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  1. There’s no needs to clown any wives for scoring some fans a way to go see the game. It’s a good story and nothing more. The fact that it has any bearing on you at all is the hilarious part.
  2. I never wish injuries on players and I hope Trent is fine, but man do I hope he misses this game. Dude is such a stud.
  3. Well for starters, the post about Kelly Stafford involved just a HINT of sarcasm. You actually believed that I think the wife of a player was worth draft capital? It's irrelevant but it's a nice story for a bunch of fans. The fact that it has your panties in a bunch is actually hilarious to me. I don't care if it 95% SF fans if the Rams players go out and win the game.
  4. Not turning the ball over is much more important. He just needs to keep playing like he has the past few weeks and we'll be in good shape. I thought he played well the last time against SF too.
  5. Wow it's really not that serious, sorry if I struck a nerve. The amount of fans is an interesting storyline, but that's all it is. Fans don't put points on the board. If that kind of thing upsets you that much, can't imagine how you feel on the current state of the world.
  6. In hindsight, Kelly Stafford alone might've been worth two 1sts and a 3rd.
  7. The fact that Stafford is living up to the trade in his first season shocks me (because of the amount it took to get him). I was always going to judge it based off what he did in the postseason, but he's looked great the last two weeks and you can't ask for more at this point than a home NFCCG. Still a lot of football to go, but as of right now, it's looking like he was worth every penny. I'll always call a spade a spade and while I still think Goff could develop into what Stafford is with the extra years of experience, Matthew's first season was a success so there isn't really much of a
  8. Sometimes the obvious ending is the best one. It was poetic the way he went out, and I'd rather it fit the story than be a twist just for shock value. Although I agree that a confrontation with Batista would've been awesome. I didn't want an open ending though. Dexter was always going to be caught or dead in the end and I think we all knew he wouldn't allow himself to be caught. The funny thing is there are a lot of similarities between Dexter's demise and Walter White's, yet everyone seemed to love the Breaking Bad ending. If they give Harrison a spinoff, it would have to be with the sa
  9. I really loved the way Dexter's story ended but the bolded was the one part that I thought they missed on. She was enabling Harrison to get away with murder because it was a bad person, but held it against Dexter for the same reason. Now, at the end Dexter's dark passenger got the best of him and after killing Logan, he wasn't just killing bad people anymore, but it should've just ended with Harrison skipping town on his own.
  10. I meant the prices for the game haha sorry. Flights actually aren't that bad. Thanks though!
  11. Man I was legit ready to book my flight to LA but the cheapest ticket I could find is $700. I hope we're able to pack the stadium at those prices. Either way, it's still better than going to Lambeu.
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