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  1. It's only -3 on DK. Good call!
  2. I'll never understand why people feel the need to keep rehashing the same argument over and over again. Does the validation really mean that much to you? To answer your question though, more than one home game against the Bears and it's probably a moot point at this stage. We'll never know what the extra picks would've turned into or if the move to Detroit limits the prime years that move of us expected Goff to hit (as we have clear evidence of that actually happening with Stafford). It was never about Stafford being a tier above Goff right now as that was probably common knowledge.
  3. @jrry32you might want to start making sure your doors are locked at night. Seems as if you have a stalker.
  4. Only need a Higbee TD to hit a 6 leg parlay. Thought I had it on that one.
  5. **insert Marcus Peters voice** COOPER. KUPP!
  6. Need points on this drive. I don't trust the defense to hold them at this point.
  7. You're the one who brought him up, in a way that shows you're the one not ready to move on. I highly doubt that you really think a professional QB only hits that throw 50% of the time. Let it go.
  8. Agreed. Could just be because of the matchup but I'm really hoping Mcvay has learned to balance the rush/pass out by now. Get out of here with that crap.
  9. 15 dropbacks to 5 rushes is same old Mcvay though.
  10. I think they should go with something like that. Looks great. It was, but it never really was. I'm just hoping Mcvay actually starts opening up the playbook now that he got his guy. Even though we stalled in the redzone, the offense still has looked pretty good so far.
  11. Super random but I've never seen that logo in your avatar before. Is that a fan made one or did they actually use it?
  12. Montgomery is such an underrated RB.
  13. Apparently they did not. It's getting buried online.
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