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  1. Around the NFL Thread

    Just a bit. Lol He's trudging into Good Goff/Bad Goff territory. He had a pretty bad game vs the Lions before Chicago owned him last year and hasn't been very good since. Still had some big games but seems to have just as many crap ones. And next year he's going to be making over $30 mil for these sporadic performances. Soon all that stockpiled talent will have top find someone else to pay between the Goff, Donald, Gurley, Ramsey deals. See how good he looks when that WR corps gets paid elsewhere.
  2. Around the NFL Thread

    Seeing Goff's horrendous performance topped the night off for me. All those weapons and he ****s the bed like that again. 11 to 9 TD/INT ratio, well worth the $57mil guaranteed. I love seeing opposing kickers outscore Goff like today, it's how the Rams' last two postseasons have ended.
  3. The TE Position

    Hopefully you mean a park bench. Space is limited on the sidelines. Lol.
  4. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    He had a good stretch but this was a pretty bad game overall for the team. OL was bad - run blocking especially, we had multiple easy drops, and the defensive effort wasn't bad but the results were more due to Driskel sucking than anything IMO. He threw a lot of throws behind them and they dropped some really easy ones too. It was a much closer game than it should have been. With Stafford I think it is a clear loss. But moreso I meant that it was a meaningless win. Just moving draft slots back at this point since playoffs are out of reach. At least we won't have to miss out on an Aaron Donald by one pick like we did before though.
  5. Whitehair back to C?

    We'd still be stuck with about $7mil from his signing bonus next year I believe, so saving only $3 mil next year. If possible I'd take an even lower pick if they can take over the guarantees too. Idk if that can be done through contract language but I'd sell like a mofo.
  6. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    I'm ordering the jersey. Just wanting to know of his whole name is Mr Tibbles or if Mr is actually his first name. Obviously his number will be 09.
  7. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    Yeah, the kid was booed at the Bulls game before he ever took a snap. Chicago fans are far too often complete jackasses.
  8. Around the NFL Thread

    TEN beat KC. Falcons put in work vs Brees and Co. These games are why I never gamble for more than $20 or so. But regardless Henry is a tank. Loved seeing Kirk ball out for AZ, too bad TB looks like they'll pull it out. Jets win the Toilet Bowl as Darnold improves from his burning dumpster level of play to wonderfully mediocre. Baker and Allen both looked poor today from the little I watched. I don't like either but dislike Allen much less. Meh.
  9. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    This was an empty win for me. Just meh. I feel like with Stafford we lose by 7.
  10. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    O'Donnell has been way better than I expected this year.
  11. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    Give him 8 months and a sprain will be gone.
  12. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    I'm fine with people being two down players even if they consistently play well. If he can play just average in coverage he becomes an above average ILB.
  13. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    Which is weird since last year he was quick to try and step up and then go out, letting the OTs ride the EDGE behind him. Idk what is going on there.
  14. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    Outside of ARob none of them have room to talk. Miller, Turbo, Burton and Cohen have all underperformed pretty badly even when opportunities were there for them.
  15. Lions and Bears oh my, 11/10/19, GDT

    Both OTs got beat like as drum, Tru stupidly holds the ball and drops further back. Bleh.