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  1. Raiders @ Cardinals - Preseason Week 2 GDT

    lol yup, very dumb and not saying otherwise.. but at the time.. that sack they thought ended the game, to give us our first win in like week 11. very dumb, and classic Raiders... but slightly better than celebrating when down 26. Slightly. lol
  2. Raiders @ Cardinals - Preseason Week 2 GDT

    lol hey no worries, preseason is for us fans to get practice in too. gotta get reps running from couch to fridge/ bathroom in at somepoint.
  3. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    While I agree with your overall statement.. DMC was regarded way higher than JJ coming out of college. also following his 2011(?) year, he was ranked a top 3 RB going into the season
  4. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    where do raider fans project JJ to go in FF? think you can wait late early 4th?
  5. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    Hmm, I think Jerry McDonald tweeted that it didnt look to hot.. something along the lines of.. "lets just say, the raiders wont have any problems with out punting the coverage"
  6. Training Camp 2019

    to be fair after our 12-3 year everyone was on the raider bandwagon, as Carr was the young up and coming QB star. we have been terrible since, regardless of big off season moves. the browns just had a good year 7-8-1, competed in most games, have a young QB who looks very promising and made just as many if not more moves then the raiders..
  7. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    Yup. This. Unless we are trading for a proven QB who is better than Carr, to suggest replacing him will be easy is such a silly mistake. We have been in QB hell for 15 years... we finally get a QB who shows promise and we want to run him out of town
  8. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    I dont have Twitter so I love getting the updates. Dont knoe how to find them myself lol
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    yea i really hope they just smokescreen.. but seem similar to the leaks the day of, for Kolton and the DJ picks.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    no idea where the chart value puts it... but if they are moving up for a QB, I want their 1st next year. Then ideally their 2nd, but could settle with their 3rd this year.
  11. Beast Mode retires...again

    any way, the team would have told him we were targeting Jacobs? sucks he would retire right before the draft now teams know we really need a RB.. why couldnt he have waited 3 days lol
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    its crazy too cause they said AB is the best WR in the NFL but never said "AB will be our week 1 starter" either
  13. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    with mayock now, I am real confident mistakes like this wont happen anymore.
  14. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    An above average LT is more valuable than an all-pro safety though. Well to be fair Gruden said they passed on All-Pro talent because we drafted Safety high in the 2nd and 1st rounds of our last 2 drafts. Sounds like Gruden doesnt go for BPA but BPA at a position of need. Which in honesty I dont mind, just sucks cause i feel like 80% of raider fans wanted james last year.
  15. 2019 Oakland Raider Schedule

    but our opponents and where we play them are already set for the future, except for the 1 afc team and 1 nfc team a year i thought? Sure it sucks, but its not like it was a deliberate plan to screw us with 7 ET games