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  1. There's two schools of thought on this and there's no right or wrong answer. It's not a one size fits all approach. Tony Dungy mentioned how Peyton Manning believed that the experience he got in his rookie season where he set a record for most interceptions by a rookie was invaluable for his future development. For the record I wanted Fields to sit as long as possible but we knew that wasn't going to happen on this team whether it was due to injury or just inevitable poor play from Dalton and we all saw how bad Foles looked in this offense last year. Looking at it now and knowin
  2. True plus I'm sure Bears would pay a guy like him a hefty amount of money to take on a job like that. It's not as if they can't afford it.
  3. Good post but they should just fire them all. No more half measures please. You don't not fire Pace because you fear his replacement will be worse. You take a swing for the fences and hope to hit a home run. In my honest opinion it can't really get worse than 1 winning season in 7 years as a GM. I get why people are saying to keep Pace...I used to think like that also but it's a loser mentality. I think we've reached our peak with Pace and his time is up. There are a lot of good GM candidates out there so maybe Bears will get lucky this time around.
  4. They don't have to actually fire Nagy during the season to start interviewing coaches early. As long as they know that Nagy isn't coming back and they've notified him of it privately then they can interview early. If they haven't fired him by now you can bet that in all likelihood he will be here through to the end of the season. So 4 more weeks. It'll fly by quickly
  5. Like I said in another post, take this with a grain of salt. Yes we all know it's a report from Jason Lacanfora and he's usually wrong more often than right, but Trace Armstrong has many good reasons to dispel these rumors right now given the position he's in as an agent for several HCs around the league including Matt Nagy. Once Nagy is finally let go I believe we will start to see more news come out whether it's about him or others who may be considered for such a role
  6. Agreed. Just like the old saying goes if you're not cheating then you're not doing everything you can to win. Be obsessed with winning not with just building a friendly working environment where everyone gets participation trophies for building a great culture with collaboration. George and Ted need to get out of their comfort zone and take a chance on an alpha personality that will challenge them and the entire organization to be better
  7. Not like Fuller is playing great in Denver this year but let's not forget that Pace chose to keep Jimmy effing Graham and his $5.3M cap hit for 2021 and dead cap of $4.7M in 2022 over keeping Fuller as the #2 CB for a other season because he thought Kindle Vildor was a suitable starter.... This is why Pace is way out of his depth and needs to go
  8. It's easier to believe when you realize the idiots in charge who are handling these decisions. People will never learn I guess. At this point the franchise will have to luckily stumble into something great in order to reverse their long history of being bad.
  9. I really hope the Trace Armstrong rumor has some legs to it, even though he came out and denied it instantly. But I don't think his denial necessarily means that there haven't been some preliminary talks behind the scenes. I think he's just saving face because as a current agent to coaches like Nagy, it would create a conflict of interest if people knew he was in talks with Bears about joining them in any capacity after the season concludes. I think he'd be a perfect fit for president of Football Ops and I pray it happens. Call it Daniel Jones but I'll say it feels like Mitch T
  10. Exactly. And the pick 6 that Fields threw last night, I'm pretty sure was on a hitch route by Mooney. I'm sure that teams have been studying Bears film and know that we have a tendency to run these concepts and are able to sit on them as a result. Although it was a bad read and throw by Fields.
  11. Agreed it's incomprehensible. The one time we saw it last night Byrd took it to the house for a TD. Nagy seems to have his WRs run a lot of hitch routes. I saw a stat the other day that no coach in the NFL calls more plays with hitches than Nagy does. That tells you all you need to know about this guy's knowledge of how an NFL offense should work.
  12. Anyone find it hilariously sad that Nagy still Nagy'd even when he had nothing further to lose in last night's game? I mean it's pretty hilarious the guy would choose to punt on 4th & inches down 11 points in the 4th quarter to Aaron Rodgers. And the cherry on top is kicking a FG with 1:26 left in the game 😂 I guess he really holds true to his "Be You" mantra. This guy can't get out of Chicago soon enough.
  13. It wasn't an impressive showing by Fields but we should keep in mind he's playing with 3 cracked ribs. I don;t know if you've ever had a rib injury like that but I can tell you it's painful as ****. You could clearly tell Fields was plying hurt. His throws did not have the normal zip on them we're used to seeing. Saw a lot of duck wobbly type of balls coming out of his hand which tells me he couldn't put much torque into his throws.
  14. Very disappointed in Robinson. Dude just looks like he doesn't give a crap anymore. Either that or he's still injured and shouldn't be out there, but he was looking like this earlier in the season even prior to his recent injury. I hate to accuse players of not giving effort ..but man...not a good look ARob. Its almost as if he's forcing Bears not to re-tag him because he wants a clean start somewhere else. If so then that's some wussy bum crap and screw him and his whiny *** ***** boi agent
  15. You make a good point. I haven't been too impressed with Daboll lately. He seems very Nagy'ish lately with his over tendency to pass the ball. Offense has also looked disorganized and out of sync. It's concerning
  16. Ive always liked Toub but my main concerns with him are that he's a bit old to be a first time head coach and also that he got turned down for multiple jobs in the past and didn't even get an interview with his long time pal Chris Ballard for the Indy HC job. I wouldn't be opposed to him being Bears HC but it goes without saying that he'd need to build a good staff, especially on the O side. One would have to assume he'd try to poach some Chiefs coaches to bring over with him. I wonder if Mike Kafka would be a good offensive coordinator for us in the event Toub got hired?
  17. Maybe but I doubt the Packers will sign him. They need to focus on re-signing Adams first who won't be cheap. Also if Rodgers leaves next offseason then no one's really going to want to sign there.. that's just facts
  18. Although I think there's a very slim chance we win this game I think the team is going to play inspired based on what Rodgers said last time they played about owning them. Bears players can't be happy about that and will likely be gunning for him. It's also no coincidence that some of our better players who were out previous games like Robinson and Hicks are now practicing. They want to play in this game! This is the Bears super bowl.
  19. Ok Heinz you had a point until this comment. Even if you dislike the guy there's no denying that he is a very good O coordinator. Let's be real. I get your concerns about his time in Denver and bailing in the Colts last minute but this guy knows offensive football better than any offensive coach the Bears have ever employed in their existence. I know that's not a high bar to beat but just saying.. I think he deserves a shot. You're telling me if Bears had the choice between Leslie Frazier and McDaniels you would go with the former?
  20. Wouldn't shock me if the Bears went with a guy like Frazier although it would be a totally uninspiring hire. Something tells me they won't though.
  21. I think what you really mean is that Bears aren't capable of hiring smart therefore McDaniels won't be in the conversation...because they're too dumb and scared to go that route
  22. Foles should be back with the team in 2022 and as a backup that'd be fine with me. On the other hand there's no way Dalton should be brought back in any capacity. He'll likely also want a chance to start somewhere else. Maybe Pittsburgh since Big Ben is reportedly retiring after this season..but who knows..all I know is that he shouldn't be back with this team next season. Don't overlook the possibility of bears hiring Doug Pederson, especially if they keep Pace in the fold. It should be noted that Pederson already has his former SB MVP in Foles here and also his former QB coach in
  23. 'He knows plays' is a little misleading. He might know a lot of bad plays but I've yet to see consistently good plays from his O. He just sucks period
  24. Right he did most definitely...but Pace is also not Licht. He's been worse.
  25. Jason Licht also managed to convince the greatest QB of all time to sign with his team. If he doesn't get Brady then this is not even a conversation. Also Licht knows how to draft OL & WRs.. something Pace has struggled mightily with
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