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  1. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Nick's 29 years old. Technically speaking he's in/entering his prime. Plenty of time to trade him.
  2. Eagles cut Kendricks

    There's definitely more than meets the eye here. Kendricks has been demanding to move on from the Eagles for a long time. The Eagles have been trying to move him for a long time. I agree that Kendricks was a decent, but not bad player for us. I definitely would have preferred keeping him. What's confusing is the timing. If this was a money move... what was the point of waiting this long? If cutting him was a foregone conclusion and that we weren't gonna carry his contract... why wait till the start of OTAs to cut him? This just smells like there was an off the record conversation or a series of conversations that went sour and came to a boiling point.
  3. Eagles cut Kendricks

    I don't think anyone is panicking. But it's a bit troublesome that we lost two linebackers in the same day when we know we're already thin there.
  4. Eagles cut Kendricks

    I'll grant you that and he's still better than Nate Gerry and some of our depth players. I'm not saying he's a great player. I'm saying he's worthy of being on the roster given our depth. The Rayne of LBs should be on our roster.
  5. Eagles cut Kendricks

    How can you say that? He's competing against guys like Nate Gerry and it appears that Kendricks was cut before he was hurt. He might have made the roster by default based on the garbage depth we have.
  6. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Probably released him first thing in the morning. That's just bad luck.
  7. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Maybe Mychal made demands to Howie and Howie dropped the hammer lol
  8. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Yeah the timing says something is coming. Why cut a dude as soon as OTAs start.
  9. Eagles cut Kendricks

    My assumption is they've been trying to trade him for a LONG time and couldn't get anything.
  10. True dat, you're the pup dispenser. As you were. P-Hizzle
  11. Carson-Watch: Resurrection Countdown

    RG3 was never a real QB.
  12. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Okay then.
  13. Yeah pretty awful. Howie liked him enough to bring him in.
  14. Carson-Watch: Resurrection Countdown

    You're not wrong. But this doesn't show that he'll be ready for the season opener. Recovery from this type of injury has definitely gotten faster and faster. But the biggest question is when doctors will clear him to take contact. You can run on a repaired ACL at 6 months generally. So the videos showing Carson running and throwing at this point is entirely consistent with recovery even with the slow 1990s timeframe. But we still don't know if he'll be cleared to take any contact. I have no idea if he'll be ready for that and I'm not sure the videos help in that regard. Depends on how along things are inside his knee.