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  1. General Season Talk

    I don't want OBJ anywhere near this team. He pulled his antics in NY and got traded. Then he pulled the same crap in CLE. What makes everyone think he wouldn't do it here, especially in a town like Los Angeles? The guy's talent is not worth his immaturity.
  2. General Season Talk

    Doesn't sound too bad if true, although the logo being a ram horn that looks like an LA could be really nice or really cheesy. I wish they just kept the ram head as the logo. But the most important thing is that the horns are staying on the helmet.
  3. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    I agree. I feel like Ozuna and Goldy both struggled when they first got here (might be remembering it wrong), so I usually tend to favor players who are already familiar with the team if everything else is pretty equal.
  4. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Honestly, it's about 50/50 for me for all the reasons you listed. I do like having players that enjoy being here though and there wouldn't be any adjustment time since he's already familiar with the team, so I would slightly lean Ozuna.
  5. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    I hope we make a move soon. We need to decide whether or not the Arenado trade is going to happen or not, and if not, sign Ozuna or a guy like Castellanos.
  6. MMA Thread

    Where did I say anything about Conor being a good matchup for Gathje? I said that a guy who hasn't won in 3 years shouldn't get a 155 title shot with a win at 170 over a guy who is on a hot streak including a win over that opponent at 155. If the next fight they make is Gathje vs Conor, that works, and Conor probably wins, but at least it'll be fair as opposed to handing the guy a title shot because he's good on the mic.
  7. Podcasts!

    I've definitely been caught cracking up at the gym to this when doing my warmup. Can't do it anymore. By far my favorite non-sports podcast though.
  8. Rank these young RB’s HOF chances...

    If it's based off of longevity, how is CMC last? The guy has never been injured and can fall back on his pass catching in his later years. I'd go Barkley CMC Elliott Chubb Henry
  9. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Guess I'm the only one that would be all over that offer. I do like Liberatore and Hudson, but I don't think Carlos ever gets back to what he used to be and we'll be fine without O'Neil. If we can get him without losing one of Carlson and Gorman, that would be amazing.
  10. Don’t know much about him but I’m happy it wasn’t Barry.
  11. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Sign me up for that. I'm alright losing Carlson if that's what it takes, but the rest of the offer wouldn't be near as enticing.
  12. MMA Thread

    This is exactly how it should go.
  13. MMA Thread

    It's wrong to say the more active fighter with a better record in the last 3 years deserves a title shot over the flashy guy? This is a sport. It should go by the rankings. The Aldo comparison is pretty bad because that's more of a grey area. Aldo has been active and arguably won that last fight. Comparing him to a guy who got mauled in his last fight and has been out of the game for so long is a reach. I'm a huge GSP fanboy and I said the same thing we he came back for an immediate middleweight title shot. What if the NFL had the right to say "yeah, the Patriots lost to the Dolphins week 16, but we'd still rather seem them get the bye for ratings"? Would that be ok? Why is it fine for MMA to completely bypass wins/losses in favor of what sells more PPVs?
  14. General Season Talk

    I would actually love it as well as the first 3 guys listed. Honestly don't know too much about the latter two.