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  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    We'll have to disagree. Even without the Star Wars factor, I thought it was decent. The plot wasn't anything special, but it was a good origin story and I thought the majority of the actors nailed it. Guess I'm in the minority but I actually felt like I was watching a young Lando and even though Ehrenreich doesn't look exactly like Harrison Ford, the way he played the role was great. The actors and the nostalgia made the movie for me. Also, I don't think the black hat was as "un-menacing" as you're making it out to be. The entire focus of the movie was built around smugglers and that way of life. He was about as evil of a bad guy that could be found in that area, especially when you find out who his actual boss is. Now I'm talking strictly about THIS movie. Not about how it relates into future movies, because we don't know that's a certainty yet. For all we know, Boba Fett may not have anything to do with this one, so I'm taking this one as a solo film (sorry, really tried hard to avoid that pun) and because of that, it's about equal to Rogue One in my rankings, although I'm a bit lower than the consensus on that one.
  2. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    This might be my biggest pet peeve. You say it was one of the worst movies you've ever seen, yet you left after an hour. - Ehrenreich actually did a pretty good job as Han. His facial reactions and personality/confidence were perfect. Wouldn't expect you to see that though if you left an hour into it. - Glover fit Lando to a tee. Not sure how you can even say that with a straight face, but he was EXACTLY what I would've pictured Lando from the OT to be when he was younger. - Color scheme? Seriously? - The droid and Clark complaints are justified, but by the end I actually thought Clark did a decent job. It was a good movie. Not great, but far from the worst movie I've ever seen. People overreact to anything nowadays...
  3. Boba Fett to be directed by James Mangold

    I'm still holding out hope for a Darth Maul one, but doubt it ever happens.
  4. Blockbuster offer I can't refuse?

    I tested the water for Hunt first, but no one bit. The guy who sent me this offer said he would give like a 1st and maybe a 2nd or 3rd, which I don't think is worth it after what we saw last year. I can try the Michael Thomas thing, but I know that owner is pretty attached to him and doesn't get into fantasy mode until closer to August.
  5. Our bullpen is so freaking bad. It's like if we bring someone in and they don't give up a run it's a surprise.
  6. Alright, I just got an offer that I never saw coming in a million years. I'll try to keep it short and sweet and highlight all the main points. - 10 team, standard scoring, 3 keeper league - Can keep a player at no cost for as long as you like without any penalties - Currently the back to back champion, which has been done before, but no one has ever gotten the 3peat - Plan on keeping Bell, David Johnson, Hunt (but can only start 2 RB) and have the #3 and #10 picks in the 1st round - Planned on trading Hunt to improve other areas - Got offered two 2018 1sts, a 2018 3rd, and a 2019 1st for Johnson If I accept the trade, I'll have Bell and Hunt, along with the following picks for this year along with two 1sts for next year: #3, #4, #6, #10, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, etc The guy with the #1 pick really wants Saquon, but said he would accept #4 and #10 for #1. So if I do that, I would go into the season with: Bell Hunt Saquon #3 (Julio/Evans/Keenan) #6 (Evans/Keenan/Allen Robinson) plus whoever I get in the next rounds Last thing to consider is that midseason before the trade deadline, I can use my two future 1sts to stack my team for the postseason (ie trade for a Rodgers or a Gronk) So with all that being said, do I trade away David Johnson? Thanks! If you need any questions answered, feel free to ask them with your post and I'll answer them too!
  7. Deadpool 2

    I have no willpower and clicked on this, knowing I won't be seeing it until tonight. Thank you gents for not spoiling anything. I'm so freakin pumped!
  8. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    I would strongly recommend against doing that.
  9. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Do we have proof of this? I feel like this gets thrown around way too much when odds are it's false and was started by some random TLJ hater.
  10. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    The situation is taking both lives, not the person. The person did nothing to bring the deadly scenario on, and they are not choosing to take one's life, they are choosing to save one. This isn't a glass half empty/full scenario. By your logic, not choosing and letting both die would be a double homicide, so finding yourself in that situation makes you a murderer before you even decide what to do. I can't even believe this is a discussion.
  11. MCU: The Rankings

    Why so low on Winter Soldier? IMO that's the best out of all and it's not really that close, even as good as the others are. That movie is just amazing.
  12. MCU: The Rankings

    1. Captain America: Winter Soldier 2. Avengers: Infinity War 3. Iron Man 4. Guardians of the Galaxy 5. The Avengers 6. Black Panther 7. Civil War 8. Doctor Strange 9. Thor 10. Captain America: First Avenger 11. Age of Ultron 12. Ant-man 13. GOTG 2 14. Ironman 2 15. Thor: The Dark World 16. Ironman 3 Haven't seen Hulk, Spiderman, or Ragnarok yet.
  13. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    I agree with this, but when he hits, it's hilarious. The "I'll do you one better, WHY is Gamora?" from his back part had me crying.
  14. Draft Discussion Thread

    Pretty sure avery and Apke are gone
  15. Draft Discussion Thread

    Finally checking in here. After the first two picks, I was a little annoyed but know we need OL depth so I was fine with it. Then we took Franklin and traded our last 4th to gain ANOTHER 6th. I was pissed. Then that trade cost us Griffin and let him go to the Hawks, and I almost broke my phone. Then we drafted Kiser, traded Tavon, and drafted Ogbo, and TOTALLY REDEEMED OURSELVES!