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  1. The NFC East Thread

    Yeah it'd be symbolic, but still I'd like to see their efforts honored in some way.
  2. We could use a MONSTER at MLB. Someone who can stay healthy preferably. We should add OL depth every year.
  3. The NFC East Thread

    we should just give all the Eagles greats a ring, lurie can afford it easy
  4. The NFC East Thread

    Just beat em and forget about it
  5. I mean I don't know if you can glorify your QB more than calling him "The next Tom Brady" as they've done for Dak. There's a Dallas fan out there somewhere that calls Brady the "prequel" to Dak. Book it.
  6. Yeah that would have been no bueno
  7. What's that Queen song? I want it Haul I want it Haul I want it Haul And I want it now!
  8. The NFC East Thread

    He looked like such a defeatist too. Carson and Co. go 3-and-out like six straight times and Carson gets hit in the head and he's talking to people on the sidelines and has his nose in the Microsoft Surface studying the defense. They showed Dak nearly in tears on the bench sitting all alone doing nothing hanging his head. That was even before the game got out of hand.
  9. The NFC East Thread

    I agree that great pressure is how you beat a great QB. But not all QBs get rattled once you hit them once or twice. Brady, Brees, Big Ben, Peyton, Eli, Rodgers, etc. might get hit one play but then they act like it never happened the next. That's sort of like Carson is too, he gets better the play after he takes a big hit (i.e. Panthers game). I'm talking about literally hearing footsteps where there are none. Dak looked afraid to be on that field.
  10. Maybe he's the emergency emergency KR/PR or something, I dunno.
  11. Shelton Gibson seems like the kind of player the Giants would steal from our practice squad and end up being an all pro or something, for no other reason other than it'd be annoying as hell to us.