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  1. Not saying you that you have to like the move but he's played about 20 games in the past 3 years and a lot of that can be attributed to opting out last season due to covid so you're reasoning for downgrading the move kind of sucks
  2. My brain is saying OT or CB but my gut is saying QB I got a funny feeling that Mac Jones is the pick some how some way
  3. Dude do you come on here and post just to be a negative Sally all the time? Who dod you really expect them to sign at the 3/4 WR spot at this point in the offseason on a shoestring budget? It's a decent and cheap depth move for a team sorely lacking elite speed on offense Doesn't mean they can't or won't improve the rest of the WR depth chart in the draft. As of now ARob, Mooney, Goodwin, Miller is a pretty good WR group..if they add another high end playmaker in the draft to perhaps replace Miller or light a fire under his *** and then what more can you really ask for?
  4. I think that's why they signed him. He's good enough to get you there but not really good enough to win you anything substantial.. At the end of the day just getting to the playoffs again may save their jobs
  5. Why don't we wait and see what happens on draft night and for the next year or two before we make that call? For all we know they could trade up to take Fields at 4 and he will be a really good QB in a year or two Also for every Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck there are dozens of JaMarcus Russells, Jameis Winstons, Marcus Mariotas and Mitch Trubiskys Picking 1, 2 or even top-5 doesn't exactly guarantee you a good QB
  6. I don't care who they take I just want whichever player they take to turn into a good NFL QB that can be a starter for this team for a long time. Is that too much to ask?
  7. Ya me neither. Not to number 4 at least. Though I'd be fine with them moving up to the 9/10 spot to take Lance or Mac.
  8. Like Windy I'm also Canadian and I call both Ottawa and Toronto home Don't ask me how I became such a big Bears fanatic I think it may have been when I was younger I thought that the Bears "C" logo with the Bear coming out of the middle was really cool and I guess it just took off after that
  9. There's a guy on Twitter @QBKlass who is well known for his analysis of NFL QB prospects at this time of year. His track record is pretty good when determining which QBs are likely to have success in the NFL. He also was low on Trubisky when he was coming out FWIW. Anyway long story short, he has Justin Fields as one of the better and more accurate passers in this draft class. His next best in terms of overall accuracy (not overall ranking) are Mac Jones, Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence. Looking at the analysis, the numbers don't look so good for guys like Mond & Mills, wh
  10. That's what I'm also thinking. I don't see how a round 1 rookie buys them more time. Dalton should start most if not all of the season unless he gets hurt or totally sucks at a Nick Foles level like we saw last season. In that case we should likely not see QB2 in much game action. It's very well possible that Pace & Nagy could be gone after this season with a record of less than .500 regardless of who they draft at QB or how promising that player may be As I said earlier I could see them taking a flier on a QB in round 2 if the chips fall properly but round 1 should be s
  11. I think a lot of us would prefer that route, however I doubt that Pace & Nagy are thinking long term in putting building blocks in place for a QB next year. They are trying to win now. That said I don't think QB will be the play in round 1 unless a surprise fall happens I see Bears staying put at 20 taking the BPA and then taking a flier on a 2nd round QB
  12. Maybe but is that what you want ? Lol Mitch was a pretty good looking rookie as well...
  13. Is it though? Might actually be the best thing for those clamoring for Pace & Nagy to get fired after This coming season. I don't know about you but I don't see how trading the farm for an unknown rookie QB helps this team win more games in 2021 when they are dead set on Dalton being QB1 The only way I see it making sense is if Pace & Nagy were secretly afforded more time than we are are led to believe. It will be very telling regarding their futures if they make a big move up for a QB in round 1
  14. Not the only team. Seahawks and Jarran Reed? Cardinals and Patrick Peterson? Titans and Malcolm Butler? Chiefs Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz?
  15. I was thinking the same but then I realized that Nagy calling plays this year might be for the best because now that Mitch is gone he will have no more excuses now if the offense sucks. We will have a pretty good idea after 2021 if Nagy is a fraud or if he is legit and warrants more time as HC of this team
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