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  1. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    Which I'm not necessarily against, but I mean he's been in the league for only 3 years..give it a couple more years and at least honor your rookie contract, no? Different sport but Lebron gave it 7 years in Cleveland before deciding to make a move. Darnold is still young and has a high ceiling and with a couple good drafts Jets could be back in contention, especially with Brady out of the div/conference now. Just my opinion.
  2. You Get One Move

    Sorry man but I don't really get your post. If Mitch wins MVP then how would that be disastrous? That would mean he would have played like the best player in the NFL and likely would have meant the team having a very realistic chance at winning the Super Bowl. I'm not sure where you get the correlation between winning MVP and not having a chance at a SB, just because other QB's in recent years haven't done won the SB and MVP in the same season? If it just means the Bears getting there then I'd take that as a success. If Mitch plays good enough to be MVP then I do not see how you can take that as a fluke either. Catching lightning in a bottle is one thing, but we are talking about the award that goes to the best player in the NFL. How many one hit wonders have ever won MVP? I mean I'm just dumbfounded at why anyone would think Mitch winning MVP would be bad. If the guy accomplishes that feat then he deserves a big new contract quite frankly.
  3. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    I like Jamal Adams' game a lot but this guy has been in the league what only 3 years and he's already demanding a trade and is cool with not getting extended right away if traded to a team he desires but yet says the Jets haven't showed him loyalty by extending his contract only 3 years in? How does this make much sense? I mean, I know the Jets kind of suck right now but he was drafted to be a leader on that defense and where's the honor in just playing out your contract and trying to set a good example of how a pro should act? If you don't want to be a Jet then just be a man and say it instead of blaming it on other reasons that don't make much sense. Just makes him look foolish and untrustworthy IMO. Whoever represents this guy..it doesn't seem that he's giving the guy good advice.
  4. You Get One Move

    That's most QB's in this league not named Mahomes, Rodgers, Wilson, etc. and to be be fair we haven't even seen Mahomes in a bad situation yet. He's been surrounded by great talent his first 2 seasons as a starter. Just look at Brady this past season in NE. He struggled and it was because for the first time in a long time, he didn't have good weapons at the WR or TE position and his OL was below average. A good situation matters highly for most if not all successful NFL QB's. I will also add that Cutler had all the talent in the world to be great but unfortunately he didn't live up to that due to a mix of being a stubborn jackass that rubbed a lot of teammates and coaches the wrong way and also not having good enough of a supporting cast around him for most of his Bears career.
  5. You Get One Move

    Or you know it could be the best case scenario...that he finally lives up to his potential and plays at a sustainable and consistently high level going forward for his career? I don;t know about you guys but I'm tired of going through this hypothetical process every few years to find that "next" QB. It's a vicious cycle. Mitch playing really well this coming season is truly the best case scenario for everyone.
  6. Misc minor news, stats, etc

    Just from what I can read I think Long is talking more about the coaching staff than he is the front office. I remember last season when he was out with an injury saying something along the lines of how the coaching staff needs to do a better job of putting Mitch in positions for success. That tells me he had issues with how things were being done on offense. Maybe he just doesn't care for Nagy.
  7. Michael McCaskey passes away...

  8. Bears to decline Trub's 5th year option

    While they are obviously better to have and give you a greater chance at success, teams do not necessarily need a long term QB to win anything of note. Nick Foles has proved this once before and so have countless others. The other most recent QB's that come to mind are Manning when he was with Denver, Flacco with Baltimore, plus Kaepernick and Jimmy G with 49ers. While the latter two guys didn't win, they were good enough to take their teams there and came very close to being crowned SB champs, and I don't know if you can argue those two guys were/are viable long term options. Bears just need to be good enough to get to the dance and then see what happens. Nick Foles has caught lightning in a bottle once before. If you are going to try that model then there's no better guy to have as your wildcard.
  9. Bears to decline Trub's 5th year option

    Call me a homer but I actually think Bears will be a playoff team in 2021 so that means one of of Tru or Foles will have to play well enough. I'm hoping that Mitch shocks the world.
  10. Bears to decline Trub's 5th year option

    This is my take as well. Ya alright sure Mack cost a lot to acquire and is getting paid high money relative to his peers and also for a non-QB, but IMO it's not as if the Bears desperately needed that cash under the cap these past 2 seasons so to me the trade didn't really affect them in any other way separately from Pace screwing up the pick at QB. We are talking about a couple of draft picks who were unknowns vs a future HOF player. I'd do that trade 10 times out of 10. Any one who ridicules the trade and the logic behind it is not thinking straight.
  11. Bears to decline Trub's 5th year option

    I've seen the discussion on it and want to add in my two cents. One way or another the Bears will have at least one of Trubisky or Foles back in 2021. Think about about. If Trubisky plays really well this coming season and Bears qualify for POs then there's no way that Pace is not going to tag him at the very least and Foles will be a fairly cheap backup to have as insurance for next season. If he stinks and Foles starts and plays well and Bears qualify for POs then there will be no reason for Bears not to keep Foles or for him to want to re-negotiate his current deal. If both stink then Tru is assuredly gone next year and Foles will be the bridge QB for any new young QB they look to draft, because Foles' current contract is pretty affordable for 2021 with only a ~$9M cap hit and he won't have any leverage to opt out of that deal and try to re-negotiate with Bears if he doesn't play well enough this coming season. It's pretty simple.
  12. Bears to decline Trub's 5th year option

    And I'm sure Pace would do it over and over again if you asked him. The idea was sound at the time, it just didn't pay off in terms of having the QB on his rookie contract play up to his potential. If Pace takes Mahomes instead (which apparently he was close to doing) and he has similar success in Chicago then Pace is viewed as a genius but clearly that's not the case right now with Mitch. But I guess people need something to talk about so they can continue ragging on the guy. I've havent seen a GM receive as much flak from the media as Pace has in years.
  13. OL preference for Bears:

    Warford would be a solid addition plus I don't think he'd count towards the comp formula since he was released? He also has experience playing in the NFC North division. If they could snag him for no more than $5M then sign me up. I knew they wouldn't outright replace the OTs this offseason, but better play has been needed at RG ever since Long's stability left.
  14. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    He's a solid player. May have lost a it of his step in 2019 and isn't flashy nor is he going to force a lot of turnovers, but he's scrappy and gets the job done plus he seems to be a really good teammate. Will help provide some stability leadership on that young Raiders D.
  15. Bears to decline Trub's 5th year option

    It is though because for every game you lose betting a big favorite you are paying the vig aka juice, which is how these books make their bread and butter. The oddsmakers aren't stupid. They want people to just bet favorites all the time because those are the suckers that will make them the most money. It doesn't sound like you're much of a betting man, which is by no means an insult, but I'm not kidding when I say that sports betting is not an easy thing to be good and profitable at. If it were then a lot of people would make fortunes from it.