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  1. That's why the GM needs top have the final decision about who is his HC. Let George and Ted hide somewhere while the GM picks his HC and deals with the potential headaches. Dodds could handle McDaniels, Harbaugh, or Flores IMO. They need a strong leader to balance them, get a coward like Pace or Emery and they would walk all over them.
  2. Ball from GB would have been an excellent pairing with Wolf if they did the VP and GM duo. He is from a non-scouting background. That was the start of the McDaniels mock I got lazy on.
  3. I think getting Gruden and his disastrous exit was one thing that made it easy to dump him off but when both 2020 1st rounders were dismissed for legal issues (term being VERY loosely used for Ruggs) that shows there is a lack of character being demanded, since Artnette was a POS too. Arnette was so bad he could/should have been released partway through the season anyway regardless of the hit and run or gun waving video. Then Bowden, Muse both being off the team and the guy who is supposed to be an expert in college scouting has lost 4 of his 5 top picks in a single draft - less than two years
  4. Absolutely. Kmet easily gets 1 TD in DAL if he was there is 2021, maybe even 2!
  5. Probably have the full interviews recorded and after picking the GM will give him the tapes to review and pick who he wants to bring in for his personal interviews. And yes, I expect the FO to be recording everything on VHS tapes.
  6. Our everlasting love and affection.
  7. Leftwich's progression of deep to short also likely favors Fields' arm talent.
  8. If you want to trade EJax I can get behind that but giving DHC a starting role or multi-year extension for anything above his ST value and Im out. At best he should get to compete with a more promising talent. As far as 2022 being a potential out Im not seeing it as a realistic option honestly. If we cut or trade EJax now its $18.5 mil dead cap to be held against us but if either is done post-June 1st then we have about $4 mil dead cap this year and $9.6 mil dead cap next year. If we wait until post-June 1st in 2023 them it drops to his dead cap hits going to $4mil and $6 mil rough
  9. Oh thats a bi*** move. My ex Area Manager did that to me to be a jackass so I called him a bunch of times so he'd skip them, them called HIS boss the Division Manager saying he was missing and scheduled to meet with the plant manager in the morning. My DM called and got right through to him and ripped him for not answering and making me wake him up. Lol.
  10. They could re-sign him. Calvin can talk to Khalil about the Bears giving a little brother a paycheck that was not really warranted. Bears if nothing have shown they'll keep big brother happy by keeping little brother employed. Lol
  11. My bias against Nagy makes it easy for me to dump on him (which is why I didn't comment on the uncoachable comment) but this really is indefensible to me. He constantly lead an underprepared offense while hoping the defense carried him to wins and that was the sole reason we weren't stuck with a sub .400 team. From the first game where Gabriel caught a 31 yard pass and them ended with 5 or 6 catches for around 25 yards he showed he cant adjust or see that other coaches DO adjust. I mean if a screen nets negative yards why not try it a few more times with the same guy? Players regressed be
  12. I'd also throw the Hortiz and Harbaugh as my dream scenario Wolf and McDaniels as a much more realistic option too.
  13. Literally heard teen girls ranking the "hot dads" at my nieces' basketball game last year. Didn't seem gross when I was a teen but definitely was then. Maybe if it is adults ranking adults our teens ranking their own peers fine, but when teens rank adults... 🤮 If its true then its true. If a chick is 300 pounds they aren't even going to be listed for me. Granted I'm not going to make spectacle out of it - that's when your being a ****** imo - but they don't really warrant being part of the conversation. Agree. It goes both ways too. Eva Mendez or Sofia Vergara wouldn't have the same
  14. My wife has that covered. I need a crazy petite redhead to collect the set. 😅
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