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  1. LOL is all I have to say. What a crap show that was.
  2. I'm conflicted because the starting OL is in shambles, and our WRs are nobodies. But at the same time he's screwing up things he shouldn't be screwing up. I mean we don't have Miles Sanders, Zach Ertz, haven't had Alshon, won't have Desean... we need some help, but at the same time, Carson isn't helping himself, making stupid decisions. I don't know how much we can blame the supporting cast on Carson holding the ball forever.
  3. Think both Doug and Carson are trying too hard. We're seeing new problems this year that we haven't in the past few years.
  4. Certainly in recent memory. I'm sure there have been other bad ones. Ultimately it's still a win over Dallas.
  5. I think the premise of the idea is that it would be a neutral-site game.
  6. It's comical how many players we're missing. We should just tank the year and load up on draft picks. Oh wait Howie's gonna waste those anyways
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