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  1. I kind of agree with this. Kellen Moore is a fantastic offensive coordinator but I'm not sure if he's head coach material just yet. I don't know...something about him just doesn't give me a strong feeling he'd be the best choice for this team as HC.. I could be way off though. Personally I'd prefer someone with a bit more experience
  2. He didn't specifically say he's leaving this offseason but he quoted this... "Speaking of Ohio State," Corso said started on College GameDay, "Ohio State fans better get happy with him, because he's not going to be with them long. He's going to the NFL whenever he's ready. He's NFL ready. Ohio State fans better get used to it, because he's going, I'm telling you." Here's the article
  3. You forgot to add McDaniels as a top guy who would likely also command his own personnel guy for GM. As of right now I'd take McDaniels over the top two mentioned guys Harbaugh & Day, but any of them would be an upgrade over what we have right now. FWIW Albert Breer recently said he's heard that both McDaniels and the Bears have a mutual interest in each other. Certainly this is something to watch in the coming weeks. Also Lee Corso, who is well respected in college football said he's hearing that Ryan Day is leaving for the NFL this offseason. Lots of smoke out there right
  4. Such a cringe word now after hearing that embarssment of a season ending press conference by George and Ted last January. I've been one of Pace's supporters throughout the years but even I've come to the realization that he probably needs to go for the betterment of this franchise. Yes he's done some nice things throughout the years no doubt about it, and Fields may just be his best work, but the overall body of work simply hasn't been good enough. 1 PO appearance in 6, soon to be 7 seasons on the job is unacceptable and his mis-management of the salary cap and the trading away
  5. There's a recent article on this exact topic saying how the Bears HC & GM jobs, if vacant, are expected to be the most sought after this offseason Here's the read: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-insider-notebook-giants-should-be-and-can-be-all-in-on-acquiring-russell-wilson-plus-week-12-picks/?s=09
  6. I am not assuming nothing with this regime. I am not even assuming that Nagy will be gone until I see it. Even though I think it's extremely unlikely we will make the playoffs, the fact that Bears are only 1 game out of a wild card right now makes me think that Nagy can somehow fluke his way back next season. We cannot rule it out at this point.
  7. I've always liked Toub but have to wonder why he was never given a HC job after the interviews he's done over the years. I would have thought that Chris Ballard in Indy would have liked him for the Colts job before attempting to hire McDaniels and ultimately settling for Reich, since they knew each other well from both their Bears & Chiefs days, but he didn't even get a sniff of an interview which is a bit concerning. Maybe he's just not a HC type? Who knows.
  8. Good list. I'm wondering who Colts Assistant GM Ed Dodds fits in with. I'm really high on this guy for GM. He has a good track record with Seahawks and works under one of the more respected GMs in Chris Ballard. Also have to think Joe Hortiz of the Ravens would be given a hard look If so then I would assume Greg Roman would be a logical fit as HC.
  9. I like him quite a bit more than I do Ryan Day as an option for us and that's not just because he outcoached him today and won. I just think he's a better fit for the NFL and he has the track record to prove it. Plus he also has the pedigree of being a former pro who played the QB position. Ryan Day had a brief and unsuccessful stint in the NFL as a position coach. I get that he oversaw Fields' development at Ohio State but how many college head coaches have produced good NFL QB prospects in the past. Doesn't mean they're necessarily good fits for the NFL now does it? Harbaugh
  10. Which is probably why he has kept both Pace and Nagy on longer than he should have because he buys into this Pittsburgh model, which is definitely a good model if you can get it right but clearly that hasn't worked out for them and it rarely works out for most teams. The only two teams that can claim this model are Pittsburgh and New England. That being said for me personally I believe you should have a pretty good idea how a GM is after 5 years and how a HC is after 3 years on the job, therefore if it's clear its not working then reset and don't drag it on longer than you need to ju
  11. I don't know..I mean we heard the same imminent firing reports from random sources when Trestman was coach and had lost the locker room and he still survived until the end of the season and the Trestman situation was far worse than the current Nagy situation IMO. It's likely a foregone conclusion Nagy doesn't return in 2022 I just don't think he's fired before the end of the reg season. Just not the way these bozos operate.
  12. Well then just fire him already. What is the damn point of dragging this **** show on any longer? Just put the guy out of his misery. What happens is Bears win Thursday, they still going to fire Nagy after the game ? That'll be even more of a bad look. This organization can't even get right firing someone.
  13. Fair point. I guess we'll just have to see. A fresh start at all positions would be nice but it's hard to believe that will happen
  14. I didn't know this but apparently with that new interview rule teams don't have to actually fire their head coach before the season ends to be able to start interviewing candidates early. All they have to do is tell their incumbent HC that he won't be returning with the team following the end of the season. It's a bit awkward of a situation to do this, however it's not like it hasn't happened before. For example, when Jim Harbaugh was let go in SF he was told a few weeks before the end of the season it would be happening but both he and the team agreed to finish the season with
  15. Hmm...ya I agree that's kind of odd if they told him that but who knows. I'm still skeptical it's going to happen before the end of this season. We'll see
  16. I'm sure you can start interviewing them from between when their season ends and their bowl games.
  17. Did it say they told him or just that a source says it's going to happen after the next game?
  18. I have a feeling the Bears are going to make a hard push to get Jim Harbaugh out of Michigan. Say what you want about him but I just think that's the guy they will target. I personally would welcome it. He knows the city well, played for the team, has had success as an NFL HC and with a QB similar in skill set to Fields with Kap. I just think after all these recent failures they're going to want to make a big splash/big name hire.
  19. This or just hire a damn good GM & HC. I don't care how they do it, just do it!
  20. Yes this is absolutely true but we can't keep harping on it. It is what it is unfortunately. That's why these numbnuts probably need to just hire the best big name candidate there is that's willing to accept the job. That's likely the only way they're ever going to get this right as opposed to hiring these no name guys that aren't on anyone's radar
  21. It tells me that Pace and McDaniels probably didn't mesh which is why I mentioned in a previous post that if the Bears (aka George & Teddy) are hoping to land someone like McDaniels then Pace absolutely has to go and I would have no issue with that whatsoever. They've been trying the same old damn thing for years of hiring a unknown GM without success. No one knew of either Emery or Pace before they got interviews with the Bears. They both came out of nowhere. Who knows.. maybe if they go after a HC first and let him pair himself up with his own GM it may actually be the change t
  22. Maybe not but there's nothing preventing the team from re-applying the franchise tag on him. In fact I see the likelihood of that happening very high.
  23. He may not want to be a Bear under these circumstances...I mean who really would? Though with a new regime and new hope for next season ,and the right money of course I don't see why not. This team is definitely not better without Robinson in 2022 and in the event he walks and slim chance they get a comp pick for him, that won't be until 2023 so I don't see the point in letting him just walk as a FA when there's a huge need right there. Those teams you mentioned probably won't be able to afford Robinson anyway. It'll be tough for GB to even keep Adams, and there's lots of chat
  24. That'd be nice and all but do you really expect the Bears to woo Godwin into signing here? A lot has to go right for that to happen and the you'll likely have to get into a bidding war with other teams Why not just try and keep Robinson at this point
  25. At this point Bears either need to tag or re-sign Robinson once the season concludes, otherwise the position group is going to be brutal next year because im not confident whoever the GM is will be able to convince a guy like Chris Godwin to sign here with multiple suitors likely involved...if he even makes it to FA. I'd say somwhwere between Sutton's new deal and what Golladay got from the Giants last offseason is a good number for Robinson (~$16-17M per year average). I don't think Robinson has much leverage right now with the type of season he's had so might be a good time to pou
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