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  1. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Did not realize that. It's hard to get the team the Saints have been for so long out of my head, but you're completely right. That does lower my confidence a tad, but I still think our coaching staff will fix what went wrong on Sunday. Hopefully we get our DBs back and can sell out to stop the running game. Good luck to you guys too. Hopefully if we do have to play you guys a 2nd time this year it'll be in the NFC championship game.
  2. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Not sure what makes you say that? I have faith the coaching staff will fix what happened yesterday, and the Saints are not as good on the road. Still going to be a tough game, but there's a 0% chance they "break us".
  3. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    I actually ended up going Mariota at the very last second because I had off the next day and could stay up for the game (and had a few beers in me). His matchups are pretty good going forward so thankfully I survived that week!
  4. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Oh and Ogletree is back to form. He had a few nice plays, but miss tackles and being out of position are two things the 2nd highest paid MLB should be doing consistently.
  5. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Can't disagree with that, but we can't just look at this season as a learning experience. If Kupp doesn't fumble that ball, it's a completely different game and a win today would've been huge for playoff implications.
  6. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    See I don't believe there needs to be steps. I believe in our coaching staff and think if we could be a Superbowl contender, even with us missing the playoffs for as long as we did. The past has nothing to do with this season as it's a completely different team, but getting a 1st round bye is huge in that and to do that, we need to beat some of the big dogs.
  7. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Final thoughts: - Goff didn't look bad, but was pressured a little too much (which should've been expected) - Woods getting injured is going to really hurt this offense. Time to make use of that guy we traded a 2nd round pick for. - Kupp is still a rookie. He hasn't been bad for a rookie but is not the guy you go to when you need a big play yet. He was a huge part in us losing this game. - That flag on Donald was the play of the game. Apparently Barr driving Goff to the ground like he did and Donald letting go of the QB and giving him a little shove are the same. Without that BS flag, Theilen doesn't get that big TD and we get the ball back with a chance to tie. This hurts with the Viking and Saints going up on us. Next week is a must win.
  8. Most heart breaking loss

    It's not NFL, but this past Penn State/Ohio State game is by far my #1 to date.
  9. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    That's what I needed to know. I have Mariota, so needed to decide whether or not to start him asap. I picked up Cutler but Goff doesn't come off waivers until tomorrow. At least with Mariota out of my lineup I have a few days yet to decide. Appreciate it!
  10. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Pick one Goff @ MIN Mariota @ PIT Cutler vs. TB Standard scoring, thanks!
  11. Deadpool 2

    Can. Not. Wait.
  12. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Keenum revenge game vs. Teddy's emotional return in a home game. Narratives cancel out and Teddy is a much better QB than Keenum assuming he truly is back to full health.
  13. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Probably because of the rust and the fact that Keenum looked good this past week. As for me, I'd rather face Keenum.
  14. What's Up With Sammy Watkins?

    If I was Sammy, I'd probably test the market tbh. As a WR, it's really frustrating to be constantly getting open and only get a few targets a game, but that's how this offense works and we're not changing it any time soon. Sucks, because I think just having him on the field opens up tons of other opportunities. When he was limping off on Sunday, I immediately thought how it would affect the other WR chances at getting open and defenses stacking the box. Maybe Reynolds will be ready enough to fill the role next year, but I really love Sammy on this team. Hopefully they work something out.