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  1. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Could do mini baldies at the end of the season or something.
  2. Welp this hurricane destroyed my apartment lol
  3. eagles v. vikings thread

    Our offense sucks.
  4. Ajayi goes to IR

    Sucks to see a RB tear his acl in a contract year.
  5. eagles v. vikings thread

    Well, to be fair, we don't really run the ball when we're losing. I suspect a lot of that stat has to do with the fact that we abandon the run when we're down, like a lot of teams do.
  6. eagles v. vikings thread

    Diggs is on my fantasy team, I'm OK with this as long as we win.
  7. eagles v. vikings thread

    I feel pretty good about playing against Kirk.
  8. eagles v. vikings thread

    Every Foles throw from last year's NFCCG:
  9. eagles v. vikings thread

    Let's go!
  10. Official Cut Jalen Mills thread

    In defense of Jalen and the defense, they only gave up 12 to the Falcons, 16 to the Colts, 27 to the Bucs (during Fitz-Magic), and 23 to the Titans in regulation. The last two games have obviously been the worst performances, but what the hell is up with the offense? If Mills and the defense holds the Titans to 23 regulation points, I'm expecting a win. Not overtime. Our offense has been slacking. We haven't scored 30 points in any game so far.
  11. The NFC LEast Thread

    How do they define passes of 20+ yards or more? Does a dump off to Zeke that goes for 21 considered a 20+ yard pass? I mean, the fact that Alex Smith is on that list pretty much tells you they're including check-downs that go for 20+ yards. There are lies, damned lies, and then there's statistics.