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  1. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    He was used pretty darn well in New England and he's a special teams ace no doubt. Did you not watch him elevate that unit last season?
  2. Bears sign OL Germain Ifedi

    I have no real opinion on this signing other than he adds depth. I still expect Bears to address OL early in the draft.
  3. Bears sign OL Germain Ifedi

    You thinking of Jordan Mills?
  4. I agree. Most of Foles' guarantees have been paid by Jax. Bears don't have a lot to lose with this trade.
  5. Yup. Allen also sucks and big d**k Nick is a former SB MVP.
  6. How he has such great hair for a man his age?
  7. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    The money doesn't look too great but how do we know that there weren't other teams bidding for Graham's services? Graham also was signed before Bears traded for Foles so he signed under the assumption Trubisky was gonna be his QB. He may have been acquired for less $ from the Bears knowing that they got Foles now. Oh well. All I know is Bears are way better than they were last year at TE with the Graham and Harris signings.
  8. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Haha isn't it funny thought that ppl are complaining about losing a comp pick at the the very very end of the 4th round for SB MVP winning QB?
  9. 2020 Bears Free Agent Moves - Yay! or boo?

    Not angry but would have definitely preferred Ebron at this price over Graham.
  10. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    I like this move but Bush needs competition. I expect a late round draft pick.
  11. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    But I'm asking who was a cheap FA QB they could have signed that would legitimately be a threat to take Mitch's job? There's no guarantees in the draft either that they'll get a guy they covet. Something to note that people are overlooking is that with this whole Coronavirus outbreak going on for an indefinite period teams may miss a significant part of OTA and mini camps, and since Foles already is familiar with the system and coaches it won't require the same learning curve as say they signed some other FA QB or drafted a rookie to compete with Mitch and I totally agree with that. Foles also restructured his deal and correct me if I'm wrong is only getting $21M guaranteed from Bears over 3 years. Not huge money. What's a 4th round compensatory pick given that? I'll take that every day of the week instead of using it to draft a player who is no guarantee to have NFL success. As for TE I don't know where you're getting your info from but this is not the strongest rookie class for the position and it is known that rookie TEs have one of the steepest learning curves of all positions entering the NFL so given that the Graham signing was not the worst thing they could have done. It's short term and not for huge money like Hooper got.
  12. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Let me ask you this. Who would you have realistically rather them signed or traded for at the same prices they paid or less? They needed a QB that could push Mitch and step in right away in a pinch. They needed a big and athletic TE who could move the chains. They needed a real threat at OLB opposite Mack. Why are you guys complaining?
  13. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    I know I'm in the minority here but I actually really like what the Bears have done this offseason.
  14. Bears only agreed to to trade a 4th if Foles restructured his contract so essentially that in itself was well worth a 4th. I'm not sure Foles would have agreed to do that for any other situation.
  15. Maybe but we won't know that for sure until we see him play with someone who is a legit threat to take his job. How can you be surprised that Mitch will still be given every opportunity to be the starter after this idea has been hammered home several times throughout the offseason and even Pace has continued to support Mitch?