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  1. I'm really torn on what I want the team to do this offseason at QB. In one sense I feel like they need to make a big splash but in another I feel like that usually never works out. Pace & Nagy need to be creative here while keeping the team's and not their own best interests in mind. Watson is a pipe dream and it probably wouldn't be a smart move to give up another boat load of picks unless Houston gives him away for as cheaply as they did Hopkins.. but unfortunately Bill O'Brien is no longer employed by them. Ahh I really don't know. Right now I think you either stand pat a
  2. You make alot of good points. 3 firsts would be way too much for my taste. I would not do that trade because I agree with your reasoning. Two firsts and a second and some mid round picks however sign me up. I know that's a pipedream but hey you never know. Sometimes when a player forces a teams hand they may be available for less than we think
  3. No they haven't but they are still better off than the Bears as of right now though even without the first round pick this year.
  4. Crazy is thinking we're ever going to win a Super Bowl or contend without a legitimate QB. We're just spinning our wheels until then. Who would you rather have right now...Kevin White, Leonard Floyd Mitch Trubisky, Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith or just a Patrick Mahomes/Deshaun Watson. There's some good players in that former list but it hasn't gotten us very far now has it?
  5. So I didn't know Rodgers contract was up. If I had to guess then this means he's probably gone because he will likely get a more secure long term offer from a new HC that was just hired or is soon to be hired. Can't see why he'd choose the Bears when he'll likely be in demand and with the possibility that Bears completely flush the coaching staff in 2022
  6. They will try tho it doesn't mean they will get it fixed lol
  7. It's anyone's guess but if Atlanta doesn't have a shot at Sewell then yes I can very well see them trading down due to their cap situation and need to add as much cheap talent as they can. The way I see it is that if they're going to keep the band together with Ryan and Julio then they might as well add as much talent as they can around them from this draft.. and if they decide to rebuild next year then they may just have another top-10 pick or two.
  8. If Bears are willing to give up a package like that for a QB might as well see if Texans will bite at that for Watson and if they say no well then they probably shouldn't push any further because that is a lot to give up for a QB considering the team would realistically need to limit the amount if future picks they give up in order to surround any QB they'd get with a good supporting cast.
  9. There's talk that if Brandon Staley gets a HC job this cycle, which is seeming pretty likely, then he will try to bring Jay Rodgers with him to form his defensive staff. If that's the case then it sounds like either way we will need a new DL coach so if I'm Nagy I'd try and promote Jay Rodgers to DC and give him a nice pay raise now rather than risk losing him. If Rodgers is promoted to DC he can still help coach up the DL. I don't see a lot of risk here by Bears making this move.
  10. For sure. It would likely have to be very similar to what Rams gave up to Titans to move up 15 spots for Goff in 2016. Two 1sts (2021, 2022) Two 2nds (2021, 2022) One 3rd (2022) Would you guys be willing to part with a package like that for Fields or Wilson or would you rather play it more safe and see if Mac Jones or Trey Lance fall?
  11. I think out of all the trade partners Atlanta seems the most realistic to me, especially if they end up hiring Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot. Pace knows Fontenot well from their time together in NO and it seems like Falcons will choose to roll with Ryan at QB because he's still a good QB and is owed a lot of money, and Smith is being considered because Falcons still believe they can win now and he has a good reputation for being able to get the most out of QB's. That being said, besides Sewell, I don't know if there's another prospect in the top-5 that would make Atlanta feel that
  12. Pace is going to be a desperate man this offseason so I don't think we can rule anything out
  13. Eagles are more likely to trade Hurts now that it's public knowledge that they fired Pederson because he no longer wanted Wentz and because of the significant investment the Eagles have made in him. Their GM Roseman even said there's no way he can see the team moving forward without Wentz. It's pretty clear he'll be in Philly for at least another year barring a crazy trade offer from some team
  14. What a disgrace to the man himself George Halas who built this franchise by himself. I'm sure he would have been real proud of the job his grandsons did
  15. That's way too much for a guy who only started 4 games...a 2nd and 4th maybe. Philly has to stick with Wentz unless some team trades for him..which is unlikely.
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