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  1. Last week was an aberration. His coaching record and incompetence in Chicago makes Trestman look like Walsh.
  2. Week 15 GDT: Bears @ Lions

    It has seemed Wright and Inman were only depth players, and being forces into starting roles hurts them and the offense as a whole. But were they that bad today? Were they dropping passes or running poor routes, etc? Just checked into my hotel and didn't get to watch any of the game.
  3. 2018 Draft Prospects

    I'd be happy to have Ridley or Kirk. I'd love to snag two of the guys and have either one of them as the premier pick. I'd prefer in a trade down to get a WR though. I think St Brown is getting a pass just due to his height and overall weight still being higher than the majority of CBs he will come across. He does need to add weight though, he is too thin and likely needs to add 10-15 pounds, then jamming him should be hell for almost any CB. Speaking of getting stronger, Tate could get a few more pounds of muscle and fill a Vincent Jackson role nicely.
  4. Week 15 GDT: Bears @ Lions

    Ah, NFL.com's brief look doesn't look promising at all.
  5. Week 15 GDT: Bears @ Lions

    I'm on my way to Gainesville right now. Can't watch the damn game!!!
  6. The Book on John DeFilippo

    Good Lord this thread derailed. Lol
  7. 2018 Draft Prospects

    So here are the WRs that are interesting to me. Any comparisons are just play style comments, not saying that is their ceiling or anything. X receivers - St Brown - Great size/speed combo, and looking at him he runs routes pretty damn well for a big guy. Martavius Bryant physically. without the diva attitude and I believe better hands. Ateman - Big, fast, and somehow no one seems to notice him. I get a Broncos/early Bears Brandon Marshall vibe from him. Just damn physical. Tate - Reminds me of Plaxico Burress when he plays. QB is killing him but he goes up for the ball as well as anyone. Cobbs Jr. - Cobbs Jr has incredible hands when he is on. He is underrated and from what I saw has a hell of a motor. Watch him make Ohio State's CBs look like clueless little kids. Goes up for the ball, makes the one handed catch a few times, goes THROUGH contact to get the ball, just looked phenomenal this game against future early round CBs. I have a link his catches below. Sutton - Just a beast, looks like Mike Evans when he plays. Sills - Seriously smooth catching the ball, seems to really understand leverage, and combines that with how he figures where the ball will be and how to force himself between the ball and defender. Snatches the ball with his hands and has a huge radius. I think of Marques Colston. Fun fact - he was the 13 year old QB Lane Kiffen gave a scholarship to years ago. Gallup - Physically he is going to go off in the Combine IMO, and the passing offense literally runs through him. He has 1350 receiving yards, all other players combine for under 2100 yards, the second best total being only 476. That says a LOT to how crafty he is to get open when they know you're the go to. Someone to look at as a midrounder. Callaway - Talent-wise he is right there with Ridley and Sutton, but has off-field baggage. A strong coach and vet taking him in would do wonders for him, and would potentially be a major steal as his draft stock has to have plummeted. He has been compared to Antonio Brown for his talents, and if I thought he could get it together then I'm snagging him in the 4th. Z receivers- Ridley - Probably the most polished WR in the class, just seems too thin. Great hands, if he wasn't in such a conservative offense his numbers would be crazy. Pettis - Dangerous with the ball in his hands. Problem is how many he can drop. Kirk - Explodes out of routes. Might have the fastest 3 cone drill of any skill position player this year. I want to see him run routes compared to other guys, has some serious potential if he can combine his freaky athleticism with honing on his footwork. I'm talking OBJ or Antonio Brown cuts. Miller - Edleman 2.0. Runs sharp routes, reliable hands, but is small. Washington - Speed, speed, speed. Has some muscle to him too rather than the rail-thin burners like John Ross, reminds me of Percy Harvin, though not as hard to tackle. Powell - Tavon Austin meets Tyreek Hill. He is closer to Austin but if you manufacture touches for him he will make plays as he can be electric with the ball and is usually the fastest guy on the field. unlike Austin he can be a real WR though. The Gators joke offense has really crapped on his career. Could be a late round gem to work with.
  8. 2018 Free Agency targets

    As would I. I imagine White will get a chance to battle for a starting position, but unlike 2017 he will not just walk into the starting role uncontested. I'm still fine with drafting a WR in the first two rounds, doubly so if we can get a trade down with a substantial return as in my last mock. FA Meredith Rookie (rounds 1-3) Inman Wright White Gentrty (PS/replace White when he goes to IR) We aren't the 2007 Patriots out wide, but sure as hell a solid group with that corps. There are some intriguing talents in the middle rounds too. I wouldn't be opposed to a 2nd and 4th round or 3rd and 4th each being spent on WRs.
  9. TABT

    They did for Tillman, and should for him as well. I hope Forte gets this as well.
  10. We alter shifts, to be fair lol
  11. Carmichael Mock

    Agree on all accounts. I'm on the Defilippo train already, this would just further confirm it to me
  12. Carmichael Mock

    He definitely produced while Payton was suspended, I just wish there was a trail of QBs playing decent after leaving NO, or some time to see the offense thrive while Brees was out. Show some development outside of a future HoF player. That is the concern for me. Of course what happened to Wentz sucks, and but it does allow the Bears a unique opportunity to see how well Defilippo and Reich have worked Folesinto their system. If he comes in and finishes thrnseason/postseason strong then you have to appreciate the work they have done. Yes Foles is technically a Pro Bowl player, but so was Bridgewater. Sometimes flukes happen, and his 19/2 TD to INT (iirc) stretch was very impressive but far above his realistic talent level.
  13. @Madmike90 Now that you have had some time, what did you think about the Eagles/Rams game?
  14. TABT

    Kind of bittersweet. I wish he had signed a 1 day contract to retire a Bear.