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    Love what you're doing with Austin, Donald, and Joyner. For free agents, I would love to go after Poe, but he will probably be a little too pricy. D. Johnson, Bowman, Poz, Branch, Ngata, and Butler would all be awesome.
  2. Your Top 5 CBM Villains

    Kind of surprised at the hate for Bane tbh. Just because his motivation strung from his feelings for Miranda didn't make his acts of violence any less impactful. I agree it would've been better had he been the head of the group, but he definitely wasn't just some henchman. My 5 is probably pretty similar to those listed. 1. The Joker (Heath Ledger) 2. Loki 3. Magneto 4. Bane 5. General Zod HM: Zemo, Killmonger. MBJ killed it and it was one of the rare MCU villains with an arc.
  3. Pages not loading

    Whenever I click on a thread, it takes me to the first post on the page but doesn't load the rest. When I hit reload, it shows me everything but centers all of the text in a weird layout. Happens on every thread I click on. The main forum page also doesn't load half of the time, it starts with the Bills subform in the center. Any idea why it won't load for me?
  4. Black Panther

    Really liked it and MBJ was the highlight for me. Storyline was really good and this was one of the rare MCU movies where the villain actually had an arc.
  5. Saquan number 1 pick

    Pen State fan here. A lot of the reason people think that his vision isn't the greatest is because of the running plays the coaches called and the poor offensive line. 90% of the handoffs were QB options, where Saquon had to pause for a second before getting the ball. That allowed a lot of gaps to close and him to bounce it outside. When he did get a straight handoff, he looked great.

    Yeah, if we get Sullivan back we would only be losing one piece, but it just seems we have different feelings on how important Saffold is. If you think you can upgrade that position and save some cap room doing so, then that does sound like the thing to do. Love that you prioritized Donald though. Wish our front office would just get the deal done already!
  7. Your Draft Hot Takes

    Ok I'll bite. You're confusing him being unable to run outside of the shotgun and his college coach not giving him the opportunity to, which was because his QB can't take a snap under center. Not to mention, NFL teams (on average) operate out of the shotgun or pistol formations the majority of the time nowadays (I think I read around 68%). That fact that he's a zone runner (which are also more common in today's game anyway) shouldn't be a knock on him, because imagine what he could do with a fullback and a couple seconds to hit the right hole without his QB holding the ball for a second and letting all of the gaps fill up. I get that this is a hot take thread, but the Reggie Bush comparison is really, really bad. Bush barely cracked 200lbs at the combine, and although I can't remember for sure, I highly doubt his pass blocking was even close to Saquon's.

    I still think continuity on the offensive line should have been a high priority. We have suffered through bad line play for so long, so why dismantle it when we finally get it right? For a young QB like Goff, we need to protect him. I like Zettel as I'm a PSU fan, but I wouldn't have even considered swapping Saffold for him straight up. If you think you can upgrade Saffold, I understand it from your point of view, but I don't see that being a possibility especially when you factor in his familiarity with the system and his other lineman. With it being a done deal, I think it's a must that we get Suillivan back. I do like the Barron trade though
  9. BleedTheClock's Top 50 List: 2018

    Love that you have DaeSean Hamilton in there, but I wouldn't say he has "great hands". He does struggle with drops occasionally. Amazing routes though. I think he's pretty underrated this year.
  10. New Eminem album due out in November

    ^ Don't agree with that... at all... but his new album is pretty bad. Only song I listened to more than a few times is Believe.
  11. Everytime I load the site, it takes me directly to a blank white page. When I hit back on the browser, it takes me back to the forum, so it seems like it's directing me somewhere else.
  12. Just curious, but if there are 3 QB you could see them taking, why not lock down Barkley at 1 and take whichever of the 3 are there at 4?
  13. Venom

    Unfortunately I think you're right about Venom. I don't see it being a major hit, which is why them sticking to the R rating actually gets me excited. If it was in-between PG-13 and R, the studio would most likely swing it to PG-13 to make a larger profit, and connect it to Holland's Spiderman easier (as he's rumored to be in the movie, just not as Spiderman), so there must be reasons to keep it as rated R. Tom Hardy being attached to it gives it a chance though.
  14. Venom

    But I mean, it was just a teaser. It wasn't supposed to be a full out trailer. When that drops, we're going to get more of what the film's plot will be and I'm sure a look at Venom once the CGI is done. Holland isn't the problem. In fact, I'd agree he is the best Spiderman yet. The problem is exactly what @FourThreeMafia said about the technology taking away what makes Spiderman.
  15. Venom

    I think they would have rather made it PG-13 to appeal to a larger audience. Plenty of kids/parents won't be seeing this in the theaters because of that. The fact that it is R rated says to me there was too much/important of material that needs to be R rated to cut out. We've seen Deadpool and Logan with R ratings recently, and both were fantastic. Now, if you are right and they are slapping the label on it just for the sake of it, that will suck, but I think reducing the audience for that reason isn't a good choice of action at all and would hope a major studio would see that. Not so sure why there are so many people crapping on the teaser. It's almost like they were expecting the official trailer 9 months in advance. It was just a teaser, and as far as teasers go, it gave us a good amount of screen time and a good feel for the movie. And honestly, the MCU Spiderman sucks. At least the direction they took him did. Might as well just rename him Iron-Spider.