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  1. Alec Dahl

    I remember another play where a ball carrier juked him out of bounds, and he just stopped playing while the guy continued to get a couple more yards.
  2. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    Didn't he muff one last week too because he took his eye off of it too quick? He just tries to get too cute a lot. When a ball is bouncing around, just let it go. I agree that when he gets it in his hands he's great, but he needs to be more disciplined. There's no excuse for catching a punt at the 5 yard line.
  3. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    Very happy with the response after halftime. After reading through this thread, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that is sick of Austin and Ogletree, and that wanted to bench Woods toward the end. Austin catching that punt inside the 5 was terrible. I'm tired of watching him try to do too much only to have it cost us. Ogletree sucks. Like he really sucks. He gets juked out a lot, is terrible in coverage, and literally GIVES UP after he misses the first time. He's horrible and needs to go. Woods throwing that punch and not being able to set a pick without getting flagged was huge. He needed to be taken off the field to get his mind right. Overall, it was still an encouraging game. Aside of not being able to stop the run and a few plays that went the other way, we definitely could've came away with that one. Hopefully we unleash Sammy soon because he is a monster.
  4. Aaron Donald holdout expected to miss Week 1

    Apparently they agreed on the money, but Donald wants an opt-out that the Rams don't want to give him. Can't really blame them since he's still under contract for the next 2 years as it is. So we would basically be paying him a bunch more money over the next few seasons, and possibly lose him at the same time anyway. If it was the Rams lowballing him, I'd understand, but that doesn't seem to be the case and not he's missing regular season games.
  5. Aaron Donald's holdout

    I honestly can't even think of an offer I would accept. It would have to be something massive like 2 1sts and a proven player, or a 1st or 2nd and a stud (depending on the position).
  6. The Official Thread of Penn State University

    Yeah we did exactly what we were supposed to do. A shutout is always nice. Only negative was Hamilton's drops. Thought he was usually pretty sure-handed.
  7. Aaron Donald's holdout

    Can't believe it's the Tuesday before week 1 and he's still not there.
  8. Official T-Swift Thread

    Ready For It is better, but still not as good as the rest of her stuff IMO.
  9. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Gotcha, makes sense. Still don't think it would've mattered though. As it was said before, LF's game is more suited to trick Sansa into showing mercy than it is taking up a sword.
  10. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Wasn't trial by combat abolished by Tommen? Why would that even be an option?
  11. Official T-Swift Thread

    I mean... that's not really how it seemed to have happened, but however you want to spin it...
  12. Official T-Swift Thread

    Gotta say, this song isn't really good. Has nothing to do with the darker image, because the old Taylor could've pulled that off pretty good as long as the lyrics and beat were on point. Not a fan of this repetitive, almost techno/pop sound. Hopefully she redeems herself with the rest of the album.
  13. Keyser's QB Tiers

    Your tiers are a lot similar to mine. Only thing I would change is the part about drafting Rivers and trading for Wilson. I'm pretty sure Rivers has a rough start to the season matchup wise.
  14. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Here's an interesting article on some of the plot holes from the last episode, although it doesn't mention the ship's wreckage in the part about where the wights got the chains. https://winteriscoming.net/2017/08/24/defending-the-plot-holes-in-beyond-the-wall/
  15. Official T-Swift Thread

    Can. Not. Wait.