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  1. Brian Dawkins elected to the Hall of Fame

    That is awesome.
  2. Good dude. I wouldn't blame him if he retired having won back to back Super Bowls.
  3. I don't think that's true at all. I think NFL Execs and scouts have a good foothold on whether a player will succeed or not. Even if they don't, they at least think they do. Their job is to make the best roster possible. If that means drafting a 25 year old that they think has a reasonably high chance of succeeding, I think it's asinine to suggest they'll stay away or even factor age that much into the equation. And 25 isn't even that old. Most players don't even stick around more than 3-4 years with the same team so I don't even understand why we're so hung up on this fantasy of having a guy we draft play in town for 15 years.
  4. That's not even what I'm talking about. First of all the examples you gave are directly contrary to your claim that teams purposefully stay away from these guys. My point is that very few people enter the NFL Draft at age 25 or older because 25 year olds aren't sitting around in college. That's just a fact. The sample size it too small to even be having this conversation. The success rate of kids that are 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24 are still absurdly low because of the high bust rate across drafts. The overwhelming vast majority of drafted players, at any age, are going to be busts. So the small sample size of people age 25 or older obviously makes it difficult to have any discussion as to whether someone is going to fail in the NFL just because you're 25. For the record, the suggestion that a 25 year old, aka someone still well in their physical prime, cannot succeed in the NFL due to their age, is just a preposterous and absurd notion with absolutely no scientific or common sense logic behind it. There's literally nothing that makes a 25 year old less likely to succeed than a 23 year old.
  5. You got any evidence of this? What makes 999% more sense is that kids aren't 25+ when they leave college. I don't think this is even debatable.
  6. Would you take Marcus Smith over a 25 year old that only gives you 3 years of solid play? Of course not. To me it has less to do with risk and reward fantasies and more to do with getting guys who will make your roster stronger. The reality is that most draft picks will fail to give you a single meaningful snap. What I'm saying is if a successful draft pick gives us only a few years of solid play due to age at the time of draft that's a rich man's problem, a good problem to have. It's a hell of a lot better than the Marcus Smith types that often get drafted. I'm not saying it's not ideal to draft a 25 year old, I just think the age thing is a bit overblown.
  7. I think the problem with that is the sample size is almost impossibly small. Almost nobody is getting drafted at 25 or older. But I don't see why that has anything to do with it. Some of the best players in the league are in their 30s. A guy isn't going to be bad just because he's 25 when drafted.
  8. People idealize the "20 years of amazing play with the same organization" too much. This happens with draft picks, trades, free agency, whatever. Football is a short-term game. Rosters turn over like mad every season. Every year's team is substantially different. So if you draft a 25-year old dude and he contributes for only 4 years (exaggerating for example) then what's the big deal? If you have the chance to trade for "Bad Knees" Jay Ajayi as a stopgap for 1-2 years, then what's the big deal if he's not here for 10+ years with healthy knees? It's good to look long-term but this is a short-term game and we all should have learned that lesson from Howie last year.
  9. It really doesn't bother me. We're lucky to get one good snap out of most of our draft picks every year. If the primary concern is that a 25-year old dude wouldn't give us a full decade+ of success, then so what? That already means the guy's a contributor and more successful/productive than the overwhelming majority of draft picks every year. It's not like we're never gonna get other players. If he gives us only 5 years of solid play, why is that a bad thing?
  10. Winning it all with Nick "Nine Yards" Foles is extremely surreal. All those "who should be our QB" debates and it was Nick Foles that out-dueled Tom Brady that got us our first ring. Unreal. I don't think it'll ever feel real.
  11. Do it bruh. I'll probably catch the game in Tampa.
  12. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Just a depth guy. A good camp body.