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  1. NFC North: Who wins it this year?

    I truly think the dynamic that was put in place in GB is going to be a meltdown of epic proportion. Power struggle, new offense, who makes the calls? I just don’t see it ending well. Defense has slightly improved but still mediocre. I think Patricia continues to lose the confidence of his team and this ends up being Stanford’s final season there. Sub 5 wins is my guess. Minnesota has the tools and very well could be a playoff team, all comes down to the elephant in the room, Kirk Cousins. Bears are clearly the team to beat in the N.
  2. NFC North: Who wins it this year?

    To the common fan with limited knowledge on Trubisky, probably.
  3. D Hunter or D Bakhtiari for me
  4. At this point, there isn’t a single ILB in the league is take over Roquan moving forward. And that includes both his draft class peers.
  5. How are your rookies looking?

    Agreed. Not sure he could’ve walked into a better situation than Nagys Offense.
  6. The Adam Shaheen Thread

    Certainly been a disappointment thus far. If he doesn’t make significant strides in year 3 I think the ‘bust’ label is appropriate.
  7. Greatest rivalry in each division

    You’re trying to hard
  8. Greatest rivalry in each division

    I was just about to say man 😂
  9. 2020 Head Coaching Candidates?

    Two interviews in 10 years? The point is Ryan Pace was in the Saints FO for over a decade and when he had a litany of interviews, Carmichael wasn’t even entertained. That says it all, there’s SOMETHING about him which the media/fans don’t know that NFL execs do.
  10. This was a matter of when not if. Both go back to their natural positions. Like this move a lot
  11. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I think after this season Tarik Cohen will very much be up there with Kamara for this title.
  12. Who is poised to be your teams breakout player?

    WR Anthony Miller I think explodes into the scene this season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 1,200 10 TD
  13. MMA Thread

    Come on Dana let’s get a Nick Diaz V Jorge Masvidal. F the rankings what a draw that would be though!
  14. Patriots sign WR Dontrelle Inman

    Boy are you knowledgeable. Anthony Miller my friend, Anthony Miller. Also, are you pretending Inman is in the same ballpark as Gabriel? Not even close statistically. Robinson, Miller, Gabriel, Ridley, Patterson, Emanuel Hall, and then MAYBE Inman at #7
  15. Patriots sign WR Dontrelle Inman

    Decent signing?! Good God. If this is a “decent” signing IYO, your WR Corp is bottom of the barrel. Guy wouldn’t even be in the top 8 WR’s for the Bears