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  1. Doesn't really matter to me as I typically don;t attend Bears games live in person but the one time I did attend a game there I found it to be fine as a stadium. I don't see them building a new stadium any time soon though, especially not any where else other than where Soldier Field is currently located as that is some prime real estate right off lake Michigan. Like you said OP, the Bears have a distinct home field advantage come the colder months so why ruin that? Also Chicago isn't no soft indoor dome type of city. Football is a tough sport and IMO is meant to be played in rugged conditions.
  2. I think Bars was a late scratch due to an injury. Coward is pretty bad though. They better shore that up quick or no QB is going to survive for us this season. Juan Castillo was also not coaching in this one due to precautions from being in contact with someone with COVID so I'm hoping that had a little more to do with the struggles along with Coward's poor play. Still though, that is not a very good d-line for Carolina and they were missing their best player in Short.
  3. He can ask for the OL position to be made a priority in the off season...yet Nagy continues to think his offense can work fine with the guys they currently have...and make no mistake this is also a criticism of Pace, but Nagy as the main architect of the offense should know the strengths and weaknesses of the different positions. Hard to cut him much slack after year 3 now.
  4. I don't think that he's necessarily saying we should go back to Trubisky but rather questioning the move to a different QB (Foles) when the play of the offense as a whole has not really improved since making the change. I reckon that after today this O is still ranked in the bottom of the league in most if not all statistical categories. I'm not asking for much but I'd at least like to see some signs of progress. It's hard for me to see that right now despite the team's overall record. I'm happy we're 5-1 but still disappointed that the D continues to have to save the O's behind every damn week.
  5. I brought it up not because I have some agenda against Foles. I like the guy but outside of the Atlanta game where he produced that comeback he has been fairly underwhelming. Maybe it'll get better with each game and more practice and reps but what has Nagy shown us to believe it will improve? The O is still not scoring nearly enough points and you cannot expect to go far in the playoffs with that kind of output.
  6. I read somewhere that Trask was not even a starter on his high school team. I get that some guys are late bloomers and all that but this has to be a bit concerning no?
  7. Wilson looks like he has all the tools to be an NFL starter. I caught a glimpse of him on Friday and came away pretty impressed. I have a feeling he will be rising up draft boards come April.
  8. Foles INT today was brutal. Could have cost us the game and should have been at least 3 points there
  9. Disagree. Just because the O Is more complicated does not mean Foles should be missing easy 5 yard slants or outs ..
  10. You really think Foles has been that much better to justify the change at QB? Regardless of teams record I'm not seeing improved QB play.
  11. More of an indictment of Nagy than anything. Dolphins are making good use of him but this coaching staff couldn't do squat with him. Now are people starting to see that coaching may be a problem here? Foles does not look any better than Trubisky did. Whoever thinks that is lying to themselves.
  12. Correction...he is a good players coach but as a play caller and situational coach he is severely lacking
  13. Nagy is a fraud when will ppl realize this
  14. Foles misses far too much for my liking. At least throw at the receiver instead of to his feet.
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