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  1. Trying to decide RB 2 and Flex. RB1: Chubb RB2: Mitchell Flex: James Robinson or Chase Claypool? I am really nervous about James Robinson going against a tough defense and his usage in Week 1 was very disappointing. Thanks in advance!
  2. I've been wishing for years that the Packers would invest high capital draft picks on the defensive line. Kenny Clark is a stud but he can't do it on his own. Our secondary has the potential to be great, but if our defensive line can't stop the run or pressure the QB that won't happen.
  3. It was amazing. The wife and I had just gotten home from the Rainier's game when we turned it on. The Kelenic and Murphy walks were so clutch and I just started gigging as soon as Moore hit that grand slam. I love this team.
  4. Gilbert was terrific today. It's great to see him settling in and pitching well. I know we are not playing very well but there are definitely some intriguing guys on this team right now that have some promise. Fraley is playing really well and continues to get on base. JP Crawford is the best hitter on the team right now and playing phenomenal defense. We just need to get healthy.
  5. Lots of talented DL still available, hopefully we grab one of them today. Nixon, Wilson, Shelvin, Togiai, Slaton, Brown III, Tufele, and Tuipulotu all still available.
  6. I love this pick and it's awesome this kid wanted to be a Packer from day one. I really like his size and quickness. He is going to be a physical slot and he immediately upgrades our return game on ST.
  7. Do not want Landon Dickerson. I don't care how good he is with all the injuries he's sustained in college. I would be ok with him later in the draft but certainly not at 29.
  8. I have noticed Jenkins falling in a few mocks here recently. If he is there at 29, sprint that card to the podium. I had a lot of fun watching this kid's film. He would be perfect at RT.
  9. If Caleb Farley falls to 29 do we take him? It would be so tempting but considering our medical staff I can't see us pulling the trigger on him.
  10. Three wide receiver sets have become increasingly common across the NFL which is why it is important to have a strong nickel corner. They are basically starters on the defense at this point. I believe Molden is the best nickel corner in the draft. While he may not be the biggest or fastest guy around he has incredible feel for where he needs to be with great route anticipation. I love his physicality too, he comes down hard on ball carriers and plays a lot bigger than his size indicates.
  11. 1st Round (29th overall) - Jalen Mayfield OT Michigan 6-5 320 lbs Mayfield is a very athletic tackle that has the potential to play on either side. He’s got the length and size that you look for in a bookend. He’s more proficient in run blocking than as a pass protector at the moment but his upside is immense. He leaves Michigan with only 15 starts under his belt (played in 2 games in 2020) which makes his evaluation incomplete. I would be very excited to see what Stenavich could do with this kid. 2nd Round (62nd overall) - Elijah Molden DB University of Washington 5
  12. Probably my favorite mock I've seen this offseason between the free agent additions and the draft. Nice work
  13. I am intrigued by Nielsen. The Saints have always gotten a lot out of their defensive lines and our line is one of the weakest units on the team.
  14. Not a fan to be honest. We really need help at IDL and OT. IDL, OT, and CB are the biggest needs for this team IMO.
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