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  1. Our Bears are closer to a bear under constant anesthesia. Occasionally it starts to wake up (like 2018) but our front office and coaches help make sure it safely goes back under immediately. 😂
  2. Fair enough. Historically it has been a rivalry, just not recently. 😂
  3. I think the fact he is 21-5 against us is why he is is so unlikeable here. Lol No I get it. He has IMO a lot of the Cutler and Belichick personality traits to him. Both are easy to hate, none are really the super personable people. But in the end winning trumps all in this league. I'd rather have a d-bag for a QB that gave us a career like Brady, Rodgers, or Brees than the good guy who wasn't a good QB (like Tru, Tebow, and Kellen Moore). That being said i put little stock into a celebrity or athlete's views or opinions. Ill always be able to get behind someone like Tillman a
  4. Totally agree. The game wasn't even as close as the score indicated. A great effort for the defense, but the offense was dead in the water outside of one drive and Herbert having a good game (until they keyed on him) the offense was crap.
  5. I guess I'm in the minority, but I have zero issues with him talking trash. He HAS owned the Bears, he knew our offense wouldn't threaten his lead, and he chalked another win even when his responsibility was to just be efficient. To be fair I had no issues with Newton's Superman celebration (and I've disliked him since he got booted from Florida) and Mahomes saying he had a chip on his shoulder for the Bears picking Tru. If you don't want to see the Superman celebration, then don't let him get the TD. If you want to stop Mahomes from talking smack, don't overlook him for an extremely raw
  6. A real HC and playcaller will be needed for that to happen. Otherwise he's going to really be held back, like he is now.
  7. Agreed. Adams is a top 3 WR and Rodgers is the best QB to ever play in the NFCN, and Desai put Johnson on am island moat of the game against him. Context matters. Johnson has beem great so far. He has been shown as a top 20 CB this year in coverage so far and allowed opposing QBs to have something like a 50 QBR against him. His tackling has improved too. He's the only DB that has really been good consistently.
  8. I was one point off. Hot start but like usual we can't maintain momentum or adjust. Whether by calls, missing open throws, trash perimeter blocking, or one OL doing a random horrendous job. Its just a mediocre team.
  9. No reason to apologize. You're right. Bears have accepted mediocrity for too long. We wasted this season by keeping Nagy.
  10. Lewis isnt much more than a blocker but still tough as nails. Smith puts a big hit on him and he pops up to tell him good hit. I'd take him over Graham straight up.
  11. He forgot they could still spike the ball if they got a first down. He's still learning!!
  12. Id rather our HC and OC #besomeonebetter
  13. @beardown3231 POD is the Justin Tucker of punters.
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