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  1. Javon Wims named Chicago Bears' biggest sleeper

    Valid point but I'll play devil's advocate. He may not want to but it wouldn't be a move to a traditional TE anyway. Like Burton he would be a slot WR who gets moved around and occasionally crack down blocks. Pretty much Fitz, BMarsh, or Colston-like. I don't believe that would hinder his ability to negotiate. If anything it gets him on the field and increases his demand. He can demand to be a full time WR in FA if he chooses. He would be up and moving more, and in his interest the added bulk would help him against press coverage too. That leads to him fitting the mold of an X as well. Plus practice reps are great, but still make in comparison to gameday reps on a per rep basis IMO.
  2. Javon Wims named Chicago Bears' biggest sleeper

    I really wish they would just bulk him up 10-20 lbs and get him acclimated to be a WR/TE hybrid. Even if ARob goes down his reps would still be limited at WR, but there is little proven depth at TE. Shaheen may have an injury bug, Burton is a good player but he disappeared for a lot of time over the 2nd half of the season, Sowell is an OL, and then the Braunecker/Raymond duo is still young but completely unproven. I like Wims and think he can be a solid role player for years, and I am not sure a TE on the roster is a long-term option yet. Plus with Gabriel's time likely coming to an end and and ARob's situation in the air we could really use young talent to have integrated in the system Nagy is running.
  3. Robbie Gould Update; The Stalemate Continues

    But... we can still trade for him... now we can really focus on THAT conversation
  4. Shelley pushing Skrine for starting nickel role?

    He won't start the season opener, but if he is outplaying Skrine then I don't see any way Skrine holds him off. There isn't a loyalty factor to Skrine, it is just who is going to play better. If there is a tie, then you give it to the young guy who may be a long term talent with higher potential. Still though, preseason play will be watered down due to vanilla playcalling and little film review, so if he does well there and doesn't see reps it isn't anything to worry about. CB is a damn hard transition to make as a pro.
  5. Raiders G Richie Incognito suspended two games

    Better that than PEDs apparently. I wonder if it would have been 4 or 6 games if he followed through with his threats.
  6. Film Room on MT

    Funny you mention Montana. When you posted "more Brady and less Favre" I was immediately thinking Steve Young is a really good comp for what Tru could play like. He has wheels like Young so his legs are a constant weapon, but Young also didn't have an elite arm. Young also was able to protect the ball with good placement and touch, but Walsh, Holmgren, and especially Shanahan did a great job of using his legs to create passing lanes. If the defense had the perfect playcall then Young would take a few yards on a run or toss it to keep from making a big mistake.
  7. Detroit Sucks- Official Lions Thread

    Is that due to property values dropping so much or because the 50k additions end up inevitably being stolen?
  8. I know, I was just playing. I loved Tebow at FLA but Meyer did him no favors as a QB. I was mostly parroting the misleading stat-barkers who were hyping him up as a QB before the Jets fiasco.
  9. That Tebow with a 2.5 INT%? Drew Brees sports a 2.4%, just saying. Or Tebow's 4.7 TD % that is better than Jay's 4.6% and rivals guys like Favre and Marino at 5.0%? Douglass could dream of being Tebow... (I LOVE how easy it is to twist stats in this sport. lol)
  10. Bears Need More From Floyd This Season

    I would have really been interested in Bowles, seriously creative mind and he would have had some unique ways to use the speed this defense has.But very happy with Pagano.
  11. Yeesh. At some point you just accept he cant throw and go heavy with option runs as the staple. Make TEs really be OL and WRs be TEs. Just basically a heavy wildcat.
  12. Home uniforms 2019

    Fine... consider yourself redeemed. lol
  13. Home uniforms 2019

    Yeah, it was in it. One of the parts I found pretty solid about a pretty mediocre movie. You didn't miss much. 5-10 parts where you get a chuckle and it killed 90 minutes. It was rated PG, and I think it should have been PG-13. It isn't a terrible movie, but to me it was like Deadpool. People need to take 10 minutes to look it up, use common sense and know what age group it was for (if they are interested in the movie of course). Not like the incompetent parents getting upset because their 8 year old was exposed to everything Deadpool showcased. Parents need to realize that just because the movie has that character it doesn't mean it is for the same level audience that is currently reading the books.
  14. Agreed, I'll just add in my points Jackson is the best coverage safety in the game, maybe James is the better all-around player but holy crap this pick was amazing. I hope to see him behind our front 7 for the next 10 years. Fuller hopefully keeps his confidence up with the new system. He had Fangio's system down and every move he made seemed like it was done with conviction. Early on in his career some people here noted his false steps, I think that was as much a lack of knowledge with his responsibilities as a technical issue. Keep those hands sticky Fuller. Amukamara will be the most heavily penalized this year too, but his physicality is fantastic at disrupting timing. If only we had a S that could clean up the overthrows. Wait... Toliver should have been a 3-5th rounder by his talent and measurables, but his play never really impressed at LSU. So far he has looked good, and might be Prince's replacement. It would be great to see him in nickel and dime (as Pagano historically used dime more than most people). I'm not as high on HHCD but if his responsibilities are limited his playmaking ability should be allowed to come out. He is just a boom or bust player to me, but we have enough talent around the team that his bad plays shouldn't be crippling, but his big plays should out weigh them too. Hope Pace made the right call, certainly got a cheap price for the potential he brings. Bush is a SS as you say, hopefully Pagano sees that and uses him to the best role he can. I would like to see him get in the mix for different looks. McManis isn't a starter, but he is depth and damn good depth. With the passrush he was able to have some of his really poor plays (blown coverage) negated. Most of the time he looked like he was right were he was supposed to be and for a reserve DB that is all you can aske for. Hopefully the heir to the "throne" at NB sooner rather than later, I'd like to see Shelley and Toliver be a solid 2/3 to Fuller for the next several seasons. I hope Denmark becomes a SS to pair with Jackson, and yes it is purely because of how much range the duo could have, lol
  15. Bears sign David Montgomery to 4 year deal

    You DARE to forget about Gentry!?!!?! Ignoring the urge to fight you.... you're completely right though. lol