe was the smart thing to do. If bears had 15 extra seconds and an extra time out, they win the game.
  12. Marshawn Lynch??

    if we arent in oakland.. (which we wont be)..he will retire.
  13. Raiders hire Mike Mayock as GM

    For the draft this is an A+, and the draft is going to be the biggest factor in our success these next 2 years. Who he hires to help with cap management, and other GM things will be interesting. Its to bad there is no way, we couldnt have kept RM for all other things and Mike as purely the head draft guy lol
  14. Mike Mayock nearing deal to be Raiders next GM.

    he will need someone to hire a good staff, especially for contract negotiations and someone to help him with Cap management . But as far as scouting players, for a team with 5 first round picks in 2 years, I love it.
  15. GDT: Broncos @ Raiders

    come on Cook, need 30 yards to win my finals.