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  1. Packers @ Bears: Sunday, December 16th

    What the hell was that? I love Tarik but the guy always goes out of bounds way too early. Had a TD there and pretty much the game. Better hope it doesn't come back to bite them now.
  2. Trubisky and the end of the season

    Footwork can be worked on and improved over time. That shouldn't concern anyone when it comes to Mitch.
  3. Trubisky and the end of the season

    Is it normal for a 2nd year QB to have gaudy stats like 4500 yard passing and 45 passing TDs in 14 games played? Absolutely not. Does it suck knowing that the Bears could have had Mahomes if they wanted? Absolutely. Does that mean that Trubisky will never be a good enough QB to help win us a SB? Absolutely not. Also, is it a guarantee that Mahomes would have had the same development curve here with the Bears as he has had with the Chiefs if he were the pick over Trubisky? Not exactly. Drafting isn't an exact science. It's very difficult to predict how these things will shake out. Going back to the '17 draft there were mixed opinions on who the top QB was in that class. Some people even thought that there were no QBs worth of a 1st round selection in that class, so I don't think it's exactly fair to compare Trubisky's development to that of Mahomes, or even Watson's, when there was no consensus top prospect at the position and considering that they weren't all dealt the same cards to begin with. If Trubisky hasn't shown considerable growth by this time next year, then maybe we can start to talk about how he's not the long term guy for the job, but I think we owe the kid at least 3 years to show us what he's all about before panicking and hitting the reset button. I trust in Nagy to get this thing right. Trubisky may never be as talented as Mahomes as a pure passer, but I believe he has all the right tools to be a very good NFL QB and leader for this team.
  4. NFC Playoff Contenders

    I like Louis Riddick. He seems like a pretty intelligent guy who knows his stuff. I wouldn't be surprised to see him as a GM of an NFL team some day.
  5. Packers @ Bears: Sunday, December 16th

    Whenever I think of Wisconsin people talking I think of the show Making a Murderer. Those are some ridiculously funny sounding accents the people have up there.
  6. NFC Playoff Contenders

    Even Belicheat?
  7. Bears @ Giants IGT: Sunday Dec 2nd

    Bringing this back up again after seeing what Anthony Lynn did last night by deciding to go for 2 instead of the tying XP on the Chargers last TD with 0:04 remaining. This is exactly why Nagy should have gone for 2 in NY with the game on the line. I'm actually surprised he didn't and he'll probably learn from it for next time.
  8. Packers @ Bears: Sunday, December 16th

    I always get nervous when we play the Pack, but I really expect this Bears team to not let up this time and put an end to the dominance that GB has had over us the past few years. Bears have lots of motivating factors heading into this game and will not be overlooking GB despite their record. That week 1 loss still stings man. No better way to get over that then to win the NFC North at the expense of the Packers this Sunday.
  9. Green Bay because of their front office situation and currently having a HOF QB who still has gas left in the tank. Browns are on the rise for sure, but like others have mentioned ownership is not exactly so stable. Not sure I'd want to come into work every day having to walk on egg shells over the situation in GB. On the other hand, I think there's more pressure in GB to win now just because of the Rodgers factor.
  10. I think Dallas has a slightly better offense just because of that O-line, Zeke and Cooper, but it's close. ST teams for Bears hasn't been great but also hasn't been bad outside of the Pats game and Cody Parkey having a couple really bad games, so that's a toss up? Bears defense and coaching wins.
  11. Trubisky and the end of the season

    You're right he didn't but both the Vikings and Rams have really good defensive backs and also really good D-line's. I still expect that Mitch will struggle a bit when playing good defenses. He still needs more game experience because he is young and young QB's have yet to see everything that different defenses can throw at them.
  12. Trubisky and the end of the season

    True but Mitch is only in his second year in a brand new offense and has missed 2 games to boot. Cutler had all of 8 years with the Bears....
  13. Callahan broke his foot

    It wasn't confirmed 100% but pretty sure I read a few weeks back that Pace was interviewed and felt good about Long's chances returning before the end of the regular season, indicating that week 17 was the target.
  14. Packer Week

    I bet they won't because until they are officially eliminated from the playoffs then you can bet your bottom dollar that Rodgers will be playing until the bitter end.
  15. Callahan broke his foot

    Long will be back for the playoffs. Not an season ender.