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  1. March Mock 2019

    You know I think of when I think of disguising his route pre-break, or just being a technician in general? Jimmy Smith, the old Jaguar. He had no tells in his start, varied his speed smoothly and frequently to keep people from getting too predictable, and could work in or out as well as anyone I've ever seen. I use to love watching him.
  2. 2019 Draft: Targets

    I'm a fan. He needs developed but he has the size/athleticism combination you can't teach and he is pretty damn good at getting YAC. If he develops he can be a stud, but he is going to need to work on long contested catches, he isn't a Jeffery-level player in that regard at all. I say put him on the slot and let him work, pretty nightmarish matchup. LBs can't normally keep up, NBs should get bullied once he gets use to press coverage, and he will consistently churn out yards after making a catch. Let him learn under Robinson and with him, Robinson, and Miller you have a massive potential level together. Nfl.com used Terrelle Pryor as the comp, I think he is closer to an Aaron Hernandez kind of player. Faster and not as polished, but the playstyle is very similar.
  3. Free Agent Rumors

    Depending on structure and guarantees i could have handled it. I'd pay a bit extra this year and maybe a $2-3 mil dead cap next year to get him. Something like $11m/$13m with $14.5 mil guaranteed would have been fine with me. If he did well he may be extended and up his guaranteed cash or cut for a minimal hit.
  4. Free Agent Rumors

    I'd do Howard and our 3rd, but not a 2nd even by itself. I guess I'm just a bit disenchanted by this RB class. I'm betting I'll like some guys more next year.
  5. O'Donnell is back

    Gould said himself that he was getting lazy with his technique for what its worth. Didn't really look it until Chicago cut him.
  6. Free Agent Rumors

  7. O'Donnell is back

    Even if it is 75% guaranteed it would be a minimal loss if he lost a competition and was cut. This isn't a big deal. I just hope Pace doesn't see him as the guy without question, we should always be looking to improve and compete for the bulk of the players.
  8. Free Agent Rumors

    O'Donnell was extended for 2 years it seems. Weird.
  9. Bears sign Mike Davis

    Yep. And it is for a MUCH lower investment. I was the one wanting to trade up to 30-32 to draft Jaylon Smith so we had the 5th year option so he could recover the first year. I'd be fine to let Love redshift even. 3 years of potential talent for a 5rh or whatever is a plus to me. Lol
  10. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    Most of us expect it. Hoping as the SS, which has a more simplified coverage role, he can limit those mental errors. That and the pass rush limiting his time to have a mental lapse. He is the 10th best player on the defense IMO. Bit if he can make a few plays to balance his blown coverages then we can call it a wash.
  11. Bears sign Mike Davis

    I want Love in the 5th. Take a swing and run a RBC and if that isn't good enough then draft one higher in 2020
  12. Bears sign Buster Skrine

    We're at the point where we have to much talent to pay, whereas a few years ago we couldn't get FAs to sign here without overpaying or being one of the few teams they could actually start for. Guys are willing to take less to come here once in a while, to join this team and chase a ring. That is a sign the GM has done one hell of a job.
  13. Free Agent Rumors

    Or simply #dolphinsdoingdolphinthings
  14. Bears sign Buster Skrine

    He also will get a sort of leadership role over there that he simply couldn't have had here. He knows Fangio and Donatell's defense, calls, adjustments, etc like the back of his hand. So they can rely on him to help "coach" the rest of the defense, defensive backs in particular, as they implement the new scheme. Here he was the 4th best DB at best, and that is if someone is ignoring his injury history and really looking at Amos' lack of playmaking ability. It is probably his only chance at being a team leader in any way, so he might have really desired that role.
  15. Bears sign Mike Davis

    Same. Mine goes Jacobs, Montgomery, Sanders for my top 3 backs that I'd want for this offense. I'd be fine with a trade up but would rather trade up for an EDGE or CB. I'm not a huge fan of any of the HBs in this class and think a 2nd or 3rd might be better reserved for next year's class in the long run.