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  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but i’m really pumped for the Senior Bowl battle between Mayfield and Allen. There are also, IMO, 4 more QBs that will be drafted and can really elevate their stock by having an big week -Falk, Lauletta, White and Rudolph.
  2. Yes not likely but possible so just for fun I thought about it. 1,4 Cleveland signs McCarron and still hasn’t given up on Kizer. They take Barkley and Fitzpatrick. This would have been more probable with their previous GM but I still think Jackson likes McCarron so the chance is still there. Getting Barkley would help whoever their QB is both as a runner and as a receiver. Fitzpatrick would help their secondary. The chance that this happens is maybe 25% but combine it with the possibility of a team trading up probably knocks the chance of a QB not being taken with a Cleveland pick to 10% 2 Giants want one more year to make a run with Eli plus they haven’t given up on Davis as his successor. They take OT Williams. With all that love for Eli by ownership I think this is at least 75% possible. IMO sitting Eli was the right decision but the reversal makes me feel that Eli will play out his career in NY 3 With a healthy Luck Indy drafts Chubb. At the 3rd pick a trade up by another team would be costly but i give this a 50% chance depending on how much they like Chubb or whoever else is at the top of their board. 5 Denver signs Cousins and draft Nelson. Elway’s rep Is getting tarnished so he has to do something at the QB position. After he spoke so highly of Lynch I think he would rather get an established starter than take another draft pick. They are not in great shape cap wise in 2018 but things clear up in 2019 so they can make his salary fit. The chance of this happening is probably 25%. Again combine it with the possibility of another team trading up probably reduces the chance of a QB not being taken with the Denver pick to 10%. Strictly arbitrary I’d give the odds on both Darnold and Rosen falling to us at less than10% but maybe 20-25% that one of them will. There is also the chance that teams have Mayfield, Jackson or Allen ahead of either one or both of Darnold and Rosen. So who knows
  3. *Mock Offseason*

    I like your new free agents. I don’t think we bring back Kony. By the end of the year, even without Mo, his snap count was down. Basically after the first few games he was invisible when on the field. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/E/EalyKo00/fantasy/2017 Also I’m not sold on Chubb as an OLB. .At 275 I think he would be a better fit as a 43 DE. I would want to see his LBer drills at the combine and also know his twitch and explosiveness scores before drafting him McGlinchey could fall to 30 depending on how he measures up against some of the other OT candidates like Williams, Brown, Okorafor, O’Neil etc On the other hand imo Josh Jackson is a borderline first rounder and Guice probably will be a top 20 pick. If they fall to us I would be ecstatic but I just don’t see it happening.
  4. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    We had a similar problem in the 2013-2016 period. That could be the reason Mac spent so much in 2015. According to the attached we had to spend 124m in new money from 2015-2016. I think if Woody can get away with it, he would just spend enough to reach the 89% floor. Basically he’s a cheapskate and really should sell the team😚 http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/sfl-minimum-spending-floor-could-jump-start-nfl-free-agency-this-offseason-20150305-story.html
  5. I was just comparing styles based on @rdelaney89 ‘s concern for injuries. I agree Jackson is a better player and should improve with experience. He has a much better arm and is accurate on short and intermediate throws.
  6. He’s bigger (and imo, better playing a similar style) than Taylor. Rosen has missed more time due to injury than Jackson.
  7. I agree with the positions, 2 corners, an edge, a RB, LT and interior DL, but it depends on the talent on the board when we pick. For example, at this time , I don’t see any CBs, Interior DL, or Edge rushers (outside of Chubb) worth the six pick. Leaves us with OT, RB or double dipping at G by taking Nelson. Trading down 8-10 picks and getting another 2nd would great.
  8. Nine of the top ten rushing teams made the playoffs. Pittsburgh, which finished 20th in rushing also had Bell lead all RB in receptions. Clearly RBs, especially those that can run routes, are back in vogue. I expect at least two to be drafted in the first but 3 or 4 wouldn’t surprise me. Since 4 of the top 7 rookie pass catchers were RBs I can see a team taking a RB with pass catching potential over a WR (lol even our 6th round RB had more receptions than our 3rd and 4th round WRs combined) If we get our QB and C in free agency I would prefer an OL stud ( Nelson, Williams etc) at 6 but Barkley would be an exciting choice. Personally, I think he will go to Cleveland at 4
  9. The Random Thread

    My daughter was born 3 years later. I think I was horrified at first but it all worked out
  10. The Random Thread

    Congratulations and good luck (toddlers are always fun). If I remember correctly your sons are about a year and a half apart just like mine (only mine are now in their mid 30s) So now you need the daughter? 😊
  11. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    A few under the radar 3rd-4th round RBs that i’m Interested in are Rashaad Penny, Myles Gaskin, and Royce Freeman. I haven’t watched tape on any of them for this year but I remember liking Freeman a few years ago when Mariota and Vernon Adams were his QBs. I tried watching Penny a couple of time this year but since the games were on the West Coast I fell asleep. Gaskin is a little smaller but has had three consistently good years in a row. I also had Michel as a 3rd round option but after Monday, and depending on how he does against Alabama, he might have moved into the 2nd round conversation Since Mac passed on Gurley and Cook but was apparently willing to spend a 3rd on Kamara, i’m thinking 3rd would be the earliest we draft a RB.
  12. Jets Have talked with Ealy about resigning

    Ealy’s snap count has been on a downward trend because after a good start, he has been invisible. IMO he has clearly become a backup player, the type you sign for 1-2m, or draft in the late rounds.
  13. I’m with @rdelaney89 regarding Rosen. I know it’s unfair but I keep seeing Cutler. At the senior bowl i’m looking forward to seeing Mike White and Kyle Lauletta but mostly I’m extremely interested in Mayfield’s true measurements. At RB, i’m interested in seeing Penny, Ballage, Wadley and Freeman, as well as WRs Ateman, Gallup and Lazard. I think all are currently in that 3rd-4th round range at OT I’m looking forward to seeing Okorafor, Rankin, Crosby and that DII kid Desmond Harrison. Cole and Ragnow are two Centers i’d be interested in if we don’t get one in FA.
  14. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    We are last in cash spending so signing Cousins and giving him a large bonus (say 40m) would help bring us closer to the middle of the league. We have so much cap space now plus the normal increase over the years, makes a 28m per year cap hit very manageable. So financially Cousins makes total sense, we just have to believe that his production over the last three years wasn’t because of some magic spell Gruden was weaving.
  15. Week 15: Jets vs Saints

    IMO, if we draft a first round QB or sign Cousins, if would be pretty obvious that Mac realized he made a mistake and has decided to move forward. At that point Hack and Petty could be fighting for a roster spot in pre season. If Hack performs next preseason the way he did this year, there would be no reason to keep him. His dead money is an insignificant amount (795,000)