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  1. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2018

    In again fools!
  2. Alcohol Thread!

    Hm. To be completely honest I didn't even notice that difference in "Revel Stoke" and "Revelstoke." But really I doubt anyone would have assumed it to be a high end whiskey like a Kavalan or Midleton. You get 750ml for under $20 for a reason. lol I am a damn sucker for pecan pie and apparently pecan whiskeys too though. I believe there are some pecan bourbons that have had decent reviews. Might try one soon.
  3. Ah. I see the disconnect. I honestly wish they would compromise. If they want to do a moment of silence or whatever that's fine. I love that is is a peaceful protest, but the manner it was done in was sloppy IMO. Seemed like they were against the military first, which even after Kaep backtracked and stated his stance, he was screwed. First impressions, you know. If Kaep had been more open that he was speaking out against police brutality or not stuck his foot in his own mouth so much, he'd likely have been 100 times better off. The fact that the NFLPA and owners haven't had more talks on this together this offseason (even regardless of the CBA) seems like a lackadaisical effort from both sides to me. If anything one could really drive their agenda if the other side refused to meet. I still think Parrothead would hold the leverage in that scenario, barring high amounts of specialty in a certain roles. Most jobs can have people replaced within 2-3 weeks if need be, especially if anyone chooses to stay and promote up substantially. I definitely don't wish anyone financial or business woes unless they prove to be a horrendous person.
  4. If you are someone with leverage, that might actually work. NFL players have short careers, you're out of your damn mind if you think you'd get players to risk millions of dollars to make zero difference. You'd be lucky to get 10 to walk out, they would be low profile guys who would be replaced, fined, and likely suspended. Then they get blackballed by the league like Kaep. Easy to say when your money isn't on the line though, right buddy?
  5. Laughable. They strike, don't get paid, and since they aren't overpaid like NFL players they likely don't have the security net. So their families suffer for it. Social justice warrior logic at its best. Great logic there.
  6. The Book Thread

    Ok so I overdid the finance/stocks subject a bit and needs something to alternate reading that with before it gets too stale. Does anyone have preferred authors on political books? Not autobiographies or anything like that, but actually about policies and such?
  7. You aren't going to be liable for their injuries. Every gym I have gone to has waivers stating that the members use the equipment/facilities at their own risk. I would look at a certification, absolutely. Some are cheap and worth getting if you're not looking to make a career out of it. Most people couldn't tell you the difference between NSCA, NASM, ACSM,(some of the serious ones that are much harder to get) or NFPT, ACT or other online ones. If nothing else it gives you references of their recommendations for rep ranges, set totals, etc and gives you something to add behind your name. Like Skywind said, just don't BS people.
  8. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    They could remove him if they chose though. The University of Florida pretty much erased Aaron Hernandez from the premises. Took his brick from Ben Hill Griffen Stadium, his likeness from the locker room, team area, etc.
  9. Cardinals suspend GM Steve Keim 5 games

    Nope, definitely a beaver in disguise. Right there he is looking at a birch tree, starting to sweat in anticipation of his next wooded victim.
  10. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Exactly. White has barely been on the field and was 7th overall. Regardless of how much it sucks for him to be out like this, his contract is barely a detriment to our cap. Get this crap done.
  11. Was Jameis Winston’s talent overrated coming out of college?

    Talent is there, mind is not. He is Jay Cutler basically on the field. I bet the TD/INT ratio is pretty damn close too. That's false. Look at his last year. He had several games that were pretty mediocre to crap. He only had 3 games without an INT and 5 with more TDs than INTs. Conisdering the stark contrast of talent that was overwhelmingly in his favor, this was a forgetful season. Yes, Winston was completely overhyped.
  12. Training Camp 2018

    It is about damn time.
  13. Chicago Bears Will - - The coaching staff is built to support Trubisky, which has not been the case for a Bears QB... ever - Unlike Cutler there is a set system to be groomed in. We have seen the amazing play not just from Rodgers but from the WRs knowing where to go when a play broke down. That only happens when a system is mastered. - Talent has really been ramped up in the WR corps. - Top 5 RB tandem to take the pressure off him - Kyle Long finally has had surgery to repair some issues that have nagged him. Him at 80% is better than his back ups at 100%. By a lot - Top 10 defense to support the offense. Should not have to take a 3 and out off then back on the field like last year - Fox gone, Frodo gone. Fangio stayed. Will not - - NFC North is arguably the best or near the best Division overall talent-wise. - Nagy's system is a variant of Reid's, so it isn't going to be mastered easily - STs are still a major question - We are severely lacking at EDGE - Long did just have surgery. Might not recover as well as hoped. - Robinson is coming off an ACL, even if he wasn't a burner he might not be as effective if something is healing slow. Or could get re-injured so the Bears have no true #1 WR. - Howard is a tank and one of the hardest runners in the NFL, without a question. His hands blow though, does he tip off the run/pass calls? - If Tru goes down we have Chase Daniels as our #2 - he has started 2 games in 8 years and thrown 3 passes in the last 3 years. Bray has thrown 1 pass in his career. I mean, come on. I'd feel 100 times better with RG3, Matt Moore, etc. Hell give me Tebow as the number 2. At least with him we could have a decent option gimmick to take advantage of and enough big bodies and speed to have a 2 read offense like in FLA.
  14. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    No problem. One more thing with the ginger, the bigger and older the ginger the more fibrous and hotter it will be. So if her senses are going haywire you might want to by the smaller ones (though the bigger ones are better for ginger dressings and marinades IMO). To see if it is fresh, try to break a piece off. If it snaps it is good to go, if it just bends quite a bit before breaking it is older and likely been sitting for a while. The recipe is easy as it gets, I have used this recipe, but I do add just a pinch of salt while it is crystallizing. Also, don't use a peeler to peel the ginger, use a spoon. WAAAAY faster for me. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/candied-ginger-recipe-1944906