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  1. @Matts4313 Cmon bro, most of us are here for the lulz. You'll know when we're actually talking football and when we're trying to shoehorn you into a Dak lover. People tend to dig their heels in when they talk about sports. We did the same garbage here all the time, dating all the way back to whether we should draft Brian Leonard or Brandon Meriweather. Pro-McNabb or anti-McNabb? Pro-Reid or anti-Reid? Pro-Chip or Anti-Chip? People take their positions and can't see through the crap. As an outside with no dog in the fight, I really have no f'n idea how Jason Garrett still has a job. Dude is the definition of average. He's in the same league as Marvin Lewis. How in the hell is that guy still a head coach? Do some franchises like going 8-8 every year? It's baffling. Dak or no Dak, you guys have talent. You have a better OL than most and a guy who should be the league's top-3 RB. One of the main criticisms of Dak was that he would chuck it up to Witten and Dez and they'd somehow come down with the ball. They're gone, and weren't replaced. Dak isn't good enough to elevate no-namers. He needs premier weapons to succeed. The Eagles were a disaster circa 2014. An abject disaster. And we were still winning 10 games. The Eagles made the shocking and difficult decision to fire Chip Kelly and bring in a guy two years removed from coaching high-school football. We also revamped the roster top to bottom. Dallas needs to cleanse their hands of the Garrett regime and hire a real general manager. Until then, y'all are going to suck, Dak or not.
  2. But that really only tells half the story. Sam Bradford is one of the most efficient quarterbacks, but he sucks. Same with Dak. So does Alex Smith. What separates championship winning QBs is that they're able to make those downfield throws when they need to, even in an era where most passes are high-efficiency, low-risk.
  3. Yup. Back in the late 2000s, we all knew that the league was becoming more pass heavy. Andy Reid was certainly ahead of that curve. But some of those passing offenses were still running vertical offenses. But within the pass-heavy era, offenses have evolved to abandon vertical passing and instead go toward conservative, dink and dunk "high efficiency" type passing offenses. A dumpoff to a RB used to be a "check down" but now it's becoming a staple of many offenses. The underlying theory is that by having a high efficiency, low risk passing attack form the basis of an offense, you negate the risk of interceptions. That's why we're having unprecedented levels of QB rating and QB performance overall. QBs aren't throwing interceptions at the rate they used to, because a lot of offenses have abandoned those high-risk throws. They're all running low-risk passing offenses. It also helps you win, as you said.
  4. I remember that. I still remember how spaced out he sounded after he was drafted. They asked him what he was doing when he got the phone call and he said he was just staring at the ceiling lol.
  5. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    Man, what happened to that Vikings defense?
  6. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    Need to see Goff in adverse situations. Right now, the talent on that team is letting him do whatever he wants to opposing defenses. Plus, that Vikings defense just made Josh Allen look like a Hall of Fame quarterback, so we'll see.
  7. The market is pretty bare. I say move Rasul.
  8. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    Also a hard 1-2 in fantasy. With McCaffrey on BYE I'm gonna have to start Dalvin tonight on a bum hamstring.
  9. @Matts4313 Please tell me what in the hell a "hot boyz" is because without the context is just looks like some pedo thing lol.
  10. Think this is one of those guys we underappreciate while healthy.
  11. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    What league do you play in that grants points to WRs for having DPI against them? Do you do PPP? Points per penalty? Or do you get points per penalty yards?
  12. Week 4: VIKINGS (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)

    Any word on how much Dalvin is practicing today?
  13. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    He can't come back soon enough.
  14. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    Yeah, just seems like y'all are pretty ravaged with injuries right now, while we just got our franchise QB back and should have some RBs back.
  15. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    Thought Bennett would have a bigger impact too. But I'm not overly concerned with our pass-rush at this point.
  16. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    We're only 3 or 4 point favorites?
  17. Hasn't that been the case pretty much every season for a decade?
  18. It was kind of sad seeing Luck taken off the field for the hail mary toss.
  19. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    He's just a disruptive player who can make plays if you focus too much on Cox, or can open things up for Cox if they pay attention to him. A DT who can make plays from the interior is a pretty rare thing.