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  1. I’m against hiring any Defensive Coordinator as HC. We are more than likely going to draft a QB. The HC will hire an OC. If that OC is any good there is a good chance he leaves after a year or two for a HC job. If he’s bad there’s a good chance he gets fired. In either case our young QB will have to learn another system. The QB is the most important position and needs consistency, at least the first few years of his career. Hiring an OC as HC would provide that stability i know that’s a simplistic view and considering the way “offensive genus” Gase didn’t help Darnold, possibly wrong, but
  2. I misread the question and answered as if he asked, if we were drafting 2nd and offered a ton of picks, were there any other QBs I would take in top 10 (It was 3AM and my new glasses haven’t arrived). however if we get say the 10th pick and a 2nd plus next years 1st and 2nd, I wouldn’t hesitate to take the best of Trask, Wilson or Jones at 10. That would put Darnold in a real competition for the job. All three of them have high completion percentages and are not turning the ball over the way Sam did in college and now in the pros To answer the actual question my top non QBs is Sewell
  3. Wilson, Trask or Jones depending on how they perform the rest of the year especially in Bowl games. I’d love to see Jones, Trask, Lawrence, and Fields in the playoffs. I also hope they all throw at the combine last year Burrow probably had the greatest season by a QB ever. Here’s a comparison of his stats (and Sam’s) vs this years top 5 in Games played, Passer efficiency, yds per game, yds per completion and completion % Burrow. 15. 202.0 378.1 14.1 76.3 Darnold 14 148.1 295.9 13.7 63.1 Lawrence. 6. 178.6 305.5. 13.6 70.7
  4. Hopefully JDs 2nd off season will be similar to Miami’s Grier. In his first year (2019) he didn’t spend much on FAs but in 2020 his signed Jones 5yrs 82m - Ogbah 2yrs, 30m - Van Noy 4 yrs 51m - Lawson 3yrs 30m - Decker 3yrs 30m and also landed some other key players - Karras, Roberts and Howard. Really only Howard hasn’t paid off. To top that, his 7 top picks in the 2020 draft have all started and or played significant snaps, including 3 on the OL. He also seemed to get the right HC in 2019, when he signed a 38 year old LB coach with no HC or Coordinator experience.
  5. Just catching up on this topic, so congratulations. I also have two sons (born 4/83, 11/84) and a daughter (5/88). Fortunately we never had to deal with a pandemic but still I got to admit there were some tough and busy years but I wouldn’t change a thing.
  6. I wish we did see either or both of them. I have to imagine Flacco was signed as a backup to Sam in the event we were playing competitively. We’re not so imo we need to see if one of them can at least be a reliable backup.
  7. I’m interestedd to see how the college season plays out. I think there could be 5 QBs taken in the first round - Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Alabama’s underrated Jones, and Lance. If we could get two first and a second and only drop a few spots (come on Ajax, you know you want Lawrence) it would be too much to pass up.As @drew39k said, a lot of top rated QBs have failed. We are the perfect example of a team spending all it’s draft capital on a top QB who, so far, has failed to live up to his draft position. Back in 2018 I did not like the trading of our 3 second round picks to move up 3 spo
  8. His teams won 3 Super Bowls and made the playoffs 13 times in 20 years. Who cares if he has a stud wide receiver. I’ve been a Jet fan a few years less than you (1965) and I know I would have love that record over the last 20
  9. True, and with COVID around any team could be adversely affected. But in my best case scenario, Seattle does not get the bye and loses in the first round to either Arizona or LAR. In that case we get probably the 24th pick.
  10. I scratch my head with this one. Minshew isn’t the Jags problem, imo, it’s more about their 31st ranked defense and 30th ranked rushing attack. He’s also been sacked 22 times (tied for 3rd most) so it seems like a safe bet that the OL isn’t that good . Meanwhile Minshew has a 94.4 passer rating, 13-5 TDs to INTS with 66% completion percentage, numbers that Sam would wish to have.
  11. I can’t see a team with Ryan and Julio, or Watson and Watt for that matter, not winning a couple of more games. The NFL East still have to play each other so I think they all get one more win.. I truly believe Burrow and Herbert are going to get a few more wins. Minny and Jax play each other. Two wins and we might be 3rd in which case I‘d select Sewell, FIelds or trade down to a range we can take Chase, D Smith or Leatherwood. I’m also hoping Seattle loses in the 1st or 2nd round and we get the 20th pick. In any case I want our first 5 or 6 picks to be on offense - wIth at least 2OL, 2 WRS a
  12. @xradeZuniga didn’t run the shuttle or 3 cone which are required by Waldo’s formula
  13. Those you mentioned, plus Darnold, Crowder, McGovern, Fatukasi, Egoda, Jeff Smith, Ty Johnson, Austin, Clark, and probably Poole, Cashman. Luvu, and Wesco are the only players I wouldn’t trade or cut. We could possibly get a 4th for Maye If we trade him now, maybe a 5th Or 6th for Williamson and Fant. If we get a 7th for anybody else it would be a steal on our part.
  14. For me the sooner we fire the 3 of them (Gase, Loggains, Williams) the better. Just to get the stink out. I’d promote Jefferson to HC, Cooter OL and Bush DL. I’d also hire a real QB coach (McCown, Pennington, someone, anyone). if Sam and the rest of the team respond well, we win 2 or 3 games, and stay in games at least until the 4th quarter, I’d be okay with not getting TL.. The key is Sam playing well. If he doesn’t, regardless of the coach, I think we’ll have a hard time winning more than 1or 2 games.
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