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  1. You trying to get me ranting? I hated the Foles move. Lol The comparisons for his situation there compared to here are further off than the Alex Smith to Foles comparisons. I want Fields in asap but I'm afraid this is too much like the rookie year for Trubisky under Fox/Loggains. I think Nagy still is a poor playcaller and we're squandering another young QBs rookie year. The team isn't bad in any stretch like Tru's rookie supporting cast but if the OL is a flop I'd rather Dalton be the one who gets the hell beat out of him. So I'm kind of torn.
  2. I actually am. DL is rated high but not crazy high. It is assuming Goldman doesn't miss a beat. He shouldn't have much rust at his position. Mack props up the EDGE. Without him they are likely a 3. If Quinn bounces back this can go up, but I'm not expecting much from him. Age eventually gets everyone, and he isn't a pocket passing QB that changes his game. He relies on a crazy burst and he may have lost it. Smith is awesome but DT was average at best during his best stretch of 3-4 games. He was hot garbage for at least the first quarter of the season. Jones isn't bad depth, but
  3. As long as he isn't another HOF QB...
  4. I hope you're right. Be spiteful A-a-ron!!!
  5. Especially if we end up 8-9 and just miss the playoff while having a losing record under Dalton. I have little to no faith that he is much better than a low end starter but I'm hoping he surprises me.
  6. Wow. Now I feel like ARob is a goner for sure. Pace isn't passing over his one (or first if Fields turns into a good starter) really good first round pick over a guy he snagged in FA. I know there is a lot of maneuverability in contracts but this hurts. I was really hoping to get a done that would at least be between Jaylon Smith and CJ Mosely. Overly optimistic I guess. lol
  7. Leadership was definitely a quality he could lean on, but I think Smith was the one who needed to (and did) take over a leadership role. It sucks that someone who is a leader has to be subbed out to prevent being exposed. I'm not sure who would be a good sub for him, makes me wish Floyd would have been able to be the ILB next to him. That was a better fit for him in the 3-4 anyway. Oh well. It would be cool to see Johnson pop. I watched a little of him on YouTube after reading your post. Doesn't seem like a real explosive guy but looked like (in highlights of course) to have a really good
  8. I'm pretty in sync with this. No issues with DL, I hope Goldman comes back and shows fresh legs. If Quinn bounces back then that grade should be a 8, if Mack gets back to form its a 9. Smith props up the ILB grade, I'm not a believer that DT stays at least where he finished 2020. I think his body is done, but I'd love to be wrong. I'm simply betting on Father Time, nothing personal against him. CBs is dead on. For potential they are clearly higher than a 1 but we have massive concerns with experience and injuries. Even with Fuller that only goes to a 5 for me. Safeties
  9. It's highly subjective, no doubt. I'm not impressed by our offense though honestly, I do hope Nagy doesn't find a way to make Cohen the WR/HB combo though, that experiment busted bad.
  10. In agreement with pretty much everything you said there Soul. Even when the Pace-bashing was at his worst (and when I was most sour on him) I was higher on him than Nagy. Nagy has done little to impress me and I attribute his winning record more to Pace's moves and Fangio/Pagano than Nagy. His offense has 1 season where it wasn't terrible, and for almost half the season it was still pretty crappy. Pace has some flops, I think the loss of Fuller hurts a fair bit, if we lose ARob that will hurt a lot IMO too. Quinn's bloated deal is backfiring. Of course no GM can be perfect, but the
  11. I could see Pace sticking and Nagy leaving. Pace hasn't overstocked the shelves but they sure as hell aren't bare like when he got here, so to speak. If Fields shows promise but the offense sucks overall I could see this happening. I still kinda prefer to have a GM and HC in sync with one another but if the HC develops Fields to a top 10 QB then the GM just has to be competent to have a lot of success. I have no reason to believe Nagy is that guy to do that yet though. QB play has been consistently bad since he has been here. Daboll is admittedly my top HC prospect ATM too. While I have b
  12. Knowing from the title this won't be a super positive thread = Sad Agreeing with pretty much every point = Granted Fields and Jenkins put my score higher automatically, but IDK when he will get to play. I see what he means though by grading off production only, but that has to have some tempering done. How many people expected Nelson, Garrett, Bosa to suck? Sometimes you can estimate at LEAST average play. I hope Mustipher gets stronger too. He played well enough but is JAG to me at this point, I think he did great for his lack of draft position,
  13. I can see where you are coming from but they were 1-5 before finally getting their 2nd win (vs GB), so even when they clearly were going to have to have a ton of luck to make the playoffs they weren't going to roll over. Especially against a division rival. They also had to have OT to beat the Jags. MIN was a middling team through and through, they could put up points in bunches but gave up just as many. My issue is that when they give up almost 30 PPG why were we the only team to score under 20 vs them the whole season? Monty is a good RB but we didn't lose an AP, CMC, or Henry. It
  14. Herbert fits the bill but he will have to still beat out Newsome (when he heals), Goodwin and Byrd (in that order would be my best guess). I think Byrd has the edge on Goodwin and Miller to hold the #3 spot down so he gets less opportunities, Newsome is cheap and behind Byrd, Goodwin and Miller so this is a great role for him to fill while he develops and learns the playbook.
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