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  1. For me the sooner we fire the 3 of them (Gase, Loggains, Williams) the better. Just to get the stink out. I’d promote Jefferson to HC, Cooter OL and Bush DL. I’d also hire a real QB coach (McCown, Pennington, someone, anyone). if Sam and the rest of the team respond well, we win 2 or 3 games, and stay in games at least until the 4th quarter, I’d be okay with not getting TL.. The key is Sam playing well. If he doesn’t, regardless of the coach, I think we’ll have a hard time winning more than 1or 2 games.
  2. Up until yesterday I was skeptically optimistic regarding JD. Not signing Robby for 10m but signing Perriman for 6 was a big negative. Trying to address to OL in FA and the draft was a big positive. Not drafting a 2nd WR was another negative. Trading Adams was a wash. The guy wanted to go and will probably be a great Safety for a long time, but he was a safety, not an elite pass rusher or shut down corner, or dominating Interior Lineman. Getting two firsts could pay dividends In the long run. But yesterday by releasing Bell he signaled to the world that he was all in on Gase. That scares me. Btw, I also retired and move to Florida Over 7 years ago and I don’t watch the Hallmark channel. I play Video Games.
  3. I agree and ask for what purpose....IMO, 2nd biggest mistake, after Robby/Perriman, that JD made. We had a young pro bowl type veteran, drafted a versatile back, had a 23 year old former college star in Adams, no need to sign Gore. When Bell went down we could have just resigned Powell, as insurance, for a few games. This team, *which might turn out to be the worst in team history, needs an infusion of youth. *the 76 team had a point differential of -15, Kotite’s two years were -10 and -11, this year we’re at-17.
  4. right, he actually gave a press conference stating he resigned as our coach due to “various uncertainties” with the new ownership. I think He just wanted back in NE with Kraft.
  5. I’m looking forward to the Seattle Miami game. With what is suppose to be a great defense and Allen throwing for over 400 yards, the Dolphins were an onside kick and FG away from tying Buffalo and than beat up on Jacksonville. Seattle’s defense is not good. This could be a wild game. the Cleveland Dallas game could also be fun. Will it be a Elliott vs Chubb and Hunt, or will Dak continue throwing the ball 45-50 times a game.
  6. Lol. Great point. I have watched all 3 Dolphin games and they are what I hoped we’d be, a young team that never gives up. Even if Fitz goes on an int spree, they actually have a potential stud in Tua, ready to step in. I seriously doubt we can beat them. The Broncos have been decimated with injuries and are probably our best chance for a win. At this point Arizona, Cleveland, LAC, LAR, KC, Seattle, LVR, NE, Buffalo are, IMO, better than us.In fact 5 of those teams (Seattle, LAR, Buffalo, NE and KC) will probably be among the top 8 teams at the end season. IMO, after tonight, Sam will have to start playing like Allen or Goft for us to get to 5 wins As to the mock draft, if by some miracle we are drafting 4th or 5th, I like it. Chase, Olave and Mims along with Crowder and JUJu (or my preferences - Godwin, Golladay or Westbrook) have the potential to be a very good to excellent receiving group. You also addressed edge, OL and CB. Well done.
  7. If anyone is interested here are a bunch of big boards from around the web. Most are between 25-50 deep so there might be some players missing from the 150 listed in their consensus. The only one I noticed was wide receiver Damonte Coxie from Memphis, probably my favorite late 2nd early 3rd round receiver https://www.nflmockdraftdatabase.com/big-boards/2021
  8. OTC shows us with about $31m cap space now and About $131m cap liability next year (for 34 players). If OTC is correct, doesn’t that mean we have over $75m cap room next season? (175-131+31)
  9. No fans for Bills first two home games according to The following https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/fans-at-nfl-games-2020-covid-19-attendance-tickets/1vh5xyd47cokq17yykgepds6zi
  10. Since nobody would trade a 7th for him, I think it’s pretty safe to think he’ll not be picked up through the wavier process. IMO, once he’s a free agent he’ll probably sign with a playoff team such as Seattle, LAR, NO, Philadelphia or Pittsburgh
  11. I tried not to be too pessimistic but darn, I can see that too. Of course 0-16 has only been done twice so it’s safe to say we’ll win some games but Miami, probably our weakest opponent, really improved themselves. Even with Fitz as their starting QB, having Williams for the year and adding. Jordan Howard and Austin Jackson, maybe Hunt, should improve their offense. It’s on defense that I think they really struck gold by adding Van Noy, Ogbah, and Jones plus that Noah I draft pick and Weaver. if Tua is healthy and takes over the starting job, they could make a run for the playoff or division title.
  12. I mostly agree. Sam will show a lot of improvement with his field vision and mechanics but he will still be running for his life. I ‘m with you on the stats although I was thinking more 3800, 25-13. The revamped OL will be improved in run blocking but will suffer in pass protection. Becton will definitely be an upgrade in the run game but could be destroyed by good pass rushers like Bosa, Jones, Donald, Houston, Crosby, Phillips, Garrett and Armstead. Perriman will be adequate on deep passes on single coverage but disappear if he’s double covered by a safety. Not sure what Mims will do. I’m hoping for a second Brandon Marshall but will be happy with a year like Preston Williams was having in Miami before he was injured. I heard that Bell was held out of practice because of a hamstring but he tweeted that there was nothing wrong with his hamstring. This isn’t going to end well i think Foly, Q Etc. will keep us top 5 in run defense. I worry about our Pass defense. Hopefully Davis, Hall and Austin can become quality starters. I think Maye, Avery and Jenkins will be good against the run but on pass rushing and pass defense I think our linebackers will be the weak link.
  13. Too many ifs, not only with us (Sam,OL, WRs, Secondary) but also with other teams. Murray and Hopkins could make Arizona real dangerous Lock, Jeudy and Hamer could transform Denver’s offense into one that’s actually good Rivers with the change of scenery and the Indy OL might have a rebound year Carr could play with a chip on his shoulder because of all the rumors about trading him Cam, if healthy, might reinvent the NE offense. if Baker has his head on straight, he has the weapons to return to his rookie year form Tua and Herbert will probably start the season on the bench but how long will that last? if our offense is middle of the pack, I can see us winning 7-9 games, otherwise we could easily see a 4-12 season
  14. Mack also had over 300 tackles and 70 TFL while Yannick has 123 and 42. So, IMO no comparison., at least based on their first four years. I’d also be a little concerned that Yannick’s production was partially a benefit of playing opposite Campbell for three years. However, I’d be willing to pay him the 17.8m he’ll earn this year but I’d only be willing to give up a 6th rounder that could turn into a 3rd if we sign him long term (not another franchise tag).
  15. After the 2017 Rose Bowl, I viewed Darnold as the next “generational” talent at QB. His 2017 season was inconsistent but at the end of the day, he was still considered by many as the top QB prospect in the draft. Right now he’s 7 months younger than Joe Burrow, so unless he regresses, I would agree with you that we shouldn’t be looking at replacing him but solidifying the OL and getting upgrades at WR.
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