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  1. Jordy Nelson announces retirement

    no, unless the raiders release him, which IMO they should do it will be hard to attract FAs this offseason, show that we still will look out for players best interests
  2. Who should be shipped out next?

    derek carr for eli and their first lol we get bosa and oliver, a new WR and BPA with the last pick in the 1st. Eli is the guy for a year, and draft qb in 2020 lol
  3. What Point Did It Go Downhill?

    Ill start by saying, that Lynch surprised me, and has been one of the best Raiders these last two seasons, however, I feel like we changed our offence to go through him, when we were built to be a passing attack. Carr takes a while to get going in games, it was the same in his 2016 year, but once he finds his rythm he can be fun to watch. the last 2 seasons, Id guess weve ran the ball on 1st down close to 80 % of the time. which is a joke. - I can see our coaching staff saying our O needs to control the ball, to keep the D off the field, but we were built to be a pass first team and we decided to play as a run first. That has been our biggest problem offensively, and with Carrs playing IMO
  4. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    I get that, but at the same time, i dont get why it took Gruden until after camp to come to that conclusion? Why not wait and see if he holds out into week 4? at the absolute worst case senario, mack holds out to week 4 and we still trade him to Chi for the exact same thing, but Chi maybe has 1 or 2 more losses. Listen, I can admit, that obviously what i wrote, was hyperbole, and the Raiders will try to draft elite players. Im just hurt by the trade, and Gruden has done nothing to prove so far that he should have been given so much power right off the bat. I am all for cheering for the Raiders to end up winning the trade, and they still may looking back. Just sad to see the best Raider in my life time leave for way less than i was expected. Next year our second rd pick could be top 5 again, and their first be 27th or so if mitch continues to imrpve.
  5. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    well in the top 5, if we draft well and they become a stud, they will want elite player money, which we have shown we wont pay... we want to just draft great but not elite players. trade down makes sense. over exaggerating i know, but if we dont wanna play a walking HOFer what hes worth, I cant see a draft pick being any better than mack so why would we all of a sudden pay them
  6. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    when we are picking 1st and Jax 23rd, do you guys thing Reggie will be able to pull of a trade for a 1st and their 2nd? or would that be hoping for too much with his trades lol
  7. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    We easily should have got their first this year as well... could have had 3 1st, dang woulda been unreal.
  8. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    3-4 yards is huge, especially against corners like Peters. Carrs first Int, Cook had like 1-2 yards, and in my mind was clearly open. A throw any nfl QB should make. to get 3-4 yards on Peters is impressive.
  9. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    All my excitement for week 1 is gone. Gruden has made this all about his return. This move did not need to happen, and the Raiders throwing in a 2nd round pick shows that they wanted it to get done. Sad sad day for Raider fans.
  10. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    lol someone asked the guys on serious XM nfl network something similar and they basically laughed saying not a chance
  11. Raiders vs Seahawks

    Roberts isnt getting cut, too much dead money
  12. Raiders vs Seahawks

    ha EJ must have read my comment!
  13. Raiders vs Seahawks

    tank caradine had a good sack, good coverage on the play as well.. thats about it. EJ was meh to bad on first drive .. we arent winnign with either back up, so id say keep cook over EJ
  14. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    the raiders will be the first team to pay 2 players 20 mil in a season. Mack wont be traded, no team will give up 2 first round picks plus a starter or another pick and give Mack 20 mil. Right now, the best thing about a first round pick is THE FIFTH YEAR OPTION It is one of, if not the main reason, why teams trade back into the first, when they are already in the second. with the way the Salary Cap is, getting a 5th year is huge. Sucks, but the Raiders arent at fault for this .. bring it up end of year with the players union. will Mack be underpaid this year, yeap. Will he sign a ridiculously big / record setting contract next year, yeap. Add in, if we move to Vegas next year, it will work out even better for Mack. Why get a big signing bonus right now, when you can potentially wait 1 year and pay 0% state income tax on it. Obviously, there is risk of injury... but then should every player in the final year of a contract should hold out?
  15. Preseason Week 3 GDT - Packers @ Raiders

    I hope carr runs a lot this season. 3rd and 4, if its there, just take it and keep the drive going