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  1. I feel pretty good about playing against Kirk.
  2. Every Foles throw from last year's NFCCG:
  3. In defense of Jalen and the defense, they only gave up 12 to the Falcons, 16 to the Colts, 27 to the Bucs (during Fitz-Magic), and 23 to the Titans in regulation. The last two games have obviously been the worst performances, but what the hell is up with the offense? If Mills and the defense holds the Titans to 23 regulation points, I'm expecting a win. Not overtime. Our offense has been slacking. We haven't scored 30 points in any game so far.
  4. How do they define passes of 20+ yards or more? Does a dump off to Zeke that goes for 21 considered a 20+ yard pass? I mean, the fact that Alex Smith is on that list pretty much tells you they're including check-downs that go for 20+ yards. There are lies, damned lies, and then there's statistics.
  5. >Opposing WR double moves Jalen. >Jalen goes all noodle-legs and his legs are all tied up in a pretzel. >Jalen face-plants. Jalen's face mask is stuck in the dirt and he can't move. >Meanwhile, opposing WR is 40 yards downfield with a perfect pass headed his way. >Opposing WR drops pass.
  6. 10 out of 10 Dallas fans would trade Dak for Wentz. #facts
  7. Anyone else getting the sense that the pendulum had swung back and offenses now have a significant upper hand over defenses this year? I swear last year we were all talking about how defensive lines were dominating offensive lines and how offenses around the league just looked bad. But this year the tables have flipped. Whatever offensive coached did this off-season to adjust, it's working. There really isn't a "good defense" out there, is there? Maybe the Rams? But even they've given up 23 and 31 in consecutive weeks. Vikings defense ain't doing much, and neither is ours. The NFL feels like the Big-12 this year. Maybe it's because of the rule changes that's making things harder and harder for defensive players. Whatever the case, there isn't a defense in the league that escapes at least some criticism.
  8. Good question. I haven't seen this kid struggle on the field. I don't know why the staff won't play him.
  9. Some in the media are stroking Maddox. Yeah, he had the pick (that Mariota threw right to him) but aside from that, he wasn't that good, at all.
  10. He had some misses last week but this past Sunday was the worst I've ever seen him. I think that's kudos to the Titans for making things hard to decipher. I really didn't see any pre-snap adjustments that we usually get out of Carson to take advantage of the rush. Maybe we're all not giving Mike Vrabel enough credit. This was the first time in a long time we saw our staff get outmatched strategically.
  11. Yeah, it gives them a lot of points. And it inflates pass-catching RBs. You should look into half point PPR or (in my case) I just adjust the points for WRs in my friends league to account for their point explosion.
  12. Bell isn't worth what he's asking for. Not even close.
  13. I do agree maybe there's a little overreaction going on. It's still early in the season. We were pretty bad early last year too. Remember the Kansas City game? This is a team that ramped up last year. A lot of people forget about this, but remember that epic walk-off Jake Elliott field goal against the Giants? That was a home game folks. We were tied with the Giants almost headed into overtime. We could have lost that game pretty easily. These guys won the Super Bowl. Yesterday sucked but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  14. I took Blount last year, will take the Jay Train this year.
  15. Yuup. If we asked about McLeod before he got hurt, I'm sure many would be like "he sucks" or is "below average." This is a good lesson... the grass ain't always greener. Sometimes you need average players who do their jobs.
  16. If you sprain it maybe, not if you tear it.
  17. He's one of those high motor guys who don't loaf on the field, but there's a reason why he was a 7th round pick (aside from the character issues). He's just not that talented. Our pass rush last year masked a lot of problems. Completely made-up but not-too-far-from-the-truth breakdown of possible outcomes when thrown at Mills: 40% completed pass 40% defensive pass interference 15% unforced incomplete pass 5% pass breakup or clean coverage that results in an incomplete pass
  18. Really don't know wtf was going on with the pass protection. I haven't seen it that bad in a few years.
  19. I can't believe how much money he has made being an awful QB.
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