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  1. It's the same for voyager unfortunately.
  2. Smith weighted 170lb at the pro day. Where did you see about Tutu running a full route tree? On the podcasts I've listened to, they said the opposite (although I haven't checked into it myself yet).
  3. Voyager is just crypto and it's instant transfers. I registered for robinhood and used it for about a day before I switched. Never used webull though. Only downside to Voyager is they do a lot of maintenance to keep up with the increasing volume, but it's not usually during peak hours and they don't limit any purchases. If you do sign up for voyager, PM me your email. Pretty sure we both get $50 BTC if I refer someone after they deposit. Sidenote: LETS GO ADA!
  4. If we're going off of what they did in college (which we have to at this point), Tutu could only dream of being Tavon. I just don't know how anyone can just gloss over how light this guy is. How many people of his weight have ever succeeded in the NFL?
  5. Well you nailed it then lol Voyager's description of Doge is literally like "a fun coin that has a dog as a mascot and can be traded within the community". XLM is on Voyager. That's what I use and love it, although it doesn't have some of the really small alt coins like that Bonfire one mentioned.
  6. Good luck. It sounds like a good play but after the 4/20 pump that never happened, I'm officially done with Doge. Every time there is a reason to invest in it, it never happens. Only on a random Tuesday at 6am will it boom lol
  7. Good to know. It's not on Voyager yet but I'll keep an eye out.
  8. I'm not so sure about that. My work isn't going to let up on the restrictions until we reach a certain number of cases locally, and even after that, it's a 3 step process until we get back to normal. I'm slowly finding myself in the "once everyone has access to the vaccine, open everything up" crowd and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I've been strongly in the mask/restriction/vaccine crowd from the beginning but I feel like once everyone is able to get it, there is no reason not to. Those who want it will get it done and those who don't will be aware of the risks and won't. Waiting a
  9. I don't see him bucking that trend, but I also worry about him putting on mass and not being the same player they thought they were getting. I honestly just don't see any way that pick is worth it unless he returns kicks and becomes Devin Hester 2.0.
  10. I feel so gross for how excited I would be over an Austin Reiter signing.
  11. Wow, I had that way wrong. Must have had a little more to drink that I thought thanks to the first pick.
  12. We could've had him at 88.
  13. Then we shouldn't have traded down. Green and Meinerz were there for us.
  14. Well that's not what I want to hear. At least it's a linebacker. Compared to how the rest of the night wen, I'm on cloud nine right now. Still can't believe he's better than Cox or Moses.
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