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  1. 49ers fear Jimmy Garoppolo has a torn ACL

    Love the desire to win but poor decision. Hopefully he heals quickly comes back better than ever for you guys next season.
  2. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Are you saying he is a certain ghost like Swayze? lol
  3. TABT

    Flag thrown - Defender did not ask for the QB's consent to be sacked. Fine of $10,000 imminent, Tom Brady is suspended 2 games.
  4. NFC North 2018 Thread

    I for one completely support this thread's creation...
  5. 49ers fear Jimmy Garoppolo has a torn ACL

    Then have a Brittney Spears meltdown and shave his head? Worth it.
  6. NFC North 2018 Thread

    So the Bears defense so far - 1st in sacks 1st in fumbles forced 1st in defensive TDs 3rd in INTs 3rd in fumbles recovered 3rd in rushing yards allowed 5th in total yards per game 8th in points per game All in all they are doing amazing.
  7. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    You think someone is going to brag that a QB is 6'2"? /sarcasm
  8. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Oh! I'm glad coaches are honest and completely up front. LMAO
  9. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    That is a contradictory statement, it is false. Glennon was never thought to be the stud, if he was you wouldn't draft a QB early. Let alone trade up to ensure you get to pick the first QB in the draft. Glennon's contract structure made it seem very clear Pace wanted to be able to move on from him quickly. The bigger-than-warranted deal was to make sure he nabbed him, hoping to sit his guy for a year. Many think it was to make others think Chicago was out of the early QB market as well, potentially reducing the number of teams trying to skip them for their QB. If he didn't know Glennon was essentially glorified cannon-fodder, he wouldn't have made a move for another QB at all.
  10. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Exactly. Luck can only run for so long, be it something that shows in base stats or not. But idiots all around were chanting for him to be the franchise player. The joke on here was that Jay's INTs were thrown so hard they stuck to the DB's hands, that McCown didn't have the arm to throw INTs I think.
  11. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    People don't understand the lack of experience even. Mitch in college had approx 450 pass attempts altogether. Had something like 330 last year with a retarded hobbit calling plays. Mahomes and Watson both had over 1200 in COLLEGE alone. I was really high on Mahomes and Tru, Nagy did a lot of work with Mahomes. More than he has had a chance with Tru so far. Hopefully Nagy starts to recognize his playcalling tendencies are getting picked up. Too much reliance on screens, flats, and flat crossing routes. You've got Robinson and Burton out there outsizing the DB, how about a f-ing slant? Something that gets at least a little depth in the route.
  12. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    They are from Izzy Idonije's comic book series. Kind of a cool story behind it. BUt yeah, cheesy AF. lol
  13. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    It's crazy that we have scored only points less than GB and scored more than MIN. I wouldn't have bet on that 3 games in at all.
  14. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Tru and Nagy both. This was a Turner-level called game. Just horrible how we never attacked over the middle. Only 5 passes in the middle past the LOS. Slants were open all day and we never moved in on it. Just bad all around.