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  1. https://www.fox5vegas.com/sports/photos-raiders-coach-jon-gruden-receives-custom-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500/article_77734b04-d0ef-11ea-8543-83a1e49aa565.html this car is pretty amazing. would love to drive up for a game in one of these from SoCal haha
  2. an example is the Chargers Vikings game where peterson went off for 296 yards And even though the Chargers pass D ony allowed 95 passing yards - no one would mention that game as proof of them being a good pass D team.
  3. with regards to rushing, 2016 we had a pretty solid oline and 2010 & 11 was DMC with Hue - which makes sense - DMC was fire those years. Us being higher up in league rushing average may also be because - when you are losing, teams may play off more, allowing shorter runs, to not give up the big play. Similar to some of our great pass D (by yards) years - im hesitant to say they were ever that good - it was just teams were up 10+ at half, and then would just run the ball down our throat. stats, especially yard stats are very subjective - there is a lot that goes into them.
  4. to be fair week one, against Den, we need a first down to close out the game and it is 3rd and 8+ IIRC.. Gruden called an outside WR Screen to Tyrell Williams. WCO is dependant on YAC and Ruggs should dominate in this aspect. Obviously a lot of carrs dump offs were not scripted or screen passes - not trying to say that at all - but gruden expects is WRs to make CBs miss their tackle every so often
  5. this to me screams talent and game planning .. more so then it says anthing about Carr IMO
  6. if it is "very easy to see" how come you are giving an estimate of 9? lol good to see the old Derek Carr debate is still going strong also ps just playing - i think we all agree, Carr needs to take more shots. open the field up more
  7. lol but the nfl knows the season is going to be cancelled.. they just teasing raider fans
  8. i think part of this too can just be the way teams scheme against us as well. in his first 4 years, we had some weakspots on the line.. and teams would expose those weaknesses. this past year, our line was pretty amazing, and maybe teams took more chances at targeting Gabe? similar to if you have an elite CB, your other CB is going to be tested more. when you start brandon parker at Tackle, teams may blitz from there, instead of up the middle at Gabe? Crazy to think he could be our worst strating olineman. I also think the injury was bigger than they let on, same with jacobs.
  9. Whenever I see LAR on the upcoming picks screen I get excited thinking it is the Raiders for a second haha
  10. do you think your picks did better than Mayocks last year? stop kidding yourself, they did not. Calm down and trust mayock.
  11. haha oops sorry lol. long day of staring at screens haha. didnt even think of our own pick my bad lol
  12. absolutely. if he doesnt I will eat crow and admit i was wrong on him. he should have a big year.
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