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  1. You're not taking Jones, Trask, Mond, etc to win now. You're taking them in hopes of having that piece actually worth a damn in the future. For once to have stability there would be amazing. No we're wont pick the right guy most likely and our coach is a hack so it's irrelevant.
  2. We're all cool with you on here but I'm betting top brass in MIN isnt going to help us get a QB. Lol
  3. Agreed. I've said a solid but not elite franchise QB is worth more than a HOF player at any other position,and stand by that. I'd take Matt Ryan as a rookie over Ray Lewis, JJ Watt, or Joe Thomas if I knew their potential from the get go, and clearly Ryan is the least spectacular player of the group by a mile. My draft moves would be far more aggressive with a different HC or if I KNEW Nagy was having his swan song this year. I just dont want to lose 2 1sts and a 2nd for 2 years of floundering under Nagy. Before a new HC comes in and needs to completely evaluate the kid from the g
  4. Lawrence out of the equation, I'd trade into the top 5 for Fields or Wilson, I'd trade up to get Lance or Jones in the 10-15 range. But Jones and Lance are both prospects that I'm not making massive deals for. I don't see Jones as a high ceiling guy really and Lance can only have a chance of success after Nagy is fired. Technically all of them fall into that last category but Lance more than the rest due to being extremely inexperienced.
  5. I hope so. Then Wims, Ridley, and Ives still have a chance to be worthy of a depth spot on a roster.
  6. Pretty happy about this. He's not a 1 or 2 in any way but he's one of the fastest guys in the league. He should have really fresh legs too. If you're not really good overall, you can find a role by being really good at one thing. Speed is a solid trait and should at least keep safeties somewhat honest.
  7. Knee and back issues both. Sounds like he lost the mobility to play on the outside and now his core is likely too damaged to hold up on the inside.
  8. Dead cap of $99 mil, let's go KC! You can overcome that!!! Lol
  9. We trade for that Wilson guy... the one in SEA. Won't happen but still gotta try. Realistically I say CB - Caleb Farley. Our OL is more talented and healthy than our CBs IMO.
  10. This sucks. I was a big fan of his pre-draft. Injuries completely derailed a high potential career. When asked what he would change about himself, he wanted to be "bigger." Thats the PG version for here of course.
  11. Barely. 'Haha! Ball go whoosh!!'
  12. I'm far from sold on Mond too, but having a young backup with a 5th year option fighting against a high pick in 2022 sounds a lot better to me than paying Foles and Dalton their money for mediocre results. At that spot Mond would const around $2.5 mil on average so we'd have a lot of capital to surround the two young guys. I'll take the gamble.
  13. My issue is that Mills will fit this offense better but unless we're spending a 3rd or lower that is a wasted pick to me. I dont expect the Bears to do well this season and Nagy is cannon fodder. He may fit the offense better this year but this is a sorry excuse of a system to fit. He doesnt wow with any traits, and has mediocre athleticism. I want a QB to have at least one trait to really hang their hat on and Mills seems like hes just ok at a number of things but great at nothing. He lacks experience, any great tools, and has an injury history iirc (his film didn't do much for me so I'm admi
  14. If you're going to want a QB in the 2nd, then you take him at the end of the 1st. Get that 5th year option. I'm not huge on Mond but if you're going to take him this is the place to do so. Good work.
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