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  1. Man I just rewatched the first half highlights from the ATL game and man, things just fall apart for us so fast. Our opening drive going decent, 3rd and 3 Renfrow kinda slips and ends up just short. We do a swing toss to jacobs on 4th and 1 that gets stuffed. around 50 2nd drive - Next Drive was Carrs weak fumble, It was going to be a sack IMO, but is a ball Carr needs to hold on too. around 25 yard line 3rd drive - 3rd and 9 and we throw a screen to waller that doesnt work out. - Our D held them to 6 points after all that. Abram had a pick and the D was actually playing gr
  2. haha yea, I am a big fan of BPA as well, so obviously just depends on the board before we pick. Guess I am just hoping BPA is D at least 2 of 4 haha
  3. I like the first round, but can not get around to taking 3 out of 4 Offensive players with our top 4 picks. I want us to draft D big time.
  4. He did not say that all. All he said was that he is excited to play for the Seahawks. If you think this was said in spite against the Raiders you really need to toughen up lol. He was asked a question. "All I know is I'm excited to join the 12s and meet my other brothers" I'm excited about) the team, the players that I know are there, the coaching staff, the fan base, the 12s. I remember playing against them and how loud it gets there. They win. I want to be a part of an organization that's like that It almost feels like draft day, I feel like I'm a rookie all over again," he sai
  5. i just hope Gruden is starting to trust Mayock more and more. no reason to think he is or isnt, just pure hoping lol.
  6. yup also him saying before the draft, for us 3rd rounders should be day 1 starters. . . . I was pumped hearing that, and then shocked with who we took. makes me think its not up to him.
  7. Haha yea I def agree with this. Gruden building a team is my concern as well. I was so excited we brought in Mayock to help with this, but then it seems Gruden still is running the show in the 1st. He is so gungho on us having the best WR corps that he has wasted to many resources on it. Especially when you can tell he wants a ball control, run heavy O lol. I have a lot of faith in mayock, and just hope that he continues to help build the team. Im hoping Mayock and is his understanding on all the young players in the FA pool. . . really helps out. Guys lke Jefferson, Thomas, Mart
  8. Fair enough, and I definitely have been angry with a number of our draft selections at the time. but until recent, Kolton Miller was a bust. Now after 3 years people saying it was a good pick. We were not saying that this time last year. Point being, it usually takes 3 seasons to judge a draft class. To say Gruden has failed the draft since he has been here. Is giving a draft class 3 years, 2 years and 1 year. 2018 - Miller I hated at time, but looking better. Hall was bad a pick. Mo Hurst is pretty solid for a 5th round pick. Key may be gone, but was about what you expect for a
  9. The Rams without Aaron Donald (13th pick), are a completely different team though.
  10. I agree with the bold. But could you then say that our rookies last year didnt add much to our 8-8 record? And this year will take on bigger roles? I understand the doom and gloom look. But, you dont count on rookies to look good (that is fair) then say we shouldnt expect players to improve, need to have a plan in place. Then say you need to build through the draft not FA lol. - We have been bringing in a lot of young players, in the first few rounds, but instead of giving them time to develop people are starting to write them off already. Good teams develop. Lets see h
  11. yea that is definitely a fair point. I actually dont mind what we did at DT, bring it a bunch of potential players and hope one of them hits. I think Hurst is decent as a rotational peice but agree he shouldnt be given a starting role. No idea what our plan is at safety, but I think we are taking one early. Seems to be Gus Bradleys go to 1st pick wiht a new team.
  12. I know FS and DT are big needs as well, but I still had DE as a major need. Bradley rushes 4 a ton. We were bottom 5 in total sacks. I cant see our pressures being much better. Interior rush was def needed, dont get me wrong, but I was a major believer DE was a major need. I also beleive, Yannick is a better DE than vs any DT at DT or FS at FS available (if you follow me there ha) IE, If leonard williams hit market, he would have been my go to target. but he wasnt. Yannick is a much better DE than say Malik Hooker at FS, in my mind both positions are massivly needed,
  13. I dont understand how getting an A player at our arguably biggest position of need, is not a Key addition in your mind? Especially when you factor in the fact that, great young players rarely hit the FA market, id say Yannik is about as big of a FA signing we could have got. He could falter out, as most of our FA do (i agree with you there), but, this time I love how we are doing short term 1 or 2 year deals. Sucks that players dont just come to the Raiders motivated by themselves, but these short term deals, IMO show that the player is also betting on themselves to earn a bigger contra
  14. hahah def agree with that. and those 3 would realistically be my choices as well. but, Crosby has major over pursuit and run game issues. Mullen had his off games. Kwit, when healthy was our best player IMO. but struggled with injuries but so did Cle. def not trying to say Cle was worth the overall pick, but i think if he had gone to say the Saints at 20 whatever they drafted that year, hed be making a name for himself as an all around player. problem is, when your entire D is bad, it is tough to look decent.
  15. just looked it up, we went 5-0 in games he played 70%+ snaps last year lol in those 5 games we gave up 24.4 ppg, but one was the Cle game where we allowed 6ppg.. without that we gave up 29ppg in the 4. so not like the d played any better, but, 5-0 when he played 70% + means something I think. Carolina, KC, Chargers, Jets and Cle being the 5
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