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  1. Sure maybe you're right but presumably Daboll is going to want to go to a franchise with a young & talented QB. I don't see many other teams out there that will compete against Bears for that unless the Jags also fire Urban Meyer. This upcoming draft doesn't look too strong for QBs. I wouldn't rank any of them even close to Fields. Also for as much as we rag on the McCaskey ownership group, one thing is certain, they usually give their head coaches more than a fair shot before moving on from them That stability goes a long way for prospective head coaches. As for Pace I
  2. You're right that he has every right to talk trash but to say he enjoys this rivalry is kind of insulting lol. It hasn't been much of a rivalry at all since Lovie, Urlacher and the boys left. It's just been a straight up *** whooping
  3. I don't think too many people will be sad to see these guys all go with Nagy. It's not like either of them are known to be offensive/QB gurus. We need a fresh start with someone with a good track record of developing talent. Daboll fits that bill and according to Benjamin Albright, Bears are the early favorites to land him.
  4. This offense blows. It always has the moment Nagy took over this job as HC. I can't stand it anymore. Please make it stop someone 🙏
  5. Agree with most except Eddie Jackson having a good game and JJ being a bad player. I don't know if you're actually serious on JJ. He's a really good young player who had a down game today against one of the better WRs in the game. What's your gripe against him?
  6. I should follow up on this. After seeing the replay it's clear that Fields has no one to throw to because for some reason the play caller has every WR route going way down field on a slow developing play. Who the hell draws up a play like that on 3rd down when you only need a few yards to get into manageable field goal range to make it a one possession game? It's idiotic. That being said Fields could have easily thrown the ball away and not taken the sack..but if he got through Kenny Clarks grasp then he likely would have gained big yardage on the ground. Either way the play ca
  7. Fields has gotta get rid of the ball and live to see another down. Now they are way out of did position on a 4th in long. Just a killer man. He needs to have better awareness. They're still in this game with a FG...now the game is done
  8. Rodgers needs to get his head bashed in for comments like that. Ya we get you're a great QB but have some humility man. This is why people don't like you!
  9. Defense just shat the bed that drive. I mean yes Rodgers is great but C'mon man. You let a soon to be 38 year old rush for a TD like that? Where are the clutch plays from the defense?
  10. Why is Nagy punting. We can't stop Rodgers. Need to get points. This coach is a clown and this is just another reason why he should be fired He doesn't get it
  11. Ouf who was that Bears defender that whoffed on Aaron Jones right there? That's just bad tackling. This game is likely over
  12. I'm not usually one to complain about officiating but they've been horrible today. I don't know how they saw a first down there?
  13. That was a disappointing final drive before half. Should have definitely came away with pts there or at least a FG try from Santos This offensive coaching staff drives me mad Do a better ******* job Nagy you *****
  14. Wtf was that. These refs are brutal.. Also why do we take so long to get a play off?
  15. Why do Packers safeties always get these deep pick passes on Bears QBs? Fields needs to do better with those throws
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