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  1. Allen Robinson agrees to sign with Bears

    Right. He'd have to base a trade on a 2019 pick, which can be a dangerous habit to keep wagering future picks.
  2. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Right. I'm kinda thinking of doubling up twice, 2 LBs early then 2 OL later. Figure Harry would have to find something he liked between Morgan and two draftees he liked. Might get Massies replacement for 2019 or at least a starting OG and depth. Plus with Long, Leno, and soon to be Whitehair all making solid money, we need to invest in youth to keep the OL from eating up too much financial resources. One will likely be groomed to replace Kyle. Idk how much longer Kyle will be around, he's not that young anymore and playing through injuries takes a toll... Love having him here, but have to be realistic.
  3. 2018 Free Agency targets

    I attribute most of the benching to McAdoo being a damn coward who wouldn't admit he was outcoached repeatedly. But I agree they need to draft a QB. They had Warner keep the seat warm for Manning when they drafted him, history needs to repeat itself and let Manning have his last year while they develop whoever they get. Shurmur should be able to get him in the system and get him up to speed. I don't feel like this class is worth much in franchise QBs, but he has done well with Keenum. Should be able to get an offense to run around Rosen or Darnold.
  4. DAL signs WR Deonte Thompson 1 year 2.5M

    Well played. lol Honestly I liked him a hell of a lot more than Bellamy (I assume we kept him for being John Fox's lovechild), he is a solid 4-5 WR and can be a solid special teamer. I like the move for DAL.
  5. 2018 Draft Prospects

    EXACTLY where I am at. I' love to have Minkah, Nelson is a better OG prospect than Martin was IMO, and Edmunds has freakish potential. With Fangio not long anywhere for 3 years I think he is a great person to get. I want Edmunds in one, and Armstrong in 2. If Armstrong is already gone (likely is I think) then give me Armstrong or Hubbard.
  6. 2018 Draft Prospects

    This is part of the reason I thin Edmunds makes the most sense. He may only rush the passer part time, but when he isn' he doesn' need to come off the field. Smith literally just rushed theboasser, he was crap vs the run and didn' do coverage. With Edmunds you can have a hybrid player that leads the team on tackles for 10 years and may lead them in sacks as well. When we got Urlacher he blitzed from the MLB really well, Edmunds can as too. I' all for having him in a traditional role then moving him to EDGE on obvious situations.
  7. 2018 Draft Prospects

    I'd love to see a Floyd-like trade up.
  8. 2018 Free Agency targets

    White is a poor gamble, Inman means you're basically signing a 5th option in the passing game, Wallace is older. Really only Hurns and Meredith interest me.
  9. 3 Draft Scenarios, Pick Your Favorite

    I'd love to 2 DL, then Floyd, DT, Edmunds, and Carter all standing. You have DT staying back, but any 2 of the 3 can rush the passer and can do it from a multitude of angles. With Carter you're really pushing for Fangio to develop him, he isn't near a ready product. I'd love to see Armstrong in the second though.
  10. 2018 Draft Prospects

    I'll give Lynch credit for building the team up to a potentially talented group pretty quickly, but there is going to be risks that pan out for that to really occur and he did NOT fleece Pace in that trade at all. It is ridiculous to judge their second year guys based on their play though, it's not like we would judge our own as quickly. Thomas has a ton of potential and was highly sought after here. Foster was a risk and he took it, I can appreciate him having the balls to make the move and Foster did play well. That being said, I am happy with the moves Pace has made. Of course not all work out but that is normal. His hit rate is better than I have seen from any other GM the Bears have had since I've followed.
  11. 3 Draft Scenarios, Pick Your Favorite

    I picked Edmunds because I value that position way higher than OG but I would take Carter in the 2nd over Wynn. I think Edmunds has ridiculous potential and would be happy putting him at ILB and Carter at OLB opposite Floyd.
  12. Start at 3:00 for the stretch. I'd lay off the benching for the week, maybe two. Do facepulls and band work (like external rotations) for a while until it feels better. Seems like one of those things where if it hurts, don't do it. If it takes over 2 weeks to heal, see a Dr.
  13. Green Bay signs Fuller to offer sheet; Bears match

    Right. The Bears were damn near an expansion team in terms of talent, it is ridiculous how miserable our drafts have been prior to Pace.
  14. Green Bay signs Fuller to offer sheet; Bears match

    Ooph. That's embarrassing.
  15. The combination of us taking Cedric Benson with the 4th overall pick, then seeing Aaron Rodgers go to GB in the 20s. I'l never say I knew Rodgers would be a first ballot HoF player, but he was my favorite offensive prospect and I didn't like Grossman. Seeing him take off and Benson bust just makes it so much worse. Lol I hate Angelo so much.