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  1. Week 10: Blue NY vs Green NY

    Last two weeks he’s been maybe our best player. Hope he keeps it up
  2. Week 9: Sam Darnold vs the Miami Dolphins

    I will always think that if we drafted Rice and SF took Toon, that Al would be a hall of famer. For us he made O’Brien seem decent but had so many contested catches that the hits got to him. Al was bigger (6’4” to 6’2” ) and faster (4.65 to 4.71) than Rice so it’s not hard to imagine he would have fit the Rice spot in their offense. Both were great route runners that played faster than their 40 time but one had Montana and Young as QB while the other had Kenny O.
  3. Halfway Mock: "... we're in the endgame now."

    From what I understand, Johnson was given a 34m guarnteed contract. It included 20m bonus money, 6m base last year and 8m this year. If he is on the roster the third day of the 2020 league year, he will be guaranteed against injury his full 11m base salary (all new money) for 2020. No way that JD lets that happen. We will still have a cap hit for the remaining 12m , already paid, bonus money. Since we have to cut him by the third day of the league year, i don’t know if we can designate him as a Post June 1 cut. Great if we can but even if we have to take the 12m cap hit all at once we will still have a net cap savings of 3m There will be an 11m savings fin our cash spending. That could help pay the bonus money for some other free agent. btw good work on the off season. I really like Wirfs and Humphrey as well as WRs Smith and Johnson.
  4. Mid Season Mock

    Great off season. I actually expect something like this - a revamping of our OL, and a push for edge rushers and CBS. The only thing is if QBs go 1,2, I’d be hard pressed not to take Chase Young. My best case scenario would be to trade down to 5 or 6, still get Thomas or Wirfs and pick up at least a 2nd. Worst case take Young and use the extra 3rd on a Trey Adams or Jedrick Willis
  5. Week 9: Sam Darnold vs the Miami Dolphins

    Richard Todd was our QB from mid 70s to early 80s when the Sack exchange formed, I think the better teams were the mid 80s with OBrien.
  6. Week 9: Sam Darnold vs the Miami Dolphins

  7. Week 9: Sam Darnold vs the Miami Dolphins

    Lol you’re right, for me anyway. This will be the fourth game in a row televised in my area of South Florida. I can’t see us losing this game. Miami, imo is by far the worst team in the league. They are the lowest scoring team (1 less point than us) and have given up the most points per game (53 more than us). We are the two worst teams in the league in point differential Miami is losing by 23 Pt’s per game, we’re at 15,3. Wash at 12, Cincy at 10.8 and Atlanta by 10.6 round out the bottom 5. So I think watching the game will be akin to slowing down to look at a traffic accident. You know you shouldn’t but just can’t stop yourself. In truth, even if we win 50-0 it won’t prove anything except that Miami is worst than us, something I already believe. Actually winning the next 6 (2 Miami, Cincy, Wash, NYG and Oakland) won’t shock me. I think the last 3 against Baltimore, Pitt and Buffalo will be the real test in seeing how much we have improved during the year.
  8. Week 8: NY Jets vs Jaacksonville Jags

    Sigh. This year in particular we missed out on a lot of pass rushers. In the draft we passed on Allen and Winovich (4.5 sks ) in the 3rd, plus we apparently never showed serious interest in Barrett (10), Z. Smith (8) or P Smith (7) during free agency
  9. Week 8: NY Jets vs Jaacksonville Jags

    I think this quote from Ganggreennation sums it up “I am starting to feel like the Jets are at a distinct disadvantage when they take the field each week simply because because the other team doesn’t have Adam Gase and his coaching staff. There’s seldom anything schematic to give the players something easy to execute. When the opponent makes a single adjustment, there’s no answer.”
  10. Unless, I’m reading it wrong, according to Overthecap, it looks like we can cut Osemele without dead money. However if he’s injured and needs surgery he goes on IR with pay https://overthecap.com/player/kelechi-osemele/1385/
  11. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    I think Q and the rest of the D L will be key. If they prevent Brady from stepping up in the pocket, I think most of his passes with be short. I trust Adams, Mosely, Hewitt and Poole to make plays much more than any of out outside CBs. if our DL can put pressure up the middle and control the run we can actually squeeze out a win if Sam and the Offense can get at least 20 Pt’s.
  12. 2020 Draft Prospects

    If Sam and the defense continue to play well and given our weak schedule the remainder of the season, we might find ourselves outside the top ten on draft day. It’s still too early but my guess is that Wirfs, Thomas, Tua, Herbert, Burrows, Jeudy, Young, Epenesa, Okudah and maybe Delpit or DT Derrick Brown will be in the top ten. I’d be looking at OTs Leatherwood, Adams, Cs Biadasz, Ruiz, OG Humphrey, Edges Okwara, Weaver, CBs Fulton, Henderson, Hall and WRs Lamb, Shenault.
  13. Quarter-mark 2020 Mock: A recap, FA, and Draft

    I agree about the record with @Bobby816 and don’t see us winning against NE, Pitt and Buffalo. Maybe one but at most I think 5 wins. After 3 and a half years I don’t think Floyd has shown enough to be worth more than, at best, a 5th round pick. I’m definitely against extending him at 15m a year. I also don’t see any benefit to resigning DT. Maybe he’ll have a connection with Sam but at this point, he looks like an over the hill WR. I guess the other free agent signings are realistic but none are game changers letting Leo and Anderson go could really hurt our DL. Maybe, if Q turns out to be the player he was for one year in college, we’ll be ok, but I’m skeptical. I like the first two picks in the draft. Although, like Thomas, Wirfs is listed at 6’5” and could be officially under that size. I worry about arm length. If his is only 33” more than likely he’ll be a guard. There are a few recent LT with arms under 34” but Joe Thomas was 6’7”” and Penn and Peters were undrafted. personally, i would try to get more picks in the first couple of rounds.
  14. Week 3: Jets vs Pats

    Down here in So Florida, since the Dolphins are playing Dallas, they are being covered by Fox, the NFC network. CBS meanwhile will show Miami’s divisional rivals, the Jets Patriots game. However CBS is under no obligation to continue its coverage, if in the 3rd quarter a team is up by 18 points, I figure, they will switch games by the middle of the 3rd quarter. I would consider it a success if we can keep the game within18 points until the last 5 minutes of the 4th
  15. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    I also would have taken Allen or Oliver over Q. On the other hand I think you’re missing @Bobby816‘s point about if we kept our “sons” together, a pass rushing OLB could have become a force. Macs biggest mistake , imo, was putting a 2nd round tender on Snacks instead of signing him to something like 5 years for 30 m. Personally I wasn’t a fan of Beasley and would have preferred Fowler, Scherff, Cooper or Lael Collins. Since 3 of them were already drafted and Collins had that fall from grace so to speak, I thought our choices narrowed down to trading back or Beasley. With our DL being the best unit of the team, I could never computed our taking Williams. Funny thing is the best edge rusher in the draft, Hunter, was there for us in the 3rd, but we took Mauldin.