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  1. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    Goldman is a space eater and always has been. He was never considered a pass rusher. We already know this about him. The D-line clearly misses Hicks. I knew when he went down that it would create issues for Mack.
  2. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    If you are Pace/Nagy and you are trying to save your job in 2020 you really think Mariota or Newton is going to help do that for you? I know there aren't many good options that will be available but those two guys won't do squat.
  3. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Mariota is the same QB as Mitch. Newton is washed up and his best year behind him. Kap deserves a shot. The Bears are already a clown show...I don't think Kap makes things any worse.
  4. Thoughts Going Forward

    Ya but he goes out of his way to dis them all the time. Like I said they were moving the ball well on that Rams D early last night and it came down to missed field goals and mistakes being the difference. Clay should not be talking.
  5. Thoughts Going Forward

    Clay Matthews is a dink. Never fails to throw low blows at the Bears organization. This team was driving on them well in the 1st half so I'm not buying this.
  6. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Only 1 guy really makes sense. KAEPERNICK
  7. True it wouldn't exactly be the most attractive of job openings until 2021. The organization already made their bed with Pace Nagy and Tru. At best I see them bringing in a vet QB in 2020 to try and salvage their jobs but based on what we've seen from Nagy and his playcalling tendencies I'm not even sure that helps matters much.
  8. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    Because teams are constantly shifting their protections toward his side of the line and they are trying to throw them off.
  9. They're going to bring in someone to compete with him. They have to. Chase Daniel sucks... again as we saw last night. For as much as I think Nagy has done a terrible job I feel he will get one more shot in 2020.
  10. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    He has a torn labrum in his left shoulder. He can't be playing like a RB out there.
  11. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    I hate to agree with this but I agree with this. Nagy has done a real bad job. There's no way to sugarcoat it or blame any one player. He has simply done a terrible job of coaching and coordinating this offense. He's gotta go back to basics or get someone in here who knows how to run a real NFL offense.
  12. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    Nagy really has been terrible. How do you coordinate an offense that scores 0 points going into half in 4 games in the same season and only generate 9 total yards on offense in one half against Philadelphia? I don't care who your QB is...that seems extremely hard to do. Not even the Dowell Loggains led offenses under John Fox were this bad with the same QB under center. I'm not convinced Nagy is the right guy for the job. He seems like a really cool dude and fun to be around but the signs were there in KC that he's not very good coordinator. If he's going to survive as HC here he needs to swallow his pride and let someone else call the offense or he will ran out of town in a hurry.
  13. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    Was Tru really that bad or was it Nagy? How about Trus rookie season under Fox? They weren't even this bad on offense in Fox's last year with Tru starting. This years offense has just been completely inept.
  14. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    I'm convinced they would have found a way to ruin either of those 2 QBs had they been the pick over Tru.
  15. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    Tru may be a bust but can we at least agree that he showed lots of potential his rookie year and even at certain points last season? Wtf happened this year?