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  1. These Bears WRs remind me of what Trubisky had to work with during his rookie season. Besides Mooney who still drops the ball way too much for my liking these players are crap. Thanks Pace
  2. Love Hicks man. Sad he likely won't be part of this team moving forward because he's one of the few guys that just doesn't quit. He deserves to play on a contender
  3. He looks like **** tonight plain and simple. No sugar coating it
  4. This is so bad man..so bad I don't even know if I can blame Nagy anymore Players gotta make plays at some point How many more short fields do we need to score a damn TD ?
  5. Not surprised. This is normal for us Though I always ask myself why can't we just have a player that rises above all of this crap..you know? I believe in Fields and his ability but then he goes out and makes dumb plays like the first fumble and then the sack on the screen. Need to start seeing better awareness from him and we also need to take more shots down field for Christ's sake
  6. The one thing I don't like about Fields game is his propensity to lose the ball so easily. He's gotta have a better grip on that ball man. The defensive player barely even touched him on that fumble Smarten up!
  7. Ya but at least we'll know it's a legit pro bowl instead of when Trubisky went
  8. I don't think you can say it's pure luck to win 13 games in the reg season and then go on to win 3 straight in the playoffs and the final against the goats in Brady & Belichick. Takes a lot more than luck to do that my friend but that's your opinion. It's hard to win as it is in the NFL. Just look at today for example. Arizona losing to Detroit as bad as they did? That's why we shouldn't discount any win or opponent. Anyway I guess we'll have to agree to disagree
  9. I agree with this 💯 Pederson is far from my first choice but I'm just pointing out that he's better than a lot of these other options being talked about like Frazier, Bowles, etc. I'm still fully on the McDaniels hype train and Daboll is also still on my radar
  10. Ok sure ... they still had a winning record in each season so I don't know how that can be viewed as a negative. You can only play who's on your schedule. And what do you have to say about their 13-3 record in the 2017 SB season...I guess their record in the regular season was a fluke also?
  11. Call the SB run lightning in a bottle if you want but you can't deny Eagles had a good team from 2017-2019. They had winning records and made playoffs in all 3 seasons. And I agree on Foles. He has showed us who he is throughout his entire body of work in his career. He's an average at best QB and most suited as a backup. Anyone who thought differently at the time Bears traded for him was delusional. Pederson had him playing at his absolute best when it mattered most and that shouldn't be discounted
  12. Just confused how you have Bowles rated higher than Pederson..based on what exactly ? Based on both's previous stints as head coaches we know one reached the pinnacle of success and the other (Bowles) was brutal and couldn't hire an OC worth a damn. Gives me Lovie vibes to be honest. And how is Pederson better as an OC than a HC? IMO he's the opposite as Philly had their most success as a team when Reich was the OC and Flip was the QB coach. After both left that's when we saw the offense sputter a bit, and a lot of that also had to due with injuries, so if you can criticize something
  13. I get that part but his last year in Philly he was dealing with numerous injuries to the OL and bad QB play. Apparently he was also being told from ownership how to manage his staff and gameday roster decisions. It was just an odd year.
  14. While I'm sure Reich had a lot of positive influence on Wentz's development, the Philly offense wasn't too shabby in 2018 after Reich left for the Colts, and it could be argued that Wentz was on pace for a better season in 2018 statistically then his 2017 all pro MVP caliber season before both got cut short due to injury. I still don't know how any one can discredit Doug Pederson after he coached the Eagles to their only Super bowl victory in franchise history. Let's also not forget that Philly has a history of letting good coaches go because their owner ship likes to meddle in day t
  15. For some reason I have a feeling that our new HC will be Doug Pederson. And current Raiders Director of Pro Personnel Dwayne Joseph may be his GM as the two worked together in Philadelphia when Pederson coached the team to a SB victory. I've been hearing the Bears are interested in both these guys so it's hard not to connect the dots. I for one would be happy with Pederson. He's a good coach who's proven to win at the highest level against one of the greatest head coaches of all time (Belichick) and he has strong connections in this league so you'd have to think this past year o
  16. This is my concern also. Leftwich seems like a bright guy but how much can we trust him given the amount of skill that TB offense has without even mentioning the greatest QB ever. He is an intriguing option though I must say.
  17. Unless of course it's the guy with the 44-19-1 record right? 😄
  18. Let me just clarify I'm not really that high on Day as a HC for us but I get why people are bringing him up. In the end I wouldn't be upset if he ended up being the hire but there are others higher on my list.
  19. That's fine because I'm not really a college head coach kind of guy. I'd prefer if our head coach has experience coaching in the NFL. Ryan Day meets that qualification.
  20. Fair enough as it's all a matter of opinion. Though Day is probably more realistic than Harbaugh & McDaniels just because of the connection with Fields and there is a lot of noise out there right now that he could be eyeing a move to the NFL.
  21. I used to support the idea of giving Louis Riddick a hard look but frankly it'd be too risky of a hire. Guy hasn't been part of an NFL front office since 2013. This is a case of where the hype is way too big due to his popularity as a TV personality. Pass
  22. Respectfully disagree with this. When is there ever really a home run hire? A lot of people thought that was the case when Bears hired both Fox & Nagy and look how those situations turned out. Sometimes the most overlooked candidates end up being the best. See Frank Reich a few years ago. Ballard wanted both Nagy and McDaniels ahead of him and he's turned out to be pretty good for the Colts. Keep in mind that there may also be a lesser amount of HC job openings this coming offseason. I'm sure there will be a surprise firing or two that we won't see coming but as of right no
  23. Nice to know we're on the same page. Tho I suspect that the chances of Bears landing Dodds are slim because Ballard probably told him how much of a clown show it is up at Halas
  24. I'm still not convinced that they'll fire Pace so it's hard to say who I think they'll hire as GM. Though I've heard a rumor that they have a real interest in current Raiders Director of Pro Scouting - Dwayne Joseph, who is a former Bears player and front office exec for the team. Pay attention to this name. Some interesting side notes on Joseph is that he was a teammate of Trace Armstrong's on the :94 Bears. Also if we're connecting other dots Joseph was the Director of Pro Scouting from the Eagles from 2015-2019 where he was apart of a SB title and overlapped with notable Eagles co
  25. This is not a shocking statement. Love has not looked good and while Fields has not looked great he has at least shown elite play making ability at times despite having almost no time to throw on every drop back he takes. Knowing the Bears QB luck though he probably won't ever live up to his true potential
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