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  1. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Massively disappointed with denzel Ward? Why?
  2. Almost Draft Day

    3 first round picks? Yeah, no....
  3. Bowser's Last Mock Before Draft Day

    Love the trade down for the Bears. Ryan Pace clearly likes to move up and down throughout the draft. McGlinchey is a questionable pick though, as RT isn’t a top 5 need with Bobby Massie there. Not only that but Pace values supreme athletes at major positions of need, OLB or OG. Marcus Davenport is the easy pick here, a lot of guys in the bears forum are mocking him at 8.
  4. Draft Rumors

    Ryan Pace has traded up 2 out of his 3 drafts and there were reputable rumors he made a huge push to trade up for Jalen Ramsey in the 1 draft he didn’t trade up. Bet dollars to donuts if Chubb is there at 5, Pace will be active in trying to move up.
  5. Then say goodbye to Hunter. Fact is Vikes have too many cooks in the kitchen.
  6. Potential trades in the top 10

    I’d be surprised if Tampa traded out of #7. With one of Barkley/Nelson more likely than not being available.
  7. TheVillain112 2018 1st Round Mock v1.0...

    Bryce Callahan was one of the highest rated NCBs in the NFL by PFF last season and is also only 26 years old. Pace is a needs based drafter (White/Floyd/Trubisky), NCB/S is probably not in the top 5. Seems like you’re trying a little too hard to be “different” here. Marcus Davenport or Quenton Nelson make MUCH more sense. Wander in the Bears forum and try to find me a mock done by anyone in the past 3 months that has Fitz as the Pick at 8.... Not saying the guys in there are the be all end all but the knowledge of this team and front office is HIGH.
  8. Bears Offseason Tracker

    Gotta love videos like that. I’d agree about White despite the like 2 seconds of him lol. Noticed #99 Lynch in the same frame as Fuller, so he’s clearly working with the starters. He did have 6 sacks under Vic as a rookie.... how many rookies would come in and produce 6+ sacks? Maybe 2 in Chubb/Davenport? He’s a guy that we might be sleeping on that’s gunna have a much more prominent role than some of us think...
  9. TABT

    Can anyone recommend a good home security camera that’s reasonably priced? Just looking for one to put by the front door of my sisters house. She had her first kid March 24th but is home alone all day. I’ve been dropping my two Boxers off (80lbs and 65lbs) before I go to work everyday but there has been multiple break ins the past month several blocks over. (Bad neighborhood in Albuquerque) Maybe @CBears019 knows of something? Thanks though guys!
  10. TheVillain112 2018 1st Round Mock v1.0...

    Where do you put Fitz in Chicago’s defense? Eddie Jackson and Adrian Amos are one of the more solid Safety tandems in the NFL and both are 24 years old...? I could see at NCB but that seems a little rich for 8 overall don’t you think?
  11. 2 Round Mock w/ Trades

    Hard to complain for Chicago. Nelson/Whitehair/Long would arguably be the best interior OL in the league. Gotta love it for Trubisky going forward. I like Jaire Alexander in the 2nd but reading through the tea leaves, Bears reallllllyyyy like Isaiah Oliver. His DC in Colorado Jim Leavitt is a friend and long time assistant under Vic Fangio. He’s one of 5 players I have slated for the Bears at 39.
  12. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Ward is BPA, Davenport is BPA edge. I would be jumping for joy if we could net two 2nds AND have this dilemma.
  13. Potential trades in the top 10

    At this point, I’d be shocked if all 4 QBs didn’t go in the top 10. I think the Giants at 2, the Browns at 4, the Colts at 6, and the Bears at 8 are all primetime trading spots.
  14. Sell Me On The Guys I'm Not High On

    I see where you’re coming from with Taven Bryan, he really is the definition of boom or bust as ALL the tools are there it’s just a matter of refining some gap responsibilities, hand techniques etc... You put him with a coach like Vic Fangio in that Justin smith role next Akiem Hicks and Eddie Goldman.... watch out.
  15. Character vs Value

    Tough to gauge because NFL teams have much more inside knowledge on these guys than the media is made aware of. Obviously it’s case by case but guys like McDowell/Gregory/Nkemdiche all had major work ethic issues in addition to offfield/legal issues. If becoming a multi-millionaire isn’t insentive enough to bust your butt, what is gunna happen when they do get that contract? Foster and Mathieu were merely off field stuff, on the field and in practice they were seen as extremely hard workers. IMO that’s the difference.