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  1. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    He had a good combine and then VH3 and Alexander both came on shorter than a lot of people thought (plus VH3's terrible 40), so there was plenty of sway just from that weekend alone. I was pretty damn high on him iirc. Thought a good coach could develop him into a longtime starter. He's just been pretty bad lately. If he becomes a "super sub" for us then the signing is a pure win.
  2. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    At least RG consistently sucked. Steady as she gets. Lol Honestly Holtz was by far our best TE last year, I'd prefer he play FB and reserve TE(seemed to be a decent lead back and for that spot his hands/athleticism seemed good) and then have Harris as our #3. I want to see some heavy sets. Even if we pull Graham and do 3 TEs on the line get some size out there and try some bully ball. That or Holtz and Harris on the line then Robinson and Kmet spread out. Get some size mismatches like Foles seemed to be able to take advantage of in PHI. Kmet should be able to win some jump balls. God I hope Kmet makes all my predraft armchair scouting look stupid.
  3. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    Not bad for a "system QB who can't win against bad competition." Love Mahomes, congrats to him and KC.
  4. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Al Davis would love this move.
  5. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    I'm right there with you soul. My head is ok, my stomach is swishing from all the water. I don't remember chugging this much water since college during football season. Before the nap? Felt like ***.
  6. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    I hope you're right. If Burns turns out to be good then we could be looking at Fuller, Johnson, and Burns as our nickel trio. That can be a good young corps to build around in the defensive backfield around with EJax already entrenched at FS. But, by the numbers Burns hasn't been good either the last 3 years. That being said there is much more of a body of work and more good play to note for Burns, but I don't think he is a top 50 CB ATM and half the league clearly wasn't trying to get him either. If so he'd have been able to get much more in FA, or at least more than what Pace is paying Pat O'Donnell for this season. lol Hopefully Burns surprises us and rips the spot away from Skrine (I have nothing against Skrine either, he's just 31 so I'm not looking at him as a long-term option).
  7. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Nagy has playcalling issues compounded by player-ability issues. It is become a back and forth issue. He says, “I wasn’t brought here to run the I-Formation” and that's fine if that isn't one of the few things this offense as done well with any regularity at all. If so they wouldn't have put up only 17.5 PPG this year. That is embarrassing for him too I'm sure, being an offensive HC. I don't care if we are running an offense that passes more than Leach does at Washington St or if we run Navy's offense. Put points on the board. Do something well. Right now we don't do much of anything well on offense. We have ARob killing it and then we have spurs of solid play from a few people like Miller, Whitehair, or even Tru has some really solid outings. But the offense cannot tie it together and score reliably. Fingers can be pointed at Pace for the players and Nagy for the execution, but neither has done the other many favors. Really this year needs to be a hot seat year for both of them. I'm not saying they need to be 2018's defense and a top 10 offense or even win the division, but if there is another sub 20 PPG then clearly Nagy and Pace can't do it - at least not together. Really we are looking at some major changes to the offensive personnel again. Two OTs should be looked to improve upon, our QB position is at-best questionable (hopefully one thrives but odds aren't great), our RB is supposed to be a major receiving threat but was used almost identically to Howard (that I do blame on Nagy), and an OL that created zero push at all last year. The WR corps IS ARob week in and week out, hopefully Miller cuts down on the idiotic moments and becomes the player he looked like he was going to be after his rookie year. On a positive note if they were to get the boot then it looks like Chicago would be an ideal spot for a GM/HC duo. The offense can be rid of a lot of old/dead weight and be molded to the new scheme, the defense should be able to produce at a really high level for the next few years, there is potential at numerous spots, etc. Then looking in the division you have Rodgers getting older and looking like he is on his way out, you have DET being DET, and MIN is talented but lost Diggs and in 2021 will have Cousins making $31mil plus needing to pay or replace Anthony Harris, Dalvin Cook, and a few others. The NFC North can be up for grabs pretty easily.
  8. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    Lol. All jokes aside Mahomes has always been known to take hits to deliver the ball rather than short-arming it. He gets some big shots and it's hard to expect a Manning-like consecutive start streak. I'd imagine with all the abuse he takes Reid would like a better back up than Henne to help secure the first round byes if possible.
  9. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    Are we counting like the end of the career kind of moves? Like Eli being benched after 200+ consecutive starts for Jones? But coming off their rookie deals and re-signing as a number 2 option would be much harder to find I'd imaging. I'd actually like to see Tru move on. Shanahan and McVay seem to run systems that he might not be great in but could use his legs to help be a crutch for his passing. I'd be annoyed if he went to KC and Reid was able to correct him to be honest.
  10. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    I mean, I see your points but let me at devil's advocate here. Even Reid (one of the best offensive minds and QB whisperers in the league) couldn't do anything with Young either. He was electric in college but a one- trick pony who never developed. McVay might have made Goff a max- contract QB too, but would you want him here with that deal? I sure as hell wouldnt. He's a system QB and McVay seems to be struggling to adapt so Goff can continue to play well. Now they're losing some of the talent that was a crutch for him, so I expect more of the same. It's a bad contract that he simply isn't worth. Jax is a mess, but offensively Foles and the late-round rookie Minshew scored more points than Chicago per game. Passed for more yards too. Chase is mediocre depth, but the guy has a career 65+% completion percentage and a positive TD to INT ratio (paltry as it may be). If you think over 20% of the D1 starting QBs (ignore the scrubs that never play) could match either of those in the NFL then you're out of your mind my man. Lol
  11. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Not fair! They already have him listed as questionable! It's not like he has that Chace Daniels durability, ya know?
  12. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    I'm down. Burrow to the Bears baby.
  13. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    About 210-215 lbs. Still kinda looks like that one teen guy trying Zumba to get started in working out.
  14. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    How long before he wears a three cornered colonial hat?
  15. Does more need to be done?

    Ah. Gotcha. Well he'd absolutely be a massive upgrade from Bray. I'm a big fan of keeping QBs with similar playstyles. You cant expect a reserve to step in and replicate a HOF QB's play but they can run the same system. Bridgewater's has the same arm limitations as Brees but the offense was largely unchanged stylistically, is Jackson goes down in BAL they have RG3 (who isn't as electric by any means but they can still run their system with him), etc. The switch from Tru to Daniel made the entire offense adjust, especially the OL. If we get a QB that is a good scrambler as the hopeful franchise guy next year then Kaep would have some consideration for QB3, but the baggage would keep him out most likely. If the guy is a pocket passer then Kaep wouldnt even get a glance.