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  1. The bad, the ugly, the locked thread

    The good, it was so ugly that it should lead to some coach firings
  2. Raiders at KC - Round 2

    Don't allow Todd on the plane home. This is so embarrassing
  3. Raiders at KC - Round 2

    Honestly, the whole team talked about this being a playoff game.. And too come out this flat. Whole coaching staff should be fired. Team just did not come to play. This was pathetic
  4. Around the league v.1.0

    Thinking about our schedule, man losing to Buf really hurt us. (same with Balt, but no DC, so fine) Who knows what happens if DeAndre Washington doesnt have that fumble returned for a touchdown at the end of the half.. but we were so sloppy that day. Its like we tried to find ways to lose that game. It was similar to the Giants game.. however we were lucky enough to over come / recover our own mistakes. Outside of the Washington and NE games, it really seems to me that we beat ourselves more than anything. Even against Washington, for how terrible we were playing, we were still in a 2 possession game come the 4th.. last year we had a lot of 4th Q magic, that seems to have disappeared this year. Hopefully it picks up down the stretch. For as much as we all hate downing, this O, had a lot of bad moments with Musgrave last year too.. but DC would go into MVP caliber mode late game and pull out wins. It was like our D knew they just had to give him a chance. For how crappy we have played this season, to be sitting at 6-6, controlling our own destiny, this team has to be beyond excited. I think we come out swinging, beat KC and Dallas. Nothing but pure optimism and wishful thinking, from a fan whose suffered to many heart breaks from this team... but we set our selfs up to be the teams that sneaks in and gets hot.
  5. Around the league v.1.0

    Coop just cleared concussion protocol too. Didnt practice because of his ankle still though. Hopefully he can play against a Peters less KC, I just want week 17 to mean something for us, and if we beat KC good chance week 17 will matter.
  6. Around the league v.1.0

    KC suspending MP for the game! wow makes up for no coop, but how will their other players react?
  7. Chiefs vs J-E-T-S

    thanks for the response. as Big Palooka mentioned above, that does sound like coaching, which surprises me because I think Andy is a really good HC. I hear you about the idiot DC, as us raider fans put up with KNJ for way to long. The one thing it seemed most people thought after the PM trade up, was your window with an elite D was closing.. why not use a 1st round pick that iwll have immediate impact. Im surprised to hear Peters is playing poorly, I hate having CBs so far off the line. I feel like they are flat footed by the time the WR gets there, and it never works. too play CB you need to have a big ego IMO, and giving your opponent 10 yards is almost playing afraid. Who knows what will happen Sunday, this is the type of game that which ever team wins will get a big confidence boost. I think if KC wins they'll be able to shake off the last 5-6 weeks. If they lose id imagine some firings. I think if Oak wins, our team will start to believe again and the Playoffs become very possible. Pagano's position at DC for next year will depend a lot on this game I think. anyways, thanks for the response. hope its a good injury free game. 31-30 Raiders, after 5 plays with 1 second left ha.
  8. Chiefs vs J-E-T-S

    looking ahead to next week, I am just wondering from your perspective, what happened? Is it the loss of Berry? I know he is extremely talented, and one of my favorite players, but is he really that crucial to your success on D? Is Poe missed in the middle? Your O still scares me, can clearly score points fast. I dont know why the jets kept playing hill in man coverage ha. Crazy how poor the West is playing this year.
  9. Raiders Defense

    KC is going to be tough this week, i know they are playing poorly of late, but they are clearly capable playing at a high level. With the speed they have on O, Nelson shouldnt be on the field. He is a liability and offers no help over the top. Play the rookies back there, even if they are out of position they have speed to help track someone down (not hill). How the jets continued to leave that guy in 1-1 situations was beyond me. Respect his speed. Someone needs to be over top. Mack is heating up, as he always does towards the end, not that his play was ever not extremly high, but hes getting to the QB, needs to keep it up. We are going to need Cooper back, and hopefully Lynch runs well. Patterson needs more touches in the passing game as well. Need to get DC going early, it usually takes him a bit to get into a rhythm, lets start with some high % catches, screens, hitches, Crab on an out or sideline, to get him warmed up, then use Cook to attack the Seam. I heard some announcers say that Peters should get a suspension for tossing the flag, but, I cannot see that happening. But that would be incredible.
  10. Most Dangerous Dark Horse

    Id say the winner of the AFCW has a chance at an upset. KC - clearly things have fallen off for them, but if they start heating up now and get hot in playoffs they clearly have enough weapons to be a threat. SD - easily playing the best football in the west. D making plays, and Rivers is playing great. OAK - very doubtful, but if they go on an 4-1 run to end the year, theyd be hot. Is Jax considered a dark horse? - I can see them getting to the AFCC, but I cant see them beating the pats with Bortles. The AFC really seems to just be lets see who will play NE, and lose bareing a miracle. But anything can happen come playoffs, just got to make it.
  11. Around the league v.1.0

    Didn't want to start a game day thread as I don't have time to put thought into it.. But., Giants benching Eli this week. Geno probably had his best game ever against us, but this should help our chances
  12. KNJ Fired

    it seems weird timing too. why not do it before the bye? It seems strange the Pats game is what pushed them over the top.. thats like the one game id normally give a coach a pass, cause belichick outsmarts pretty much every coach ha
  13. KNJ Fired

    lol +1. time to hold people accountable.
  14. KNJ Fired

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/11/21/report-paxton-lynch-will-start-for-broncos-this-week/ Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 8m8 minutes ago More Sources: The #Raiders have fired defensive coordinator Ken Norton, per @MikeSilver and me. Big change.
  15. KNJ Fired

    Wow, Finally. We do care. Im assuming PAgano takes over? Looks like Den is starting Lynch next week too, lets get off to a good start with a new D