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  1. Around the NFL Thread

    Kudos for owning up on your part of the wager. I would have taken the bet too. How long is the sentence?
  2. Bears hire John DeFlippo as QB Coach

    Agreed, I liked Knox. I think Knox could have been a top deep threat in the NFL. DeSean Jackson lite. Never could run a full route tree and maddeningly lazy when needing to highpoint the ball, but he could get behind about anyone. Hester to WR was fine to me, him being more than a 4 or maybe a 3 was bad. If we had traded the pick used for Brandon Hardin to trade for Marshall (nd not stupidly trading Olsen) we are looking at - X/Z - Marshall - Jeffery Slots - Knox - Hester TE - Olsen That is elite, and Hester could have filled that role well IMO. Knox could take the top off, Hester could be a secondary deep threat and also an under receiver to get in space, and with the safeties keeping deep due to Knox you'd see Marshal, Jeffery, and Olsen feasting in the intermediate. OL would still have been an issue but there is enough talent to still put points up in bunches IMO.
  3. Bears hire John DeFlippo as QB Coach

    To be fair, there wasn't much upside to having Knox, Hester, and Bennett as his top 3 WRs. lol He should have used Olsen much more though and would have been better to have been moved to a full-time slot WR than to be traded for a 3rd. I don't think any coach could have made that a 10-15 ranked offense (not counting all the ST TDs of course).
  4. The 2020 Draft Thread

    I want Thaddeus Moss if for no other reason than to make Randy Moss wear a Bears jersey.
  5. Free Agent QB Discussion

    Agreed. I think you have a serviceable group with Montgomery, Cohen, Patterson, and Nall. Is there a franchise bellcow back? I'm certainly not sold. But there is enough talent to move the chains and have mismatches made IMO. But the OL is going to limit the entire offense unless they take a big step forward. We don't have a Brady or Wilson to carry an offense that has few tools or a bad OL. We don't have a prime AP to run successfully vs 8 man fronts. So the OL has to be at least serviceable across the board to consistently produce at an acceptable level.
  6. Free Agent QB Discussion

    Fair enough. I consider bottom 5 to be trash. I guess I'm a bit of a harsh armchair GM. Lol. No problem. Make sure to note the correction @abstract_thought had on Chicago's adjusted sack rate though.
  7. Free Agent QB Discussion

    I see what you mean. There were 6 teams with 18% on stuffed percentage, they are all at the same level. So they were all tied for 8th worst. So they were 8th worst, tied with 5 others for that spot. Their ranks don't take into account ties or other statistics that are relevant to place in exact positions. OL play has a huge impact on RB yards, getting INTO the open field, and getting to the 2nd level. If you're constantly getting hit at 1 yard from the LOS (random number I threw in, not quoting a statistic) then obviously the OL has limited the RB's ability. These are literally an attempt to separate RB ability from RB ability. I stand corrected on the adjusted rate, but regardless of how you look at it when you're 20th in adjusted sack rate while being 13th in pass attempts that shows how poor they are. Looking at scheme/QB play this is compounded by how quick Chicago got rid of the ball (Trubisky's Time to Throw being 6th fastest per NextGenStats). As for DVOA that has more to do with the entire offense IIRC. Two players run for 4 yards but get different scores because one did it on 1st and 10 but the other did it on 3rd at 3. That kind of thing, or do I have that confused with something else? That is where the stuffed percent and Trubisky's poor play drug that down even more to me, Nagy's offense usually seemed to be in 3rd and 5+ so we targeted ARob a ridiculous amount on 3rd down, and Montgomery only ran for like 50 1st downs or so. Especially with Cohen not really being used as a RB much. To me the OL was the biggest culprit for the run game's inefficiency. Cohen was able to make some long runs after making a guy miss but this year they were so poor he really had to hesitate a lot to try to find holes. Just my two cents.
  8. Free Agent QB Discussion

    https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ol/2019 There may be better resources but I'm cheap.
  9. Free Agent QB Discussion

    They were worse than bad. 29th in adjusted line yards, 30th in RB yards, 30th in YPC, 31st in power success, 8th worst in stuffed percentage, 31st in 2nd level yards, 30th in open field yards, and 28th in adjusted sack rate. Averaging out to roughly the 3rd worst in run and pass blocking. If they don't get better then Pace and Nagy need fired. Those numbers are pathetic and should never be duplicated in back to back years. Those should be the numbers when you lose 3 starters for 8+ games each, not when the corpse at RG gets IR'ed for lack of a pulse (so it actually improved) and three others play 16 while the last plays 10. Yes, they were absolutely "trash."
  10. If you were the GM, what you do with 24M right now?

