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  1. Pace and Nagy Year End Press Conference

    I hadn't thought of that actually. At most he might get a camp look as competition or as an emergency list kicker.
  2. Why the Offense Lost the Game

    Yes, plus Orton's "come hither" face.
  3. Bilal, Roqaun and Daniels make the ESPN all rookie team.

    Agree wholeheartedly. Hopefully once he recovers he can hook up in the off-season with Tru, and hopefully Tru gets to work with Goff some more to see how he trains still. McVay is probably not doing the same things he did last year, so just that second-hand exposure can only help.
  4. Bilal, Roqaun and Daniels make the ESPN all rookie team.

    Miller too if they can get that shoulder more stable. Kid has a ton of potential.
  5. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    And we need that bad. Mitch didn't seem to get many YAC or of his receivers, any help there is huge.
  6. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    A few more aggressive blitzes.
  7. League 2019 off season

    So it seems Coach Gase will be "randomly" drug tested in a few days. lol
  8. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    I still maintain if Nagy would vouch for him then he should have been claimed. He handled himself poorly, no question about it. But what he did was peanuts compared to true domestic violence and other cases we have seen in the NFL. Let him serve his suspension, do the classes and such to appease the "PR issues" and make it clear this is his second chance, that this is a fine line that must be walked. Also point out his potential for growth and lessons to be learned, that he understands his transgressions, your faith in him moving forward, etc. I don't like passing on an obvious talent for pennies and hoping Nagy can reel him in. When you can completely control a situation that will better the team you jump on it IMO, rather than waiting and allowing a multitude of factors to lessen the chances of making that immediate improvement.
  9. League 2019 off season

    I picked Rams vs Pats as my guess, but I'm rooting for NO now. I want Brees to get a 2nd ring just to have something else to put him above Favre and Rodgers, as petty ad that sounds. Lol.
  10. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    They absolutely were, but the issue to me was when an offense adjusted for them, Fangio didn't throw in many wrinkles to try and counter. Like I said before, I love that he trusts his players, but sometimes you need to work to put the players in a better situation to win their matchup. There were numerous times he seemed far too complacent when his 4 man or NB rush got zero pressure.
  11. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Good point. Remember how so many of us were excite about using stunts and twists for Floyd and Bullard? I was ecstaric, rwo major athletes wh were raw had a crutch to lean on as they developed, ar lest i thought that. Both dynamic burst players for their positions, but outside of that first preseason it never seemed to happen. We all want a pair of Macks to create havoc with a ridiculous list of ways to do it, but sometimes you need to accept a player's limitations and utilize their strongest skill set or athletic attributes.
  12. Why the Offense Lost the Game

    How is it off the mark exactly? (Genuinely asking, not arguing) They tried a LOT of short routes, I don't remember (though I could have absolutely missed them) any double moves the first half when they were clearly covering short and safties were squatting on routes rather than showing concern of a deep ball. I saw little aggression (as they didn't challenge deep and barely in the middle of the field even) for most of the first 3 quarters and it seemed from just some of the timing that they were intended to get the ball out of Mitch's hand ASAP, like they were relying YAC that our receivers really just don't get much of. Not feeding Howard and Cohen more was a poor choice. If they were going to focus on Cohen so much then use him as a damn decoy! Pair him with Robinson on one side and run complimentary routes to take 2 defenders out of the play With Cohen in the slot and ARob out at the Z - Fade with Cohen + deep in with ARob - deep out with Cohen + ARob running a slant or in - bubble screen out with Cohen + fly or post with ARob Or flip and have ARob in the slot and Cohen out at the Z ARob a slant + Cohen a fly (if they want to take two players out wide then take them away from all other receivers ARob post + Cohen quick out (may get Cohen in space or ARob can get inside of the CB for an easy 10+ yards If Cohen has two guys on him run a shallow wheel route with ARob and use the 2 guys defending Cohen (on a slant) to catch ARob's guy in traffic There were ways to take advantage of Schwartz's decision to force Cohen to not be a weapon against them. Nagy IMO completely failed to do that, and he was too conservative to me. He seemed to try and take what was given to him rather than force the issue at all. Of course I don't want Martz-style 7-step drops constantly or anything, but the gameplan seemed like he was relegated to being reactionary far more rather than aggressive.
  13. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Prince already does a ton of press, so I doubt his play really alters unless he regresses. I hope he realizes blitzes aren't working when they don't. Fangio relied on his front 4 with a blitzer peppered in occasionally. For the majority of the season it worked wonderfully (obviously. lol). But damn it was maddening when we were playing in the 2nd half of the GB game, vs MIA all game, vs NE for long stretches, etc and he refused to dial it up. I understand having faith in your players but a coordinator's job is to gameplan, put the players in the best position to succeed, and adjust to keep putting them in the optimal position as the game goes on. Fangio didn't adjust to dial up pressure or tighten coverage in some situations (having Fuller 8 yards off in a 3rd and 1? Come on.) Pagano has access to all the film to see what the players did the last few years, he seems to be a player's coach, so he will hopefully ask them what they felt worked well, poorly, or best seems to suit them, and as TC and such goes on finds his flow with the team. Nagy needs to get better too, so Chuck gets to own the entire defense as Nagy focuses "all" (as much as a HC can anyway) his attention on the offense and Trubisky's development.
  14. Cody Parkey on the Today Show

    What? I've bashed him as much as anyone and want him cut regardless of dead cap, I've said that for most of the season and said he would cost us games. I'm not arguing here, I'm genuinely lost at your point. When news came out it was tipped I was even the one hoping the tip wouldn't cause Pace to overlook the miss when deciding to cut him or not. My point was Nagy was crap, putting Tru in predictable positions the entire first half. Tru is still supposed to be the franchise QB and needs to find a way to play better. His 2nd half The offense was trash, and was outscored by a garbage kicker. That is pretty damning IMO. Scoring only 1 TD in any game vs any defense is crap. That should have been won by at least 10 points, it was a failure as soon as we had to rely on a GW kick from the Brass Toe. Yep, definitely had me confused with someone else. Now the above post makes way more sense. Lol. I want better than him too. The defense seemed more bend-but-don't-break than usual to me. I think missing Jackson caused them to tone down the aggressiveness from Fuller and Co. Idk, it definitely didn't seem as dominant, but did more than enough to win. Some of the stupid gaffes were the only reason they scored 10 points too. But to your point on offense, you're right. Lack of separation, Tru missed some easy throw a he needs to make, OL definitely had a battle that was often a losing one, etc. Nagy's gameplay sucked. I'm still really happy with the hire, and I think he will be a hell of a coach, but he and the offense were REALLY underwhelming for that game. When he sacked up and attacked multiple levels, just being aggressive in his playcalling in general, the offense moved the ball. Losing Burton sucked, but still had more than enough talent to put up points.
  15. Bears to hire Chuck pagano as defensive coordinator

    That kind of goes with my point, even the best have to have talent to perform. Getting to 14 in his third year was a hell of a job, even if the defense was by definition "average." The amount of changeover and cesspool it started at before he walked in. Ugh. lol