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  1. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    I think saying that front offices sign less competent coaches is a bit of a reach. They are in it to make money now, and while they want to be competitive for the long haul, I'm sure every owner's ideal scenario would be to get a Peterson or Mcvay which turns your team into a contender right away. But yes, tanking is definitely more of a front office thing. However I don't believe that they actually bring in a lesser quality of personnel to achieve it. I think the line ends at playing a weaker starting lineup towards the end of a season. Another thing to consider is the fanbase. Sure, some fans would be all for tanking to get a better pick, but if the fans that bought tickets to the game found out that the team wasn't trying to win it, that would harm the team much more than anything else. Future attendance would be down, merchandise sales would be down, and maybe even a few lawsuits from the fans who purchased tickets to that specific game.
  2. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    I don't think so. The players are the ones that are in the game and I doubt they would choose to lose a game, especially with incentives and future contracts depending on their performance. The coaches also need to be able to show competence for future opportunities. If they are in the position of tanking, their job may be on the line, and I can't see a potential employer looking at that game and saying "that's our guy". They may choose to throw in another younger QB to see what they have, but I doubt they would go into it hoping to lose the game. Sure the owner's may secretly hope that the team loses out so they get a premium draft pick, but the players and coaches are the ones on the field and they have more of a reason to go out and win the game than to throw it.
  3. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    No problem. I agree that tanking from the 'tankee' can make sense in leagues where there is a next season to prepare for, but it still affects other teams in the league for the current season. I can't imagine missing out on a playoff spot because someone else get a free win in the last week of the regular season. Because of the fact that people can benefit in the future from tanking, rules should be in place before the season begins. If the rules aren't in place, your right that you can't penalize someone for doing it however I still don't see any way it can be ethical for that person to knowingly do it.
  4. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    If it was not addressed by the league (first off, that league needs to get it's act together), then yes it is allowed. But the question was if it was ethical or not. Whether or not it's a money league or not, you are playing to win the championship. If the guy you are battling it out with for a first round bye with gets to face a tanker in week 13, that's not fair. Purposely throwing a game and giving another team a free win is not ethical.
  5. A Quiet Place

    Saw it and loved it. Reminded me of Signs, but was happy that we got to see the creatures more than just a few times. Definitely did a good job building the tension IMO.
  6. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    I don't see any logical reason that someone can say it's not unethical. If you tank, the team you are playing gets a free win that someone who played you early in the season did not get. It's not fair for all and can drastically affect the seeding of the teams still in the hunt.
  7. MMA Thread | As the UFC Turns

    Well at least Khabib's post fight speech should be entertaining...
  8. MMA Thread | As the UFC Turns

    Don't they do physicals before/when they sign the contract for the fight? Seems odd that they didn't know Max's ankle wasn't good enough to go until the day before. Could've just chose Ortega for the fill in and all would be fine.
  9. Starting A Keeper League

    I'm the commish of my keeper league that's going into it's 11th season, and we've always kept 3, no penalty. Kept it simple and it has worked great so far, but we had to ban trading from the trade deadline to the keeper deadline of the following season. Too many people would trade away their 4th potential keeper to another team before the deadline and get a ton of picks for nothing.
  10. Patriots trade WR Brandon Cooks to Rams

    Nothing to add. Just wanted this post to show up again in case it deters even one person from bringing it up again.
  11. Brandin Cooks traded to Rams

    Honestly, I would've came around to it, but I wouldn't have been as happy as I am with this trade. After a trade happens, fandom kicks in but before a trade happens is when your true feelings and logic come out. I never wanted to give up the draft picks and cap room it would've taken to keep OBJ long term. We'll never know how I would've reacted to this trade before it became official, but I've followed Cooks since he was drafted and he is exactly what we need for our x-receiver right now.
  12. Draft Discussion Thread

    If we can somehow trade back into the 3rd with one of our 4ths and leave that round with Holland and Griffin, I may go streaking. Best offseason ever, and I have faith in Mcvay and Phillips that they will put it all together come gametime.
  13. Brandin Cooks traded to Rams

    It's weird how against the OBJ trade I was and how pumped I am for this trade. Cooks is going to be PERFECT for the role he'll play in this offense. Doesn't need the 100+ targets OBJ would've and can take the top off of a defense like no other. Also is pretty good at slants and comebacks which Watkins ran a lot last year. Add in the fact that we keep our first next year, upgrade a 6th to a 4th, and can possibly extend him for cheaper than OBJ would've cost. On top of all of that, Goff and Cooks already familiar with each other.And worst case scenario, we get another 3rd round comp pick to add with the one for Suh. Now let's kill the middle rounds of the draft, get these contracts figured out for the long term, and get that Superbowl!
  14. Rams 2018 offseason

    Each day that goes by, I find myself wanting us to pass on OBJ more and more.
  15. Just stumbled upon this. Good stuff. Will keep an eye on it.