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  1. Funny you say this because the current Colts offensive coaching staff under Reich has two former CFL coaches on it ..Scott Milanovich former CFL QB & head coach and Marcus Brady former CFL QB & OC. Are you discrediting these guys just because they coached in the CFL?
  2. Mike McDaniel would be an awesome get. The guy is thought to be one of the brightest offensive assistants in the NFL. He doesn't call plays in San Francisco, so maybe he'd be open to leaving for an actual play calling gig?
  3. With Flus being hired as HC, Jim Caldwell certainly makes sense now at OC if they want Fields to have some stability for the next few seasons because I can't imagine many teams will be lining up to hire an almost 70 yr old coach for their head position. Caldwell has coached some pretty darn good QBs who can stretch the field vertically with their arm. i.e. Manning & Stafford Other guys I'm interested in are: Pep Hamilton Mike Kafka Wes Phillips Joe Brady Kevin Patullo
  4. Didn't think Desai was that bad for a first time DC. What do you have against him?
  5. My thoughts on the Eberflus hire are that I'm not overly excited but I'm not disappointed either. I think he can be very good but obviously don't want to get my hopes up after the last few HC hires this franchise has made. I think Flus is a solid coach from all accounts and I have no question about his ability to get the most out of the defensive side of the ball, but the major question mark remains is who are the OC/QB coaches going to be to oversee Fields' development? I figure Flip has a good chance to stay on as QB coach due to his connection to Eberflus through Reich, but we rea
  6. I'd rather just hire Pep as the OC. He is younger and did a great job with the Texans QB Mills this past season. And if he gets poached for a HC job ion the next few years then we'd get two 3rd round picks as compensation
  7. Exactly my thoughts on this as well. One would think that Poles has been preparing for this very moment leading up to this offseason and had to have had a general idea of the specific coaches he wanted to interview if he were to become a GM. I think the three finalists mentioned are guys he's genuinely interested in. Whether there's more to come ..I guess we'll find out
  8. Out of the 3 supposed finalists, for me it's 1a. Caldwell 1b. Quinn 3. Eberflus Tho I would be fine with any of these guys, specifically with the two defensive guys as long as they have a great O plan for Fields
  9. Agree with a lot of this. Plus with having a QB on a rookie deal like we do with Fields, you want to maximize these next few years under a rookie contract where you don't have to hand him a huge contract like the Chiefs have taken advantage of with Mahomes when they won the SB two years ago. If we hire Caldwell and he gets the best out of Fields these next few years then it won't matter if/when we need to hire a new HC if/when Caldwell decides to call it a career whether by choice or for health reasons, etc. because at that point Fields will hypothetically already be really good, whi
  10. Why do you think Kafka is the guy for us at OC if Quinn or Eberflus comes in as HC? Kafka sounds like he has potential but he could be another Matt Nagy for all we know. Reid protégé with no play calling experience... Talk is that Mike McDaniel of the 49ers could actually be Quinn's guy for us at OC due to his connection to Shanahan and both having been on Quinn's Falcons staff. Ben Albright floated this out so it's not just me speculating. If so then I would be real excited about Quinn
  11. How sweet would it be if somehow they brought Morocco Brown in here as assistant GM to Poles?
  12. This is the same thing we heard when Nagy was hired lol. All jokes aside though I like the hire and hope our new Ryan does better than the last one. He's got his work cut out for him so best of luck to him.
  13. I wonder if hiring Poles would make Dave Toub a candidate for us. Just throwing it out there as they know each other even dating back to Poles' time with the Bears. The word is that the Bears will hire a GM first and then let him run the search for HC
  14. LOL at the people complaining about this all over social media Bears fans and Chicago media will find a way to criticize anything & everything when it comes to this team Like some comments saying I can't believe the owner is not wearing a suit or didn't fly Poles in via private jet and picked up on the tarmac in a limo....😂
  15. I've been wondering which coach would be a better fit for our current defensive personnel... Quinn who is best known for running a hybrid nickel type defense or Eberflus who is well versed in the 4-3 Tampa-2 style D? I'd be more interested in Quinn to be honest. Look what kind of season he just got out of Micah Parsons. Guy was arguably one of the best defenders in the league let alone best rookie
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