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  1. It's comical how many players we're missing. We should just tank the year and load up on draft picks. Oh wait Howie's gonna waste those anyways
  2. Hanging on to washed up vets and completely whiffing on young talent has finally become too much for this team to overcome.
  3. Fulgham (sp?) > Jerry Rice, Megatron, and Julio Jones combined.
  4. The Eagles being a glorious dumpster fire. It's more fun to watch with others.
  5. Still looked shaky on SNF. But maybe a little better than we've seen. Good throw to Fulgram (sp?) in stride. I don't think we can give up on Carson until we fix the OL and get some WR talent.
  6. What rule said we had to hire guys from the Orioles to run our team??
  7. Very strange victory, but I'll take it. Who the hell are Alex Singleton and Travis Fulgram??? That pretty much sums up the 2020 Eagles.
  8. I haven't watched the Eagles as closely as others around here but yeah... I mean it's hard to argue that outside the TE position he hasn't had a lot of help. On the other hand, the mistakes Carson has made aren't really WR issues as far as I can tell. He's just missing them completely.
  9. Not bad points. We haven't seen the Carson we saw pre-ACL tear, and neither has the franchise. I guess I could expand the evaluation period to anything he's done since he's come back, which is basically playing at an average level at best. Even if they couldn't evaluate this offseason, there's plenty of sample size at this point suggesting Carson won't be the QB we once saw play at a MVP level. The Jalen pick was shocking because we still believed Carson was a franchise QB. With each passing game where he looks like anything but a franchise QB... the less shocking the Jalen pick gets.
  10. Anyone else think the franchise was already worried about Carson? The drafting of Hurts makes a whole lot more sense if they already knew Carson was looking poor in practice or something.
  11. Anyone else think Doug thought overtime would continue after the punt? This is like a repeat of when McNabb didn't know the overtime rules against the Bengals.
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