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  1. Rumors and this new league trend.

    To me that would mean the Bears are keeping Mitch for the time being, and then 2021 either a vet comes cheap or they take a QB with their first pick. Rather than pay a megadeal to him you keep the defense ridiculous and get a rookie salary at QB. You lose both 2020 2nds but have all the 2021 picks, but round 1 you're forcing the pick. I'm not saying that is what I want, but that's what it made me think.
  2. Here's A Mild Distraction For Consideration

    Only re-sign the non-crap ones. That's going to limit it a lot. Lol.
  3. Hurry Up?

    That's fair, I'm frustrated but there is time to turn it around. The Bears are still 1-1, but if Nagy doesn't do a better job we will lose a few just because the defense gave up 2 touchdowns and we couldn't match it. Plus I'm desperate to give a OAK a lower pick.
  4. Hurry Up?

    I agree, but what i meant is Nagy isn't doing Tru or himself any good if he isn't forcing Tru to grow as a QB. If you're hellbent on letting the defense win the game for you, then at least give Tru more opportunities to improve. There can't be growth with this kind of playcalling IMO. If you're going to put pressure on the defense, at least give them the chance of getting a lead to hold. He isn't helping the team at all right now, short or long term.
  5. Hurry Up?

    You say coddled, I say Nagy is handicapping the offense. Says more about the coach than the QB to me. He chose a low reward play when it mattered, since screens are really not a strong suit of this offense. Especially against a team that isn't heavily blitzing. So does that mean Nagy is unaware of situational football or just that he lacks the balls to take a risk?
  6. Here's A Mild Distraction For Consideration

    I'd be fine with Fitzpatrick and would love to pair a 2nd and Amukamara for Ramsay but that's completely unrealistic IMO. I want to trade for a playcaller. Lol.
  7. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    That's an insult to dog**** honestly.
  8. Hurry Up?

    He deserves credit for that too. Now this week he needs to actually use the passing game to attack, not just to be an extension of the run game. We don't need to throw it over 20 yards 10 or more times, we can still throw screens and shallow drags, but use the entire field. Get Patterson and ARob going deep, have Miller run some slants, Cohen can run shallow routes and outrun his defender, Shaheen and Montgomery can be safety nets, etc. Nagy has the pieces and is intelligent enough to do this, I really believe he is. I'm just hoping he makes the adjustment now rather than trying after a few more poor showings.
  9. Hurry Up?

    Idc if they script every play and everyone just reads the play off their wristband. Change it every drive, or just call the number in and have Tru relay that. If they put up points then I'll be happy. Getting the play in fast enough that Helfrich and Nagy can help presnap should be a priority. The Rams do it and obviously have done very well in doing so. They cut off the headsets at 15 secs on the playclock right? If so the goal should be to have the offense set at minimum with 20 seconds to go then.
  10. Around the NFL Thread

    But they had 3 big guys right in the middle...
  11. GDT 2 post game thread - theories & rants

    Good playcallers can force the defense on their heels, they can adapt, they can keep you off balance. Everyone knows you need to keep Rodgers in the pocket, but they still struggle to do so. People know to not let Desean Jackson and Hill get behind them, but they still do. The job of a playcaller, offense or defense, is to force their will on the opponent. That may be because incredible execution (Lovie's best defenses even if they were simple) or due to creativity that the opposing coach cannot match up with consistently (Payton/McDaniels/Reid). Nagy needs to stop taking what the defense gives them and attack. He needs to help Tru like McVay is helping Goff. If you have to make it simple....then make it f***ing simple! Complexity does NOT equate to points. But don't run the offensive version of the prevent defense, don't coach scared to lose. Tru has missed throws, but how many times is he throwing into pressure? Jow many YAC have hos receivers created? If youre gping to thrpw a ton of 5 yard passes then they are going to rely on YAC. His release time was really fast last week to compensate for the OL's porous play and he still was getting hit with regularity. If your QB isn't great, then he will need help. ARob is doing so but there's way too many plays where he isn't getting help, especially with how talented of a cast Chicago has. Right now his playcalling has been less effective than Loggains' was. Let that sink in, a rookie Tru - with his best receivers being Kendall Wright and Josh Bellamy - completely outproduced what Nagy has this year. Tru isn't worse than he was as a rookie, OL is better, WR corps is better, 2nd year in this "system", etc. But Loggains on average outperformed what Nagy has done this season. That is alarming to me. I'm sure he will bounce back but damn it he needs to do it now rather than keep costing the Bears games. Quit hoping to scrape by like the LAR game, try to dominate or step aside and let someone else at least try to do something offensively. Idc of Pace steps in amd forces Nagy to relinquish playcalling of hw doesnt fix this immediately. Right now CHI seems to be winning in spite of Nagy rather than because of him.
  12. GDT 2 post game thread - theories & rants

    Offense was bad again, really bad. Nagy needs to grow a sack and up the aggressiveness or hand over the playcalling duties. He can't cower with the playcall sheet, idc who is the QB. He isn't moving the pocket to take advantage of Tru's athleticism, he is condensing the field for the defense, and is seeming to use the quick passing game as an extension of the run game. Clearly it is a colossal failure. His offense has 2 TDs in the last 12 quarters (going back to PHI). That is pathetic and inexcusable. If Tru isn't healthy or something the get him out, you're overpaying Daniel so let him take over. If he is healthy then Nagy needs to get rid of his skirt and help his QB.
  13. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    Well he is failing at both. His offense put up 1 TD in 8 quarters and Pagano is more responsible for the win and not getting dominated last week. He literally was bailed out by the QB at the end this week, he didn't help the QB win the game. Last week he hoped it would be the same by calling 30+ pass plays consecutively. You don't do that with Brady, Peyton, or Brees, why the hell would he do that with Tru? Ridiculously poor job so far, I'm hoping he cleans it up. He made a substantial improvement by remembering Montgomery this week at least.
  14. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    I believe it completely. I love Eddy. Dude never lacks confidence and will talk smack at any point. If there is an alpha mentality for kickers then that kid has it. Because we condensed our offense FOR the defense. Nagy wants to run curls, outs, and drags and hope for YAC but we don't get many YAC. We joked that only Cohen, Miller and Tru could actually break a tackle on the team. Since no one respects the deep ball the safeties sit tight and if we break on tackle then there is someone right there to clean up. It is the same crap Trestman did his 2nd year. You don't throw bombs constantly but you have to attack each level and side to side. When you attack only a few zones coverages become incredibly easy to defend. Nagy and Tru seem to have forgotten that. Nagy's playcalling has been Tice/Ron Turner bad this season.
  15. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    They have our first... I'm sure Gruden loved Tru like he did every QB that went to his Gruden Camp. lol