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  1. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    Yeah, just seems like y'all are pretty ravaged with injuries right now, while we just got our franchise QB back and should have some RBs back.
  2. Around the NFL - Week 3

    Thought Bennett would have a bigger impact too. But I'm not overly concerned with our pass-rush at this point.
  3. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    We're only 3 or 4 point favorites?
  4. Hasn't that been the case pretty much every season for a decade?
  5. It was kind of sad seeing Luck taken off the field for the hail mary toss.
  6. Around the NFL - Week 3

    He's just a disruptive player who can make plays if you focus too much on Cox, or can open things up for Cox if they pay attention to him. A DT who can make plays from the interior is a pretty rare thing.
  7. The NFC East Thread

    How does Dak have two touchdowns in three games lol.
  8. The Colts are scrappy. Impressed with how they played. Reich will have them rolling.
  9. Defending the Linc

    No idea how these things come and go, but I'm glad it's back.
  10. Around the NFL - Week 3

    Dallas at 1-2 makes me hard.
  11. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Ashamed to report that we shouldn't even think about drafting any FSU players. Do not touch with a fifteen foot pole.