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  1. How do we feel about Jim Schwartz?

    I think the responses are about where I expected them to be (so far). He's a good DC, but definitely not perfect. Could we find a better replacement? Who knows. But the defense is definitely night and day from the Billy Davis and Juan Castillo days. Good lord. I've disagreed with some of Jim's decisions but I think at the end the results as a whole speak for themselves.
  2. NFC East: Now half good!

    I can make a new poll, but not sure anyone can vote in it for some reason. @Kiltman any ideas?
  3. NFC East: Now half good!

    It doesn't look like I can change the poll without creating a new thread. Let me pay with the options again.
  4. NFL News & General Info Thread

    What's wrong with the logic? Reid coached Pederson in Green Bay and Philadelphia. Reid then got Doug his first NFL job with Philadelphia. Then Reid made Doug his OC in Kansas City, and strongly recommended Lurie hire Doug. Literally, without Reid, there is no Doug, and there is no Lombardi in Philly lol.
  5. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Without Andy, there is no Doug, and without Doug, there is no 2017 Eagles.
  6. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    The man was suspended an entire year for paying players to hurt opposing players. Is this even a debate?
  7. Agreed... we lost the game because the offense only put up 14, not because the defense held the Saints to 20.
  8. To be fair, we had significant depth and personnel issues at RB. I think our run game looks a lot better with healthy Ajayi and Clement. Sproles just doesn't have "it" anymore on a consistent basis, and Smallwood and Adams are meh type players.
  9. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    Jenkins is better than that and the Saints are pretty annoying. Both can be true simultaneously.
  10. I think Graham comes back. Howie loves Graham. The money won't make sense but it'll be an "emotional intelligence" move and not a financially intelligent one. Golden Tate needs to be gone. I don't fault the Eagles for trying. But he looks like an average WR who isn't really competing that hard. He just seems nonchalant. Sproles needs to retire. Not sure about Darby. Young guys filled in nicely. Jordan Matthews might stick around as a depth player. He probably still wants to play with Carson. Ajayi probably gone. Need to draft a legitimate starting RB. Elliott needs a ten year contract.