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  1. Yup.. and the latest news to come out that former Bears great center Olin Kreutz was offered $15 per hr to assist with the OL coaching is just further proof of this I thought the Bears did a good job at shedding their bad reputation of being cheap over the past several years but this surely doesn't help now
  2. Ireland is overrated because his time in Miami as a GM was nothing to write home about but if him being the GM is the reason we get Harbaugh then I guess I'd be on board Agree with Mike though I'd rather Ed Dodds. To me he's a better talent evaluator and he's got that give no F's type of personality
  3. It's absurd. Moving Pace to a new role does not make any sense to me Some people say he should be moved to the business side to handle to new stadium project and all that while they hire a new GM but that doesn't add up. Do they really love the guy that much ? Pace has been trained his whole career to be an NFL talent evaluator and now all of a sudden he's an expert in business and real estate construction? That would be just as foolish as keeping him as GM IMO The McCaskey's just need to start fresh. It's the right thing to do
  4. If Pace is retained then he damn well better hit a home run on this next coaching hire. If he can somehow pry Sean Payton from the Saints without having to give up any high draft pick compensation then I would definitely be on board with something like that... although that's a pipedream. If it's Pace and say a guy like Leslie Frazier or Dan Quinn then forgive me but I won't be able to get behind that kind of move. That would just seem like another strive for mediocrity type of hire
  5. Let's all remember that Hub was the same guy who recently said that the McCaskey's forced Nagy to start Fields this season. Does anyone actually believe that garbage? I can't see that being the case as they aren't the type of owners that generally like to meddle in coaching affairs ala Dan Snyder/Jeffrey Lurie I wouldn't be shocked if Pace is retained but I'm not going to believe anything at this point u til it comes out of the horse's mouth, especially not when it's coming from an unreliable source like Hub
  6. Yea he is the son of Bill former Bears GM. Just read that Duke Tobin is actually the Bengals defacto GM when I thought he was just their Director of player personnel. That's being said it would be extremely difficult to pry a guy like him away from his current post, especially when you consider the Bengals look like a team on the rise and will likely be a contender for years to come
  7. Imagine he saves his job with these past two wins and a potential win next week against Minnesota? 😂 I wouldn't put it past the McCaskey's. Simply put I don't trust any news out there right now on what's happening with the HC/GM of the Chicago Bears
  8. I don't doubt what you're saying but I can't comment on his background. I just know that's not normal behavior
  9. He's got mental issues.. and I'm not trying to be funny. Dude needs some serious help
  10. Callahan is an intriguing name but how much of that is him vs the talent Bengals have on offense? Burrow Mixon Chase Higgins Boyd. That's as good a core as any in the league. Probably the deepest in the NFL. I'd be down with this if he brought Duke Tobin with him as GM. Though I get the feeling Bears are going to want a GM/HC pairing with prior experience and not first time guys like Pace & Nagy were when they were hired
  11. But then who evaluates the performance of the head of football ops if things don't end up going well? In the end Georgie is eventually still going to have some type of evaluation of the entire football operation whether there's a VP or just a GM
  12. Fair enough and I get the Trace Armstrong angle but if you're hiring Rick Smith then why not just make him GM instead of giving him this fancy title of head of football ops? I'd take Rick Smith as my GM and then there'd be no need for someone above him besides George. Just my opinion
  13. The thing people are missing here is that someone in the Bears current power structure would have to hire the president of football ops..that's if they even end up creating this new front office position, which I am highly skeptical of happening because that would represent a big change in the power structure at Halas. So who's doing the hiring of said hypothetical Prez of Football Ops...Georgie and/or Teddy? How does that really change anything vs just them hiring another GM/HC or vice versa combo themselves with the help of a consultant?
  14. It could be possible that both were told they are being let go at end of season?..though I doubt it. Whatever the case may be I'm not so much concerned about this two week advance period of getting to interview coaches. This new rule was mainly put in place to try and get minority coaches more interview opportunities and not to give any teams an advantage at hiring a head coach early. Besides, I believe those coaches with more clout are going to want to wait to see if other job open around the league before settling on a job like that of Jacksonville's. HIstory has shown th
  15. Meh.. what will that change really? Its a redundant move. I mean what's the point of promoting Pace to a higher role if he's not that great at current lesser position. It would be a confusing move to say the least If you're going to keep Pace then keep him as GM and that's that otherwise can his *** and start over
  16. Yeah they can block them if it interferes with their season. Really the only worth guy that they could interview freely right now is Doug Pederson and most people don't want him anyway. When u also consider we're only competing vs Jags and Raiders right now it's not like we are at a big disadvantage
  17. I agree with you but just saying we shouldn't expect it given the history of how this team operates. And how do we know they didn't already inform Nagy behind closed doors that he will be let go at end of season?
  18. Why? Nagy wasn't going to be fired tomorrow win or lose. Bears have never fired a coach mid season before so why would people expect them to change that now? Especially when considering they can still start interviewing head coaches next week regardless if Nagy is fired tomorrow or not Wins don't mean anything to us at this point but it's nice to see for some of the players
  19. To be honest I don't think I'll tune in for this one. Too many better things to do than watch Nick Foles try and complete passes to Damiere Byrd in a meaningless game Only reason I care to watch Bears lately is because of #1 and when he's not in the lineup it's painful football
  20. Not only is Ifedi..a guy who won't be here next season..starting over the promising rookie Borom, he has also been named a team captain for Sunday's game, this coming after ripping other rookie Teven Jenkins a new arsehole for defending his QB last week against the Vikings. Nagy is probably the dumbest guy to ever have coached in the NFL
  21. I get the sense that Leftwich would take any job if offered. But if he had a choice between Jax and Chicago then his past with the Jags might just give them the leg up, which is fine because I personally think there are better candidates for Bears to choose from. Not saying I'd hate Leftwich though..
  22. Not if he keeps this up.. maybe a new staff and offensive scheme will help but I would like to see more flashes from him On the one play on 4th&1 when Fields took a sack on that broken play I was watching closely and it looked like Kmet was just loafing and watching Fields run for his life while doing nothing to come back to help his QB out Need to see better effort than that
  23. I'm starting to wonder why this guy was drafted so early. It feels like he's got cement legs every time he catches the ball I see no dynamic run after the catch ability from him whatsoever Call me unimpressed but I expected more. This is without even mentioning all the drops
  24. All the guy does is make plays when he's in the game. Maybe he actually deserves more playing time..you know like Thomas Graham..who also balled out tonight after spending most of the season on the PS. This team is lost in more ways than one
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