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  1. I nailed every fight on the main card, except 80% of my parlays were tied to Cerrone/Price not going the distance. Let's just say I'm a little hungover today.
  2. Definitely got me. I'm usually good at catching these things, but for some reason I thought he was legit doing it.
  3. Rams: We've signed _______ to an extension. FF/Twitter coming to bash the contract, uniforms, and the opposing unit:
  4. Unfortunately, there are extremists on both sides of anything political that do this to anything that is up for debate. The ones that are logical and capable of compromise get overshadowed by the loudest person in the room.
  5. It's not wrong to say that you think it was the wrong approach. I have no problem with that. I have a problem with the people who say "well they were wrong the first time, so I'm not going to believe them now. Instead I'm going to believe what I want but have zero evidence of and that's masks don't work". This was a brand new virus, possibly created in a lab. Viruses mutate as it is, but if it was modified, who knows how fast it can do that. Holding an initial diagnosis of "masks don't work" against them just to dismiss any new evidence is stupid. Plain and simple. Hey, once a vaccine comes out, you can do whatever you want (sorry if this is incorrectly directed at you). Whether you get it or not, I'll be fine because I'll have mine, but masks don't work that way. Your mask doesn't protect you if others refuse to be in this together for some ridiculous connection of politics and science.
  6. Poirier came out and said he wanted to show Tony respect for backing him in the negotiation. I think those two have a silent gentlemen's agreement to make that fight happen. I'm sure if Khabib/Gaethje dropped out one of them would accept that, but you still have to respect them sticking together.
  7. JonStark


    That's because you're a good owner. We get a ton of owner surrenders/cruelty cases in where the dogs are in rough shape because people neglect them so bad. They basically treat them like a plant to water once a day.
  8. Can you explain the +0.5 to me? Wouldn't taking them straight up be slightly better odds and if they lose, it's going to have to be by more than 0.5. The only thing that really covers is a tie right? I did, but not a ton on it.
  9. JonStark


    I wouldn't say that you necessarily need a puppy for that. It's more based on the breed of dog and temperament of that specific one. Anything up to 5 years old would probably be able to get into that.
  10. JonStark


    Definitely adopt. You can either go to a shelter or just work with a rescue who pulls from shelters. The rescue I work with gets in puppies all the time (either from the south or they find a stray momma with her puppies). They usually take care of fixing the dog and any medical needs before you get the dog too where as you're on your own with a breeder and if you unintentionally get one from a mill (they disguise themselves really well), most puppies end up with medical conditions. I will say, pits are the snuggliest dogs I've ever had. Never had one that wasn't glued to your lap on the couch. Also sorry for your loss. Losing pets is so heartbreaking and having two that close together has to be rough.
  11. I was more referring to the not getting the timeout off in time aspect.
  12. Any examples from, say, the past decade?
  13. From what I understood, it could be a difference between roughing the passer or illegal hands to the face, but feel free to correct me. Also not to mention that it's a lot more noticeable when the QB still has the ball (or should be). Calls will always get missed by refs, but when it happens when while the guy has the ball and all eyes are on him, it's inexcusable. Not to mention that in this case, you're comparing a play that ended up in a pick and put the team in field goal range to one that just contributed to ending a drive, with a punt to flip field position. Do you have a clip of the Dak one instead of just a screencap? I honestly don't even remember seeing it live and I watch Donald a lot.
  14. You do realize there's a difference in the call when the QB still has the ball, don't you?
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