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  1. With Nagy developing I'm not picking anyone who needs developed. I'll take a swing in the first and hope a guy works out fire to talent but I'm not wasting any more for him to do nothing with. Hell he had Tru for 3 years and the kid regressed. Lol The third round grade is with someone like Daboll, McVay, etc to work with him.
  2. Newman in round 2 looks like a stretch to me. I rhi k he REALLY hurt himself with the choice of sitting out the season, apparently they are looking at changing the Combine to regional shows so he wont even be able to do drills head to head with his peers. His potential may be round 2 but to me he is a 3-5 round guy. Not enough film to show he is a starter and he doesnt have anything freakish to stand above other prospects.
  3. Bears had 4 years of that. Hes sporadic but at least LA got some level of consistency from him this year. He looked like a different player this year.
  4. I'm happy to bomb next year for the draft spot. That being said I think Pace and Nagy will be desperate. They were stupid enough to trade a 4th for Foles and think he would make them a real contender. We will find a way to somewhere as a 7-9 to 9-7 team that doesnt deserve a playoff spot. We're overachieving losers essentially. Nope. Mucho nope-o.
  5. If you're throwing a $100+ mil deal at the QB then he is your biggest investment and should be involved. The decision is still up to the FO, but when your QB is the face of your franchise and someone who you will be allotting over 15% of your cap to you should be trying to maximize your return from that deal. They need to mesh well enough and play to the QBs strengths.
  6. I see the Bears splitting the season between two poor QBs allowed them to stay off the list. Well played Nagy, well played.
  7. Players can jump from one team to another, coaches can... why the hell can't a fan who literally makes no money for their loyalty? Fans owe teams and players nothing. Root for whoever you want Buck!
  8. I'm always for taking on cheap one year deals like what they did with Ifedi. For OL I've been a broken record that failed 1st and 2nd round OTs with power are prime candidates to kick inside. I'm also of the position that you should be able to see if there is enough talent/physical gifts to contribute. I'm not banking on Thielen coming from our PS, but I will bet I can find a spot for a burner who fills a role or a big guy that just does nothing but hold his gap. Maybe a RB has a trait but is very one dimensional (like I felt Holyfield was for example) and attack other PS players that you felt
  9. I'd bank on Watson giving us a bigger window than Kmet, Mooney, Monty, and Daniels all being worth big deals. Kmet had small flashes and I like his attitude and effort, but he's not going to be Kelce or Kittle. Let's see him show he is worth a big deal before assuming he will be. Mooney showed flashes but so did Miller his rookie year, I'm not assuming he will be a stud yet, even if I am hopeful. HBs are easy enough to find, especially if we are attacking with a RBC. No reason to throw big money at that position unless you get a Henry or some other stud. OGs rarely are worth big deals to me, O
  10. Yep, which is why they'll have to promote from within. They already have people under contract so at least someone can boost their resume and if/when the staff gets fired they can at minimum get hired elsewhere as a position coach, if they do a good job they can be retained or a DC job elsewhere.
  11. For the record I think he is, but still nothing special as a head coach by any means. He rode the defense to wins and held the team back with his offense. I wouldnt want to make a trade for Watson unless he was gone, I think he'll still limit the offense unless we have a ridiculous KC talent pool to choose from. Our defense wasnt elite with them this year so I doubt it. The other difference is we aren't looking only at a 2-3 year window with Watson. He has 10 years or so left, so with time to draft, grab FAs, and such shouldn't Pace be able to ****** up the NFC North or at
  12. If Pace is better than BOB as a GM then he should be able to do better than that, right? If he is as good as you feel he is why couldnt he? Not being antagonistic, but if he and Nagy cant do better than that when they can make 2 playoff appearances with Tru (with Foles and Daniel both also playing in those two seasons) then they clearly aren't worth a damn imo. Is Nagy that much of a better coach than BOB? If so then we have the advantage over HOU in both the GM and HC so I see no reason they shouldn't be able to piece a competent defense and skill players around him for the next
  13. Exactly why I add the disclaimer that this is what I'd do, not what Pace will do otherwise you get 4 or 5 "Pace would never" comments. Lol
  14. I'd argue ATL's staff was incompetent, not that he actually was a bust. Splitting hairs, but I'd guess you and I both wouldnt call any of our draft picks here a bust after one season. Even if I dislike the pick like I did Kmet I'd still completely acknowledge the jump in competiti ok n level and actual skill development needed for the transition from college to pro.
  15. I have no faith in Pace picking elite talent with his first being 20. Hes had four top 10 picks and right now Smith is the ok only one still on the team (assuming Tru is smart enough to run to anywhere else). With 19 other teams going before I'm afraid he has a massive bust as he tries to outsmart everyone. If we can get a franchise QB like Watson then pay your weight in gold and start trading down, poach practice squads, giving second chances to guys that didnt get re-signed by their drafting team, whatever. I'd give up several firsts and seconds for 2 or 3 years to have that fran
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