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  1. Nagy calls audible, stages ‘Monday Funday’

    I'm just saying... if you're a *real* evil genius... you could @beardown3231 miss Double Doink. Also - even if I refuse to spell Parki's name right, I can still spell his nicknames correctly, right?
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    So I have an 8 year old boy, 7 year old girl, and a 2 year old girl. When they yawn I will poke their tongues to mess with them. I'm laying on the couch any my 2 year old is jumping on me, on my stomach and chest. Nothing unusual here. I yawn, and my 2 year old sticks her foot in my mouth. Long story short, I now have a favorite and least favorite daughter.
  3. Nagy calls audible, stages ‘Monday Funday’

    Wow, I wasted some of your limitless income? I'm sorry.
  4. I use boxing gloves, and they are pretty snug too. My knuckles don't hurt at all, it is more the carpals that are between them and my wrist. I'm not throwing haymakers but I am 50+ pounds more than I was last time I did it for cardio, so each punch is probably a bit harder and my hands aren't conditioned for it anymore. Hell I have a lot of constant wear and tear on my hands now that I didn't have 7-8 years ago. Went ahead and got two styles of wraps, will see whether I like the traditional wraps or the Muay Thai style ones. Until I get them, no more heavy bag work for me.
  5. Anyone here like doing heavy bag work? I'm getting back into it for cardio and it is absolutely killing my hands. Thought after two or three weeks my hands would condition and toughen up, but I think it has more to do with doing construction and then adding this on top of it. And no, I' not just throwing a bunch of bombs at the bag either. lol I need to get a good pair of handwraps, the last pair I had was my dad's from years before I got into it, some old everlast ones IIRC. Anyone have a recommendation for a brand?
  6. That is the million dollar question. He is athletic, no doubt. But how the heck are they assuming he can while going non-contact? Lucas couldn't have found a way to snag the spot. Maybe Shaheen is going to bulk up and become the OT? lol
  7. Well I like the TE being able to flex and move around, but when Sowell went to FB he was too damn slow to make the block and caused the RB to slow up (Howard IIRC, who is slower to start than our current HBs). IDK. Kind of seems like a Scruggs-level deal. "You're not good enough to play at X so your only shot is Y." I'd be surprised if either is on the team at those spots TBH. I thought Sowell had a good chance as a reserve OT, though I sure as hell wouldn't want him doing anything out there besides being the "extra" OL.
  8. Nagy calls audible, stages ‘Monday Funday’

    You know I probably can agree that I can stand corrected. While I meant this one Monday Funday specifically, this likely isn't a one time deal and is part of a continual atmosphere that Nagy and Pace are creating. The one day won't make a difference, but this kind of culture, as long as we are a winning team, WILL be a major attraction for FAs and potentially lead to depth. IDK what Haha was offered, but I doubt it was a lot more than the $3.5 Chicago offered. But the thing is he still took a little less to come here and rejuvenate his career. I'd be damn happy to have these kind of deals stack up as we are not going to be able to keep re-signing everyone on this team. Eventually we are going to actually NEED these kind of deals, as Pace isn't going to bat 1000 in the draft. It's helped NE for years and hopefully will be for us, assuming Tru continues to grow and improve. Consider me converted, Dr. Doofenshmirtz.
  9. Patriots extending WR Julian Edelman (2 year, $18M)

    When you dislike seeing another team's signing, it is probably a good one for them.n And I dislike this one. lol
  10. League 2019 off season

    Made me think of this, which may be fitting this year for them after being free of McCarthy lol
  11. Nagy calls audible, stages ‘Monday Funday’

    This kind of thing gets out around the players, especially for guys who are under very authoritarian coaches. It builds team bonding, and is a highlight for the players to remember their coach by. I doubt it realistically makes much of a difference in FA, wins or in re-signing our own, but I love seeing how far Chicago has come from the destitute wasteland it was under Trestman and Fox. Good on Nagy and Co.
  12. Bucs sign Ndamukong Suh 1 year deal

    I remember hearing he wanted to chase a ring and wanted to stay on the west coast. 0/2 Mr Suh. But you probably got the best deal anyone was willing to give you.
  13. Literally the only rationale I can think of is they get to start their search for a new GM and avoid competition, as every other team will be waiting until after the regular season. Maybe they can lock down their first choice if they do this as there isn't a "better landing spot" known at the time. .
  14. Rank your favorite draft pick ...

    I agree, my only reason for the percentage being so low is that Montgomery will need to get used to a complex pro offense, so I think Davis and Cohen might get more runs in the first 6-8 weeks and then Montgomery gets more as he gets the offense down. I'm of the opinion that Cohen is going to transition more into a WR than a RB over the next year or two. It is going to be an interesting offense this year.