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  1. ah well then I def agree there. If Gus can just take up from bottom 3, to say 8th-12th worst this year, ill be happy with his first year on the job.
  2. well i mean you just shoot down any answer - we say develop our talent - you say thats just wishful thinking - we say draft better - you say we havent hit on a d draft pick outside of mack in 2 decades - we say FA - you say no one good will come to FA - - - the best way to realistically build a 4 man pass rush, is to continuously draft the Dline with high picks (should be at least 1 in first 3 round) every year. that wont necessarily solve it this season, but have to start now. we have to try to coach up and improve our young players. Not rely on them, but understand they are
  3. yea but without carrs 2 pick sixes counting against them, then itll be fine. Carr made them look worse all year. trust me. Carr only has 1 winning season. He Sucks. Littleton was on the rams that made the superbowl - hes a beast. abrams hits really hard - beast. gruden said Malek collins is a beast - so hes clearly a beast. its just carr sucks. truuuusssssssttttt meeee
  4. also guys, Marcus Mariotta, threw a pick which sucked cause we were driving, but Mariotta is so good he made the kicker miss to give us another chance! Ive never seen Carr make a kicker miss.
  5. yeap, remember when Carr left his zone to leave Kelce wide open with 34 seconds left in game we shouldve just cut him then🤣
  6. yup cant be leaving 37 seconds left on the game clock and expect to win 🤣🤣 and our D wouldve looked even better if Carr left no time cause thats an extra 3 points given up.
  7. ight man I am going to bow out, youre right. Our D is fine.
  8. well redzone still leads to points, which leads to a kickoff. so the other team should be starting on their 25, after a touchback. That is Carr setting the D up well. Because the other team now needs to go 75 yards for a touchdown. also, the opening drive still counts in our scoring drive % since we always struggle on the first drive, that is one drive a game that is not a score. to be top 5 in scoring drive %, with always a 0 on the first drive, means that we have incredible consistency in scoring points per drive the rest of the game.
  9. true, but take away a top team in scoring % / drive, and that # gets a little worse.
  10. As stated, in the AFC you need 11 wins to make the playoffs. Can you get to 11 wins with a top 10 scoring O? - - > YES Can you get to 11 wins with a bottom 3 Scoring D - - > NEVER BEEN DONE IN NFL HISTORY - RAIDER FANS - who cares about D, we need a new QB!
  11. yup, agreed. and when you give up 29.9 points per game it is extremly unlikely to win 11 games, even if you have the best QB.
  12. not to sure what this even means truthfully, but last i checked, Den was in AFCW 😉 - edit - and before you say whatever to den we were tied for 3rd most KC was tied for 6th most
  13. do you accept that there is a possibility that a QB change comes with the chance of lower QB play? with lower QB play then what we had this season, we are a 4 win team. I am all for upgrading the QB spot, but if we swing and miss, we have at least 3 years of being god awful
  14. Carr definitely needs to improve / step up his redzone game. So does Gruden. We continually take Waller out in the redzone / near goalline because he isnt in Jumbo package We take Jacobs out when its 3rd down. - Gruden puts in his best blockers for jumbo and in theory it makes sense, but he needs to understand that just having Waller on the field makes the D have to respect the pass option. when jacobs is on the field it is similar, makes D have to respect the run option. - its simple stuff like that, that frustrates me with our playcalling / personelle decisions.
  15. also, the jets carolina and detroit were in the top 5 for least fumbles per game, with the jets being #1 haha
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