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  1. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    Absolutely. And even if Fangio wants to move on then Donatell might want to step up to DC. Who has been around Fangio more than Donatell? With Fuller, Amukamara, Amos all playing the best ball of their careers and Jackson's rapid improvement he is clearly doing something right.
  2. Joe Thomas streak has ended.

    Absolutely sucks to see a streak end like this, I always hoped he would take his last snap off and get the standing ovation he deserved. Class act and no one is going to beat that streak.
  3. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    The ToP is ridiculous. They had the ball over 17 minutes more than we did. You should never win a game when your team has an offense scoring 3 points and have the ball more than a quarter less than the opponent. But we did, so whatever. lol
  4. Defensive rookie of the year so far?

    I was damn happy to get him too. Both him and Williams were high on my list of DBs (because Chicago needed help back there BAD lol) Williams was so instinctive it seemed like he was ALWAYS around the ball. Looks like that is carrying over to the NFL. Both Williams and Jackson are athletic enough to play CB but thrive being able to see the field. Both look to have bright futures.
  5. Defensive rookie of the year so far?

    No thank you. We missed him all last year so he owes us some playing time. lol
  6. Defensive rookie of the year so far?

    Ah that makes sense. Our doppleganger is Adrian Amos. Had him at FS for the first few years where he was an abortion on the field the last 2 and moved him to SS and he has done better. I think the biggest thing was Fangio breaking his usual philosophy with safeties, saying they should bot be interchangeable and be focused on simple cover twos. Now we have Jackson as a true FS and Amos is playing more as a LB and doing FAR better this year.
  7. Defensive rookie of the year so far?

    We are in a similar position with Kyle Fuller. He has been playing like a top 10 CB this year, has completely shut down Julio Jones, Kelvin Benjamin, Diggs, and played really well on Nelson/Adams when he was on him.
  8. Defensive rookie of the year so far?

    Ah, I was assuming this must have been one of the good games. I'm use to them with the Good Rex/Bad Rex and Good Jay/Bad Jay mess. He sounds almost like Conte to me then. When he was on for us he was great (one of the few to create turnovers), but SO many bad plays we couldn't keep him there.
  9. Defensive rookie of the year so far?

    Yes sir. I had the Bears on the TV and streamed him on the computer. I'm a fan. He definitely looks like a stud CB. Vaccaro also looked good. Is he still on the trade block? Looked like a fixture but again I haven't had much time to watch NO. Could have just been a better game than usual.
  10. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    Very true, but Jim had a habit of keeping people off balance and putting his players in favorable positions. If Loggains did that I'd have little to complain about, but he is doing anything but that. Harbaugh took advantage of Smith's accuracy in the short game, attacked all over the field, and ran levels and other concepts to let Smith make the safe throws. With Kaep he was not as accurate but took advantage of his legs, used one person deep almost every play, and shortened the field by doing clusters and paired reads. He also had motions put in to help Kaep read if it was man or zone coverage a little better. Loggains is doing nothing to help the team. Really I am let down by his "gameplanning" and adjustments.
  11. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    15 YPA average to boot., lol
  12. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    Exactly. Play we should be doing RPO's with him, especially with the defenses coming down so hard on the run. RPO's screens, slants, a safe dump off with Cohen, etc. We should be able to have 1-2 receivers attack the intermediate game and a TE and HB as safety net. The playcalling is making it harder on ALL the offense.
  13. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    I was going to say he averaged about 20 attempts a game but you did more research. lol
  14. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    Agreed, but almost everyone here knew Glennon was garbage and Trubisky was better, makes no sense to start Glennon at all if you're basically handing the ball off 80% of the time., We tried to win on Glennons arm for the first several games, now we have completely neutralized a more talented QB. Loggains has lost it. lol