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  1. Good. Get it done Carson.
  2. All I'm reading is that Dillard should have gone top 20. So how did he fall to us? Is this just other teams being dumb?
  3. Sheriff Miller will restore some discipline to the team.
  4. Would have preferred safety but I’m not mad.
  5. Draft Room - Day 2

    Don’t mind it.
  6. Texans showed their hand. This is why Howie goes to great lengths to create smokescreens. They made it too obvious they wanted Dillard. Good job on the Eagles FO identifying that and getting it done.
  7. Draft Room - Day 2

    This the dude who owns those Dillard’s stores?
  8. Draft Room - Day 2

  9. Draft Room - Day 2

    We win yet?
  10. Ronald Darby returns on 1 year deal

    Given the attrition we had last season, I have no problem loading up on CBs.
  11. Makes sense. Welcome back Vinny!
  12. Desean Jackson traded to the Eagles

    I'm good with this. Never should have been cut by Chip.