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  1. What players come to mind when you hear “coach killer”

    You have such a vendetta man it’s pathetic 😂
  2. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Good try though. Ravens D wouldn’t hold a candle to the Bears regardless of any numbers.
  3. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    I don’t like the idea of selecting an inferior coach just for the sake of continuity. Reminds me of the Dowell Loggains promotion. The more I think about it the more this really becomes a huge moment for Nagy/Pace. I truly think they were set on Bowles and now are scrambling, yrusting a young up and comer to run the defense in it’s entirety Is about as risky as it gets.
  4. Kyler Murray QB OU

    Why because he’s small? 5’6” 180 lb Tarik Cohen is one of the most durable players on the Bears team. Has yet to miss a game in his 2 year career, and iirc didn’t miss a single college game either.
  5. Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsburry as next Head Coach

    We’re gunna look back at this in 3 years and Kliff will bar none be the best HC hire of 2019.
  6. Jets hire Adam Gase as HC

    I love this hire for the Jets, Gase is one of the better young offensive minds in the game right now and should do wonders with Darnold. Was always a huge Gase fan during his time in chicago
  7. Bengals to hire Rams QB coach Zac Taylor as head coach

    This has “reach” written all over it. I’m certainly glad the Bears got there guy in Nagy. I don’t like any of the candidates this year tbh
  8. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    Any guesses Mike?
  9. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    I think this will be similar to the Helfrich hire... someone out of left field no one expects
  10. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter You read that right... 112-4.... unbelievable man. This is one of those misses that I truly think ends a career for a kicker 99% of the time. No matter the situation, that kick will ALWAYS be in the back of Parkeys head. This is a quick way to divide a locker room if you bring him back. Regardless of the “win as a team lose as a team” there guaranteed are guys in there with some distaste and resentment towards Parkey. His career in Chicago needs to be done and I would be absolutely floored if he wasn’t. What a tough way to end the season though
  11. What Should Arizona Do With the #1 Pick?

    Nick Bosa is THAT good. I stay at #1 and run to the podium
  12. Of all the possble SB scenarios.....

    Bears vs Chiefs would be a really fun one. Nagy vs his mentor
  13. Pro Bowl Team is announced today.

    5 players from the Bears Mack, Hicks, Jackson, Fuller, Cohen and all more then deserving. Glad to see Hicks finally get it, he’s been one of the most under appreciated players in the NFL by non-Bears fans the past couple seasons.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft - Secondary

    Surprised no ones talked about Justin Layne from Michigan State. Great ball skills and has exceptional length at 6’3”. Would love to see the Bears target him in round 3-4
  15. NFC Playoff Contenders

    Talk about two polar opposite ends of the spectrum. Nagy in serious contention for COY and Flip fired from a coordinator position