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  1. LET'S GO!!!!!!!! So pumped for Diamond. Great gameplan with the legkicks, but I was scared when Conor was starting to land a little. His combination of power, speed, and accuracy is still so nasty. Probably my biggest MMA win as a fan. Only other two fights that would've beaten that is if he beat Khabib or Rashad beat Bones.
  2. Thanks for killing my parlay right off the bat Roundtree...
  3. I just feel like more money will come in on Conor once it becomes official. If he comes out and looks to be in good shape, people in Vegas will be throwing more money down on him swinging the odds even more. He's fought Floyd Mayweather, so people will automatically go with the big name. I'm throwing money on diamond ML and a sprinkle on diamond by finish. Nothing that'll break the bank but I feel like he's got a much better shot than the odds are giving him.
  4. It did. I still liked everything else about the ending, but that was really bad. Still not enough to ruin the rest of the show though.
  5. Waiting til after the weigh ins to get my bet in on Poirier. Line will probably get even better.
  6. This. People are so dramatic when discussing GoT. It's still a fantastic show even with falling off, and the ending (aside of the last new king part) wasn't even that bad.
  7. I agree with the Reynold's part. I don't think you can concretely say that Goff not going deep is on him. If no one is open, he's making the right call by not throwing it into coverage. It's almost like he's damned if he does throw it and causes a turnover and damned if he doesn't.
  8. And you know this? I'd say there's better odds that they hoped someone already on the team could fill that role.
  9. I also think the "Goff lost his throwing power at 26 years old" one is hilarious.
  10. Was on my honeymoon in Thailand (just snuck it in before travel restrictions). Because of the time difference, I was asleep when the news broke and woke up to my group chat blowing up. A couple of my friends are HUGE Kobe fans, and while I have gotten a little out of basketball over the past few years (Jimmy Buckets to the Heat brought me back), he was always one of my favorites. The part that hit me was how it happened so suddenly and that his daughter was with him. It was bittersweet to actually see the majority of people come together though in a year of such division. People tend to
  11. I'll probably just stick to pickem but I like the idea. I just have a bunch going on right now and probably wouldn't be able to get them in this weekend.
  12. Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor - 5Dan Hooker vs Michael Chandler - 4Jessica Eye vs Joanne Calderwood - 6Matt Frevola vs Ottman Azaitar - 9Marina Rodriguez vs Amanda Ribas - 3Nasrat Haqparast vs Arman Tsarukyan - 8Brad Tavares vs Antonio Carlos Junior - 7Julianna Pena vs Sara McMann - 2Khalil Roundtree vs Marcin Prachnio - 1
  13. Oh the same guy that wanted Goff benched for Sean freakin Mannion before we went to the Superbowl has inside intel on no one wanting Goff. Please, tell me more.
  14. I thought it was fine early on, horrible midseason, and got a lot better the past few weeks. Mcvay's biggest problem is and has always been getting away from the run. Establishing that is what this offense needs to open up the pass, and with the defense we had, there was no excuse to have your QB throwing 30 times in the first half. If Goff isn't our QB next year, we better have found a realistic way of trading for Watson without killing the rest of the team. Those are the only two options I'd be happy with. Im not sure what's going on with Mcvay and Goff, but they better get their act t
  15. Love how you emphasize the rib injury he suffered back in November but conveniently leave off the thumb injury Goff has on his throwing hand. Never change Flounch.
  16. My thing is, you can't write off a 26 year old pocket passer just yet, and especially one that has shown the potential that Goff did in 2017/2018. If you guys were there with Rodgers in 2018/19, would people have been correct in giving up on him as well? Hell no. Before people put words in my mouth, I'm not saying Goff is Rodgers. He's not and will probably never have the pocket awareness/mobility that a guy like Rodgers does. Just illustrating a point. And who are you really going to move on from Goff for? Yeah, if the Rams could somehow get Watson I'd be for it, but that's not rea
  17. I needed a fight like that to watch after the Rams game. Max is getting that belt back.
  18. Let's make that return man also a deep threat and I'm good. Our offense really needs it. For the record, I think Van can be that threat, but he wasn't used that way this year (at least after the first couple weeks).
  19. Anyone watching the press conferences? I saw Mcvay, but no one else has come out yet.
  20. Congrats to the Pack. Good luck the rest of the way.
  21. Yeah I honestly am horrible with the cap, so if it doesn't save us much, you're probably right to just roll with the continuity. He's not the problem, but he also isn't playing up to what's expected from him. If it won't save us much, then you're probably right to address the other areas though.
  22. Haven't looked into it yet, but he's not playing up to his contract. If we need some cap, that would be an area I'd look into.
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