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  1. If I am Wilson I am probably staying for one more year. Lawrence and Fields are the top two, Lance has a ton of steam already, so you're fighting for QB3. Wilson could walk into 2022 draft as the number one pick if he can keep up a solid pace from here on out. I'd prefer to be as top heavy as possible, get Wilson, Jones and Trask all pushing for the first. Jones and Wilson could walk into the next draft with presumed ownership of two top 5 picks in 2022 if they don't declare. One could fall to us if they do declare. Still though, I don't trust Nagy to develop whatever kid comes around. Might make a mock where he hire Roman as HC, trade back in the first to get a late first and another 2nd, take Newman in the 2nd with one of them. Give him a mobile QB to develop and start getting physical in the trenches.
  2. That would be neat, and may be forced. We have two mediocre OTs, no starting caliber QBs, and Miller can't be counted on as a primary receiver anymore, let alone start while ARob walks. That is assuming Ifedi is re-signed to keep RG shored up and Cohen comes back with some explosion as the #2 RB too. Oh, and ARob will likely get franchised since they haven't come to a deal. That sucks in a year that likely will have the ability to drop to $175 mil. Spotrac has us at only $4.375 mil space. Realistically we need to make a few moves. Re-sign ARob and manipulate his deal so he gets a bunch of guaranteed up front while limiting his cap hit, extend and restructure Fuller (cap hit of $20 mil next year), release Massie (save $6.7 mil), cut Skrine (Save $2. 8 mil, make Vildor step up), may have to cut Graham if he won't extend and restructure (save $7mil), and cut Leno (save save $6.2 mil). Maybe Foles opts out but right now since he is only set to make $6.66. mil too. Vildor should be able to step in as NB, Kmet will have to step up and a cheap TE will be needed, but we have zero OTs to play. So the first three picks may have to be OT- QB- OT or something similar. Yes there will be cheap vet signings because they take a one-year deal to hopefully raise their value in 2022 FA market, but Chicago can't keep ignoring these premeir spits with major picks. It just doesn't work out.
  3. It's looking at stats when he was "on" and seeing a few of his games in the postseason, since most of us didn't watch him as he was floundering. I'm betting watching highlights was a big factor too. Generally his best play has been because of a great OL and great weapons elevating him, not the other way around. Another name to throw in was Winston. As a passer he had the highest ceiling, which was why I think he gave us the best shot at a postseason run. That being said he also has the lowest character and is the a turnover machine, though too. That INTs can be limited to a degree since Nagy is not exactly an aggressive playcaller like Arians is too. Still, regardless of the list we need a real swing at a franchise QB in 2021. None of these guys are it.
  4. I'd rather have the draft pick than either. Lol. That being said COVID19 made the Foles move make way more sense due to system familiarity.
  5. Ah well. I'll eat my words and sit in the corner where I belong then.
  6. We just keep piling on excuses 2018- Tru is raw and its his first year in the system, so he isn't expected to play really well. Plus Howard doesn't for the scheme so that's handicapping the offense because he isn't a threat as a receiver. 2019 - Nagy's offense is failing because we don't have a TE to use, it relies on having a solid Y and U. Long was a walking corpse out there too. Now we have to put Cohen as a WR. But hey, we have Monty getting 25 rec...compared to Howard's 20... wait... also Tru isn't getting the offense for some reason. We need a vet to run it. 2020 - Foles is a vet but still not a good one, and the OL is getting beat a lot. Now Daniel's is out too. Lovie had better offenses than Nagy, even with the OL decisions, seemingly yearly OC rotations, lack of a franchise QB, etc. Nagy was brought in to develop the young QB and to create a system for the offense to thrive in, and Pace was going to keep vet DCs and talent opposite of the offense so Nagy had just one side of the ball to manage. The defense has done well, the DCs great overall, Nagy has been the weak link. Pace has done a better job than Nagy imo.
  7. Flip a coin. Idc. Honestly Lazor is in the higher position so I'd assume he gets the first crack at it. You could say the same thing about replacing Pace. You have to have an expectation of competence and performance, Nagy's offense doesnt have that. If it's worse you drop from 27th in PPG to 29th. So you're slightly more terrible. Regardless we need to see of someone can actually call plays and adjust. Comparison to whom? He is getting Loggains-like results with twice the talent. Its unacceptable.
  8. Soul and I had several debates about him, Soul being the bigger fan of the move and I was the detractor. That being said I think the "savior" comment was just an exaggeration to make a point. People saw his lucky streaks and hoped he could repeat that rather than his average mediocre play level.
  9. My biggest issue was we traded a pick for him. Trade a poor player? Sure . But a pick when we have so many obvious holes that was bizarre. COVID19 is the only excuse for me, since the offseason was jacked up at least Foles had familiarity with the system.
  10. If/when we ever get one - I'll wear out the word then. Lol Exactly. Foles had one really good stretch of play vs ATL, but that was an abomination of a defense that he took advantage of. Since ATL he has thrown 3 TDs and 3 INTs, and averaged under 21 PPG. That is nothing special, and he is leaving a ton of yards on the field too. Progress was what we should have seen. But Tru regressed, Miller regressed, and the offense is still trash. Nagy is just as disappointing as the QBs. It doesnt feel like 5-1 does it? I said Winston was the QB to put up points (as much as I dislike him for being an absolute tool), he'd put pressure on the defense with his regular bonehead plays but does anyone here really believe he couldn't beat a 1 to 1 TD/INT ratio per game and 21 PPG? Nagy is used to calling conservative plays whereas Arians is well known for being Martz-level aggressive. So Nagy could limit the INTs to a degree. Oh well. Hopefully we have a better QB in 2021.
  11. Agreed. I think for Tru to be decent he needs Goff-like support. Coach feeding him info and a stacked staff. If he is in that situation he can do well, but that's what I would expect from any starter. Being a franchise QB is way more than that.
  12. I'm down. Neither Foles or Mitch are starter material. Both are solid back ups but nothing more.
  13. He was D'Eriq King's back up in high school. Kings athleticism would make him hard to pass up in that level. Clearly we see which is the better big program and pro prospect though. For what it's worth, Frank's was the starter only because Trask had an injury to his foot that cost him the starting role. Dude has had a winding career for sure. LSU was where he was originally going but FLA flipped him because they really liked what they saw from him in some camps.
  14. I'm still in this belief, the offense is still terrible and he has not improved it much since the original post.
  15. Lance has only like 300 pass attempts and had done so in an inferior division. Trask last year was ok but not nearly as good as his stats indicate. A lot of Tru-like reads that were dropped and for being a big, solid dude his arm isn't as impressive as you'd expect. Maybe it is was mechanical or whatever but he threw a lot more ducks when throwing deep last year. This year he seems much improved there. He has almost no mobility too. I wouldn't be surprised to see him run a 5.1 40. This year there is still a ton of single side reads and RPO reliance so making full field reads is still a question. That being said I like both but can see concerns on them as well.
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