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  1. Mock Draft

    If we can’t trade down, I would be happy with this or something similar - Allen, Center, CB, OL, RB and WR.
  2. 2019 prospects and outlook

    You need to have some talent. Hall was a 1st rounder and played 12 years. Three others were 5ths and the rest went undrafted.. imo the quickness is more for slot/nickels where it is important but anything around 7seconds should be good enough
  3. 2019 Contract Discussion

    My guess is Mosley. We’re paying him like an edge rusher yet he was, according to PFF the 22nd highest non-Edge rushing LB.
  4. Bored/Final Mock, for real this time.

    I would hope for at least two OL in this draft. Maybe the NT was overkill depending on what we think of Fatukasi in that role but if we really want to transition into more of a 43, a 43 type DE would fit
  5. 2019 prospects and outlook

    I thought for sure we’d pick up a pass rusher and center in free agency and didn’t even think that an ILB was a possibility (never mind making him the highest paid payer at his position). So I have no idea of what Mac will do in the draft. At least 4, possibly all 6, of the guys you mentioned will be available to us but Mac taking a DT, DB, ILB or WR wouldn’t surprise me.
  6. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    So m So McLendon, Anderson, Williams, Shepard and Fatuski(?) probably mean we’ll not taking Q. My guess is that we either take Bosa or Allen at 3 or trade back and pick up Sweat or Ferrell and maybe a Jenkins or Bradbury in the 2nd.
  7. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Lol that only 62.5%. Seriously I think the misses at center and edge are bigger than the hits. We are hoping Osemele bounces back, so it being a hit is really more a tba. Crowder is a nice player and probably good for 60 receptions. Mosely is also a great pick up but was not a real need and cost more than what Edge rushers Barr, the Smiths, Flowers, Graham and Fowler are reporting receiving. I think what we do with Lee will factor into how good a pickup Mosely is. Bell was a great signing especially for the money. Resigning H Anderson and Roberts were good moves. But, I went into this free agency hoping for a top center, guard and edge rusher, we missed on 2 and , imo, have a question at the third. It sort of leaves us with a real dilemma. Who is our Center. There are a number of edge rushers we can pick up in the draft in the 1st but unless we trade down and pick up a 2nd, I will be deeply concerned about who we will be starting at the Center position. It’s a major fail, imo, especially after cutting Long, i thought we would prioritize the center position in free agency.
  8. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Agree C Edge, CB, RB, Wr, another OL, another Edge and DT would all be positions I would put ahead of ILB.
  9. Rock the first Mock

    I like this off season and I agree that Boykin could be a steal. He might have been the star of the combine - 4.42 40, 6.77 3 cone, (best for WRs), 4.07 short shuttle (3rd among WR) 43.5” vertical (best for WRs) , and 11’8” broad (2nd for WRs)
  10. NFL Draft Combine

    I haven’t seen him play much so I was asking if the lack of production was because of scheme or lack of effort. I guess a third choice is that he that despite of his talent, he just hasn’t matured yet. The Coples reference was because Coples was clearly given the lack of effort tag. I haven’t heard that about Gary so I just wondering why he, for example, is rated 44th by PFF while everybody that has him ranked higher is doing it solely on potential more than actual game play. For example NFL.com says he has elite potential if a DC can harness his energy.
  11. NFL Draft Combine

    Going by his combine performance and the fact that he was the number 1 high school player, it would seem like Gary should be a top 3 player in the draft. However he had a so so college career. My question to any Michigan/college fans is was it because of the Michigan scheme (for example I read somewhere that Oliver spent time at NT for Houston which affected his overall performance this season) or did Gary just show a lack of effort. The last lack of effort guy we drafted was Coples (who made Klecko say the “looks like Tarzan plays like Jane” line). The lack of effort trait won’t fly in the NFL.
  12. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    No center? It’s actually our biggest need, imo
  13. NFL Draft Combine

    Metcalf’s combine is very similar to Stephen Hill’s. Hill was a little bigger at 6’4” ran a 4.36 (Metcalf 4.33)had a vertical 39.5 (40.5) a broad 11’1 (11.2) ran 4.48 (4.5) in the 20 and a 6.88 (7.38) in the 3 cone.
  14. NFL Draft Combine

    I think Mixon was a better receiver but regardless I agree that Anderson is still a 1sr/2nd round talent.
  15. NFL Draft Combine

    That’s what I thought or at least no further than 2nd but NFL.com has him as their 11th RB, 129th overall which is someplace around the late4th early 5th https://www.nfl.com/draft/tracker/prospects/RB?college=allColleges&page=1&status=ALL