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  1. I actually don't mind Caldwell all that much aside from his age which is a concern. He's a good leader and he knows offense. People have speculated he may come as Flores' OC but not sure about that connection
  2. Agreed. They don't have any real super stars besides Diggs, who definitely makes a difference, but still...I don't think they're far and away that much more talented. I think more than anything they're a really well coached team
  3. Overrated. This is the same guy who asked Dez Bryant in a pre draft interview if his mother was a prostitute...
  4. Similar to when they hired Pace Bears will probably hire Cook because of his connections to Chicago (Cubs) and because he'll be cheaper and probably more agreeable than some of the other bigger names on their interview list. Not saying he's not qualified but honestly never heard of this guy before now and it would be a pretty uninspiring hire for me. I'm hoping they make a splash GM hire
  5. Ya I was going to say no way in hell that guy is 74 when he looks like he could be in his late 30s 😂
  6. Not that I'm aware of. Apparently McDaniels is not entertaining any interviews until after the Patriots post season is complete
  7. I'm a little apprehensive about him too. Also 5 OCs or whatever it was in 3 years as HC is a very bad sign...and I don't care who your QBs are. We can't have that type of instability.. Plus how high could Flores have been on their radar considering he was a surprise firing that no one expected ? I don't think he'll end up being the guy I much rather like the sounds of an Eliot Wolf/Josh McDaniels pairing
  8. Ok buddy 👍 Was just pointing out that his judgment can certainly be questioned when he thinks Mustipher is one of our better O-linemen..never said he was a liar about this $15 /hr TC offer. These two things aren't mutually exclusive I also think it would be mature of him to move on instead of trying to have a war of words with the owner of his former team. Remember who started this..
  9. Exactly this Olin seems like he definitely has a few screws loose and I can't take him that seriously considering how much he goes to bat for Mustipher So maybe George was justified in saying that you need to take Olin's words with a grain of salt?
  10. To me Dodds is far and away the best candidate. I just think he's a star GM in the making based on what I've read on his background. I'm glad to hear Bears have at least requested an interview Now hopefully he takes it
  11. I gotta say this whole situation is pretty funny but at the same time not a very good look for either the team or Olin. I for one don't think Olin is a liar but I don't know what agenda he has here by continuing on with this narrative. Everyone already knows the McCaskey's are a bunch of clowns. Be the bigger man Olin and move on
  12. This illustrates just how damn tough it is to find a franchise QB
  13. The way it seems so far is that Bears aren't waiting to hire a GM before setting up HC interviews, which is positive to see because that opens up the possibility for guys like McDaniels & Harbaugh. Just gotta hope they put in requests to interview these guys
  14. For me it would depend on the strength of staffs these inexperienced guys would be able to deliver. Based on what George said today of the primary focus for next HC being leadership we can probably rule out a guy like Kellen Moore. He seems too passive but that's just the way I see it
  15. As I've been saying Bears could do a lot worse than Dougie. Are you saying you'd be opposed to a GM/HC combo of Rick Spielman and Doug Pederson? Sign me up all day
  16. Lol the backlash from today's press conference is too good. Why do people remian surprised at how clueless George sounds when he's on the mic? Yes he said a lot of dumb things today. And people wonder why he doesn't speak much to the media and hasn't since last year's presser. Some people just aren't cut out for this type of thing and it's unfortunate that George is the best person to be chairman from a group of incompetent trust find babies who don't really have any business or football acumen whatsoever. But aside from all that which we already knew, the positive to all t
  17. Spielman is a good GM but the caveat is that he has hired some pretty underwhelming head coaches in his tenure as Vikings GM If he was hired then at least that would probably rule out Leslie Frazier as HC considering he already fired him once 😂 Something that should also be mentioned is that the Vikes were apparently very high on Fields before Bears swooped in to draft him...so you know Spielman would probably be a big believer in Fields moving forward
  18. Well they are apparently going to interview Morocco Brown from the Colts..so there's a possibility I agree with AZ though..just hire the best candidate for the job ...not the best interviewer or because he meets a certain threshold
  19. For those saying Flores should be a candidate for Bears HC...just saying I hope you keep that same energy for Doug Pederson Both are pretty good coaches who got let go by their organizations too early IMO probably because of their strong personalities
  20. Bears to interview Colts director of scouting Morocco Brown. To be honest he wasn't on my radar but after reading up on him a bit he seems worthy of a look
  21. This was the right choice. Kudos to Bears management for making this decision...although 1 year too late. Now hopefully we can get a front office overhaul like people are hinting with Phillips no longer being involved in football operations Interested to see how the interview process unfolds in the next little bit. Bears have quite a bit more competition than I was expecting
  22. So ugh...when's the confirmation going to come out that at least Nagy and hopefully Pace also, is/are out? This organization really likes to keep ppl on their toes huh?
  23. My updated top-5 available HC list: McDaniels Harbaugh Pederson Daboll Leftwich
  24. Would be sweet if he came back My guess is that wherever Harbaugh lands is where Vic goes. Either the Raiders or us
  25. That's fine but times have changed and I'm not sure that Virginia (God bless her) will be around for too many more years. If you're Georgie wouldn't you rather go for broke then just continue with status quo (Pace) knowing that this approach hasn't gotten them very far in the last 7 years and that your beloved mother may not be around much longer to potentially see this team at least contend for a SB? Like the saying goes something along the lines of it's insanity to expect better results by doing the same old thing that has proven to not work. 7 years now of mediocre results
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