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  1. That's not a good excuse for the poor effort today. These guys are pros. They need to act and play like it more.
  2. Yup and that falls on to this piss poor coaching staff.
  3. Ya I don't get why you don't throw that paas. Bellamy was wide open by a mile man. Bad play.
  4. Wtf is Trubisky doing? Guy is wide open. Man oh man this is awful all around.
  5. It's truly maddening how often they are running the ball on both first and second down. Last year Loggains was calling pass plays way too much, this year they are not calling enough pass plays. Wtf gives? Doesn't make any sense.
  6. Because it makes more sense to throw the bulk of passes Josh Bellamy's way.
  7. After this game highly unlikely but I don't know how any can say Fox's job is safe if this keeps up.
  8. Not to mention all the penalties today....
  9. This offensive performance today is pathetic. Play calling still unbelievably bad after the bye week. Team looks flat and unprepared.
  10. And even when Rodgers wasn't hurt he sucked ***. Can't wait until him and his loudmouth brother are out of the league.
  11. And what if #1 Meredith and #2 is a rookie/FA. Who is #3?
  12. Why would anyone in the Bears front office tell Jahns or any other beat guy that Fox is on thin ice and will probably be let go knowing full well that these guys will go and put this kind of stuff in the press and then it become a big distraction and embarrassment for the franchise during the second half of the season? Doing so would show a lack of leadership and stability within the organization and it would have a negative impact on the players, especially a rookie QB who this franchise has high hopes for. Don't believe everything you read from these guys. The writing is on the wa
  13. Does Jahns have insider info to be able to make this type of claim? I think not. It's purely his opinion. No one thought Lovie would be fired either after going 10-6. Usually the national guys are right when it comes to this kind of news and we've heard Fox's seat is pretty hot. Dan Bernstein is also pretty adamant that Fox will be cut loose and he's usually right about these things because he actually has insider info. I was one of Fox's biggest supporters the past couple of years but 3 straight years of losing records and impotent offensive play would be the the nail in the
  14. If this continues then it's going to be awfully hard to justify keeping Fox. I don't see how this is positive development for a rookie QB when teams know the majority of the time what the offense is going to do on each given down. This is not a recipe for long term success.
  15. Finally we have a guy who makes fire game day threads. Good work Mike! Bears 28-0
  16. I looked at the schedule again and I think the best this team will finish is 8-8. Only way I think Fox saves his job at this point is if they make the playoffs. A lot of chatter out there from guys like Bernstein, Allbright and LaCanfora saying Fox's seat is red hot and he is likely gone at the end of the year.
  17. I can dig it. Reich has the experience you look for as he's worked on some pretty good staffs and with a couple of elite players, one who will be a sure first ballot hall of famer in Manning. He also played backup to another hall of famer in Jim Kelly and he's doing great work with Wentz and that offense in Philadelphia. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Reich get a look from Pace 3 years ago before Fox was hired?
  18. Hate to be that homer guy but Bears DL Akiem Hicks deserves to be in the top-5 for interior defenders. The guy's play has been nothing short of great this year and he is a big reason as to why the Bears defense is back.
  19. The thing is..like Windy mentioned, Fox doesn't give a rats *** about developing Mitch right now. He's just trying to save his *** from getting canned and knows Mitch is less apt to turn the ball over and lose games as opposed to Glennon. I have a feeling that we're not going to see much of a difference in the style of play on offense in the 2nd half. Thankfully Mitch seems like the type of guy that doesn't get rattled too easy.
  20. Just stop. You're not going to win this one. You damn well know what I mean. Don't hate because you don't like the idea of Morton. Again I'm just relaying info about Pace connections and potential Bears head coach possibilities.
  21. Yup I showed you how Shanahan could go from coaching the best offense in the NFL one year to one of the worst the next. Does that make him a bad coordinator? Nope Does John Morton coaching a talent deficient Jets offense to mediocre offensive numbers make him a bad OC? Nope. Again that's where perspective and common sense needs to be used.
  22. Team captain getting busted twice for banned substances. Niiiceee! Pretty sure Freeman will not be a part of this team going forward in 2018.
  23. Agreed with this. It's difficult to consistently make accurate passes when you have poor targets to throw to and your offensive line isn't giving you much help in terms of protection. As I've said already, aside from the obvious weakness at WR this o-line has regressed a lot from last year ever since Magazu was replaced by Washburn. Now there's rumblings that teams are calling Bears about Sitton before the trade deadline. For Mitch's sake I hope they don't trade him as he's currently the best o-lineman the Bears have.
  24. Also, don't shoot the messenger. I'm not saying I want Morton as the next head coach, just don't be surprised if he is a hot name come January. He's already making waves in the NFL coaching community. The connection to Pace and Payton is even more of a reason to think he will be considered. Plus if Bowles gets the axe and Fangio decides to pursue other opportunities then that give the Bears a leg up on Bowles for their new DC, which wouldn't be too shabby at all.
  25. I'm saying that personnel can have a large influence on offensive rankings. Hence the Jets mediocre ranking currently under Morton vs Shanahan's rankigns last year with Atlanta vs his ranking this year with SF. You have to have some perspective when looking at statistics as they don;t always paint they whole picture. Never did I say Morton was or will be just as good of a play caller as Shanahan. Stop putting words in people's mouth.
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