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  1. 2020 NFL Combine 2/23-3/2

    Andrew Thomas with 36.125” arms shot right back up to the top of my list. My fear for him and all the OTs, was that their arms would be 33” or under and they would end up at OG. Wirfs at 34”, Jones at 33.875, Becton at 35.625” and Willis at 34.25 all meet or exceed my ideal arm length of over 33” for an OT.
  2. 2020 NFL Combine 2/23-3/2

  3. I heard on PFTalk that the annual testing will be during a 5 week period in the summer. Also, the amount in their system needed to penalize the player will be will be greatly increased
  4. 2019/2020 Offseason

    I think it was more because Austin, Maulet and Canady were our best outside corners
  5. Pre Combine Mock

    Lol I agree with @doumeyer about Williamson. If healthy he’s a quality starter. I agree with your assessment of Anae’s senior bowl performance. That, combined with a solid season, makes me think he’ll be drafted in the 2nd or early part of the 3rd. Depending on Sam’s growth, the improvements you made on our OL could give us a top 10 offense. IMO, there is no need to sign Lewis for 3m. I think I’d offer him or another FA backup OG about 1/2 that amount. I have no other complaints so send it on to JD
  6. *2020 Offseason Mock*

    overall, I like this Just some nitpicking - I’d rather keep Harrison since he can backup at C and G, than resign Lewis. Neither played well so I would rather the more versatile Harrison and save almost 2m. I would also bring back Canady. I’m happy to see you have Maulet on the roster but he is a FA. I think both played well and would rather have both of them as backups than Burns. Cutting Williamson saves 6m . I would rather a healthy Williamson over Hewitt. The cost difference is only 2m but I think Williamson, when healthy, is a much better player. Also Beasley had 8 sacks last season so he might command more than 6m I like your draft but If we do sign both Beasley and Ngakoue, I don’t see us double dipping at edge. I understand your logic but I’m still under the belief that if Willis loses his DE weight he could be a big s time player at edge OLB.
  7. 2020 Draft Prospects

    Regarding DJ’s list -, not to take anything away from Young and Brown but I don’t see how anybody can not have Joe Burrow as the top prospect. He plays the most important position, had the greatest year ever for a college QB, beating 5 of the top 8 teams and 7 of the top 25. The only game that he was under 71% completions was the Clemson game where he threw for 463 yds and 5TD. At 6’4” he doesn’t have any issues with height like, Watson, Jackson, Mayfield, Murray or Tua.
  8. 2020 Draft Prospects

    I was thinking Jefferson was around a 5th round prospect but he did have a great day yesterday, according to a NY Giants web site “Jefferson did an excellent job finding soft spots in zone coverage during team drills, displaying a high ability to see the field and adjust to a defense. He showed strong hands at the catch point and would pluck the ball out of the cold air. There were a few reps in team drills where he worked his way back to the quarterback and adjusted his body well to throws that were slightly behind and throws that were high. Jefferson had success in 1-on-1 drills as well and looked smooth running routes and exploding off his stem. He is an intriguing prospect who showed up well in his inaugural Senior Bowl practice.” so great route running and strong hands could actually make him a 3rd round pick. The problem is there are at least 8 or 9 underclassmen that probably go ahead of any seniors.
  9. 2020 Draft Prospects

    I’m really disappointed that the NFL network is only showing an hour summary of the Senior Bowl practices. Yesterday they were hyping up WRs Pittman and Claypool. I like both both but not at 11 or 48. (If they run a 4.4 forty, I would probably change my mind lol). I think it wasJerimiah that also mentioned Van Jefferson as a good prospect. He is also the son of our WR coach, Shawn Jefferson. Senior Bowl weigh-Ins. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2020-senior-bowl-weigh-in-measurements/
  10. 2020 Draft Prospects

    From the EW shrine game, I would be happy to get any of the East starting interior OL, Onwenu, Williams and Runyon, along with RB Lemay and West RB James Robinson. I hope the 5 of them get pushed up to the senior bowl to see how they do against better competition. when the three IOL were playing it seemed like LeMay, a tiny cannonball, could pick his holes. Robinson, a more shifty runner, had an all around good game.
  11. First Mock Off-Season

    If this was to happen I’d be pretty happy. My only disagreement is not resigning Robby. Dorsett, IMO, is at best a 4th receiver.
  12. Way to early mock just for fun

    Generally I’d be against taking a WR with the 11th pick. I also think Jeudy had too many drops this season, so I would probably pass on him as well ( However I did see a mock draft that had us take Lamb, Prince Wanagho in 2nd and Center, Nick Harris and Edge Josh Uche in 3rd. I wouldn’t be too upset with something like that.) Regarding WRs, last year is a perfect example of good receivers taken throughout the draft. Marquise Brown was first off the board at 25. The second round had Deebo Samuel, Hardman, AJ and DK, followed in the 3rd by Diontae Johnson and Terry McLaurin; Renfro and Slayton in the 5Th, Kevin Harmon in the 6th and UDFA Steve Sims finished strong and UDFA, Preston Williams was impressive before being injured mid season.
  13. free agents we should think about

    According to OTC we have about 51m. Assuming we cut Johnson, Roberts, Winters and Bellamy we’d have about 72m. Our current roster (minus the above 4) needs a lot of work and that 72m is not going to go far. Just resigning Beachum, Robby, Poole and Jenkins would probably cost, depending on the contracts are structured, 30-40 m Qb (2)Sam, Mike White We might need a better backup RB (5) Bell, Cannon, Adams, Dixon and Moore. If we can’t trade Bell, I’m ok with the first 3 or maybe a rookie WR (7) Crowder, Enunwa, Berrios, V Smith, J Smith, Malone, Hatcher. Without Robby this is actually terrible (imo). We can’t really count on Enunwa and need more than just Crowder. OL (6) Edoga, Harrison, Murray, Braden, McDermot, Lundblade. We need starters at C, LT, both Gs and possibly RT Is Beachum worth $10m? or do we gamble that we get a rookie that can start right away? TE (4) Griffin, Herndon, Wesco, Travis. I’m ok with the first 3 S (4) Adams, Maye, Countess, Farley. Fortunately Adams and Maye play every down but we do need to add a couple. CB (3) Hairston, Austin, Brown. . I hope we bring back Maulet.Canady and Poole but a day 2 pick will help. ILB (3) Mosely, Williamson, Cashman. If healthy, these are 3 good players but we need a couple of more DL (8) Anderson, Q, McLendon, Foley, Shepard, Phillips, Franklin-Myers, Ray. The first 5 make up a solid D Line OLB/edge (7) Basham, B Kaufusi, C Kaufusi, Willis, Langi, Tapper, Goodman. I like Basham and Willis but we need help here. Is it worth resigning Jenkins or better to go after one of the top edges?
  14. 2020 Draft Prospects

    I find it very positive that Douglas and, according to the article, about a dozen Jets scouts are on hand at the Shrine game practices. I expect the same at next weeks senior bowl. The first and second rounds of the draft will be filled with underclassmen but the third and up will be Mostly these seniors
  15. 2020 Draft Prospects

    A little upsetting, I figure, Thomas, Wirfs and Willis would be gone but I was hoping for Leatherwood. He had to grade out as a first round pick so not sure why he went back. I also had Jackson and Smith as possible 3rd round picks and Basham as a 3rd or 4th