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  1. AD is such a quiet guy that when he voices frustration like that, the NFL should listen. It's absolutely insane the production the guy gets while being double teamed, triple teamed, and held on a regular basis.
  2. You're right, but Goff hasn't had much practice with it. I think that aspect is still fairly new to him so he should get better at commanding the LOS with time as long as Mcvay continues to give him the opportunity. If he doesn't, then the criticism will be fair.
  3. Dude you need to understand that is on Mcvay. The plays where it gets down to 1 are the plays where they don't break the huddle until 10. That is because Mcvay stays in his ear as long as possible so that he can assess the defense. Once that clock hits 15, Goff has to relay the play to the team and break the huddle. By the time they get set, you're already close to 5 seconds left. Now to Mcvay's credit, he gave Goff a lot more control on Monday and Goff excelled at commanding the LOS. That type of relationship will DRASTICALLY improve our offense, but stop acting like Goff is just taking his good old time and conveniently leaving out the reason why the huddle doesn't get broken until there are 10 seconds left.
  4. And that was on purpose. It was essentially a throw away because the play didn't work. Had he forced it somewhere else or underthrew it and got picked, you'd be getting on him about that too. We'll just have to agree to disagree. I feel like the Rams earned this win, especially with the way the officiating went.
  5. See things like this annoy me. That was a good play. As a QB, you are supposed to overthrow rather than underthrow and risk an interception. The read he wanted wasn't there, he looked at other options, and instead of forcing it somewhere (which people would have then crucified him for), he took the shot and put the ball where essentially only his WR had a shot at it. The other plays you mentioned are legit, but those few plays should not overshadow the rest of the game. And we didn't get lucky at how bad Brady was. You're doing what the media does where they always talk about the other team blowing it instead of the Rams winning. Our defense made Brady look bad and they deserve the credit.
  6. Mcvay definitely gave Goff more freedom last night to change the play at the LOS which I've been hoping for for a while. Goff looked really good aside of a few plays. That first pick wasn't 100% on him (although he does get some of the blame for trying to anticipate it) and that second one was bad, but aside of those two throws he had a great game against a tough defense.
  7. He did, but you know people only focus on the one or two memorable plays when forming an opinion of a player for the entire game. Exactly. There are very few QB in the NFL who can play a perfect game and even less that can do it with pressure in their face (which Goff didn't have much of last night, but is a constant knock on him). Goff is a very good QB. He's not Patrick Mahommes or Russell Wilson, but he's talented enough to win as long as Mcvay sets him up to succeed. I noticed last night that Goff had a lot more power at the LOS than he usually does. It seemed like Mcvay wanted him to actually have the ability to dissect the defense which is something I've been waiting to see for a long time.
  8. Say what you want, but the Rams just went to Tampa and beat a 7-3 Bucs team, without that fumble call.
  9. Well Mcvay trusted his kicker and defense. Can't say I agree with the choice, but it worked out.
  10. So he runs it on probably the worst play of the game to run the ball on? I'm done.
  11. Mcvay's pass happy playcalls are going to be the death of this team.
  12. That was an awfully early delay of game call
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