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  1. Not to mention OSP took him to a decision right after he popped for steroids. You can't tell me being on the juice didn't help his earlier performances, because someone that dominant should be able to finish that dude. You can't be the GOAT and have been caught cheating (more than once).
  2. Looking good now, but did Hendo get hurt on that last carry?
  3. That same 49ers team just stomped Belicheck. I do get your point about the only wins coming against NFC East teams, but the Eagles were able to hang in there with the Steelers and the Dak-led Cowboys team was still pretty good.
  4. Awesome card. Khabib is tied for GOAT for me. Him and GSP are 1/2 with Silva right behind. Spider just hung around too long, but Khabib has never really been in trouble in his entire career. Also pumped Rob won. Nothing against JC but Whittaker is such a likeable dude. Now make Dustin/Conor the title fight and get the diamond his belt!!!
  5. I'm out but thanks for the tag in case.
  6. I don't see any way he wins a decision. If it goes 25 min, it won't be because they are on their feet. Then again, I would've bet my life on Stipe/DC not going to a decision in the smaller octagon, so who really knows.
  7. If you're looking at betting on him, take him by finish (most likely KO). If he wins the fight, it won't be a decision.
  8. Snack's got my favorite fight, but I'm just not that interested in the main two fights compared to some of the other cards for some reason.
  9. Yeah maybe we'll learn from last game to have Jalen shadow their top weapon.
  10. Important game here. Bears are 5-1, but I still don't see anything they do exceptional aside of on defense. We need to come out and take this one from the beginning. Can't risk losing back to back games, especially to two teams I think that we are better than. Establish the run with Hendo, pressure Foles, and we'll be good.
  11. Gotta agree with Khabib on this one. Part of getting a 155 title shot is making the weight.
  12. @beekay414 UFC 254 Pick'emKhabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje - 5 pointsRobert Whittaker vs Jared Cannonier - 2 pointsAlexander Volkov vs Walt Harris - 1 pointMagomed Ankalaev vs Ion Cutelaba - 4 pointsStefan Struve vs Tai Tuivasa - 3 points
  13. My buddy hates superhero movies with a passion and I finally got him to start this. Got a message on Saturday saying that he got caught up binging it the night before and is almost done with season 1. This definitely isn't a superhero movie type show even if it has superheroes in it.
  14. Too little too late unfortunately. I really love Mcvay, but he has one or two games a year where he gets too cute and costs us a win. No way Jimmy G and their banged up defense should've beat us like this. Henderson needs to be the starter and the run needs to be established early moving forward.
  15. If we punch those last two in, we're potentially tied right now. I can't believe that last drive. Defense once again figures it out at halftime. Wish they didn't wait until the break to make adjustments, but it's good to see from that unit.
  16. Unbelievable. The run gets you down there and you abandon it on 3rd and 4th. If you know you're going to go for it on 4th, you run it straight up the gut twice.
  17. He's gonna be the hot hand every game though. Make him the starter and give him 2 of every 3 drives. Akers can play the change of pace roll similar to Henderson last year, but Hendo has earned the starting gig. He should be in the Gurley role.
  18. Like it seems so obvious to me. The one drive we scored on, Henderson got the rock a ton. The TD itself was only difficult because the penalty pushed us back. That was the only drive we scored on and established the run. Why aren't we continuing to do it. Henderson has been great this season, but it seems like Mcvay has his mind made up about this committee thing and will stick to it no matter what.
  19. I have to be missing something. I don't understand why Henderson isn't in the game the majority of the times (especially at least ONE of the first two drives after halftime), and why we aren't running the ball. The pass is not going to work unless the defense has to worry about the run. I'm so confused.
  20. No idea why we decided to start this game passing. Should've established the run right away like we've been doing. And if Sam Sloman is on this team next week, I'm starting another petition.
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