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  1. Who'd say no to the Jets late 1st round pick (formerly of Seattle) for ARob in a tag and trade? I know I wouldn't for an offense that desperately needs to rebuild itself and snag a young and talented QB.
  2. The ARob to NYJ thing might actually be a possibility if he's not back with Bears and Pace is still GM. For one Pace knows Jets GM Joe Douglas well since he worked here under Pace for a little bit and ARob is represented by agent Brandon Parker of Vayner Sports, which if you know was started by famous internet marketer Gary V, who is also a huge Jets fan. If Robinson is not in Chicago he probably wants to be in another big market where he can market himself and his charitable foundation. Plus the Jets have boatloads of cap space and draft picks to make it happen.
  3. I don't disagree with you ...wouldn't be my first choice or even in my top-5. I was doing some research online and someone brought up an interesting candidate... the assistant GM from the Dolphins.. Marvin Allen. So basically he's been part of the draft processes for QBs like Brady, Mahomes, Allen and now Tua.
  4. I also didn't think much of Herbert from his college tape. I knew he had a big time arm but I didn't like his decision making, and I thought the same thing of Josh Allen too the year he was drafted. Turns out I don't know much about the QB position...so maybe the Bears should hire me? 😆 That said being a GM in this league is tough, very tough, and even more so when it comes to evaluating the most important position of them all. I do agree with you that there are no excuses when it comes to not drafting enough at that position.. especially considering when they don't have an elite talent already there. When Pace first took this job he said that ideally he would like to be able to draft a QB every year but he has just one pick to show for it in Mitch. That's simply not good enough.
  5. Ireland has connections to Bears. I believe it was his uncle who was a scout for the team back in the glory days when they won the SB.
  6. We're not comparing the same things here. Toub would not be making a lateral move.
  7. That's all well and good but is this even relaistic.. Why would Brady, Eberflus or Saleh ever make a lateral move to come coach for the Bears?
  8. I get the feeling that the next Bears QB will be Kyle Trask. This guy is going to win the Heisman and probably be the 4th QB drafted. That's crazy. For as bleak as things have looked this year with the offense there is some hope that the team will be able to snag a good QB prospect this coming draft without having to give up the farm in a trade up.
  9. Guys I wouldn't take anyone's word too seriously who's not directly involved with this team in some capacity. I respect Michael Lombardi but he is just saying this based on what he is sensing from other execs around the league. He has no inside knowledge of what the McCaskey family is thinking when it comes to the status of Pace and so on. Pace went into this season with two years remaining on his contract. If he endeared himself so much to the McCaskey family do you not think he would have been extended further by now? Like I said take these things with a grain of salt.
  10. Oh ya don't get me wrong I think Joe Brady is excellent, just wanted to point out that I think people sleep on Carolina but they have some nice pieces there. I think whether Pace stays or not Brady will be a candidate for HC. He was previously part of the Saints organization as an offensive assistant to Payton so you know that Pace will lean on them for a reference if he gets another crack at a HC. IMO Brady is going to be the next McVay and not a fraudulent version like we saw with Matt Nagy.
  11. I think he's gone regardless of what happens. He's a pending FA and they can't/won't invest big money into him. I suppose there could always be an option to re-sign him on a team friendly 1-year prove it kind of deal but with Foles all but guaranteed to be back next season I doubt that ever happens. Personally though I think he'd want a fresh start somewhere else and I wouldn't blame him.
  12. I like Brady but I think a lot of people are underrating the Panthers offensive talent. Their OL is not the worst, Okung is a good tackle, they have a stud at RB in McCaffrey and a pretty good backup in Mike Davis. Their WRs include Robby Anderson, DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel. And Bridgewater is league average for a QB. I'd say their offense is better than most other teams. Just my opinion.
  13. And thats not even working anymore if we take away his first year in charge the team is merely .500.
  14. For anyone who follows him on Twitter, NFL analyst Warren Sharp had some interesting comments to say about the Bears offense on a podcast he did recently. He basically compared it to a chef overcooking a steak again after you sent the first one back to get re-cooked because the first chef also over cooked it. He said it's absolutely a play calling issue when it comes to this team even though he acknowledges Bears don't have the best OL. He mentioned how Bears have a lot of success running out of 12 personnel yet they rarely ever do so for some odd reason despite having numerous tight ends on the team. Says they run too many 3+ WR sets which is killing the offense and making them too predictable. Also goes on to say that it's such an obvious fix that it frustrates him to see it continue happening game after game after game and that the team is capable of putting out a way better product on offense then they have showed. Whoever the next GM/HC combo of this team is I hope they will hire guys that believe in taking an analytical approach to this game because it appears these guys don't know what they're doing.
  15. I don't know man...I think Pace could have waited it out a bit longer and got Foles for a later pick. Who were Bears really competing against that they needed to give up so high of a pick? The Jags desperately wanted to rid themselves of Foles and that bad contract. I don't agree with you on the draft. I think JJ is a stud at CB and Bears got a player there. Mooney also looks like a really nice find. Not sure what to think of Kmet just but he has skill and potential to be good. TEs usually take a couple years to really find their groove in this league. The other picks were pretty blah I'll give you that.
  16. Ya...I'm starting to realize that Pace isn't very adept at obtaining value in draft picks or player contracts. This past offseason of moves is looking like a distaster for future years with both Trevethan and Quinn still due a lot of guaranteed money for years to come. Also the 4th rounder he inexplicably traded for Foles is bad...very bad. That could have been used on some OL help. I wouldn't have even given up a 7th for Foles knowing what we know now. I just remember when the Bears had one for the best cap situations for years under JA and Cliff Stein. Angelo may have not been the best drafter of talent but he did a fair job of not putting the team in bind when it came to future assets. I can't believe I am praising Jerry Angelo.
  17. Agreed. Though for as much good that Pace has done in acquiring talent, especially on the defensive side, I'm not sure anyone can say with a straight face that they trust him to get it right at QB or HC going forward based on what we've seen. But I guess 3rd times a charm isn't it?
  18. So what are you saying then...you want them to keep things status quo for another year or you're in favor of them making at least a change at HC? I don't see how they can sell bringing back this same exact staff next year and hoping things just get better when it's been a steady regression each year since 2018.
  19. Ya I understand that it'd be hard to get excited about another coaching hire from Pace when he's strucken out on two of them already, although I don't really fault him for the Fox hire. Will be interesting to see what happens with Pace.
  20. Yep and he made like the worst trade in NFL history too. Houston messed up by letting that guy have full and autonomous control.
  21. Yep this applies to a GM too in that he will probably do anything and everything to make sure the team has a chance to compete in the short term without much regard for future assets or cap space.
  22. Ya me neither. He's been an assistant HC for a while now under Payton. He played TE in this league for a long time and knows offense. He's not my first choice but I don't think he'd be the worst hire.
  23. If Pace is still here then you never know. They both worked in NO together.
  24. Or maybe hire a guy that works with both offensive and defensive guys like a Dave Toub
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