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  1. Todd Bowles

    As would I but I just don’t see him coming back here (or anyplace) in a DC position
  2. Around The League

    I’m probably being too suspicious but I agree. The optics would be bad if he just benched Sam. I think Bowles has seen the writing on the walls (or in the newspapers) and knows a loss to Buffalo would put another nail in his coffin. He probably believes that McCown gives him a better chance to win
  3. Week 9: Jets @ Fins

    I think we’ll be drafting top ten again and at this point I don’t think any receiver is worth a top ten pick. We need major help on our OL but unless Williams is available I would try to trade down and get a second. Than I’d use the use our first 4 picks on a OT, C,WR and RB. Hopefully we can get an edge and G in FAgency? Even after beating us, Miami’s defense is the 7th worst in the NFL. Yet we made it seem like they were a top 7. Buffalo’s defense is ranked 3rd so this week’s game could be decided by who has the most pick sixes 😔
  4. Around The League

    Dorrell is still here and looking at his bio he was HC at UCLA for 5 years. He might be an option but he never never was an OC at the NFL level and works for Bates now
  5. Around The League

    I think you mixed up Mike Caldwell with Jim. According to attached, Mike’s highest level is what he is now. https://www.newyorkjets.com/team/coaches-roster/mike-caldwell i think the only coach with HC experience is Robert Nunn and that was on the college level at Georgia Military School i would fire Bowles after the Buffalo game regardless of outcome, and put Bates in charge. I think Bowles has been holding him back from doing anything innovative. Worst case he gets fired after the season and we go a new direction.
  6. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    A little, for the reason you mentioned. My first concern was when he didn’t throw at the combine, especially since everyone else (except Jackson) did. Also on the “Soul and Science”show that was on the NFL network, they said he has an average velocity of 50mph. I don’t know how they came up with that number - were they just estimating or was it measured? They didn’t make it sound like a negative but still 50 seems low.
  7. Game 5, 2018: vs Denver Broncos

    Their D is in the middle of the pack and will probably get better as the season goes on. If Gordon clicks I think their offense will be a juggernaut with him, Edelman, Gronkowski, White and Michel imo our chance for the playoffs will be as a wildcard but we already lost 3 conference games so the chances are slim. Figuring that KC, Cinncy and Jags win their division we still have to beat out 4 of the following - Chargers, Titans, Browns, Steelers and Ravens.
  8. Cuts

    This is only his second year. Maybe, like Henry Anderson, he wasn’t a fit for their new defense.
  9. Le'Veon Bell

    Nobody can sign him this year https://steelersdepot.com/2018/09/is-any-team-dumb-enough-to-trade-for-leveon-bell/
  10. Game 3, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    I remember it well. Freeman McNeil led the league in rushing that year but was useless in the mud
  11. Game 3, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    Lol it’s been less than a year. After being 3-2 we lost leads against NE Miami and Atlanta. Plus the Carolina game where we had a 4th quarter lead but gave up scores on a fumble return and a punt return. I was pretty frustrated by those outcomes
  12. Le'Veon Bell

    No doubt Bell is the better talent but for 1/20th of the price they have a kid with the potential to put up solid numbers in both the run and pass game. Connor cannot run the ball 31 times a game but 60-80 yds on 15-20 carries plus 4 or 5 receptions a game seems doable in the Pitt offense.
  13. Le'Veon Bell

    So James Connor ran for 135 yards and 2 TDs plus had 5 receptions for another 57 yards. I know it’s only week one but It probably makes Pitt question if they really need Bell. It also makes it hard for any team to justify paying Bell big money when his numbers were equaled by a 23 year old late 3rd round pick making under a million.
  14. Around The League

    But next week he’ll throw 4 ints.
  15. Cuts

    Just like Mac was allegedly under orders to sign Revis and vets, Idzik was under orders to dump Revis. Our passing D went from 2nd in 2012 to 22nd in 2013 and 14th in 2014. I feel pretty confident in saying we would have been a better team if Revis had been here in those years. Idzik wasn’t a great GM but he was saddled with the previous regimes scouting dept and HC. His attempts to replace Revis were a total failure but what I did like about him is that he apparently agreed with me that the OL is an important part of the offense and drafted 4 OL in his 2 years, or twice as many as Mac in 4 years. Sure they weren’t good but two of them plus 2 of his free agent OL are still on the team. I am also concerned about Bowles but hopefully his d will improve with the acquisition of a shut down corner