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  1. Although your theory is in line...the Bears didn't know they'd be getting Justin Fields when they signed Dalton. In fact they probably thought it was a longshot They signed Dalton because they were desperate for someone decent with lots of starting experience So yes while the bar is higher with Dalton vs a Glennon/Foles type I don't think they anticipated a rookie pushing him for the job right away...hence all the starter talk I still firmly believe regardless of how Fields looks in TC.. Dalton will be given the chance to start the season, albeit on a very very short leash
  2. Barring injury Dalton will start week 1. This shouldn't even be debatable because it's painfully obvious that's what's going to happen whether it's deserving or not It was the same argument last year whether Mitch or Foles would be the starter for week 1. It was obvious Mitch would get the nod. Now we have proof that Dalton was told he'd be the starter and yet some ppl still believe Fields will start right away 😂
  3. True but no one's really believing that Fields isn't going to play at all this year, more so just that he won't start week 1 Lamar Jackson is a recent example of a guy who didn't start right away in his rookie year and I'd say he turned out ok Heck even guys like Deshaun Watson and Josh Allen were not named starters heading into week 1 of their rookie years, although they did get inserted into the lineup pretty quickly Fields will play this year. People need to just let the process play out
  4. The thing that you're missing though is that Dalton played under Lazor in Cincy and that definitely gives him a leg up on Fields, despite it being Nagy's offense. I think it's highly unlikely that Fields will sit the whole year but I just think the team will wait for the right moment to put him into the lineup and it won't be week 1. I'd say at least after week 2 vs Cincinnati aka the Dalton revenge game. I just don't think Nagy and Pace will go back on their word that Dalton will be the starter even if it's only for a game or two. Like others have pointed out they'll probably
  5. I still think Dalton starts week 1 unless he is hurt or very badly outplayed in camp/preseason. I think Pace & Nagy will be true to their word when they told Andy he'd be their starter..to at least start the season Whether or not you agree with that approach ois one thing but IMO it's going to happen, just like I predicted Mitch would be the starter for week 1 last season
  6. I get there's no guarantees these guys pan out but at least on paper the situation looks a whole lot better
  7. A lot of good points. Now we really get to see what Nagy and his staff are really made of. New Coaches? Check New QBs? Check Revamped OL? Check I don't want to hear any more excuses with Nagy if he fails to make this situation work. Fields is by far the most talented QB this organization has ever had so if he doesn't pan out then I'm fully blaming Nagy this time and not the player. Although Mitch wasn't being done much favors while he was the QB for this team, he was a lot more limited than some people want to admit. Fields on the other hand is a blue chip prospect
  8. I remember twe were looking at cut ups of Leno from last year just standing there and doing nothing to block opposing defenders while the play was still going and now suddenly I see all over twitter people saying how Bears should be careful what they wish for by cutting him loose? Lol nah man... I mean maybe there's a slim chance this move comes back to bite them ...but IMO it was long overdue. We just never had any better options at replacing him. Factor in the money saved by releasing him and it's a no brainer. Leno is a really good dude just like Mitch is...but at the end of the day t
  9. I gotta thank Rodgers for this one. Not only is he trying to bully his way out of GB to give us a real chance at the div it can also be argued that he gave the Bears a better chance of acquiring a QB like Fields by giving Denver hope they could trade for him Oh man am I ever loving seeing this drama unfold. It's about time the fortunes turn positively for Bears franchise over the Packers
  10. Does this move mean Bears maybe look to add a guy like Eric Fisher or Mitchell Schwartz later on in the offseason as cheap depth/competition at one of the the T spots? Or are they happy with their current group, including the new rooks? Both guys mentioned above have experience with Nagy from his Chiefs days. I'm just spit balling...
  11. Whether he had competition or not, going up against Khalil Mack every day at practice should have made him a better player. He basically maxed out at what we saw the past couple seasons. Bears got good value given where he was selected but like I said writing was on the wall that he would be gone eventually.
  12. Lol this sucks for Leno though. After Bears drafted Fields the other night he tweeted out to Fields saying something about welcome to the team and that he has to buy the OL Chipotle. He seems like a really good guy outside of the team as well with the charity work he does in the community.
  13. Writing was on the wall after adding Jenkins in the draft. Leno was set to make too much money and Bears desperately need cap relief. I'm fine with this move. Leno is an average player. Let's just hope the OL can stay healthy this year. Who knows, maybe they re-sign Leno on the cheap of he doesn't get much interest as a FA.
  14. One 5th & three 6ths left now after trading up to take Jenkins ...but yes I know what you mean
  15. Pace totally redeemed himself with these first two picks..for now I'm kind of happy for him since he seems like a really good dude Obviously the Trubisky pick was a massive failure after passing on two legit elite talents but the Fields pick has potential to erase that from people's memories and off of Pace's resume
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