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  1. haha yea 100% . . . lucky Raider fans! Carr really helped turn this team away from being continuous bottom feeders. Gave us good QB play to be able to finally build a team around. If not, all the different coaches would've brought in stop gap qbs, or drafted early, and us being the raiders would've likely missed on those picks. LOL We finally have a decent built roster, there is talent on the depth chart, our backups actually deserve to be in the nfl instead of years past. Now we just lack elite talent. (yes including at the QB position). Elite talent is what we need to get to the next
  2. Carr inconsistency? Roster Inconsistency? Coaching inconsistency? GM incocnsistency? Which inconsistency we talkng here haha
  3. Truthfully I just dont think Carr saw the Lber at all. (which was obviously a bad read). But thought he could get the ball into Zay, and then momentum would carry him into endzone. But the Lber being there made it, so even if caught hed be short. Also, there is no reason why the Lber wouldnt have been there, cause we didnt run anyone near him. He just sat, and floated over to Jones cause we ran 2 routes over 5 yards lol. Bad play Call, and bad read by Carr.
  4. Not really, 2nd team all pro does not equal all pro. That said, 2nd team all pro is clearly a very impressive award for Maxx, and I love the guy. To be a top 4 edge player is crazy. He was voted top 4 this year, Itll be tough for him to get back again, but I sure hope he does next year!
  5. Honestly though, I would've preferred a pass to renfrow and trusting him to juke out 21, then the pass to Zay. We got this far cause of Hunter, give him the ball game on the line, he deserved the chance IMO. But, that play was desgiend and called to go to Zay IMO
  6. Yes Carr struggles in the redzone, so that is problem 1. On top of that though, Id wager, we've been the most penalized team in the Redzone throughout his career. How many 1st and goals did we have this year were we ended up with a false start or holding. That really hurts us. Penalties hurt every team, but go back to point 1. They hurt us more, because we all ready struggle here. Then, play calling, blocking and catching have also hurt him some too. All that said, I think on a better/ more disciplined team Carr put up more TDs in a season, but I dont see him ever being a top redzone
  7. Covid death rate is so minimal it doesnt even matter. . but this thing that is (I am guessing here) also minimal is on my side of the argument so look at it!?!?! Anyways back to football.
  8. An elite qb throws the ball into the end zone. why did we have waller and renfrow run a three yard route? I want to blame the play call but duck Carr tell Rr crow or waller to just go to the line and make someone muss that ball after e erythjbg this season sblulve gone to hunter. Play call was terrjbme but it’s on Carr, to isolate jones as the only option was idiotic, the linebacker sat and worried about nothing. i live Carr, but grow some balls and send everyone into. The real end zone. I hate Olson, but **** Carr, you’rethw an at the line
  9. An explosive team may over look leatherwoods dumbness, unfortunately the way we play we cannot afford to be behind the chains. do I fault Carr for our brutal mess on 3rd downs or in the Redzone yes. he needs to grow up and audible out of some of these calls bit at same time if you put a team on 3rd and long and you cannot pass block you’re gunna struggle. * if you have Mahommes maybe you can overcome it, but it’s pretty rare to have that. I see a lot of drops tonight and as a reciever who had gloves I don’t understand how you drop some of those throws.
  10. Haha listen Waller should be our best player. he has everything you want in a TE. but for some reason Hunter is our go to guy.
  11. Don’t get me wrong, Carrs fumbles are a biggggg problem, but to me what pisses me off the most, how do you not audible out of a play cal with waller and renfrow running 3 yard routes with the game on the line. I hate the play calls, but Carr wake up, be a 8 year vet and call something better at the line.
  12. Yeah, 100% they over performed and carried us this end of season push. I just think they can get better with a couple additions
  13. For sure. But for him a drop is bad, and the muffed punt. 2 steps, and too me the football move was ticking it away. if it was ruled a drop on field, I’d be fine. The overturn was a little iffy imo, but still hold on to the ball!
  14. I hope they didn’t let this guy on the team plane. How dumb can you be
  15. Do you fault Carr for the Jackson or Moreau drop? Or the constant Redzone penalties? that said, give me Harbaugh. If he wants to move on, I’m on board. Carr is borderline top 10 IMO, good enough to win it all if you have a great team. we do not have a great team( and if Harbaugh thinks he can find an elite qb let’s go
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