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  1. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    The same thing happened to the 85 Bears when playing the Dolphins. Just a wacky game and nothing seemed to go in the Bears favor then. Let's hope that this one was a one off for the defense just like that one was back then for the 85 team. An no this is not me comparing this current defense to the great 85 Bears defense, just saying any good defense can have an off day.
  2. Checking in with Trubisky

    According to PFF Trubisky also came up short this past Sunday and basically let his team down. While Bears o-line has been pretty good, I don't agree with everything PFF spits out.
  3. Checking in with Trubisky

    It's honestly hard to say who will end up being the better QB down the line but right now, and no homer, if I had to choose one it'd be Mitch. I just don't trust Watson's mental acumen. I think he's a pure athlete playing QB and nothing more but I may be wrong. Like I said though it's still too early to tell.
  4. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Bears defense was pretty bad on Sunday, but so were the Dolphins really. I think the heat was a pretty obvious factor when you like at how uncharacteristic the tackling and pressure was all day long. I mean not one sack against a pretty immobile QB in Osweiler? I read how the opposing team's sideline at Hard Rock stadium is purposely placed on the side of where the sun hits the stadium the most during the day, whereas the Dolphins sideline is in complete shade. You could even see that the Bears staff had some shade barriers put up throughout the sidelines to keep the players some what shaded. All in all, Bears still managed to to compete in this game and an argument can be made that they were the better team and should have won. Pretty sure if this game was played in Chicago Dolphins wouldn't have stood a chance but can't think like that. I'm really looking forward to next Sunday's game. I feel we have a better shot than people think at beating the Pats at home.
  5. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    Rodgers made some great throws down the stretch like we've all come to known over the years, but like in week 1, I believe this comeback win for the Packers had more to do with the opposing team getting too conservative late in the game and some bad luck rather than the Packers being the better team. Of course though every one is going to praise Rodgers for this come from behind win.
  6. Checking in with Trubisky

    The only fault I'll give Trubisky from yesterday is throwing that INT into double coverage after the OPI penalty on Burton that negated Cohen's TD. He needs to have better situational awareness there and to realize that it's ok to come away with just 3 points there instead of going for it all with a risky throw on the very next play. Other than that he showed good poise and accuracy. His deep ball is improving with each game. I like the progression we are starting to see with him in this offense.
  7. 1st Quarter Mock 2019

    Because Massie is expendable. If there's any weak link on the o-line it's him. I'd also like to think that Rashaad Coward has a future at RT for this team.
  8. Checking in with Trubisky

    This is exactly why you should never get too high or low on a certain player, especially a young QB after only a few of starts in the NFL. This is more than a 1-year process. I expect Mitchell to be a good NFL Quarterback with the more experience he gets.
  9. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    I guess he could have been a little more subtle about it but still doesn't change my opinion on the poor officiating. What about the play in OT where the ball tips off a bears dman and into the hands of Stills 30 yards down field? Pretty sure that was blatant holding from their RT on Mack.
  10. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    You're absolutely right on that. Though I don't know if the bobbled snap ended up throwing his timing off on that one. Either way..it sucks when u fail to put away a game like that.
  11. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    My interpretation of the rules is that within 5 yards on any pass play you can make contact with the opposing player and it is perfectly legal as long as you are not holding said player or making an illegal block that is either low or from behind. That said I don't see what Burton did wrong on this play to cause pass interference? He was running his route as per the pass play and he and Alonso just happened to intersect each other. It's BS to me that that's pass interference but unfortunately that's the way it goes sometimes and Bears were on short end.
  12. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    I'm not going to blame the loss on this one play but please explain how that is pass interference when it is within 5 yards of the LOS? I thought you were allowed to block guys in those situations? It's not as if it was a cheap shot either. Call me a homer but I think it was a very bad call.
  13. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Man this loss stings because it was another one where Bears self destructed and gave it away like in week 1 instead of the other team actually being the better team. That's just the way it goes sometimes, especially with a young team and first time head coach. Just as I predicted they came out flat after the bye week and didn't really get going until the 2nd half. Hope this lights a fire up the teams you know what because it doesn't get any easier next week.
  14. Rank the Current Free Agents

    I think people are looking too much into the power blocking vs zone blocking thing. Jordan Howard didn't get to the NFL and have success by being pigeon holed in a certain run blocking system. Everyone on offense is learning how to play a new system this year anyway so let's not just blame the lack of Howard's production solely on him.
  15. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Bears should win this game when you look at how each unit matches up with each other on both sides of the ball. That being said I've seen it too many times with teams coming out of the bye playing lackadaisical and sloppy. Let's hope Nagy learned somethign from Reid when it comes to being prepared out the bye. Add in the fact that Miami is desperate for a W and they are playing at home in the Miami heat which they are used to by now, this could be a tougher game than a lot of people think. That said I cannot go against my Bears. Parkey gets his revenge on the Fins by going 2/2 and nailing the game winner last play of the game. CHI - 20 MIA - 19