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  1. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    Agreed, that little clip is even floating around Facebook.
  2. Mitchell Countdown

    We had probably 20 teams pass more times than Chicago, and also allowed the 8th most pressures. Mobility can also be a curse as they often try to stretch the play out. We saw it with Jay, Wilson, Newton, Big Ben, Taylor, etc. I agree we SHOULD be able to protect him, but I'm not confident that players will stay healthy. Long has not been able to get healthy, Sitton isn't, our top reserve Kush is out for the season, and now Grasu is coming back to start after his second year of being on the IR. Our OL is pretty similar to OLB as far as health goes, which is tenuous at best. Add in my lack of faith in Leno and Massie (as they allowed over 70 of the 110 pressures) and the concerns of the OL are real. Loggains would be able to better ease my mind if he would be dedicated to the run, but seeing Barkley throw about 180 times in 4 games has me wondering if he will be able to (though I feel like that was kind of an intentional flop, as we had a great running attack but chose to put the team on Barkley's arm while having a depleted WR corps). I've been very pointed on my lack of faith in Glennon, and I believe if you gave both he and Trubisky the same scenarios, rosters, and 16 games that Trubisky will win 3 more games than Glennon. That is including the 1-2 crashing rookie games where his lack of experience gets exploited. He is just a far more talented player IMO.
  3. Mitchell Countdown

    Oh he will absolutely come back down, you're right. But exactly how high up will Glennon come (because he isn't as bad as he played)? If they are similar, and you are able to protect Trubisky with a competent OL, there is no reason IMO not to let him take over.
  4. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    True, for even the little he makes, he could be considered to stay as only a kickoff specialist even. Touchback Percentage in 2016 ... 8. Tampa Bay - 64.20% ... ... 30. Chicago - 40.00% We we 8% from the bottom but 17% for the middle of the league. Sad.
  5. Mitchell Countdown

    I'd be fine with Trubisky getting first team reps in season even as a back up (let's say 30%, Glennon gets 70%). Glennon should have to fight off the competition all season, he isn't an entrenched star, and I want Trubisky to start developing some chemistry with Meredith and Co. prior to the Tuesday after a game Glennon blows. If Trubisky matches Glennon in practice he gets 5% more reps, if Glennon sucks in a game he loses 5%. Once Trubisky gets to 55% he is appointed the starter. You've got 4 years of pro experience over Trubisky and played in 20 some-odd games in the NFL. If you're being matched by the rookie, then you're losing the competition.
  6. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    I don't think Pace cares about the guaranteed money. If it was a high first rounder he likely would, but Aguayo is averaging about 800K per season. Even if Pace thinks he sucks and cuts him tomorrow, that is a minimal salary to worry about.
  7. Mitchell Countdown

    I was very impressed by him, but I still think this will drag out. Mitch was doing great with lower leveled guys and against lower level guys, so it was pretty even talent-wise, but I feel like Pace is going to want to have the OL sorted out before even looking at Trubisky. Long and Sitton recovering, Kush out, etc. I'd have no qualms with him starting imediately but they are going to want to make sure the OL is meshing and able to protect him before throwing him out there IMO. I'm trying not to look too much into one game too. There were people saying Cardale was the future face of the franchise after his first preseason game in BUF, and he's already been proven to be completely expendable. He was traded for a 7th or something minimal. While Trubisky is clearly far more talented, I want to see more body of work.
  8. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    Love it. We need competition there and maybe the staff can straighten him out.
  9. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2017

    I am calling dibs on "Bryce Callahan Brake Pads"
  10. Glennon during the Broncos game

    Hopefully that is also a sign he has been assured of his contract extension being done soon.
  11. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    I'd actually like to see the same approach in week two. Let Glennon have a few drives, Sanchez gets two, then Trubisky gets the rest. Then in week three let Sanchez close out the game and get Trubisky a gradual bump in talent to face.
  12. Glennon during the Broncos game

    That is what I am saying. Let's face it, he had an offseason where he got the franchise spot (at least it seemed) and then Trubisky gets picked, even being traded up to make sure they couldn't lose him. So they are saying they knew they would have to alter their entire draft to trade back and recoup, to get his replacement. Then he has to hear that he is a seatwarmer for 4 months, and his first preseason game he goes 2-8 with a pick 6. I've been clear about my dislike of his signing and his prospects as our QB, and even I felt a little bad for the guy (until I realized he made more that game than I will this year lol) He had to feel bad about it, it was a poor first impression and he watches his competition catch fire immediately. I'm fine with him not being ecstatic, you never want to see a player accept a poor game and be fine with it. We saw too much laughing and smiling after getting mauled by opposing teams when Trestman was here, I want guys to get pissed when they play poorly. As long as he gets hmself back to work and still tries to help Trubisky like he reportedly did with Winston, then he can look however he wants.
  13. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    Mitch is surprising me with his pocket awareness so far. Also he isn't being greedy and getting down or out of bounds before he gets hit.
  14. Adopt a Bear sign-up

    In as always
  15. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    Absolutely. He is talented but will still need to have the offense simplified for him. I'm sure they're implementing some of the NC offense into his wheelhouse.