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  1. Raiders hire Mike Mayock as GM

    Gruden being on this team is a large part of what got Mayock to sign on. So if you think about it, Grudens impact is everyting he has done + what mayock has done lol. the talent Mayock added though was insane, plus how mayock handled the whole AB situation, mayock has to be in running for gm of the year.
  2. Disagree with the bold. I always want to defer, especially at home. 1. The stadium will be rocking, let the D start with the crowd loud. If our O stalls, crowd goes quiet. I admit we do seem to start games strong, but I’d rather have the D play with the loud crowd. 2. Nothing is more defeating For an opposing team than starting a game with a 3 and out, or a quick stop on D. 3. With our Defense and clock management, we could easily go up 2 scores with 2 mins left in the half, only to let them score, and then get the ball back after half with momentum. — when you defer you give your self a chance of 2 straight possessions which is extremely important. It is the easiest way to climb back in a game when behind, and we have seen a number of teams do this to us over the years. all that said, if we do start on O, I’d love to see a nice 8 min plus drive where we run the ball down their throats
  3. Around The League V.2

    I do agree with this but i think something that is rarely brought up is; Coaches want their backup QB to be able to run the same O as the starting QB. With Kap, most nfl teams would need to install a different O. Seattle and Balt make sense, maybe KC then there is the whole, paying your backup qb 20 mil issue
  4. Man i hope so. but with his shoulder, if the raiders get up big I see us leaning heavily on the other backs. for a rookie, who didnt get a ton of snaps in college, we have been riding jacobs hard. I love it, but could see them limiting him if we get up 2 scores
  5. The Jon Gruden Thread, Man

    too much media love makes me nervous, but this team really does feel different (feel like ive said that before too lol) even if we miss Playoffs, this season has been huge for our team. We are no longer the joke of the nfl. I think that will go along way this offseason at getting some FAs in the building.
  6. Around The League V.2

    id pick him up. we have the money. we need help badly, maybe change of scenery helps.
  7. Fantasy Thread

    I value RBs way more than WRs because of their touches. Plus with the seasons changing, and cold weather coming in, the trend says to start running the ball more. your team is loaded either way, but you could have 3 top 5 RBs in FF at the end of year which is unheard of. Diggs is still a top WR, vikes/ cousins are just weird lol. Sanders is doing well with SF, TY if healthy is a starter.. and landry and gordon are decent if needed.
  8. Fantasy Thread

    straight up kupp for Zeke?? wth why is the guy dropping Zeke. yes you do that trade no question. edit - shouldnt have said dropping - but why is he willing to move on from zeke
  9. Around The League V.2

    jacoby brissett injury could be serious..we need houston to win that division since we have tie breaker over colts. Buff schedule isnt too bad so I think they lock up the first WC, but we are right in it for the second. Our D is trash so making the playoffs would be insane, but lets go! gotta beat the teams we are supposed to beat.
  10. Player Appreciation Thread

    with how import ingold has been to our O, im surprised we didnt just take him in the 7th round. guy is such a stud for us. I really think the next jersey i get is going to be a Mayock, im thinking number 10 for his draft round? or 265 lol
  11. Week 9 GDT Lions(3-3-1) @ Raiders(3-4)

    i hate our D so much, but we were up 7, and they had back to back stops and our O did crap with it. Damn. the D gave us a chance, and we wasted it. need a 5 min drive
  12. Week 9 GDT Lions(3-3-1) @ Raiders(3-4)

    god what a terrible 3 and out. why can raiders never just close a game out. always gotta bring it down to the wire. can our D make another stop?
  13. Week 9 GDT Lions(3-3-1) @ Raiders(3-4)

    lol and the carr haters dont bring up his play when he does something dumb??? the whole debate is he is our future or not.. of course people are going to bring up his most recent plays lol
  14. Week 9 GDT Lions(3-3-1) @ Raiders(3-4)

    the only way we win now, is if we can score quickly before half, then score right after half we arent stopping them
  15. Week 9 GDT Lions(3-3-1) @ Raiders(3-4)

    I think its time for PG to go. I know he has minimal to work with.. but we cant stop anything.