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  1. sweet baby carson, you made ninjapiate laugh at loud, that's a world first
  2. Even if we lose you know there will be a handful of them at every game.
  3. Matt Ryan had a long toss that was just as awful and ducky.
  4. Haven't we had 8 already? Gonna go WAAAY over.
  5. The playoffs!

    Yeah yeah I ignored the Simpsons reference to rag on UF lol
  6. The playoffs!

    Let me help you out:
  7. Check the sig bro. My opinion trumps yours.
  8. Coaches

    Our secondary hasn't been bad but they've been bolstered by a dominant front 7 for most of the year. Even NYG showed how to beat our coverage if a team really wanted to, twice. I don't know why more teams haven't ran slants all day on us like they did.
  9. Coaches

    Pats defense was definitely worse to start the year and it has gotten better.
  10. Gonna guess Nelly just isn't very good at it.
  11. The playoffs!

    Get a room