    @JustAnotherFan I couldn't quote you for some reason. lol I don't actually think that highly of Smith, but I do think that little of Trubisky at this point. I 100% believe Smith would be an upgrade over Tru even if his mobility is always going to be limited, he is simply a better passer. We have a shot to win postseason games with him being a relatively average starter. I don't have that confidence in Tru. It may be a lot to give up to some, but I don't think it is as much as most. Floyd is nothing more than a future comp pick to me, and as a player has become completely overrated. I don't think he would actually be a gamechanger in a 4-3 either TBH. Amukamara is ok but overpriced and aging, Gabriel is nothing special and needs to be replaced, and the conditional pick is basically my way of ensuring we can get the two. I would take Smith and Williams over the combination of the Bears players given up. I'd be cutting Amukamara and Gabriel without the trade anyway. He may be concerned with making money but he produced last year. Let's be real, the money is the primary reason most guys play in the NFL, it isn't just the love of the game or desire to win. If so you'd see superteams where the best guys are taking major discounts to win. Mack came here and had money on his mind, so I have no issue with someone wanting significantly less. Floyd is due to make more for doing much less. Besides, I don't think Hicks is letting anyone get hazed. Remember how he owned Bennett during the NE practices? Relive the glory my friend... lol True, Osemele would have been an immediate upgrade in the run and passing game. I think he would be here too. He may only be a temp upgrade but he would be someone to let us develop a young guy and have as a role model for them too. DT is a guy I'd like to keep as well. His best years are behind him but he was still really well last year overall. I just think he needs someone more physical to pair with him, he didn't seem to get off blocks as well as when he first got here. Kwiatkoski sucked against the run? I thought he was good vs the run, I'd argue he and Smith were a better duo vs the run than Smith and DT were last year. His weakness has always been in coverage, but that is minimized on the outside when he is more in shallow zones and covering flats. Kind of like how Briggs was great in coverage for Lovie until he had to move to MLB where his lack of athleticism was exposed. Plus when there is an obvious passing down, he is coming off in favor of Smith and DT being in coverage, and Mack and JPP rushing the QB. So it doesn't concern me at all. As long as Bush's coverage role is limited I think he could be a good player. I'd like to roll the dice with him. There are a few intriguing options at S in FA this year though.
  11. The 2020 Draft Thread

    That's basically what I'm throwing out there for Lawrence in 2021, I'd do the same for this year for Burrow. Especially with Flip in the mix.
  12. Free Agent QB Discussion

    I can't imagine he wants to come to Chicago. Yes, the defense is great, but the OL was trash and there isn't a run game to speak of. ARob is better than anyone he had for the bulk of last season, Miller can play when he isn't an idiot, but there isn't a TE to rely on either. So an underwhelming offensive roster around him while also having to learn a new playbook from a very unproven playcaller in Nagy just seems like a far-fetched idea to me.
  13. Bears hire John DeFlippo as QB Coach

    I didn't know much about the Castillo or Lazor signings, so I'm indifferent about them other than they are at least different than who we had (seemed to be massively failing), but this move is fantastic. This for me allows us to have a definitive answer to if Tru can be a franchise QB or not. I'm not sold he will be (quite the opposite still TBH), but for the next QB in 2021 we also have one of the best QB coaches in the game for him. Now I'm even more determined to see the farm for the potential franchise QB in 2021. Super excited.
  14. Free Agent QB Discussion

    I don't think anyone will, but i never would have imagined Brock was going to get a $70mil deal either. Only takes one idiot to overpay dramatically.
  15. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    With the QB group being so cheap that is fine. As long as he doesn't make it a habit to grossly overpay on one group. If we had 2018 Burton then that would be a hell of a combination for defenses to deal with. ARob - Burton - Henry - Miller