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  1. I think that is a safe assumption but it is such a small sample size that its a worthless statement too.
  2. Do you really think Im that kind of man?!?!
  3. I think I said something similar when saying we should get Rick Smith to pair with him. Lol
  4. @CBears019 what gives? I'm still waiting on my perk package!!! ***My auto correct made it pork package. Seems a way different vibe. Lmao
  5. Y'all got cards? I'm getting screwed!!
  6. Its really not, but we can definitely agree to disagree.
  7. Lovie is a damn good DC as long as they can find the players to fit his scheme. I would imagine finding super athletic ILBs to be easier now than 20 years ago since we are seeing the college safety to NFL LB transition more and more. That was a sticking point for the Bears when Urlacher went down, Briggs was solid vs the run but he was significantly better covering flats and outs than he was dropping back and coming forward and scraping.
  8. If a 60 year old can cross me bad enough to sprain both ankles then its time for me to get put down.
  9. "You threw for 2000 yards and 10 TDs? WTH would I give you a scholarship?" "Adam Gase is my OC?" "Oh ****... and STILL threw for 10 TDs? Sign here and enjoy your free ride. "
  10. Last year they were bad and soft. Statistically they were 25th in adjusted line yards and success rate on 3rd or 4th and 2 or less. With Monty being the fighter he is that last one is embarrassing. They were around the middle in adjusted sack rate, which is pretty decent considering we had mediocre OTs, Whitehair playing poorly at C, Daniels out, and then a rookie no name coming in and playing decent at C later. Again though, no one is taking Leno and getting him to be a physical presence, and Massie was more of a guy that got in your way than anything so thats 2/5 of your OL. What
  11. As much flack as I gave Castillo last year for the Charmin Squad being terrible, they have completely flipped the script. I think we are a seriously under-talented group overall (a healthy Jenkins and Borom would help) but they have the best fight I've seen since Long, Mills and Slauson caused the overhaul to the OL. Peters has been way better than I expected too. Ifedi has been better than anticipated. If we can maintain this level of play I'd have nothing but praise for Castillo. I'm still not sold that Daniels is worth extending and Muphister is back up quality ATM, but they as a whole
  12. Makes way more sense. Lol When we replace Ted with a football guy THEN we can just maintain upper management. I really think Pace would do well with a football guy over him or being the football guy over a good GM.
  13. Lets just put Fields on IR so we can do the same and not ruin him. /sarcasm One of my issues is that OL, DL, and most positions have the same responsibilities regardless of doing scout team or rotating in - beat the guy across from you. Being second team often means you're going against starters so you could argue its an advantage in a way. When you step in the bulk of your job is similar. QBs aren't out to beat the guy across from them though. Its a fines and skill position that requires multiple reads and timing. Throwing a post to ARob, Mooney, and and Kmet are all different. If
  14. Lol. I said Fields getting reps is important. I've said this season is basically a lost season due to Nagy being a mediocre HC and the team not being talented enough to do more than it has in the last two postseason appearances if they can make it. I've been well on the train that Fields gives us a better chance to do something in postseason play than Dalton - who has been beyond abysmal the few times he made the playoffs to begin with. IF we had even an average starter and a coach that has been able to elevate/develop QBs then I'd be fine with sitting him if that was the plan. Reid says he ne
  15. I'm at the point of wanting Bars to become our version of Patrick Ricard (though I still prefer to adapt a DT or DE we dont have the offseason for them to learn the plays, technique, etc. Kmet is a mediocre to average blocker though his effort is definitely there. His blocking is one reason I wasn't too high on him predraft. Graham has nothing to offer outside the 10 and even then he's totally one dimensional. Kmet is a better mismatch out wide at this point so let Bars do the grunt work and let Kmet either run routes or have a size advantage when blocking S and CBs in the slot or at the
  16. Christian must just not qualify from lack of snaps because he gave up like 6 of 7 or something and 2 TDs. I think only one completion was even remotely contested too.
  17. I agree wholeheartedly, I've said his play calling sucked since his week one crap performance vs Green Bay. He had me question myself for a brief stretch then has been very Loggains like since, except he was given actual talent to work with. I'd have fired him last season. He does little well and is a Reid-puppet. He's a step up from Trestman and I'm not convinced it is a margin. Why keep younger balder John Fox?
  18. Same boat I'm in, I want Fields to start but Nagy is likely on the hot seat. Wins now are what can keep him being overpaid. That being said if/when he does switch to back to Dalton I can imaging that causing a rift in the locker room as well. It'll be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  19. Fantasy football makes me really toxic. Lamar Jackson made a big run and put his shoulder into the guy, so there was a pretty good hit laid on him. I thought he needs to just get out of bounds. Then I realized whose fantasy team he was on and immediately thought, "Take his damn head off if he wants to run." lol
  20. He deserves the job based solely on his first name.
  21. I love seeing the OL fighting. If Peters was one of the reasons for the switch being flipped then I'm a huge fan of the signing. So much more aggressive than the last few years.
  22. Clenched hard enough in sure I just ripped a hole in my recliner. Lmao
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