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  1. You know a lot more about the cap than I do but getting all of those guys seems too good to be true. Getting Wolford and Von would be enough for me. Love the draft picks.
  2. Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak album coming out! 👀
  3. Can you post the link? I can't find anything aside of him crapping on Dana for how he handled the LW division lately.
  4. Did a bunch of prizm white sparkle breaks over the past few weeks. Ended up hitting on Donald, Goff, Woods, Kupp, Ike Bruce, and the Honey Badger! Only have about 10 left in my Donald rainbow, so let me know if you guys see any rare ones.
  5. I do too, but Jair is a much bigger name right now while Gane is still up and coming. Was expecting Jair to be the favorite. Probably will throw a little on Jair KO and wait for more money to come in on him before throwing on Gane.
  6. I'm a little shocked Gane is a -280 favorite. I was hoping to get some nice dog money on him.
  7. I was just in a break where there was a random pause in action and the opening of next pack (all of the packs were cut open at the beginning and put in a pile) magically gets larger with a blip in the audio. I'll never trust a breaker that I haven't worked with again.
  8. Woah, need a pick of that bad boy. Congrats!
  9. Goff was definitely the scapegoat for all of the issues. It's unclear how much of the blame he should have given to him (there is definitely some), but he got thrown under the bus for everything. One thing I always thought was that Mcvay keeping him on the headset until it shuts off at 15 seconds left him very little time to relay it to the team, break the huddle, and get to the line to assess the defense for himself. I honestly believe Goff is at the point of his career where he wanted more control of the offense (which a lot of QB do) and Mcvay refused to give it up.
  10. If it's Lewis vs Jair, I actually like BB's chances. Jair will probably keep it standing and it's pretty hard to last a whole fight like that against Lewis. Even though he's less polished, I feel like Gane has more of an all around game and would be able to wear BB down.
  11. Was definitely worth a shot, but Aspinall is a monster. Feel like he could've ended it in the first too if he didn't start going to the body.
  12. Hope you all got in on that ADA. 😀
  13. Ross or Tyrell Williams would make me very happy.
  14. Seems a bit nitpicky that you have an issue on who I would like to root for. 😉 You know how there are guys you want to get a ring, like AD? There are also guys you root for because they help your team win, but don't have any sort of connection with. If Mcvay would happen to turn into a prick like Payton then I'd still root for him to get the Rams that ring, but I wouldn't really care whether he added that to his resume or not. I also despise Sean Payton though so you are taking the comparison to the extreme.
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